Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Linny's Been Hacked!!

Hi bloggy friends!

I'm Sherri 

I'm hacking Linny's blog today.

As most have heard by now, Emma's getting 
and so I'm inviting you to help bless 
that sweet Jesus lovin' girl, 
 as she prepares to marry Josh.

It's super easy! 

We are hosting three VIRTUAL BRIDAL SHOWERS for Emma!

When: NOW!!!

All you have to do is choose a virtual shower to "attend" below....

Then please email the hostess who will give you information on where 
Emma and Josh are registered.

from your shower hostess
on your order so it is shipped to the right place!!  

The GO Team leaves at the end of December and they will be having 
the shower for Emma while they are there.  


The GO Team leaves at the end of this month, 
so that's not much time to ship things...

  Think of it as a Flash Mob Virtual Shower! 


Each hostess below is inviting guests to 
generously shower Emma at their shower.

Meet the three hostesses:

Rebecca's shower
New Mexico

Attend by emailing:  

will bless the Josh and Emma's 


Kathryn's shower 

Attend by emailing:  

will bless Emma and Josh's 


Robin's shower 
New Jersey

Attend by emailing:

will bless Josh and Emma's 


Thank you in advance for blessing Emma and Josh
so generously!!

May God bless you to overflowing!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Celebration of Christmas

the church we attend,
has the largest Christmas play that
we have ever had the privilege of being a part of.

Although I didn't count them all, 
the rumor is that 77,000 people {approximately} 
attend each year.   It is also rumored that it has been mentioned 
in the national 
media as the largest attended Christmas production
in North America.  
Not sure on all that, but trust me,
this production is completely unbelievable!

This silver-haired chica is in awe each time I see
it and this year I think I watched six times.
It is spectacular!

Liberty, Elizabeth, Isaiah and Elijah all tried out 
and each had a part this year...
Liberty was actually in three scenes.

Dw volunteers at just about each of the 16 performances
as a greeter/seater 
I was able to take a few turns as well.  

One of my favorite parts 
{besides watching my sweet treasures}
 is that a couple of camels,  
Rosie the Elephant,
a siberian tiger and a zebra all are part of the play
and each make an appearance on stage!  

Two handsome sons in the choir  

Our angel Elizabeth

Liberty playing the Vibes in one scene...

Angels flying overhead proclaiming the Glory of God 
while dancers {Liberty in red} give praise below...

The King of Kings has been born!


I mentioned to our rather-shy-does-NOT-like-attention-Nehemiah 
if just maybe
after watching his sibs be in the play this year, 
he might want to be in it next as well....

He pursed his lips together and with the cutest little 
grin quickly shook his head side to side,

"Nope, I don't think so."  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Short, Sweet Saturday Story

This morning Dw went with the three little boys to our church to help assemble
2500 bicycles for needy children in Phoenix.  This has become my man and our boys
yearly tradition and they look forward to it for weeks as it approaches!!
We love having our kids serving!

With the boys gone, the girls and I headed out early to do some shopping.

When the boys finished up several hours later, Dw and I talked and decided to meet up for just a speck more shopping.

Dw and the boys arrived at the little store as I was finishing up paying for my order.
Dw sat down nearby to wait.  I turned to look them and my eyes caught
the eyes of an older gentleman who had just entered the crowded little store.

The man's eyes twinkled and his smile was ear-to-ear as he looked at me.  His smile made
me smile huge.  He reminded me of my precious father-in-love whom I miss so very much.
He really did look a great deal like he did when he was in his 70's.

I wanted to tell Dw to check him out because I thought he would also remind him of his dad.  But I completely forgot in the hubbub of all the kids excitedly talking as I finished up my order.

Dw, the kids and I maneuvered Ruby's wheelchair out and headed over to the van.  We were trying to decide what we should do next.

When we reached the van, the boys were excitedly telling me about the bike-assembly adventure from the morning and there was quite a bit of commotion as we stood at the car figuring it all out.   As we lifted Ruby's chair into the van, I turned to see the older gentleman with the twinkling eyes heading in our direction.  I thought, "He looks like he's coming right over!"

I smiled at him as he approached.

Before long he stood right in front of me and with a giant smile said, "Thank you for what you do!"  I started to laugh, "This is just half of the number of kids we have. {Liberty had spent the night at Graham and Savannah's and was not with us.}  The man laughed as well and said, "Wow!  That's just great!  Thank you though for what you are doing."  I assured him that it was our joy and privilege and that we were actually having a blast!

Dw had come from strapping Ruby in through the side van door by now and the three of us stood talking for a couple of minutes.   His name was much like ours and we laughed together as he had the same first name as one of Dw's uncles!

He then reached his fisted hand toward mine 
thrusting money into it and questioned me, 
"Would you please take this to help with your family?"  
My eyes welled with tears and I instantly hugged him.  
He gently kissed me on the cheek.  
It was so sweet, it makes me giggle as I type.

We thanked him profusely.  

Such a generous act of kindness from the older gentleman with the twinkling eyes who reminded me of the man I miss so much.

My heart smiles.  I think he may well 
have been an angel from the Lord. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

From Your Own Home....


Have you finished your shopping yet for Christmas?

We keep Christmas very, very simple - 
but there are still many in our family! 

For me, Stocking stuffers are the tricky part.

I can do presents.

I can shop easily for most men in our family.

But stocking stuffers have always stumped me.

If they stump you, here is a place where you can shop
from the comfort of your own warm home!

Each item listed with Orphan Wares
was generously donated {usually handcrafted}
and placed on the site.

Orphan Wares exists to allow crafters
{or donators} the beautiful opportunity to
use their talents to feed children that would not
be eating otherwise.

So here's the scoop on how it all works:

A quilter loves to quilt and makes a lap quilt. 
She then sends it to our Orphan Wares warehouse
where Kala photographs it and puts it 
on the web site.  Leah helps with promoting it.
A shopper sees the lap quilt and purchases it.
It is then shipped to the shopper.
Every penny above shipping is then
used in the programs 
has to feed vulnerable street children, 
special needs orphans in Uganda and
a colony of lepers' children in India. 

100% of the proceeds are used.


Both the artisan and crafter have the joy of doing something they love 
and then the joy of generously donating.
The shopper has the joy of shopping. 
Kayla and Leah have the joy of serving.
And vulnerable children have the blessing of food.


Some of the items currently on the Orphan Wares site.

On behalf of those who will eat - 
thank you to all who make it possible.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A True Love Story

When Emma, Graham and I were in Africa to bring Elizabeth and Elijah home we would go to use the computers lined up at the guest house we were staying at.

I would look over and see Emma typing away, smiling as she tipped her head to one side and then the other.

"Who are you messaging that warrants such a smile?," I questioned.

"Josh!  He's up in the night to read his Bible," she answered.

Laughingly I responded, "Read his Bible, my eye!  He may be up to read his Bible but make no mistake that boy likes you or he wouldn't be up at 4:30am "to read" it!"

She laughed and said she doubted it.


She definitely was not convinced.

Shortly thereafter Josh bought a cell phone and began texting Emma.  Just "coincidence" I'm sure.  I told her my thoughts.  She said she doubted it.

After a couple of weeks, on New Years Eve 2008,  we were living in our little log house when Josh texted her and asked if he could call her.  She came to me and said, "Josh wants to call me.  What do you think he wants?"

Not exactly sure girlfriend, buuuut I'm guessing it has something to do with being up in the middle of the night to read his Bible!!

She told him he could call and that day he asked what she was doing on July 24, 2009 {two days after her 16th birthday and still almost 7 months away}?

"Ummm, I don't know.  Why?"

"I was wondering if I could come to Colorado and celebrate your 16th birthday with you?"  At the time we had a "no dating till you're 16 rule"...{we have since changed the rules.}

From the beginning {before their first date} Emma shared with him that God had called her to serve the orphans of Africa and that she would be moving there one day.  She made sure he understood, "I don't know if God has called you there, but He definitely has called me and I will be moving to spend my life there."

They began dating on her 16th birthday.

We came to know Josh well and love him very much as he was in our home almost every day.

2009 {I think}

In 2009 Josh joined Dw and Emma on his first GO Team and he fell in love with Africa as well....


Autumn and Karl's wedding 2012

Months before Emma moved to Africa 
{in early January 2013} 
and after dating 3-1/2 years, 
they parted ways.  
It was very painful.

After their break-up, Emma dove into the work God called her to.   

But that young man just couldn't forget her.  

And after Emma lived in Africa for about 7 months she "ran into" Josh at an orphanage
she was delivering food {for International Voice of the Orphan} to.

Dw and I were definitely very suspect - ha! 

While there Emma and Josh spent quite a bit of time talking about the past
and eventually Josh joined with some of Emma's close
friends who were treating Emma to a safari for her birthday.
Everyone had a blast!!

Another year passed and they would text and talk from time to time but only as friends.

Then this past summer Josh surprised Emma at The Gem Foundation!!!
Emma was in shock.  
They were only friends
and she had absolutely no idea he was coming.

Josh told me later that as he sat on the front porch waiting 
for Emma to come see who was on the porch of 
The Gem
he began to cry as he heard all the sounds  
of the precious Gems inside.

Emma's dream was now a reality and he was so humbled to
see all that God had done.  He also mentioned that he
would not go inside without Emma showing him
herself.  She had ate, breathed and dreamed it and 
he wanted only her to show him.

Josh also shared with Emma,
"I have been at all the Saunders' wedding,
[yes, he's been at Abi's, Tyler's and Autumn's]
I'm not missing Graham and Savannah's 
and I'm here to join you in watching it on Skype
so you don't have to watch it alone."

Graham and Savannah's wedding July 2014

Macey curled Emma's hair and they 
Skyped in together and 'attended' the wedding.

Upon returning from Africa Josh journeyed to Phoenix to ask if he could 
have permission now to court Emma with the future intention being marriage.  
We spent hours and hours and hours talking.  
Emma's calling is huge and we had to be certain that he understood that 
and that he would join her in her lifelong work.  

On a humorous note, he had thought we would talk the evening he arrived.  
But we couldn't do that due to circumstances so the poor guy had 
to sweat it out wait until the next day.  
He talked about the past and future with each of Emma's siblings at home.  
It was a powerful time.  
Then Dw and I each talked to him alone.  

There is no doubt our family loves Josh very much and we gave him 
our blessing to court her.

Two weeks ago he traveled through Phoenix and this time he asked if he 
now had permission to marry her?

And the rest is history....

Sunday evening in Uganda, 
after a candlelight dinner on the porch of 
The Gem Foundation
{there was no power!}
and after a bit of dancing,
Josh lowered to bended knee and 
asked Emma to marry him.

We are all overjoyed!

Almighty God brings delightful beauty out of painful ashes,
restores seemingly lost dreams and heals broken hearts. 
He is always faithful.

No date has been set,
{but Lord willing it will be sooner than later}

Should they come to mind, 
prayers would be deeply appreciated
as all the logistics are worked out
for them to marry 
 Josh to move to Africa to join Emma in serving
the special needs Gems together. 

Emma blogs  at Em On a Mission

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Let's Call It What It Is....

No, this isn't some band wagon I'm jumping on.  This is basically the culmination of a lifetime of awareness and concern mingled with many years of up close and personal experiences.  I do not write this post lightly.  I've cried tears as I typed and it has taken me several days to pray about it, think through thoroughly, word it just right only to go back and delete paragraphs of it, pray more and re-write it all again.

I invite you to read with an open heart.  These are my very personal thoughts and I know they are from God's heart to each of us.


Almost two years ago I shared about the only doll I had growing up.  She was a little African baby whom I lovingly named Bonnie-doll {after my mom}.  And yes, I still call her "Bonnie-doll".

As a little girl, most people who knew my mom, would laugh when I told them her name.  It wasn't until I was a teenager that I came to understand why they thought her name was so funny.  I loved my mom and I loved my doll.  It just made sense to my little girl heart.  I never saw Bonnie-doll as black.  She looked like me to me.

My sweet grandma had given Bonnie-doll to me on my 2nd birthday and she was my only dolly I ever had. Of course, I was completely smitten with Bonnie-doll!  She was my BFF, whom I took wherever I went and played with pretty much day and night until I was a teenager.

When I would go out I swaddled her in a pretty blanket.  Secretly I longed for everyone to think she was my real baby and I really, really was her mommy.  For real.  I was probably 10ish  before I realized that no one would really think she was real or that I was her mom.  I remember being completely devastated.

My Bonnie-doll

Bonnie-doll was a true friend, staying awake on many a sleepless, scary abuse-ridden nights.  She kept my wide-awake self company and never murmured a word of the secrets I told her.  A true friend.

I am convinced that Almighty God prompted my 
Grandma to buy a black baby doll for me, instilling 
in me an insatiable desire for children of other races.

The summer I was eight years old, living in Buffalo, New York our city was struck with horrible riots because of racism.  I remember being terrified of the rioting going on not far from our home and fearful for the lives of the Black Americans living in Buffalo.  When I heard grown-ups {not my parents} speaking of Black people unkindly I couldn't understand why.  It just didn't make sense to my little eight year old heart.

The riots were not far from where we lived and after they ended we got in our family car and drove along the city streets that once thrived and found them now completely boarded up.  I shuddered as I held Bonnie-doll tightly against my chest.

That same year, just before my ninth birthday, in November of 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King came to our city.  Two and a half thousand people crowded into Kleinhan's Music Hall.  Dr. King delivered a speech and one of the lines from that speech has been quoted often:

"We are moving toward the day when we will 
judge a man by his character and
ability instead of by the color of his skin."

I remember plainly the day I heard that Dr. King had been murdered.  I cried and cried.  I felt like the world had been thrown off its axel.

So to say that I was quite aware of race and prejudice while growing up is true.

But somehow as I grew older I thought that racial prejudice was being overcome.  That life had become kinder and gentler.  That Dr. King's words from that speech in Buffalo were now coming to pass.

How dead wrong I was!!

We took our first pastorate in the rural south and found that racial prejudice was still rampant.  Dw and I immediately heard things and were sick to our stomachs and dumbfounded.   Like completely and totally aghast!!!

What the heck??

About that time we heard that the Ku Klux Klan was still operating in our area.  We thought we must have gone into a time-warp.  Could there really be such hateful people still alive??  People who sat in our pews? Seriously?

Over the years of pastoring in the Southeast we found ourselves standing up against racism, racial jokes, racial slurs and prejudice.  We were sickened and oh how God's heart was grieved!!

Twenty years ago, at our second church we senior pastored in Charlotte, North Carolina we had a marquis out front.   The road it was on was a busy one.  Dw changed the sign often and one day put this on the sign:

It's not a skin-thing.
It's a sin-thing.

The next morning we found a huge black swastika painted across both sides of it.   The news station came out and did a piece about it.  Apparently we had touched something in the community.

As we planted our third church, this time in Virginia,  Dw invited his closest friend, a Black pastor in the area, to bring his congregation and other black congregations to share a joint service with our congregation.  We went on and did this more than once.

At that first service together, Dw got down on his knees with a pan of warm water and humbly asked his pastor-friend and those Black church members to forgive Whites who had sinned against Blacks and caused heartache and horrific pain with our sinful prejudicial words, attitudes, jokes and actions. Dw then gently washed his friend's feet.  It was a very emotional and symbolic time.   We prayed with fervor that there would be a breaking in the supernatural of hundreds of years of racial hatred.

During those years of pastoring in the Southeast I imagined that prejudice was more or less just something left over from the devastating days of slavery and limited mostly to the area.

Then we moved across the country and God threw open the door for some precious
African treasures to come home to us.

My Bonnie-doll now in the flesh!!  
I was elated!

And suddenly I had the wake-up call of my life when I found that prejudice wasn't just in the Southeast!! And it wasn't just against teenagers and adults.  I shake my head as I type.  I was in disgusting shock!

In our own home schooling group at the very church we senior pastored we had an incident from another child because of "the skin color" of our children...I was so angry I whispered through gritted teeth to "Grab your stuff" as my kids and I hastily left the park that day.  It's a good thing my self-control was working well or that hateful prejudiced kid would have probably had a big ol' hunk of hair out of their head. 

At the Mom's Only meeting a few weeks later, after much prayer,  I decided I better address the park situation as I had lost my desire to be part of our own home school group at all.  I did not point fingers, name names or accuse anyone of anything.  I merely, through tears, asked that each mom talk to their kids about racial prejudice eluding to the fact that there had been some comments made that were absolutely inappropriate about the color of my children's skin.  I added that the home school group needed to be a safe place for my children.

Shortly thereafter one mother came to me and angrily told me that I had no right to say anything about prejudice!   And yes, she was serious and boy-oh-boy was she ever livid.  I could only figure that she was defending her own prejudicial heart!!

Eventually we brought Ruby home and moved to Phoenix.  I wrote about the incidence at the community pool against my little treasure and asked here what you would have done.

And that's just a snippet of the things in our few shorts years with my own little ones!!

Finn - my grandtreasure

Note:  I wrote most of the above yesterday.  After writing it Dw, Ruby and I went on a little date together.  We did a bit of Christmas shopping and ended up having lunch at a local place.  The young man {probably about 20 years old} behind the counter ringing up our food order happened to be a very kind-hearted {handsome too!} Black young man.  He was gentle, polite, smiling, very kind-hearted and easy to talk to.

Our conversation, as he rang up my order, went like this:

He:   How has your day been?

Me:  It's been great.  How about yours?

He:  My days has been great!  Thank you for asking.

Me:  My husband, daughter and I were able to get some Christmas shopping done.

He {laughing}:  But they're not with you now - what happened?

Me:  Oh!!  She fell asleep in the car and so he's waiting while I grab some food.   She actually is a beautiful little girl - she has gorgeous skin like yours.  Your skin is gorgeous, you know that right?

He:  I guess it depends.

Me:  It depends?   I'm confused.

He:   It depends on your perspective.  Most think the landscape is prettier all white.

Me:  Are you kidding me?  I tell my kids all the time that I love their skin.  My white skin is so boring!

He:  {His expression changed to one of sadness.} No, most people like all white landscape.

I was so taken back by the conversation that I was left speechless.   

My eyes filled with tears as I walked away.  

Here was a kind-hearted, gentle, easily smiling, hard working Black young man,
yet well aware that life was not the same for him.

What have we done friends??

That a kind-hearted, polite young man would think that the landscape would be nicer without him in it?

Are you kidding me??

My eyes have filled with tears as I recall his painful words.

Friends, we have to speak up!!  We cannot be silent any longer!

And if this post is getting under your skin...and actually ticking you off.....lean in, listen up and listen good....

We must go to the only place that must be our final authority in all matters:  

The Bible

In Numbers 12 we find the story of Moses {Moses, the guy who God called to lead the entire Hebrew nation} who happen to marry a Cushite woman.  Go back and investigate all you want.  I've done that and guess what?  When Miriam {Moses' sister} speaks out negatively about Moses' wife Zipporah because of her black-African skin...God basically says, 

"Oh really?  
You like your White skin?  
Here - Let me make it even Whiter!!"  

And He allows Miriam to be instantly struck with Leprosy.   
White patches of horribly itchy skin all over her proud very light self.  

Lest you think God has changed His mind about how He feels on skin color, race and inter-marriage...read it again.  

God's stamp of approval is on every skin color imaginable friends!

And by the way, it also means that His stamp of approval is also on every intermarriage imaginable.  Yes, it is.    Read it again.   God was not ticked at Moses for marrying a woman with Black skin at all!! He's ticked at Miriam for disapproving and thinking herself to be better than Zipporah!!

Read it again and again and again if you disagree.   

Study it.  

Go back in the Hebrew and study it again.

Then repent!

Why is prejudice still alive?

Plain and simple:

It's a heart issue and much of the church has
embraced racism, coddled prejudice and 
snuggled with hatred against blacks or others of
different skin color.

[Because as the church leads, so goes our nation.]

If the church {meaning you and me} had put our foot down years ago and spoken up loudly and said, "No more!  Not on my watch!" we would not see prejudice like it still is today.

And we wonder why there is looting and hatred and violence {none of which are okay} when decisions are handed down???  No doubt, because of the deep seated anger and frustration at how Blacks have been treated - going as far back as Moses' wife in Numbers 12.

Liberty and Indie - another grandtreasure of mine

So what are we going to do?

*Repent- even if it's just prejudice in your thoughts.

*Do not be silent anymore!! Speak up!!

*And honestly, I'm done being polite.  

*It's time to call it what it is.

*Say it with me - It's SIN!! 

*Talk to family, neighbors and friends.

*Don't shrink back - Even if it means parting ways with racist family and friends!   {Good riddance!} It doesn't matter if "that's just the way our family has always been" it's time to break the generational sin!!  

Moses' sister Miriam wasn't cured until there was some serious repenting!   And friends, across America and the world we have some serious repenting to do!

Share the story of Moses and Zipporah found in Numbers 12 and tell all you know what God thinks about prejudice, intermarriage and racism.

God didn't ignore it and He definitely wasn't kidding.  

And we can't ignore it either.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

MBM: The Last Test

When we began to pray about moving, we asked the Lord to make it very clear.

We loved our home and we had been putting a fair amount of sweat
equity into it.

I had also been working on a little project - a collection of 
pictures of each of our treasures in frames gathered from thrift stores
and yard sales all over Phoenix.  

I loved my non-matching frames - they looked 
more than appropriate for our non-matching beautiful family - 
and that non-matching look happens to be my most favorite flavor - ever.

I would stop and stare at the wall as I worked on it the 
last few months and smile with gratefulness.

So as we prayed about moving, we knew that Ruby was very limited in where she 
could go since half of the house was upstairs.  And the Arthrogryposis 
had begun to present more challenges to Isaiah as well.   

A stairless home just made sense. 

I had even begun to put together a Grandtreasure section which I was
also still working on...

Hadn't really ever thought that we would fix it up to sell it, but when the 
idea came to sell, and find a home better suitable to Ruby's wheelchair and Isaiah
and well even me - and then when the Lord gave us the idea to share some of the proceeds
with some precious Gems on the other side of the ocean - well,
that was too exciting to pass up and we were ON IT lickety-split!!

I was giddy at moving.

Okay, maybe not giddy about packing and packing 
and packing and packing and packing...
but you get the idea!

Not long into looking, we found a home we really loved.  
And of all things - there was a wheelchair ramp in the master bath.  
I almost fell over!!  
I wondered, could this be the home from the Lord for us?

However, we were not going to be hasty in our decision....
we knew that if it was the house from the Lord, He would 
hold it.

We continued to look and constantly prayed:

"Close any door that is not of you. Slam it on our fingers!  
Pinch our toes - make it hurt!!  
Just keep us in your perfect {not permissive} will!" 

We kept looking and found two different homes that had been on the market for 
almost a year.   Both homes we seriously considered and although
they had both been on the market for nearly a year they each

SOLD the very day we talked 
seriously about them!!

How crazy is that?

Both on the market for just about a year and 
the day???

It felt good though.  We knew that God was closing the doors
because He had something better for us.

We kept thinking about that home with the wheelchair ramp.
And it was still available!!

But we didn't even have our home on the market...

But God had something miraculous up His sleeve!!

And to make a long God-story short,
through some miraculous events the wheelchair ramp homeowners 
said that they would be happy for us to rent it while we 
sold our home.  

I had been dreading showing/selling our home
with all of us in it - we've done that way too many times
in the past!

But faithful God moved in a mighty way
and allowed us the privilege to live here while our home sells.

Then the night before our inspection on this house
I began to get cold feet.  

Like ice cubes in ice water.

I told Dw that I was scared and maybe we should back out.

We have nice neighbors where we live.
They either like us or ignore us.

I'm okay with either of those options.

But what about the new neighborhood??

Cause after all, seven kids in the backyard playing
is not quiet.  No matter how you listen to it.

Dw prayed with me.  

I told Dw that I had been praying that the neighbors 
would be out to meet them when we went over the next day
to see what the inspector said.  {The other side has a vacant home
that's for sale - anyone want to move to Phoenix and live next door?
so that was okay.}

And God was so gracious, as we pulled around the corner
what should we find?
Our neighbors out trimming their trees.

We had Ruby with us and I whispered,

"He answered my prayer!  Now go meet them
and see what they are like!"

Dw spoke, "You're coming with me babe."

I hate when he says that!

My shy/introverted self was going to have to suck it up big time.

Ruby, Dw and I went down to meet them.

I knew that if God had answered and they were outside,
we would no doubt know without a doubt one way or another if
this really was our home from the Lord!

The story of meeting them is amazing
but imagine my giddiness when I learned that 
my precious new neighbor 
has spent her life working with special needs treasures!!

ONLY our Faithful GOD!!

She love, love, loved Ruby and invited her to come with 
her and meet her kitty.

Ruby loved that!!

And two days after moving in she brought us homemade
muffins!  A neighborly neighbor - sooooo cool....and so rare
these days!!
She really likes our family {her husband does too}.

We are humbled beyond words to know how God has
moved to allow us the privilege of living here 
and next to a family whose mom has spent her days
working with special needs kiddos.

For those who don't believe that God cares about 
us or the details of our lives....please go back and read the story again....
He not only cares, but is intimately involved in each detail!!

We need a special trinket in our Memorial Box 
to represent this amazing story.  
If you have any ideas what the trinket should be, 
please don't hold back, because we are stumped!