Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Memorial Box Giveaway Winner Is.....

And the winner is......DRUM ROLL PLEASE......
Mr. Dw had an idea....why not drag this out over the next couple of days....
You can take it up with him if you wanna.....He likes to prolong the agony I guess or maybe he thinks we're havin' a beauty pageant......
We had a total of 156 people say that they would like to be included in the drawing.....both from the comments and thru email.
We narrowed down from the 156 the following names:
Ten bloggy friends.....10 because tomorrow is the 12th and that's our anniversary -
(LOL, like 10 has anything to do with 12....hey I've been working on this for the better part of the day and it is now 11:30 and I am near done....and getting a little giddy....)
We will soon draw out of these ten:
PS Contact me if you no longer want to be included or if you stopped coming by A Place Called Simplicity...LOL...yeah, I guess I better go to bed, huh? I am standing at my laptop giggling like a schoolgirl and Emma is sitting opposite me and keeps saying, "mom, I don't get it..." I really cannot even talk I am laughing too hard....nite nite....
PSS....I promised to post about the giveaway today....and I have 22 minutes to spare...oh yeah, that's the ticket....I love being early....

16 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I can't even tell you how excited I am to be in the final ten! Last night before I went to bed I told Chris he had to wait because I had to check your blog and see if you had posted the winner yet.

    I went to bed dreaming about what would go in my box. Even if I don't win I'm going to go look for one.

    You just made my day!

  2. i was thinking and praying for you in the early hours this morning (sleep is eluding me of late) and i was thinking about your memory box drawing and i hoped that i could maybe be a winner, but then discounted that in the "i never win anything" category.
    you have been such a sweet inspiration to me as i am traveling through a particularly difficult time in my life (gah, tears again!!) and have often thought of how you have handled an inordinate amount of setbacks in the last eight months, and always you keep your eyes fixed on jesus. you really have no idea what an inspiration you are.
    can you imagine my delight to discover i am not one in many in the drawing but now one in ten?? ohmystars, i'm so excited!
    not just to be a potential winner, but to really be focusing on the remembering and telling of how God is God and the ruler of our lives. what a wonderful testimony to pass on to our children.
    and as an aside, a testimony to how our blog friends really do help us carry our mats when we are unable to carry them ourselves. that our blog friends really do exist in our hearts and have value. (yikes, tears again!)
    my husband wonders why in the world i am interested/spend time in someone else's train wrecks. the premature babies, the cancer battles, the house burnings/cancer/serial castings/hepatitis /etc. of other people's lives when we have more than our share of issues?? when i should be working??
    this is why. this is why.
    we are a community. we are family in a sense.
    and i wonder why i write and bare my soul (yesterday's post was particularly whiney) and i think i see more clearly. . . we encourage one another and lift each other up. it's biblical. (it's bloglical)
    so thank you for allowing me to be one of the ten. i sure hope i end up being one of the winners, but truly, it was an honor being nominated. you don't know what an encouragement, at just the right time this was for me.
    oh, and thanks for your recent visit. . . it meant the world.
    and YIKES, sorry about the novel.

  3. Oh my. Oh myyyyy. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    I made it to the final ten!!!

    I'm not sure whether to jump up and down, or wave slooooowly and smile (without breathing) . . . oh, that would be if it were a beauty contest. Great idea Dw on stretching it all out a little. Besides it obviously gave your sweet wife a late night kick. Linny, you crack me up!

    I would love to say ditto to what purejoy left in her comments about why we do what we do . . . living in the middle of the ups and downs of one another's lives. I love, love, love the way the Lord uses us to edify one another, to love on each other . . . to teach one another . . . to pray for one another . . . and to be each other's listening ears. It's a good, good thing. Well said purejoy!

    So the winner will be choosen on your anniversary tomorrow . . . FIRST thing in the morning . . . is that correct? I'm guessing that if Dw has his say, it may be two minutes to midnight Colorado time. (Love you anyway Dw)

    Waitingfaithfully . . .

    So excited!!



  4. Oh boo hoo hoo - I'm not in the top ten. I still think this was a fun idea, and I can't wait to read the winner's name. I would like for you to take a picture of your own memory box. (Maybe you already have... ?) I think it would be interesting to actually see how it has taken shape. What do you do when it gets too full?

    ~Linda (from Northern Colorado, a.k.a "one of the non-winners!" - lol)

  5. I actually didn't have a clue that I was in the top 10 until my friend e-mailed me this morning congratulating me! My jaw dropped and I logged into Blogger as soon as I could! I think I might be just as giddy with excitement at making it this far! I am so excited! Through our adoption journey to Russia and the new place of Haiti that God has thrown open the doors for us to work among the orphans there--we have learned the power of remembering what the Lord has done. Not typically an emotional person, I find myself with tears as I think of the privilege it would be to win and display God's wonders in my living room for all to see. What a great conversation starter! I do have to say though...even if I don't win, you have inspired me with a swift kick to the rear to get out there and find a memorial box! Thanks so much for...I don't know the right word...how about "for being such an inspiration and mentor to me!" I've often wished I could e-mail with you. Maybe some day I will... :)

  6. Oh Yay! How exciting that I made it to the top 10! I'm so excited! We have actually been talking about Memorials of God's handiwork in our lives every Sunday during our young adult Sunday School class. My mind always rushes to this! I'm going through a particularly rough time in my life right now, DH's job, I may be facing surgery, beginning the foster/adopt process on faith alone, I've really been battling in my mind lately. Even if I'm not the "winner", I need to do this anyways. I need constant reminders of all that God has done. Thank you for the excitement!!! :)

  7. Oh my goodness...my heart skipped a beat when I saw my name! :) I'm sitting in the hospital with my sweet Kate, and it just made my day to see my name. :) I so love the idea of a memory box--and think it is so important for all of us to share what God has done/is doing in our lives. We serve a God who is ALIVE and ACTIVE!! What a witness to a watching world. :)

    Happy Anniversary!! (I am cracking up at Dw wanting to drag this out. He is a character--or as our guide in China would say, "Char-ACK-ter."

  8. Even though my name isn't in the top 10, best wishes for those who are. I can't wait to see who wins!!

  9. Bummer. Didn't make it into the top 10...good thing I still love you!

    I'm pulling for Sarah!!!!!!

  10. This has been way too much fun to watch unfold! And yet you keep the suspense going right up to the last minute!(the "trouble maker" even comes out of you in writing). I am thrilled that all of your bloggy friends have come to know you as the example and teacher that I have known for so long now. I know this bloggy thing is dream realized and I am so grateful for our friendship. What an impact you and Dwight have made in the world! YOU GO GIRL!

  11. I've never been in the top ten of anything. the suspense is killing me!!! Is it tomorrow yet?

  12. Awww, I didn't make it into the top 10, but I'm happy for those in the runnings for such a wonderful gift. I cannot wait to see a picture of the memorial box! Best wishes, ladies (and gents)!

    Also...Happy Anniversary Linny & Dw! :)

  13. Shhhhhhhh.....I think I pee'd my pants just a little when I saw my name in the top ten!!!! rofl....just kidding...kinda! I NEVER win ANYTHING, so I count myself a winner already just for making the top ten....see, I am easy to please!

    Linny, even I don't win, I will NEVER stop checking in on your blog EVERYDAY...I sometimes stop by twice a day! You and your family have been such an inspiration to me! You have no idea, because I just have not been able to post about it, what the last few months have been like for me....

    On days when I just didnt think I could make it another minute, I would come by your blog, and you would lift my spirits without even knowing it...I fasted with you for your sweet friend Cindy, I cried with you when she went home to be with the Lord. I know, ALL TO WELL, how ugly cancer is. I thank God that He allowed me to be cancer free now for a little over a year!!! I pray several times a day for Cindy's sweet family! And I pray for your as well! I have come to love ya like a sister!

    Terry aka Pink-its more than just a color!

  14. Okay it's probably just me and the possible 10-12 winners posting.

    I'm thinkin ya made a mistake my name is spelled J E A N- Not Addie, Karen, Pam, Pink or Sandee, etc

    Okay- that was fun- JK ! I can handle it! Really, it's OK- ;-0

    Just havin some fun!!
    Bless ya all- and I'm not even from the south!

  15. I was SOOO excited when I saw my name in the 10 finalists! You know when you hear people say things like, "It's a honor just to be nominated" etc, etc, I always think they're just saying that b/c they have to and are secretly wishing for that time when "for whatever reason, if the winner isn't able to fulfill their responsibilities...." You know.

    But I have to say really, TRULY, it is so fun just to be in the top 10! I know God will choose the person He wants to have the Memorial Box, and if it's not me I will just have to find my own! :)

    Thanks so much, Linny, I have loved getting to "know" you through your blog. Blessings to you and Dw today on your wonderful anniversary!


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.