Friday, August 14, 2009

17 Weeks Later

Seventeen weeks, to the day, Isaiah's casts were finally removed. He was giddy for two full days leading up to it....he could hardly stand it! He was sing/songing as we drove to Greeley, "I get to go in water, I get to go in water, I get to go in water."
Seems that everyone wanted to go along for the ride....paaarteeee time!
Removing the casts, especially the buttons on the bottom of the feet was a painful process....

Dr. Hatch is one of the most gentle and kind doctors I have ever met. His compassion for Isaiah was heart warming. He is a very special man and we are so thankful for his expertise in treating our precious son.

Nikki (Isaiah's favorite assistant)

Isaiah will be wearing braces at night from here on out and will be having physical therapy to help him learn to put weight on his legs and with his gait. He is loving having the casts off though. Amazing how light he is without them too!!
On a different note: For all these trips to Greeley there was a place that I passed each time that I have wanted to stop at. I just couldn't figure out how to get to it. This trip I had paid extra attention as we passed it on the way to Dr. Hatch's office.
After leaving the doctors I mentioned to the kids how much I had wanted to stop at this place each time I passed. Believe it or not, Graham and Josh said, "Do it!" Did they say 'do it?' That's all it took!! I guessed which exit and managed to maneuver around to the entrance. I was ecstatic!!
So where did I stop and what did I find?
Yeah, you know me, there ain't no way I'm telling you right off the bat. But promise - I will tell you in a few days!!
After stopping and havin' a stinkin' blast....we headed for home. On the way home, I was so tired, I knew I could not make it all the way home. I was just way too sleepy. I had only had three hours sleep the night before we left. The bulk of the trip is in the middle of nowhere with only a few teeny towns to pass thru, but about 11:00pm I found a hotel. I was so relieved.
While the kids were eating breakfast I ran outside to take some pictures. The clouds were so low and the pictures were just too pretty to pass up. Thought you would enjoy them too.
Liberty threw up the entire way home today and now Emmy is sick too. Oh my.

There was no one around and so I stopped the car and took this picture up on Wolf Creek Pass....gorgeous or what??

19 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. You left us are Isaiah's feet? Is he loving his new found freedom? My boys are in the foot abduction brace at nights. It took a few days to get used to it, but it doesn't bother them now.

    Glad you were able to stop at the "special place". Too fun.

  2. I'm so glad Isaiah's casts are off! And I love that sweet, sweet smile he has in every. sinlge. picture. What a treasure he is!

  3. YAY for Isaiah! I can't wait to hear about your stop...glad I don't have a cat or curiosity would have it!

  4. I am so glad that you made the trip safely and that the casts are finally off! I know your precious boy can hardly wait to play in water!


  5. congrats to Isaiah!!! what a trooper! the pics are beautiful (this coming from a concrete jungle lovin' girl too! hehe). I can't wait to find out where you special stop was!!! hope the girl get well soon!

    lots of love,

  6. Yeah for Isaiah!!!! He must feel so much better without those casts!
    Please post soon about what you saw, waiting drives me crazy!
    I love your pics, we got some similar to those in New Hampshire. Hope everyone is feeling better.

  7. Yeah the casts are off. Yippee Jesus. I love the pictures and what beautiful scenery. Hugs

  8. Yes, so gorgeous! I am so glad that your little Isaiah is enjoying a little freedom!

  9. So glad Isaiah got his casts off!!! Our Chayah (who knew Isaiah in China)and has been in casts since May ,also, is hoping to get hers off on Monday!...oh, and she'll get a full time brace with a leg lift for the next round. We know how hard it is to always stay out of the water when others are having fun- and trying to get our little people clean is something else:)
    Caroline- mom of five girls- two from Langfang, China

  10. Yippee Yippee for Isaiah! I just hope the VT does not apply here!!!!

    Get a very good PT who understands the importance of stretching his feet.

    What a special family who wanted to share a 17 hour trip to see his handsome feet!

  11. congratulations to Isaiah!! :) I am so happy for him! (I love that little boy.) And those pictures are absolutely incredible. I wish I had a more expressive word to use. The English language is so limited, isn't it? I think when we get to heaven, God is going to give us lots more words to use. That last one is my FAVORITE!

  12. Congratulations Isaiah!! Be sure to get a pic of him swimming!!

    BTW that can't be your car- it's way to clean! If that were your car you'd be setting the standards much too high for the rest of us. Give those children an ice cream bar and some candy so we can make it nice and sticky with wrappers on the floor!

    Sounds like you all had fun!!

  13. Wonderful about Isaiah's casts, but yuck about the barfing...hope you had enough of buckets along.

  14. oh what a sweet, sweet smile!! how exciting to be through with the casting phase (i can't believe it's already been 17 weeks) and now on to the braces (a small price to pay for beautiful legs and feet!!)
    can't wait to see pictures of isaiah in the water!

  15. Rejoicing with you dear one! Oh the joy, oh the ability to dance and splash around again.

    We serve an amazing God, it's an honor to serve by your side.

    Blessings from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  16. Hooray for sweet Isaiah!!! That is so neat that so many of his siblings wanted to go and celebrate the casts coming off. :) I am just so happy for him. His little face radiates in every picture you post of him. What a TREASURE. Gorgeous pictures of Colorado...WOW! What a drag about Liberty and Emma being sick--ugh. Hope you don't all get it.

  17. I'm so happy for Isaiah and I'm sure he's delighted in being able to move his legs freely during the daytime.

    The photo of Wolf Creek Pass is breathtakingly!

    By the way, my letter will not make it to you in time, but I'm sending it anyway. :-)

  18. Do we get to guess? Having done that drive far too often myself, I'm going to say Princeton hot springs, the sand dunes or Creede? Or maybe you just really really wanted to stop at the elk jerky place near Del Norte? You got a wonderful photo of the pass. I always seem to hit it at dusk but I never ever get tired of driving over it... except during avalanche season. ;-)



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