Monday, August 18, 2008

Birds of A Feather??


On this little tiny farmette we are blessed to have six outdoor cats that work on the mice and rodents -----the three adult cats (Bruster, Bailey, and Gimbya), three baby kittens (Senge, Junior and Prissy), one black lab mix named Lucy, one Schnauzer puppy named Nelly, two chickens (DC - which Dw named and stands for Dumb Cluck - obviously he just doesn't appreciate our feathery friends----and the other one is named Chicken - Graham's most creative name), a tur-ken affectionately named Ping by Isaiah, Mr. Ezekiel our rooster and two horses - Mistletoe (currently looking for a home) and Daisy. Amazingly enough, all of the animals peacefully co-exist.

Today Emma put some stale bread soaked in a dab of milk out and the kitties, chickens and of course, Ezekiel, ate together happily. My camera is currently broke, so the pics could only come from my cell phone, so they are not quite optimal.
On a side note, when Tyler was home on leave he informed me when he woke up the first morning here that he did not have the attachment for Ezekiel that I have (putting it nicely) and when I left to go somewhere he and dad would probably make him "disappear". (It was all talk and I kept laughing everytime he said it.)

That's Ping the Tur-ken on the right

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