Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday??

Okay, so I was thinking today of taking a brief break from the seriousness and heaviness of the current situation in our nation and talking about something much less serious.

There are some bloggers out there that have what they call "Wordless Wednesday" where only pictures are posted.

I guess I am confused as to what the point of wordless is? After all, isn't that the whole purpose of a blog? I thought the whole point of a blog is to welcome friends, near and far, into your home to get a peak into your real life through words that can express joy, thankfulness, confusion, thoughts, fears, a troubled heart, prayer needed, silliness, reckless abandon and/or complete adventure!

So to tell someone who thrives on expressing herself through writing to have a day where she is to be completely silent and wordless? Yeah, not so much, infact downright impossible!
BUT in an attempt to be as wordless as possible I thought I would just post a sign that hangs in my kitchen. It was given to me by our sweet "son" Ben for Christmas this past year. It must have been made by someone who knows me?!?!
Being completely honest "it" is often a source of a bit of contention between that sweet man of mine and I. He is the guy who will show up at stuff an hour early just because he so gets into all that. I, on the other hand, just can't seem to pull it all together in an early/prompt fashion. I am not slow, pokey or purposefully late....BUT life just doesn't seem to work that way for me, or at least my life doesn't seem to work that way.
At one point, years ago, when we were discussing my punctuality (or lack thereof) I told him that if he ever was unable to get about himself I would be certain to pay him back for harassing me all these years about punctuality. I would prop him in front of a clock and tell him we had an appointment at a certain time and then let him sit and watch that time approaching and eventually it would be clearly past that scheduled appointment time and of course, we would have not made any movement to get to the appointment. He always laughs when I tell him that cause he thinks I am kidding. We'll just let him keep thinking that.....
But if you come to my home, you will find this sign that reminds me of my weaknesses....and it makes me sigh and smile everytime I read it.

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  1. LOL!! I have to side with Dw on this one...if I am not at least 15 minutes early, I consider myself as being late!


    oh, and btw, I totally agree about the Wordless Wednesday thing...I'll put my "thousand words" ALONG WITH the picture!! :)


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