Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Update from our Home

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Emma and I just returned from a really, really long bike ride. I need to go measure it, but it had to be 2,000 miles, okay, not really. Maybe 6? We had a blast!! Our area is very hilly/mountainy and these 50 year old legs had a super fun time heading downhill *wheeeee*.....but my-oh-my uphill - yeah, I tried, I really, really did......but they gave up.
Here's how it sits today with our sweet Jubilee. Our homestudy agency (Ch*nese Children) and our agency (A Helping Hand) for Jubilee have been doing phone conferences and they decided to just go ahead and submit the paperwork to Immigration anyway. (Holly, you suggested that very thing and at the same time that's what they were deciding!! Talk about being on the right track girl!)
So we will wait and see what happens. While we wait, please keep praying with us! xo
PS .....Tomorrow will be a much funner post - Promise! =) The babies have been up to all kinds of stuff....with that potty training thing. Oh, and Tina has picked her box. Next it's Sandee's turn. I'll try to show you Tina's tomorrow.

12 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I've thought of you all day and while this may be my first comment to you, it's not my first prayer and won't be my last! Enjoy your weekend with those beautiful children!!

  2. I've been riding trails here that start with long climbs of 4 to 5 miles. Why? So I can survive riding in Durango on vacation in a couple of weeks.

    There's a reason a lot of the professional cyclists live in Durango.

    Continue to pray for your family and Jubilee. I believe with all my heart she'll be home soon.

  3. Potty training days in our home too. Can't wait to hear more. Praying for your beautiful Jubilee!!!!

  4. God's army is praying for Jubilee. It's awesome to see. We know He has the victory already.

    Great job on that bike ride!!! Wowsers, that's a long one. Hugs and love

  5. Linny,

  6. That's awesome Linny! I'm believing God for Jubilee to come home right on time :)

  7. I'm so glad you are going ahead and submitting everything. God honors faith! :) Praying for a miracle for your sweet Jubilee.

  8. for various reasons, i haven't be able to comment lately, but i have been rejoicing with the TEN boxes and PRAYING with you over Jubilee!

  9. ooh ooh, I can't wait to pick.....:) what a blessing. Rough day here, but just got done haveing popcorn and movie night with the kids, piled in my room. Love 'em to pieces.

  10. Okay Linny ~ Submitting Jubilee's paperwork anyway must be a total God thing, as I was just coming on here to suggest the same thing after feeling led in that same direction while praying for you! I trust God is working behind the scenes on the details!!

    Have a blessed weekend! <><

  11. I'm so glad! to hear y'all are submitting the paperwork anyway.


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