Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Wild Adventure - Part SEVEN

I want to start off by thanking all you who have posted comments or sent emails - you guys are the best! Such a wonderful encouragement to our hearts!

Dw usually asks me each night to read him the comments that y'all have posted and he gets all teary-eyed hearing them (as you can well imagine that man of mine has a gigantic tender heart!). I have attempted to stop by and "visit" each of you, but some don't have a blog or an email address listed on your profile and so without a blog or email address - it's impossible! =/ But we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing our journey with us! We have found that life is just so much sweeter when we get to share it with precious friends (both new and old and near and far). My heart smiles all day long as I think of you my sweet friends (and even our testosterone-toting blog friends - Frank, K-man, and Mr. Daddy) - thank you all for joining us in this journey we call life!
So back to the story of God's miraculous faithfulness in our lives.... We knew that we had to get Jubilee home and so while there in Uganda Dw signed the papers to begin the process, but told them he would be back to get Elizabeth and Elijah in about 8 months. They said that on their end - Elizabeth and Elijah to be ready to travel in about THREE months....which was killing us since they desperately NEED mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters NOW.
We began to try to figure a way to get them home as quick as possible. We even thought maybe we would fly to Ch*na when it came time to bring Jubilee home, have Dw sign the necessary papers in Ch*na and fly straight to Uganda, get the little ones and meet me back in the States with all three. =) Yes, we are indeed crazy!!

Dwight's last hug good-bye with Elizabeth

When it came time for Dw and Emmy to come home it was heart-wrenching to leave our two babies in Uganda. It is nearly humanly impossible to explain to a little 17 month old and 26 month old that you will be returning to get them. Dw couldn't even talk about them without crying and neither could I.
Although I have never held them, I had fallen in love with both in an instant and just think, God had even showed me what Elijah looked like days before I was able to get a picture!
Dw said he was sobbing when that plane took off, knowing they were there, desperately needing us, but unable to bring them home yet. Knowing what an average day is like in the life of an orphan makes it even a zillion more times difficult to leave any behind - but how much more so when we know two are our children.
We fasted. We prayed. As I lay awake at night praying, I became convinced that God was doing something and that He even seemed to impress on me that other words of the song "Days of Elijah and Year of Jubilee" were significant. I told Dw, "I am feeling the Lord saying that Elijah and Elizabeth are going to come home before Jubilee because of the words days of Elijah and year of Jubilee - days come before years" My sweet hubby thought I was nuts. =) (Bless his heart - LOL)
We continued to pray. My prayer partner, Chelsea, knew the situation and was praying with me - praying that God would make a way to bring Elizabeth and Elijah home as soon as possible. We had not told anyone else, other than most of our kids, that we had two little ones coming. We were concerned that if too many people knew that could jeopardize Jubilee's adoption.
I began to feel that I needed a few other people praying with us. I didn't want 'opinions'....I wanted some friends to truly pray and ask God to give us wisdom. So I prayed about it and asked two bloggy friends (Lori and Amy) to pray. They live States (Kansas and Connecticut) away and neither knew anything about Elizabeth and Elijah but they both understand the power of prayer. I told them that Dw and I had a situation that needed divine wisdom and would they be willing to pray for us? I loved how these two sweet friends didn't ask me any questions, they just went to prayer. Every now and then I would get an email reminding me that they were each praying and they knew that God was answering!
I continued to sense that the Lord wanted us to move forward and just bring Elizabeth and Elijah home - but how? Oh how I love God-surprises!! Yippeee Jesus!! Toward the end of August we went to Denver for our last parenting class that is required by the State of Colorado. **For the record, having completed all the necessary classes the State of Colorado now concedes that we are qualified to be parents - Aren't you relieved?** Anyway, while in the class and during a break I turned to talk to the couple behind me. Out of the blue the lady mentioned something about her babies....I said, "What?" Well it turns out that she was pregnant with twins in the midst of her Ch*nese adoption. I questioned her if Ch*na was requiring her to stop the adoption??!?
She said, "You can do simultaneous adoptions while adopting from Ch*na?" I said, "What?" Which really, in retrospect was a weird thing to say because she wasn't doing a second adoption, she was pregnant!! I could hardly wait for Dw to come sit down and nearly shook his arm off when I told him what she had said.

We prayed about it and decided to open up to Ch*nese Children (as they are so personable and helpful) and they are the ones who had given us hope and encouragement when Ch*na said "No" after pre-approval during Isaiah's adoption. We are 100% confident that God allowed us to have them doing our homestudy for Isaiah so that they could give our agency the understanding that a "no" from Ch*na could be appealed. There is no doubt that Ch*nese Children are advocates for children - passionately working daily to get kids in homes as soon as possible! We cannot say enough wonderful things about how helpful each person there has been. If we could be open with anyone - it was them! And although that dear lady was not quite accurate about what Ch*na will allow, Ch*nese Children said that it was their understanding that if we are not adopting in Uganda, but bringing the little ones home under our guardianship (as our foster children) then Ch*na should not have a problem with it. Oh Yippeee Jesus!! WOOT! WOOT!

Hang on little ones - we're coming for you! May Almighty God's perfect peace and protection rest on you as you wait! On Uganda's end - they do not allow them to be adopted in their country, but will release them to us as their guardians. Once they are at home in the states then we petition the US to adopt them. If we don't petition to adopt them within 6 months they become illegal aliens.
We were ecstatic!!
Consistent with God's love for the orphan and commitment to 'place the lonely in families' our Supernatural God moved and allowed us to understand that it was His plan to proceed. Now we just needed our home study updated and our I-171H done, complete with fingerprinting. We could not get the paperwork done quickly enough!!

20 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. (Mr. Daddy's wife posting here :)

    Isn't God's timing an amazing thing to watch?

    I am ecstatic to be praying and rejoicing with you over your children.

    And am waiting on pins and needles to see them home with you!

  2. A dear friend sent me your blog link a couple days ago and I have been blessed beyond measure reading about your great adventure. It is inspirational to see God's people walking out His direction and will even when it does not seem possible to all (even us :) I cannot wait to read more in the coming days of God's divine plan to bring each one of your beautiful children to the home He designed just for them. May God continue to bless you, Lisa C.

  3. I have been so moved by your story and I keep telling my husband that he has to read it; my retelling just doesn't do it justice. When oh when are they coming home? I thank God all the time that he gave my spouse and I the same heart for orphans. We just can't envision our home empty when so many need homes and a loving family. It has only been 3 months since our gotcha day but I can already feel the heartstrings tugging. Thanks for sharing your story and your faith so openly!


  4. I am a follower of blogland, never commenting. But I have to tell you that your story is sooo moving. I am glued to your blog waiting for the next part. Thank you so much for sharing and may God bless you with quick approvals and safe travels. Your family is an inspiration to all who have adopted.

    mom to Molly & Lindy (both from China) (Lindy Ann Rafferty)

  5. WOOO HOOOO!! that is amazing! i sure hope someone takes a photo of you holding your little ones for the first time. i know that the look on your face will be priceless!! prayers for you guys and this whole process. i'm am so excited to see them HOME with you!


  6. Praise the Lord! This is such an awesome story!! Every entry gives me goosebumps!! Truly, we can see the Lord at work! When is Dw traveling? Does he blog? We need to follow him into Uganda on this journey to get your darling precious babies!
    What a great family you have!

  7. Linny, I love the picture with DW holding Elizabeth before he left. Yes, I know it must have been so hard for DW and Emma to leave them. Heartbreaking. After visiting two orphanages, my heart was changed forever.
    When are they coming home??? You must tell us soon! :) You must!

  8. I am constantly amazed as I see the sovereignty of God in our lives. Thank you for sharing!

    Terrye in FL

  9. Linny, Thank you for your Veteran's Day comment on my blog. I wrote that post with your son Tyler in my heart. I want you to know that. His story has moved me!!(darn it... your entire family moves me!!!) Don't ever stop writitng!!!

  10. YAY God!

    OK, ready for the next post!

  11. This is so amazing and awesome! The babies are awesome. Cannot wait until you post again:)

  12. Oh Linn,
    Your story, GOD'S story, just gets more awesome as it unfolds!! Tears stream down my face each time I start reading!! Thank you for sharing with us just what our Mighty God has in store!!

  13. We are continuing to pray for Elizabeth and Elijah and sweet Jubilee. We have been since the day you first shared. Can't wait until Isaiah ,Jubilee and Lydia , Marilyn and Elizabeth, Creighton and Elijah are all playing together! Won't be long now!!! hugs

  14. Linn ~ Your blogs are inspiration to so many! And sharing in this journey to Jubilee, Elijah and Elizabeth is such a blessing! I knew when I started reading the Story of Elijah, that there were pictures somewhere on Emma's myspace but I did not cheat once. I waited to see YOUR pictures, then went to see her's. You guys are in my heart and prayers and I am longing to know when these precious babies get to come home!

  15. Finally, I am back to getting around to reading your miracle!! Linn, I was bawling when I read about DW leaving the kids behind. Oh my gosh, I could just not imagine.

    Your faith is truly an inspiration!



  16. WOW!!! Always following your sites in amazement but just read your series in order. God is amazing, will be praying for your adventure to bring all the babies home!!!
    Family in Christ,
    The Miner's

  17. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I look forward to watching you bring your little ones home. We have been home with our 6 year old daughter just 5 months and it has been amazing. Our prayers will be with your family.

  18. That would have been so hard to leave the little ones. :( But God douse work wonders. :) Thank you so much for writing this. I have enjoyed it ever so much. If you do not mind I would very much like to tell my friends about it on my blog? Thank you again. And God bless you with those two new blessing. :)

  19. i just came across your blog and wanted to say thank you for sharing. you've brought me to tears. may god bless your faithfulness to him.

  20. Wow. What an amazing story! It's so exciting for me to read this as we're in the process of bringing home two girls from Uganda as well! I love reading your posts. Keep em coming!



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