Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Our Military - Past and Present Heroes

Today the kids and I marched in the Veteran's Day parade with the Blue Star Moms. We moms each carried the giant posters we have of each of our kids.

I was dumbfounded when, this year, people clapped the entire parade route as we approached. They were standing and just a steady clapping. I actually saw several crying as we passed. Others mouthed, "thank you".

It made me cry. My heart overflowed with gratitude for their deliberate show of thankfulness.

I know I have mentioned it before, but our precious son Tyler came home to us from Korea. He was just about 4 months old when he came home, about 22-1/2 years ago.

One day when Tyler was about 8 years old he said to me, "Mom, someday I want to be in the military to thank the United States for allowing me to come home to you." **tears welling** While Dw and I deeply admired his obvious patriotism, we were thinking that a letter to Pennsylvania Avenue would do just fine! (j/k)

Our son serves our country in the Special Forces and now leads a Special Forces unit. His job puts him in positions of great risk and uncertainty. Tyler works very hard and loves his job. He will be deploying again soon. This is something very hard for us, as mom and dad, to think about. Although we are confident that nothing can touch our son except it flow through God's gracious and loving finger tips - we are still very human!!

The danger he is in whether training stateside or deployed keeps us on our knees and ever aware of how we all must treasure every moment we have with our loved ones.
Thank you to all the military families spread around the world - how we honor their daily sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy. May God bless America!!

3 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Absolutely!

    God Bless America, and God bless military families who sacrifice so that we may freely worship.

  2. Thank you for raising a son who serves his country.

    I love the pictures of E & E! They are a beautiful part of your beautiful family.

  3. The words seem inadequate, but they are from the bottom of our hearts.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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