Saturday, June 28, 2008


As Dw prepares to leave the country for the next 15 days we had one last date to squeeze in. I told him that I got to pick since he is the one leaving.

We headed downtown to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We had brought breakfast bars because of how "good for us" they are compared to things like an Almond Royale from Jean Pierre's Bakery. After sitting outside Starbucks and drinking our coffees and eating our breakfast bars we could hear Jean Pierre's calling, "Come over and eat a moist, fat laden, delectable Almond Royale - PLEEEEEASE!"
If only we had more willpower!! That Almond Royale was so yummy! (Hey, give us a break - at least we split it!)

Then we drove up the road and parked Dw's truck. We unloaded our bikes and rode all over downtown Durango looking at the beautiful architecture so delightfully characteristic to the old homes in the late 1800's. Talking, laughing and riding bikes. Riding bikes with my best friend - does it get any better than that?

Fear, My Best Friend and Promises

Fear. I have been overcome with fear about something. I am not ready to talk about it yet - except with Dw. I knew that I needed to talk to him about it before he left for Africa, because although this has been whirling around in my heart for awhile, it is reaching a bursting point. What if the pin holding it all in pops when he is 12,000 miles away??

He was at the office and called home for a minute. As soon as he heard me he asked what was wrong - yet another perk of being married for just about 30 years - he instantly hears my fear in my voice! I told him that there was something I needed to talk to him about. I also told him that it wasn't "bad".

Ya' know, "bad" is stuff like one of the kids is making poor choices, or someone is acting like a jerk, or something is physically wrong with someone we love, or who knows....just "bad". No this is something that has been floating around my head for awhile. I needed to talk about it, but I didn't really want to voice it. Somehow I often have this idea that if I voice it it could become real.

I think it's all part of denial - which finally, at 49 years of age, I am willing to admit that I am very good denial! After not much persuasion I stepped out on the back deck for the kids not to hear so I could tell him. As I put audible words to what I have been mulling over for months the tears began to pour - this fear has been troubling my heart for months.

I love this best friend of mine. He so calmly reassured me that the Lord was in control of it all. We have trusted Him with our lives, he has always been trustworthy and He would NOT disappoint. **sigh** He then prayed with me about it.

Right about this time the Lord reminded me of some previous promises, which I mentioned to Dw. I love when He does that!! So between the Lord's precious promises and Dw's comforting words and praying together I can rest.

I wonder how people do it who don't have Christ? Or how people who know Christ but don't rely on Him on a day to day basis do it? Where would I be without my Savior?

Preparing for Africa

The house is a flutter of activity as Dw and Emma put together all the things they need to head to Uganda, Africa on Monday.

Emma will be living out the fulfillment of her hopes and dreams. Ever since I can remember when I would tuck Emma in at night she would pray that God would allow her someday to go to Africa as a missionary. She also prayed that He would allow her to adopt twin African girls (which sounds like a wonderful treasure to this grandma-to-be!). Monday, June 30th she will be on her way to seeing the start of her dreams come true! I am so thankful for her tender heart that loves the orphan. She has desperately longed to go and hug, hold and play with the orphans. She has been on 4 mission trips to the orphans of Mexico and loved every minute - crying when she had to come home! Now she will head to the continent that she has felt a calling to for at least the last 8 years - to love on babies dying in AIDS orphanages and little boys long abandoned. She is excited beyond measure!!

Dw will be doing a pastor's conference, where he will be speaking to between 35-50 pastors and encouraging them as he equips them to continue to minister Christ's love with integrity of heart those He has called them to. At the pastor's conference he will be doing a total of 9 teachings. The rest of the time the plan is that he will probably also be speaking at a church for a Sunday service and maybe doing open air meetings!! He has been busy preparing his 9 teachings and sermons. For the pastor's conference he has a booklet he has written, I typed and the printed did their fancy work. It looks really sweet!!!

I am so thankful for my soulmate and best friend as he is willingly uses his talents and giftings to strengthen the body of Christ in the continent of Africa. He is a man of true integrity who walks day to day with the God who saved him 30 years ago!

Only one life t'will soon be past,
Only what's done for Christ will last!

Oh how I love this precious husband of mine and my treasure-girl Emmy and boy-oh-boy am I ever gonna' miss them!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Middle of the Night Visit from The Police

My dear friend JoAnne came with her husband and two of her kids to spend the week-end. We always have a special time together. JoAnne was in our wedding 30 years ago and she and I have been friends since we were kids. Our kids don’t know what to do with us when we are together because we laugh and laugh and laugh. We laugh about stupid stuff that they don’t get. We laugh about ordinary stuff. We even laugh about celery!! How something so boring as celery could provide humor for months and months, who knows….but that’s just how we are when we are together.

When we were kids we would ride our bikes everywhere. And there were times we would get to laughing so hard we couldn’t see to keep steering. So we would pull our bikes over and sit on the grass and laugh till we peed our pants.

JoAnne actually dated one of my brothers for a long, long time. And for years we really thought that we would be sister-in-laws!

Jo has been very concerned for our Tyler. She texts me regularly to see if we have heard from him. She prays constantly for his safety.

Early Mother’s Day morning at 2:30AM Graham came bolting up the stairs and into our bedroom. I was more asleep than awake but jumped up to see what was going on. Graham said, “Someone has come down our driveway and they are walking up to the front door. My mind raced. Dw was down the stairs and at the door in probably 20 seconds. I was coming down the stairs as he looked out the front door window. He said, “Linn, it’s the police.” At that point nothing but a sick feeling filled our bodies. I know they are not paying a courtesy call or fundraising at 2:30 in the morning!

I do know that if anything were to happen to Tyler they always send military personnel to the home. BUT how many times in life has the ALWAYS not been ALWAYS?

Dw opened up the door just as I stood beside him. Jo had been awakened and was standing behind me in her nightgown too. The police man looked at me and said the name of the lady we bought our house from. I told them that I was not her and then I said, “Our son is currently deployed” and I broke down and started to cry to which the officer began to profusely apologize.

They were looking for the former “lady of the house” as her husband was reported missing in the mountains of AZ. They wondered if we knew about their children. My mind was reeling as I was trying to wrap my whirling brain around their visit and Tyler being deployed and it was 2:30Am and so I wasn’t much help about remembering anything of significance about the former owner's children. The officer continued to apologize and I cried and Jo hugged me and Dw talked to the police for a bit. Weird night. Thankful that Jo was there too. Great friends share stressful moments and that was definitely one of them for us.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends Forever

There are some people in life that just “click”. Their presence in your life reminds you that God is the orchestrator of awesome friendships. One of these types of friends is one of our oldest and dearest friends - Dennis. The Lord brought him across our path years ago, not long after we planted our church in Virginia. Soon after Dennis started attending our church he went through a painful divorce and we took him under our wing and he became a staple (if you will) at our home. He would come over just to hang out with us as he worked through all the emotions of what he was dealing with. He did holidays with us. One time we were vacationing in Western New York and I decided to stay longer with the kids so Dw asked Dennis if he would want to come to NY to pick him up?? He did. We loved showing him around our old stomping grounds before he and Dw headed back to Virginia.

Years ago when Abigail’s boyfriend broke up with her and stomped on her heart, it was Dennis who showed up with the keys to his brand spankin’ new truck. He handed the keys to her and said, “Let’s go driving.” She momentarily forgot her pain as she and Dennis drove the country roads around our home.

A few years later when Dw was away on a missions trip to a remote area and unable to be reached, Abigail was in a terrible car accident where she was attending Bible college. Unable to reach Dw I didn’t know what to do. There was a severe ice storm blanketing the state of Virginia and Abigail was 4 hours away in a hospital. I called Dennis who volunteered immediately to drive me to her.

Having moved across the country Dennis has been to visit us twice now. Of course when Dw’s dad died this past January it was Dennis who drove 11 hours to just “be there” for us. His presence was such a present.

This week Dennis came to spend five days with us. He is such a blessing. Before he came he sent me a text: “Better go buy some depends cause you know you’ll need them while I’m out there.” When we three are together we always laugh tons, we always talk and sometimes we even cry, but that’s what friends are for. Sharing life: the good, the bad and the ugly.