Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go Team!

We went to our high school football game with some of our crazy-fun friends, Martin, Kim and one of their daughter's, Jadyn. We actually can see their home from ours in this rental. They WON!! Trust me, that was miraculous! We were goin' bananas screaming as the victory was gained!! Who doesn't love the underdog, who-hasn't-basically-won-a-game-in-eternity, winning??

That's Jadyn with the kids....Isaiah & Elizabeth have gotten to be buddies....Licorice is a must at a football game...

Dw & his friend, Martin, always making Kim & I laugh....actually before Tyler joined the military he used to work for Martin...(they were giving me the "cool" look) Oh my - so very cool...=)

Kim & MartinAnyone else out there love a great football game? Whether it's high school, college or professional? We LOVE football at our house!!

5 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I love football! I think I especially love to attend college football games, but on TV it's the pros for me.

    My dad attended Princeton U and every Fall we would travel down there for a game. I have such fond memories of the cool, crisp air, wrapping in blankets to keep warm, drinking hot cocoa and watching the mascot Tiger do his thing. Then we would walk around the campus kicking through leaves and walking past the Ivy covered dorms that my dad lived in. Ah the memories. That is what Fall is about for me.

    I am so glad your underdog team won! How much fun is that?!?

  2. This gal isn't into football. Now J on the other hand loves it. And so does hubby. I've never been to a game and it's not in my immediate future.

    Love the pictures of your family having fun. Those little ones just get cuter by the day. Hugs.

  3. Just home from the Denver East and Longmont game. Son #1 played running back and DOB (whatever that is), Son #2 played quarterback. We lost, 42-16 (I think that was the score) but my boys gave it their all. I was a very proud mom!

  4. My goodness.....could Elizabeth's overall's be any more adorable? I loved (love) Raggie Ann and Andy!

  5. I Love love college football! I'm a Georgia Bulldawg but I'll watch anything SECOND on Saturdays.


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