Friday, September 26, 2008

Yard Sale Time!!

We are in the midst of preparing for a yard sale we are having tomorrow morning at the parsonage next to the church. Dw put an ad in the local paper (to the effect): "Help Bring Our Daughter Home From China - Everything Not Nailed Down is Going"...
I have a beloved tea collection (tea pots, tea cups, tea pretties) which I am parting with. Those closest to me will know what a big deal this is! I also have a sweet collection of shabby chic's all going too. This will help SIMPLIFY my life and more than anything I want Jubilee and future kids home now!
Another load going to the parsonage....
Dw and I did get into a discussion about where to put price stickers. I was putting them on the bottom of things. He wants them on the top. I said, "Honey, everyone turns stuff over to look at it and finds the price." He disagreed saying that everything always has prices on the top. I said, "Nu-uh! Think of TJ's and stuff...prices are on the bottom." To which he replied: "No wonder the economy is in trouble!"
I called the kids to have their pictures taken in the people cards....and Graham said, "Emma that means AKA the blog needs some pictures." Oh stop harassing me kiddos and humor this ol' mama of yours....
We are selling everything we can think of or find. We are also praying that God will bring just the right people to buy it all up....I'll keep you posted about what happens tomorrow morning....PRAY!!

2 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. wish i was in town to help you
    will be praying!
    stickers on top, gets my vote

  2. Hey Linn, I've been praying all morning that your sale is a huge success...that God would bring just the right people along & that the reason behind your sale would plant a seed in the heart of each person!

    I wish I was there to help out & to make a Starbuck's run for you!!

    Love you!


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