Thursday, July 31, 2008

All the Kids Have Come Home! Yippee Jesus!

My Girls (so far)

Carver's for Breakfast

Come on Mom, let me wake up TyTy

Lunch at Serious TX The View from Where we Eat At Serious TX

The Boys (so far!!)

Home on Leave - Yippeee Jesus - for His protection

Abby had just finished shooting a wedding in Seattle last week-end and is heading this week-end to do a wedding in Richmond, VA. Tyler is home on leave and so Abby and Ryan were able to come for a bit of a break too. Autumn lives here in her own apartment making it possible for all of us to be together.

This mama couldn't be happier - with everyone home we made some extra special memories. We laughed alot, reminisced, sat in the hot tub late at night talking, tiled the laundry room (thank you Ryan who had some help from Tyler, Graham and Dw), had breakfast at Carver's, built things out of Legos, another day there was lunch at Serious TX and all of us went white water rafting, thanks to a friend from church, also named Ryan.

Isaiah had never been white water rafting and thought it was pretty amazing. I didn't take my camera while we went rafting, but wished I had. It was a blast!

Smiles Say it All - Junk Food, Soda, Everything's Okay with Mom when the kids are all home
Mom Cringes at all the Sugar, but they grin with no remorse

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Little Red Cardinal Beanie Baby and Our Great, Big, Awesome, Prayer Answering God

By the time Emma and Dw were leaving for Africa Emma had bought or had donated through yard sales & thrift stores 207 little Beanie Baby type stuffed animals. Many were actually Beanie Babies. They were all basically "new" and in wonderful condition.

The morning they were leaving we still had about 50 that hadn't been stuffed in the suitcases. I decided I would work at stuffing the rest in and prayed the entire way that they would all fit. I prayed that the weight of the suitcases would not exceed the limit and that God would make some things 'weightless' in order to get it all in.

As I was stuffing the remaining little animals in, I noticed a little red Beanie Baby Cardinal. I have always found birds quite beautiful: the cardinal, the hummingbird, the blue jay, the blue bird and the robin top my favorites. When I noticed the cardinal I set it aside and just held it for a minute, admiring how brilliant and beautiful it was. I noticed there was a spot to squeeze it and when I did it chirped. I smiled to myself thinking, "what a sweet little stuffed animal" and what an extra treat that it chirped. I kept looking at it and enjoying it as I finished packing. It was by far my favorite of all 207.

When it was almost time for them to leave, I silently whispered a prayer for the little one in Africa who would get the cardinal - that they would enjoy it as much I did and be someone really, really special. With that I stuffed it in the last empty spot and zipped up the suitcase. I never mentioned the cardinal to anyone, just that little whispered prayer to the Lord .

I forgot about the cardinal over the next few days. Eventually I was able to talk to Emmy and ask her about the stuffed animals she had brought. Was she able to give them out yet and were the kids excited to get them? The first thing she said was, "Mom did the see the red cardinal? Well mom I was giving the kids the stuffed animals and there was an orphanage worker watching. She was smiling and laughing and enjoying the kids getting them so much. I then noticed that she was looking longingly at me giving them out. I realized Mom that maybe she wanted one. So I motioned to ask if she would like one? She shook her head 'yes'. I took and handed her that red cardinal. Mom she laughed and smiled and loved that cardinal. Then Mom I squeezed it for her and she started to giggle and laugh even louder - she totally loved that it chirped!"
I started to cry as I excitedly told Emma about my prayer. Imagine - Only the Lord had heard my little prayer but He had lovingly set it up so that of all the 207 stuffed animals Emma could have possibly given to that precious lady it was my very favorite - the red cardinal. I am so tickled that a lady who is spending her days caring for little orphans was the recipient of such a sweet little gift. This treasured lady is doing what I wished I was doing if I could (but I can't - yet). She is my hero and God sent a sweet reminder to me, once again, that He loves me and that He cares about even little stuffed animals that chirp. He even cares enough to prompt Emma to take a picture of this precious lady with her new little cardinal.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Emma and Daddy's Trip to Uganda, July 2008

If the slides are not "sliding" close the "x" at the right corner. It seems to close at will, even when the entire group of slides have not passed through. Just so thankful for the ability to post these pictures as a slide show!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

He's Home - Yippeee Jesus!!

Dw and I were bursting with joy that today had finally arrived. Dw said everywhere he went today he told everyone that TyTy was flying in....the lady at Wal-Mart, the gas station attendant, the coffee shop barista......Our precious son is coming home on leave! The Blue Star Moms came with some of their family to show their thankfulness for his service. We had signs and waved flags and cheered.
A small group of our sweet friends (Mark and Jill, Tom and Marianne, Carol and Pete) also came and gathered with us to welcome home our precious son!
He's home and we cannot thank everyone enough for their prayers for him and ask you to please remember the rest of our military deployed, their families while they pray and wait and for all the military home and overseas as they train and forever - - - may God bless America!

July 22, 2008 - Honoring One of Our Daughters - Emma

July 22, 2008

Fifteen years ago today our Emma Joy was born. She was born at 11:28pm and weighed in at 7lbs 1oz. She is a delight to all who meet her. Her compassion and care for the orphans of the world make her unique in her age group. She prays with passion for the orphans and dreams of what she can do for them. She is kind, tenderhearted and helpful and takes good care of her younger siblings. She has many friends who love her immensely. Although she appears to be a bit shy, she is known around our house as an instigator of sweet mischief (all the while looking least suspecting!)….she has a quick wit too and makes me laugh daily at her dry humor. She has a beautiful voice and sings on the youth worship team. She also debuted this spring when she sang, “Via Dolorosa” in the Passion Play at church. Her heart is in Africa where she will head one day, Lord willing, to serve Christ ministering to the orphans. A few weeks ago she was looking out the window as they were about to land in Uganda and turned to daddy and said, “There are children down there that need me Dad.”

I have long said, “I would rather my children live on the other side of the world serving Christ than in my backyard not serving Him at all.” I know God has called Emma to Africa as she has prayed for probably the last 8 years that God would allow her one day to be a missionary to Africa's orphans. Knowing that, I revel in each minute that I have with this precious treasure named EmmaLee Joy. This 15th birthday of hers was celebrated with our traditional breakfast in bed, lunch with mom and dad at restaurant of birthday child’s choice and dinner together as a family at home eating favorite foods. Emma’s breakfast choice was Pumpkin muffins from Carvers (so I headed out in the wee hours to hit Carvers downtown to bring home her favorite muffin). Lunch was at The River Rat and dinner was her all-time favorite dinner meal – Polish Sausage, Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes, with homemade ice cream pie for dessert.

Friends from church Rafted By as We Were Eating and yelled to us!! It's my birthday - you HAVE to give me a Hug!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Miracle Gift From the Lord!

I am so excited I just have to post NOW! How faithful and good our Mighty God is! He loves when we come to Him about anything. He has been reminding me daily that "Without faith it is impossible to please Him." That word IMPOSSIBLE can't have an alternate meaning. Impossible means impossible. I want all of my life to please Him, so where am I using faith? How much faith do I REALLY have?? These are questions that mull around in my head during the day (and sometimes at night - thanks to menopause!).

Emma's cell phone had broke before she left for Africa. I really like her having one so that I can get ahold of her at any time. I wanted to try to buy her one while she was in Africa. The first week they were gone we went to the Verizon store looking. WOW! We didn't have insurance and she wasn't due for an upgrade, so they were super expensive. Hmmmm. Picking out a cell phone is kind of like picking out undies...all different people like all different kinds, so I decided to wait till she was home (and maybe they would be having a sale - LOL).

Since Emma has been home we went to the Verizon store again. *choke* No sale and those little things are ridiculous if you are not due for an upgrade or signing a brand new contract. So we came home again. I decided to look online on ebay. Maybe we could find a refurbished one??

Then yesterday I began to really pray seriously about this cell phone situation. As crazy as it might sound, I want to use faith in every area of my life.

Now to back track a bit, I have been asking the Lord to provide everything that we can possibly need used. Why pay retail price for something that will meet our need used? Let someone else pay the retail price and allow us to get it for free or at a significantly reduced rate so we have more money for the orphans around the world. It makes perfect sense to us and we have been talking about this as a family. We have often bought used, but what if we bought almost everything that way? I mean - everything??

So here we are needing a cell phone and yesterday I started to ask the Lord if He couldn't provide one for free? Hmmmm. Free. I mentioned to Him that FREE would almost sound impossible, except He is a really BIG God. =) I just really believed that He could provide one for free or significantly cheap - if nothing else - just for fun and to remind me just how much HE cares.

I looked on ebay. No free one there. I wondered if my free phone might be at a yard sale this Saturday? That could work!

Today I decided to go by a different Verizon store, actually the one I normally go to. While the young men working there were helping others I looked around. The prices were again ridiculous. I even said under my breath to the Lord, "Yeah, none of these are free. Where exactly is that free one you are going to provide?"

When it was my turn I explained that we were not due for an upgrade and the prices were crazy, but I really needed a cell phone so if my daughter had a problem she could get ahold of me. I asked him if he had any that were consigned? He didn't. I asked him what he would do if he were me? I figured he would tell me of some recycling place or consignment place or ebay store or something. Instead he said, "Ya' know what? I have one someone turned in that is fine, they just left it here to recycle. I will give it to you - for FREE." My mouth dropped and then I got giddy!! I thanked him profusely and promised him all my future business. I also told him that I had been praying for one and he was the answer to my prayers! I told him I had even asked the Lord for a free one.

In about 10 minutes he had Emma's number plugged in and I went out to the car where Emma had waited with the younger kids. Emma was so excited when I handed her her "new" phone! What an absolute miracle!! A FREE CELL PHONE - straight from God's hand! Yippeee Jesus! What a love gift!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Prayer That Moves A Mountain

I have been having many, many “weirdo” days lately. If you missed my blog on Journey to Me regarding what that exactly means, then here is the link:

Anyway, my fellow “weirdo” girl friend who lives here emailed me this AM about the orphan. I emailed her back and told her that I was having a rough time: weepy, fighting tears, antsy and struggling about what more I can do for the orphans… She wrote me back and said that she, too, since seeing the slide show in church yesterday that Emma put together of the trip with Daddy to Africa where they were ministering to the orphans, is also having a major “weirdo” time. ((I will soon be putting the slide show on this site for all of you to see.)) What struck my friend and I is that all of these kids pictured need a mommy and daddy. I bawl looking at all these little African faces….all longing for a family of their own. The need is so overwhelming!!

Frankly, I don’t apologize for these strong emotions, I believe they are from the heart of God. What more can I do from my little log home? We will adopt more. Get Jubilee home and before long – bring more - lots more!!

But what else can I do? Dw suggested something a couple of weeks ago. He suggested that since I am an intercessor, why not have an email address that women could write to with prayer requests pertaining to adoption?? Hmmm! Golly I love that guy of mine! What a great idea! I did need to pray about it, so I have.

I have been getting prayer requests occasionally from women who have read my blog and wonder if I can pray for them also. I love praying for these needs.

So…….here goes.....If you have a heart for adoption and your husband isn’t there…then ask for prayer. If you are a single and long to adopt….write and ask for prayer. If your adoption is having a problem….write and ask for prayer. Maybe you are wondering about adopting but are scared….write and ask for prayer. Maybe you are wondering if adoption is for you?? – Write and ask for prayer. Maybe you have adopted and wonder if you should pursue adopting again – write and ask for prayer. Maybe you wonder if your quiver is full....but maybe not?? Write and ask for prayer! Wouldn’t it be totally cool if eventually thousands of kids were placed in homes as a direct result of our gathering to pray for the homes for the orphan?

I am absolutely convinced that God moves in a huge and mighty way when people pray together! So here it is friends, both far and near: I w
ill be copying and pasting and send the requests to various close “weirdo” friends who will believe with me that God has a huge plan for each orphan’s life. Each one praying has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and has a heart for intercession and a heart for the orphan. Let's bear our burden for the orphans together!

One day we will all stand before the king of Kings and lord of Lords. I long to one day hear Him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant girl. You did all you could, from where I placed you, to love the orphan. You prayed faithfully! You agonized for the needs of the orphan! You sought to pray for homes for the orphans of the world! And yes, sweet and precious daughter there are many, many orphans in homes because of your faithful prayers.”

PS If you saw this post in the last few hours and notice that the email has changed....due to technical difficulties! Kind of funny.....nothing is too difficult - except email addresses for prayer! How weird is that??? So hence, the new one and it DOES work!

A Surprise Visit

Stacy and Hassan

We got a phone call last night that special friends, Stacy and Hassan their three boys: Elijah, Noah and Micah were passing through our town today. We were able to have them over for lunch and share some special memories.

Stacy and Hassan had prayed and prayed for Isaiah and were so happy to meet this miracle boy

Stacy and Hassan are modern day heroes in our book. THey were the directors of the orphange that Dw, the kids and I went and volunteered at many times before in Mexico. We fell in love with them as well as the staff and kids there. We met them through Erik. Erik is one of our son-in-law Ryan's best friends and was in Abigail and Ryan's wedding. Erik helped to start the orphanage and Ryan and Abby volunteered many hours there, going almost every week-end from LA down to Mexico to help it get underway. Erik now lives near us and is being mentored by Dw for a year. He is extra special to us too.

Erik & Isaiah

Our kids (Emma, Graham and Liberty - Isaiah wasn't home from China yet) said they would rather go volunteer at the orphanage than go vacation in Southern California last year, so we headed back to Mexico to spend our weeks there. We have many wonderful memories of our times at Casa Celestial.

Liberty, Isaiah, Elijah, Noah and Micah playing on the hammock

Due to problems with the government in Mexico the orphange is momentarily closed and they are ministering and pastoring a church in the village where the orphanage was. We love these guys and had such a sweet time of fellowship with these modern day heroes. How blessed we are to know them and have relationship with these people who have sacrificed so much for the orphans of Mexico.

Friday, July 18, 2008


the little sign that usually sits above my kitchen sink

Many years ago the Lord began to speak to both Dw and I about "simplifying" our lives. We read an amazing book together about living simply. We liked it so much, we read it again. And then every few years we read it again. It is about living simply without all the fanfare of "stuff".
We haven't always practiced it, but with the move to this home, the absence of mortgage debt and the intention of adopting more children **YIPPEE JESUS**, we have determined that once and for all we will get this right - and live simply.
While Dw was in Africa I had great ambitions of all the things I would get done: from painting our new little barn/shed to cleaning and pitching out and even painting some interior walls. Mistletoe had her own agenda and that definitely foiled my entire plan!!
I learned some amazing things about myself while they were in Africa and it was able to help me understand what makes me "tick" the way I do..... One day I will blog about some of these things (you just have to be in the mood to express deep feelings and today's just not one of those days)....but I thought I would mention some thing I did accomplish enabling us to better simplify our lives.
We had a HUGE antique dresser in our living room. It had been in the cottage that Dw's parents owned for years and where we spent most of our summers until Dw closed his law practice in the Western New York area and we left with three kids in tow for seminary in Virginia. This dresser had been my in-laws and it is very pretty, but still rather big and definitely bulky.
But here we are in our sweet little log home, with 4 kids living here and one on the way and some more on the way after that so we must maximize the use of all that we do have - all the while determined to live simply.
Our entire great room/kitchen area is 21x21, which includes the kitchen work area, the eating area, the foyer and the family room - so there really isn't room for a huge bulky dresser.
Since it didn't involve alot of hopping, skipping and jumping I set out to empty the big dresser so that it could be moved to the shed for future use by us (someday) or it could go to one of our kids who have left the nest.
I found so many things that took up space in that dresser but that we really, really, really didn't need. One of the things I found in the dresser was 8 tableclothes. We love having a houseful of people and so over the years I had collected these eight tableclothes: two antique lace ones, three white, one gold, one oliveish green and one blue snowflake one (my favorite). We usually have a boatload of friends for most holidays so the tableclothes have come in handy on quite a few occasions.
Well I looked at those tableclothes and although I could 'justify' keeping them all, I knew I really didn't have room for them and it wouldn't be living simply. I opted to put in the yard sale all three of the white ones, the green, and the gold. I will use the two lace ones that are left for all special occasions and just put a simple holiday centerpiece on each. The blue snowflake is my favorite and I couldn't part with it - yet.
I am continually asking the Lord to show me what else I can get rid of to live more simply, and He has shown me lots!! The 5 tableclothes were just one more thing that I was able to put in the yard sale pile. Although we will have another mega-yard sale next month, Lord willing, to help bring our little Chinese Princess named Jubilee Promise home, we will also be working towards simplifying our lives and our little log home.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They're Back!!

They're back!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

In the previous 48+ hours they had slept only 4. The flight went from Uganda to Dubai (UAE). Dubai to JFK in New York City (where we incidentally were handed a son - Tyler! - over 22 years ago)...JFK to Dulles where they had a lllllong 5 hour layover, then Dulles to Albuquerque and then a 4+ hour drive home from Albuquerque. They slept a bit on two of the flights.

So early this morning, somewhere around 1 am Emma texted me to say that they were on our road. I was waiting up for them....working a bit on Jubilee's dossier and emailing back and forth with my sweet friend who lives in California and is also adopting her 8th! (She also has a son who is a Ranger.) There was no way I could sleep knowing they were almost here!

Before long I could see the truck headlights turn down our long lane. I started flashing that front light furiously! When I stepped out of the house there was my best friend Dw running to meet me, crying his little eyes out! He was so excited to see me.
I hugged him and hugged Emma and hugged him some more and hugged Emma some more. I said to Emmy, "How are you?" This precious daughter Emma, who has been praying since she was 7 that God would allow her one day to go to Africa as a missionary said, "Ready to go back!"

We (Graham came out to hug them both, looked at a few pics and headed back to his bunk) sat around looking at some of the pictures which Emma had taken. They were amazing! I can't wait to see the rest.
Here are two pictures from the Orphanage where they hung out most of the time. Helping with the babies and loving on all that they came across. And no, there were no little ones in their suitcases - but oh how I wish!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Thunder and Lightning Storm Rule

Years ago we were living in Virginia Beach where Dw was attending seminary. While there we had the most horrific storms ever. We ourselves weren't kids, we'd been married quite a long time, we had 3 kids and #4 - John - was on the way. But these storms were something else and on more than one occasion Dw and I would give each other "the look". Ya' know "the look"? The look that says, "We are the parents so we must be brave, even though inside we are almost freaking out ourselves!!" YIKES! We decided we needed to make a fun rule to make the storms something to look forward to! We opted to celebrate every single thunder and lightning storm with ice cream! The kids loved the idea and to this day, every time it thunders they say, "OH Yippeee!!! It's a storm, we get ice cream!"

As you can guess it's thundering and lightning out so I am off to make hot fudge sundaes with whipped cream and peanuts! Now there's a rule I enjoy living with!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home of the Free Because of Our Brave

((One of Our Tyler's Favorite Quotes))

“It is not the critic who counts;
not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,
or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood,
who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again;
because there is not effort without error and shortcomings;
but who does actually strive to do the deed;
who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion,
who spends himself in a worthy cause,
who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst,
if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.
So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls
who know neither victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt

I just hung up from talking to our Tyler. He called just to talk and we talked for almost an hour. We talked serious and we laughed some also. It is so wonderful to have him back on American soil. Because of what he does in the Special Forces he is never allowed to talk about where he has been or what he has done.

Last Sunday he had phoned me last Sunday morning in the wee hours to tell me that he was back at his base.
Later in the morning, during church, he texted me. We texted back and forth a few times ((Yes, there are occasional times that this pastor's wife can be found on the front row texting!!! For the record, no one can tell I am texting - I have learned to be very slick!! )) Actually, truth be known, there are several young college age kids who call me mom. Sometimes when Dw says something random and crazy funny one of these young kids will text me and say something. Pretty sweet to me! I love that they call me "mom" and I also love that they enjoy texting me randomly, even during services.

So anyway, last Sunday when Tyler was texting me it dawned on me that he had said he was driving to church. So I texted him and asked if he was texting while driving? He said he was. I texted him back and told him to stop it and just drive! He texted me back and said, "You are so funny mom. I get back from who knows where and doing who knows what with my life in great danger, and you are worried about me texting and driving!" I guess that does put it in a bit more perspective, although I still don't like him driving and texting.

Anyway, just before hanging up tonight he said that tomorrow he would be attending the memorial service for his three battalion members who lost their lives during this deployment. I got to thinking...we take so much for granted. Tomorrow though, there will be three families and plenty of friends and co-soilders laying to rest three young men who gave their lives for our freedom, while we go about our normal activities.

I know my Tyler was even more convinced he needed to join after 9-11. He hated the fact that we were attacked on our precious American soil. He said that many of his fellow soilders also directly joined because of the impact of 9-11 on their lives.
Of these three young men who will be honored tomorrow at Tyler's base, they were all special forces, just like him. One died on Memorial day. One has gotten married just before he deployed, they were going to honeymoon when he returned. One was married. One was single. One was someone Tyler knew. One was a close friend of Tyler's close friend. All were once little boys. All had special talents. All believed that they were willing to pay the price for continued freedom in America.

In the news today 9 young soilders were also killed. That means 9 families will have military personnel and a chaplain coming to their door in the next day.

Would you join me in praying for the military deployed around the world? Would you join me in praying for the families who will be hearing the knock on their front door? Will you join me in praying for families and friends of the three young men who will be honored tomorrow at Tyler's base? Would you join me in honoring these men and women who died today in Afghanistan? Would you join me in praying, even for just a moment for all of these? We must not take our freedom for granted, these precious young men and women and their families have paid the ultimate price, and they cannot and should not be forgotten.

God bless the families of our military, God bless our military and God bless America!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


A few months ago a man from church asked if we would like some chickens? It was a huge answer to prayer. I was so excited. Chickens and roosters are just my favorite pet in the world - no kidding!! There is something about they way they walk, and how they cocka-doodle-doo that just makes my day. My whole heart smiles when I hear them. I wonder if I am the only lady out there who has a love for roosters? Horses used to be up near the top of "favorite pets" but they have now, sadly, moved to the bottom of the list.

In 1992 we moved to our first pastorate in Virginia. Our first home there was a single wide trailer on 21 acres. My first morning in our new home I was awoke to a rooster somewhere in the distance cock-a-doodle-doing. I lay there smiling from ear to ear. I was ecstatic. I had longed to live in the country and have a rooster my entire life and here I was FINALLY living on 21 acres and THEE very first morning getting to hear a rooster. What a special treat from the Lord!!

Later on, while living in VA we eventually had chickens and 2 Roosters -I named one Ezra and one Nehemiah. Abigail had bought me Ezra and Nehemiah for Christmas one year. I probably would be hard pressed to think of a present I liked better in those days. She had searched to find two beautiful roosters, totally unbeknownst to me, and I was absolutely tickled to pieces when she brought a huge box into the family room that Christmas morning with my very own roosters - my own two little buddies!

A couple of years passed and one Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church (Dw was long gone, as he is always gone super early on Sunday mornings) I heard a horrible sound outside. I ran to the window to see what in the world was going on. I was horrified to find that the neighbors dog was in our backyard ripping Nehemiah to shreds. By the time I could get outside it was too late.

My heart was so sad as these two little guys had brought me such joy It was equally not fun when the neighbor heard that her dog had attacked and killed Nehemiah and merely said, "Oh, really?" (Not exactly a candidate for "Compassionate Neighbor of the Year" award. I had named them after prophets of old because I reminded myself that every morning they proclaimed the favorable year of the Lord. When we moved, Ezra stayed behind and that is another story of God's miraculous provision for another time.
This is "Ping" Isaiah's tur-ken....

But here we are in Colorado living on our little teeny, tiny farmette and I am praying for chickens and a Rooster. Dw had told me that he didn't want a rooster, so I prayed some more. He never really appreciated Ezra and Nehemiah. Probably didn't help that those boys were time-challenged. They started their cock-a-doodle-doing at 2:15 AM. We used to joke that they probably had ancestors in England. And, kid you not, every day at 2:15am in the pitch dark I would smile and think, "Ahhh, yes, the favorable year of the Lord." Dw on the other hand would awake and say, "I hate those stupid things!" Which of course would make me laugh. Actually come to think of it, maybe he paid the neighbor to sig their dog on Nehemiah?? Hmmmmm. When he comes home from Africa I will have to ask him.

Well when the man from church told Dw to come get the chickens I was so happy! He and Isaiah took off with Dw's truck as I had kids to pick up from youth group, which was in a different direction. When I got home they took me to the chicken coop and Dw proudly pointed - there in the cage was the most beautiful rooster in the whole world. I was in shock!! He said he knew how much I loved them and he wanted to show me how much he loved me!! Woot! Woot! I'm serious I was thrilled beyond words!

I prayed that night that this new rooster had ancestors on Pacific Standard time so maybe, just maybe, we didn't have to deal with the middle of the night stuff! Well at 5:15am he started. Dw stirred and said, "I don't think this is going to work." (improvement from "I hate those stupid things!") I merely smiled and said, "Isn't it the most beautiful sound you have ever heard?" Yeah, not so much! He preferred the "Songs of Silence" at 5:15am.

The next day I told him that we could give the little guy back. He said, "I think I am going to paint the coop black inside and out and caulk and cover in black every possible opening to see if that helps". A few weeks passed and every morning he wakes me up I smile and Dw hasn't said anything more, so I decided it was safe to name him.
Introducing my new best bud - Ezekial!!

Ezekial and his girls....

The book of Ezekiel has a common thread....All the things that would happen and God would say, "You will know that I am Lord." So every morning, besides Ezekiel declaring the favorable year of the Lord, he also reminds me with his cocka-doodle-doo of a love gift from the Lord saying, "Linn - no matter what in life - the fun and the not-so-fun - you will know, sweet daughter, that I am Lord!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oooopsie!!! Hadn't Thought About That

It never ceases to amaze me that even at my age I can still do things that are big "ooopsies"! Today I had called Africa from the Skype on my computer. It is fun to be able to talk to Dw and Emma without the typical delay in overseas calls.

After talking to Dw for awhile, he gave the rented Ugandan cell phone to Emma. ((Emma, by the way, passed out in a back room at the orphanage today! She is feeling better now, thankfully!!)) Anyway, after talking to Emma for quite awhile, Dw came on the phone and said that he was going to try to SKype me from his computer....oohhh, fun!! He told me he would hang up and call soon.

We hung up and I waited and waited and waited and waited. Finally I decided I would try to take a quick shower since who knew when he would call back. This shower thing is not all that quick with the horse kick injury. I managed to get my laptop to the bathroom, where I turned it away from the shower cause I couldn't quite remember how it works. I think that when someone Skypes you one must answer the "phone" and then (and only then) can they see you.
Of course, as life would have it, the phone started ringing on the computer as I was just finishing up my shower. So I hurried, grabbed my towel, leaned barely near my computer and pressed the little green button and said, "hey honey"....About this time Isaiah had also walked into the bathroom. Staying as far away from the little camera eye on the computer, but knowing that I would need to probably talk loud because I wasn't really near the computer I yelled, "I just got out of the shower and am wrapped in a towel so I can't stand in front of the camera!"

Dw started to chuckle and whispered as quietly as possible, "Linny, my computer volume is really up high, so this whole business center heard what you just said!" Ooopsie!! About that time I could hear chuckles in the background, and more chuckles and more chuckles from the men in that business center....and my sweet red-faced hubby just couldn't stop laughing either as he said, "Yes, the man next to me is an itinerant evangelist from LA and there are men lined up on all the computers here".....Dw just kept chuckling - I'm sure from the embarassment!! He had to hang up the Skype phone to get a grip!! I was laughing myself from total embarassment....I had been so successfully careful not to be near the camera, but just never would have guessed that a room full of men would have heard me!

Dw called back in a few minutes and now was using a pair of earphones that the man next to him had loaned him. Oh my! Note to self: Never, ever, say anything over Skype that you wouldn't want anyone else to hear!