Thursday, November 20, 2008

OMGracious - IT'S THE SKUNK!!!

I am laughing so much I am having a hard time typing.......(Dw is not laughing)...and so the story goes...

Our evening was rather mellow, or at least was up to a few minutes ago....Dw, Graham and I were watching a movie together. Liberty and Isaiah are in bed. Emma had been to a girls Bible study and big sis Autumn had picked her up after, taken her for some junk food and now are at her apartment watching a chick flick. Lucy, our dog, started going crazy so we told Graham to take her out. We assumed she probably needed to do her thing. Dw said he would go with Graham.

Literally within 30 seconds there was a urgent sounding scrambling on the front porch and some yelling and I was thinking, "what in the world?" The front door came flinging open and my two men came frantically scrambling inside.

When the guys had stepped outside with Lucy she found a skunk in the irrigation ditch - - - about 30 feet from our little log home. Isn't that just precious??
Now you have to understand - Lucy is a black lab mix who is the happiest, partiest, gentlest, sweetest, fun lovingest, but unfortunately stupidest dog you could ever meet. She just didn't have it in her to do anything but frolick with joy at her new playpal - who in an instant turned and gave her the big generous spray!!
Just as quickly Lucy had turned and as delighted as ever she came bounding back to let Dw and Graham know that she had just met a really cool striped friend!! Total tail and body wagging with great happiness Lucy lunged for Dw, who instantly threw his foot up toward her and felt the wet skunk spray stuff come off Lucy's body and onto his bare foot. Awww...she shared the sweet is that??!?!??
Our little log home is now perfumed with the pungent flavor of skunk!! Lucy is out in a dog cage and Dw is sort-of-laughing-while-sort-of-groaning-soaking his foot in a can of crushed tomatoes.....and to think - I had the fleeting thought that maybe, just maybe he could leave the recliner he has been sleeping in since his surgery and come sleep upstairs tonight with me....hmmm, yeah, ummm, maybe not....probably in a few days, huh?

PS That right arm of Dw's is supposed to be in a sling, but it hurts so much that it tires of that position, so he is allowed to have it out for just minutes at a time and those few minutes out are when this all happened.....and we are so thankful that he did not trip outside and fall....he has had enough of it!! My man must mend!

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  2. Oh my stars! See what happens when you are desperately trying to figure out what to blog about next?! Poor much more can this poor guy take? And you are laughing & making chili out of him!

    Only at your house....

  3. SO FUNNY!!!! And I can say that because I live in corn country and can't smell you!

    I think your doggie so sounds fun!!!

  4. On the upside, it is good to see that your husband is recovering from his surgery well enough to defend himself from a stinky dog!!LOL


  5. O'my! Laughter is good medicine - thanks for making us laugh. Although, SO sorry to Dw! I wonder if any of you got a wink of sleep last night with that lingering fragrance.

  6. So sorry, DW!!! We had a baby skunk in our garage once....and he spent the entire night there. We knew he was still there when we were leaving for church the next morning...stinky!! I think he stayed there all day...and finally left the next night. Not a fun experience. Hope you don't stink long..... :)

  7. Ha! I knew I could count on this blog for a laugh! :o)


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