Thursday, January 1, 2009

Elizabeth's 3rd Birthday in Pictures

The Birthday Girl - Elizabeth Mercy.... Presents - oh yes, there were presents!!
Trying on the backpack from Ann, Daniel and Ben The birthday girl...with big sis Autumny...The food! We even had gorgeous tulips (compliments of
Ann and Daniel and Ben) - making us all long for Spring!Elijah LOVED the cake and ice creamDestini and Elijah Rob playing with Elizabeth and her dollies...

GrandmaJess, Emma and Destini being weird....Levi and IanLook at Ian grinning up at Elizabeth- she
loves caring for babies!!

Friends forever...

L-R: Brett & Cecelia; Carie and Elizabeth and Cody...
I mentioned to Cecelia how I certain I was that if
Brian were alive he would love, love, love to see
Elizabeth and Elijah home - he was a man of God who cared
for the orphans and widows...oh how we miss him! Carie and Cecelia trying to teach Elizabeth how to do "Orange Lips"

Carie lovin' on Elizabeth

What a wonderfully fun day!! Elizabeth was a bit tentative
with all our friends over (since she doesn't know them yet.) BUT
she warmed up and before long was lovin' the whole Birthday
party thing! She loved the cake and ice cream and
loved the presents. Elizabeth
loved the tea sets she got, the backpack, her first BIBLE!!,
the cell phone, the books, the bathtime lotions for little girls,
the stuffed animal that snores (her face lit up when she
heard it!), the Princess books and the pink leopard
print dress - complete with boa....we are so
humbled that we get to be her mommy and
daddy. Just before bed she skyped with Abby and
Ryan - and kept giving them kisses - she is a precious
princess!! We couldn't have had a better day! Yippee Jesus!!

12 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Great pictures and I'm so glad she had such a nice birthday at HOME.

  2. Oh my goodness, brings tears of joy to my eyes to see her so happy and content. What a wonderful day it must have been. So happy for you all.

  3. What a wonderful day indeed...
    Happy Birthday Elizabeth Mercy!
    A forever home with family that will love you with all their hearts... and a God that will forever be you faithful Father!
    Ohhhhhh, happy day!!!
    xo, Jen D.

  4. Happy Birthday to Miss Elizabeth!!! 3, what a cute age!!!

    Sorry you havent' heard much from me lately - we're leaving for china in 6 days. wooohooo!!! It's been rather busy around here trying to get loose ends tied up at work, adoption stuff ready, holidays & now I need to get packing!

  5. Miss Elizabeth: Let's see you are 14 years 364.5 days or so away from the age of accountability: (Although I am sure that Mom & Dad will start setting boundaries long before that):o) *O what fun you will find that*. But until then, all I got to say is YOU GO GIRL, Hope you had a great B-day, and so happy for you that you are in your forever home.

  6. I ditto what Mr. Daddy said.

    Happy Birthday to the sweet little girl!

  7. So glad that sweet Elizabeth was home with you this year to enjoy her special day!

  8. Oh what stunning pics! Thank you for taking the time to share these with us, Linn. Absolutely beautiful. So wonderful to see all your other kids too. You are one very blessed mommy :)
    Mmmmm---where's your dear hubby's posts? Did you force him to get his own blog? I thought he may just take over yours completely since he had become a blogger of note! He was having soooo much fun :)
    With much love

  9. Oh my goodness! Absolutely precious! Linn, I don't know how you can stand so much cuteness in that place. Your family is beautiful. Happy Birthday sweet Elizabeth!



  10. She is just a beautiful little girl and Happy Birthday to her!!! 3 is an awesome age!!!

    God bless your family!

  11. I'm just now catching up on your blog since before Christmas. After talking to Carie this a.m., how could I not? She went on and on about Elizabeth!

    When Makenna called her Uncle Lee Thurs. to sing Happy Birthday to him, she told him it was Elizabeth's birthday too.

    I LOVE the Snow White pictures! That sweet little smile...

    What miracles Isaiah, Elizabeth and Elijah are. You must stand in constant amazement at our GREAT God!

    Don't want Dw to feel left out at all, so want to say what a BLESSING he is as an example of a husband and father...even if he isn't perfect! Thought surely he was, but....guess he's human after all.

    Love ya!


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