Friday, December 12, 2008


I have found an internet cafe again as we could really use some prayer. I know that many of you are up when I am and others maybe checking their please pray!!

This morning we were at the Embassy at 9:00AM for our appointment. As far as I knew we were all ready. BUT we do not have several of the papers that we need, and we were not aware that we needed them. They MUST be signed by Dw. I asked if I could just sign them with a power of attorney. No. We also must have copies of our Income Tax Return. I asked many questions and felt very overwhelmed by the whole thing. The girl was very nice who helped me, but it is clear, there are no exceptions made.

A friend said that when she was praying she kept sensing the Lord saying "immigration". She told me this before we left and I said, "No, I am certain we are all ready." I brought many more things than we needed, but still not the right forms. The Lord had been warning, but we had no clue. We prayed that He would show us all we needed, but we missed it all somehow.

The kids VISAs cannot be issued until all these papers are here. Dw has to get up and head to get the right papers and sent FedEx. We know that Fed Ex has taken at least 5 days before. We need prayer = please!!!

I walked out and tears started falling. At that moment my cell rang and it was my precious baby girl Abigail and her hubby Skyping me. They had obviously been hearing the Lord to call right then because I needed to hear from someone who spoke English and loved me. she is our daughter but she is also my friend. Thank you Ab and Ry - I love you sooo much!

Abby did talk to Elizabeth and Elizabeth said on her own, "I love you Abby" sweet.

Dw knows none of this yet VISA stuff. It is more important for him to sleep right now, he will have plenty to do when he wakes.

I have been fealing very homesick for him - what can I say, we are addicted to each other?? I am homesick for Liberty and Isaiah - I just need their snuggles. I know the Lord has a good plan in it all, I also know that this is NOT a surprise to Him - thank you Jesus! If we have to stay longer, then there is a reason, but if not - I want to go home!!

Please pray that God will expedite everything!! I just finished a cup of African Coffee at the little shop we found in downtown Kampala. It is as close to Starbucks as we can find -and there were Christmas songs playing in the background, it is hard not to cry, missing Whitey, the kids, the season.

Thank you friends - I look forward to the day when you can just follow our journey, without all the prayers needed, of course, I realize that right after Christmas Tyler will deploy, so may be there will never be a time that we don't need prayer!! =)

Much love from Uganda - thank you in advance - God is on the Throne and He is always faithful - constantly working the night shift on our behalf....praise his name!! xo

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  1. You know it! Not only are we awake, but now we are praying in full force. Linn- I have seen the government make exceptions, ours, China's, Mexico's. I have seen it when the Lord chooses it, YOU have too! I also know how you feel, and that in the midst of all this, it would be nice to have your best friend and love around. I realized as our plane was taking off from HK in the middle of the typhoon just how much I relied on Bill, and I realized I must, right then, start learning to trust God more fully as my strength, because he is the true bridegroom of my soul!! But I know you miss them, I know that you want to be home, and we will be praying that you get there, SOON!

    Deu 3:22 You shall not fear them, for it is the LORD your God who fights for you.'
    Deu 3:23 "And I pleaded with the LORD at that time, saying,
    Deu 3:24 'O Lord GOD, you have only BEGUN to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand...

    Dear Heavenly Father, you are so awesome, beyond what we can even begin to say. You have worked in such a mighty way in Uganda, in this adoption, and in the hearts of so many who love Dwight and Linn. Lord I pray that You and You alone will work again in this situation. I pray You will move this mountain, that you will cause all the needed paperwork to be collected, and that each of them would get to leave Uganda and go home soon. Lord, we know you can do this and we ask it in the Precious Name of Jesus! Amen!

    Love you! Eyes up sister!

  2. I'm a prayin here in the Philippines we are on China time zone... I will email u when ur not so busy! But for now know u have a couple here in the Philippines praying for u(I am british though and boy do i know the feelin of homesickness oh for a cold Christmas!)

  3. Oh Linny,
    I'm so very sorry, I know the feeling of being homesick from when we were in China and wanting so bad to hold your kiddos agan. I will be praying and don't forget you have a lot of prayers holding you up. As hard as it is maybe God does need you there just a little longer or maybe he just needs you to say once again "OK God, I know it's in your hands and not mine". Maybe Martha needs you just a little bit longer until her next angel shows up. God has pushed many, many mountains out of the way for you and I don't think he will stop now.

  4. Oh sweet friend! You better know that I will be praying. God has shown Himself Mighty before and He won't stop now.

    Love you so much,

  5. Hi Linn,

    Praying that our God, the Master and Creator of time will move things at lightening speed...that He will even impress the FedEx man with a tremendous sense of urgency...

    Keeping clinging to our Abba Father!


  6. Covering you all in prayer & hugs.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you here in Ohio. You are on an amazing journey, that is for sure, but God is right there, too, and He will not leave you - ever. We have faith that you will ALL be safely and happily home for Christmas, probably one of your best yet!

    All the best,
    Nicole A. in Ohio

  8. Linn,

    Praying for you in Indiana. God has shown he can move mountains. He is faithful. Praying for the process to go quickly and that you all will be home soon together for Christmas in your mountain cabin home.

    Janet and Kevin

  9. Linn, YOU KNOW OUR GOD LOVES TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! Don't you know He has that FEDEX package to be already on His radar! Remember our trip to China?!? Look what HE did. It was all impossible. OK, I am trying to think of a Scripture as you sent me so many over there. I am sort of *upset* that your agency did not tell you what to bring?! OK, anyway,

    You know the story so I won't rewrite it all here, but the scene is the father of the boys who has been ravaged by an evil spirit for years. The father basically begs Jesus for help and says "IF." Oh boy, he has Jesus' attention now!

    " 'If you can'? said Jesus, "EVERYTHING is possible for him who believes.' " Immediately, the boy's father exclaimed, " 'I do believe; HELP ME OVERCOME MY UNBELIEF!' "

    Then Jesus rebuked the spirit and the boys was healed. He is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow and He doesn't even need FedEX if He doesn't want to use them. I promise you things happened for us in China that were God literally moving mountains out of our way. He performed miracle after miracle for us to get Susannah home safely. One week later, He healed her heart through the surgeon and doctors here at VCH.

    I BELIEVE you will come home with your babies very soon. I understand your missing your DH. I miss mine terribly when he is gone for one day. We are best friends and I can tell you two are too! And when you are feeling down and desperate, that is who you want physically by your side. Hang on Linn and keep the faith! God is there and He is so proud of you His child right now. He will never leave you or forsake you. Maybe someone in that immigration office is coming to a knowledge of Him through your trial. I don't know but He has a plan and a purpose that you may never see fully on this side of glory. Praying for you my friend. And while you are sleeping or trying to, we are all awake and standing in the gap for you. Leslie (Proud Mommy of a Miracle Child!)

  10. Linn,

    Praying for you as I am sitting here typing this. God will move those mountains when he is ready. Your are an amazing strong women doing his work in Uganda. We all have faith that you will be home in Colorado very soon with everyone. God will do his work that everyone will see how mighty he is.

    Lisa from Ohio

  11. Linn,
    You could not have said it better... God IS on the Throne and He IS always faithful. He always will be! Prayers are going up, up, up in North Carolina!!!
    "Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer." --Psalm 94:19
    ((hugs)) to you,

  12. Father, I pray peace into this heart right now. We will not doubt your Hand. We will see this mountain move. We will see Your miracle. Lord, give G, E and L strength today. Let their steps be ordered of God; let their words be your words. Touch hearts. Move mountains. Do You will. Bring them Home!

  13. Linny, you thought of me and left a message for me on my blog while you were in Uganda. You will never know what that meant to me. I will pray that mountains (and income tax papers ) are moved!!!You will be home soon and you will rejoice in all that God has provided!!!

  14. Linny, You left a message on my blog while you were in Uganda. You will never know ow much that meant to me!!! I will continue to pray that mountains (And income tax papers) will be moved. You will be home soon with your precious babies. I feel that this will be your most amazing holiday yet!!!

  15. All of us are shooting our arrow prayers up to the Lord Linn. He is in the supernatural, fighting every fight for you. He is knocking down barriers, obstacles and these things that try to prevent you from doing kingdom work. Our God is mighty, buff and will do whatever it takes to see you bring those babies home. He love you too Linn. He loves to see you call on us to pray and he loves to answer your prayers... it builds faith, brings people closer to him and builds his kingdom. We're all here for you... calling upon the most high... most powerful Almight Jesus Christ to make this merely a blip in the process. May the Fed Ex package just travel in light speed to you. May you receive it in record time by the perfect and awesome timing of our awesome God. Love you girl, Jen

  16. There's little I can add that hasn't been said already.

    Just know that I'm praying for you, these kiddos, and the process. Praise Him for all He has done!

    I'll be praying you home!!!!

  17. I slept so poorly last night, waking up with trouble in my heart. I prayed for you every time I woke up, praying the God will smooth the troubles that were waking me up. Still praying for you now.

  18. I have been a blog lurker that recently came out. LOL I know God is faithful and I know he will move mountains for you guys. Reading your story always encourages me so much. I am praying that God will work all this out. I know there is nothing that is to big for God.I am praying for you especially Linn that God will give you peace and comfort knowing he is in control.
    God Bless

  19. "From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Psalm 61:2

    The Message says:
    1 -2God, listen to me shout, bend an ear to my prayer.
    When I'm far from anywhere,
    down to my last gasp,
    I call out, "Guide me
    up High Rock Mountain!"


    Thank you that none of this paperwork is a surprise to You, no matter how overwhelming it is to Linn and Dwight. Thank you Father that You are their rock, and that when the waters swirl, You pull them up to stand firmly on The Rock! We ask You once again Lord to move the mountain on behalf of Elizabeth and Elijah.

    Praying in Texas~


  20. Oh Linn,

    Praying for your needs. He will faithfully deliver you. He sees all the things we do not see so I know he is working this out behind the scenes. Praying for your strength both physically and emotionally.

    Blessings and God speed!

  21. Oh Linn,

    How I hate what you are feeling right now. When I was in China the forms that James needed to sign were expired!!!! That meant that they were not valid and I was placed in your exact position except my husband was aboard a ship deployed. Our God is a God of miracles and He cares about our every need. As you already stated He knew that this would happen and is not surprised about it at all. How much comfort we can gather from that. You are in our prayers and I am looking forward to seeing what God does in this time that He is having you wait for the papers because "all things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."

    Blessings, Lisa C.

  22. Linn, I am praying her in Missouri as well, and as a mother to a large family, I know there is never a day that goes by that I don't need prayer and a day that I don't pray for all my friends here at home and Cyber. I can't wait to see what God has in store for your wonderful family. Kathy

  23. Oh my goodness---how comforting to know that this has NOT taken our Father by surprise. How wonderful to know that He never slumbers nor sleeps, but is working a miracle as we all pray! He WILL work this out---He has brought you so far, moved mountains, performed miracles---all because He LOVES these two little orphans. Faithful God---working behind the scenes, getting the paperwork to the right place, in record time!
    Know that you are covered in prayer. Cannot wait to read a PRAISE REPORT coming out of Uganda really soon.

  24. I do not think that any of us will stop needing pray until the day we are in heaven so keep those prayer requests coming-I am not stopping praying so you do not stop asking.

  25. Praying for you right now. May this paperwork issue get resolved quickly. May Linn be able to get home soon! May you be glorified in this and in all things!

  26. Oh Linn, It made my heart sad to hear that you are homesick, especially when you now have this hiccup in the plan. But as you said yourself, we know it is no hiccup to God. He knows what you need and he will provide it. I will be praying, praying, praying. You are already so strong but God must want to make you even stronger and even more fruitful - to sharpen you even more for his ministry and purpose. You already have so many awesome stories of things that God has done for you in Uganda but apparently He's going to give you one more. Love you lots and miss you tons!

  27. Almost caught up...

    This is not a surprise to HIM.. and all will be good. I am smiling as a type this because I think your hunka hunka, as you call him, is on a flight right now to you. That makes me smile BIG! I would LOVE to see you man along side you helping to bring your babies home!

    Lots of Love!



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