Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Autumn - Our Blue-Eyed Baby Girl

Emma, Autumn & Polly (Autumn's beloved dog)
Twenty years ago today we got the long-awaited phone call from Aunt Beulah - the birth mom Aunt Beulah had introduced us to had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were beside ourselves with joy. It was the first day of Autumn on September 20th, 1989 and how could God's timing be anymore perfect as we had already chosen the name (if the baby was a girl)
Autumn Elizabeth.

Being the only blue-eyed one of the bunch, she rightfully holds the name, "our blue-eyed baby girl" and today we celebrate her!! Such a gift from God for us!!

I told her story as part of Memorial Box Monday a few months ago. The most miraculous story of how God brought her to us and then in a sequel I shared the God-sized miracle of how my milk came in and I was able to nurse her - such a joy!

Autumn has always been the one to live life with reckless abandon. As a little girl she was the kid who would wear two different shoes, or a shoe and a boot and run like crazy, all lopsided from the shoe mismatch, but come on: who has time to find matching anything, when play is waiting?
Abi, Tyler, Autumn, Emma & Graham were outside playing one day when they were all little. They were giving stroller rides down a really steep hill we had beside our home. Autumn is the kid who rode down the hill in our stroller and put her foot in the wheel to stop it. She hobbled for a few days, not saying a word. Finally I called the doctor and asked what she thought. The doc said, "Linn how is the stroller?" I said, "OH! The stroller? Why its broken and bent out of shape!" She said, "Well Linn, the general rule is: if the stroller is all broken up, then probably her foot is too." Hmmmm, okay. A few x-rays later revealed that the doc's rule of thumb is pretty right on.
Then there was the time that there was an emergency out of town and I had to leave quickly. Autumn had gone sledding with friends, so I drove to town to find her to tell her that I would be gone for a few days and to tell her how much I loved her. I found her on the sledding hill barefoot, except for a pair of flip flops. No coat, or hat or scarf. Yes, that would be our girl.

Autumn brings such joy to our lives. She is the most forgiving person I have ever met. Ever. Hands. Down. It doesn't matter what someone has done, she instantly forgives and forgets. If only the world were more like her!!
Autumn graduated early from high school and went to do a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in LosAngeles. She spent her outreach on a 2 week prayer trek in the Himalayans between Nepal and India, and later spent a month ministering in the orphanages of New Delhi, India. Her heart was broken for the people of India and she talks of returning there one day.

Life hasn't always been carefree. When Autumn was younger she was dating a young man named Quinton. It's a Memorial Box story so I will keep the details till one day when I share the entire story. But part of the story is that while they were dating, Quinton was on his way to baseball practice, his cousin was driving and took a curve a little too fast, flipped the car and Quinton was killed. It was a devastating loss to all who knew this precious young man. His death had a profound influence on Autumn's life and there are still days that she is greatly affected by his death. It was an incredibly painful time in all of our lives.

Then as many of you know this past Spring Autumn was diagnosed with a tumor in her pituitary in her brain and life has become a bit more complicated. The doctor is leaving things the way they are for the moment, and has stopped all medication as the side effects were making her sicker than sick daily. They will be rechecking the size of the tumor in a few months again.

So although life has presented some very painful times for our blue-eyed baby girl, we know that through these trials we can trust that our faithful God is working behind the scenes on her behalf. I am thankful for the those who pray for our Autumn, she is such a precious girl and our hearts overflow with gratitude that God would allow us the privilege to raise this precious treasure.

Today after church we will have a party up here with her favorite: clam linguine for dinner and homemade ice cream pie!
Join me in wishing Miss Autumny a very special 20th birthday, will you??

55 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. H A P P Y * B I R T H D A Y ! ! !
    from Amy and Eli in Washington state :)

  2. Dear Autumn,
    Happy, happy, birthday!!! You don't know me but through your terrific Mama I feel I see a beautiful, gifted, caring young woman who is a great daughter and an amazing sister.

    I pray this year is one filled with multiple blessings and a year filled with miracle healing. The children in an Indian orphanage are waiting for you. :)

    Hugs, Kimberlie

  3. Happy 20th Autumn! May your 20's be a year filled with the presence of God more so than your teen years. You are a beautiful young woman- greatly delighted in by Abba and all who truly know you.
    God is at work even now in your life, planning things that are good beyond all imagination!
    Embrace all He has for you and enjoy this special day!

  4. Autumn!!! Happy 20th Birthday!!!
    You share your sweet nickname with our Emilia, she is also the only "blue eyed baby girl" out of all our children.
    We are also celebrating birthdays today. Yesterday was mine and the day before was my daughter Olivia's. We will be having her favorite meal today, chicken wings and ravioli. I like the sound of yours a little better.
    Your name has been on our special intentions list in chiurch since your mom wrote about your health concerns. I hope you are feeling better. You are a beautiful and amazing young woman. Your Mom wrote a beautiful post about you today.We will be thinking of you as we celebrate the September birthdays. Have a glorious day!!

  5. Happy Birthday to daughters birthday is today too...she is 7 years old. A great day to celebrate. Praise God for two sweet and precious children of God.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Autumn!!! You are right in there with my boys. Joe turned 22 yesterday and Kevin 21 on Tuesday. They share ages for four days. We brought Kevin home on Joe's first birthday as a little birthday gift to him!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Autumn!! Your story is so special to me because our one and only son is adopted and a looooonnnnnggggg awaited gift. You are extra extra special. I have always told my son that being adopted means you are special. Have a wonderful day celebrating you.

  8. Happy Birthday Autumn! You sound like a remarkable young woman. May this year be filled with many blessings.

  9. Happy Birthday Autumn! It is my Birthday too - I am 30 today! Happy Bithday fellow Birthday Girl!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday, Miss Autumn!!!! From your friends in Oregon, including Jenne and family

  11. Happy Birthday Autumn! Here's to all your wishes and dreams coming true!!

  12. Happy Happy birthday Autumn!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  13. What a special young lady! Wish Autumn a Happy Birthday from Texas.

    And remember that if she ever wants a second opinion from the Houston Medical Center, we have a room available for her and Mom or Dad.

  14. Autumn,
    Happy Birthday! What a joy to God for your special day! We (my daughter and I) every night pray for your ultimate healing. My daughter loves to pray for you and we are praying for your COMPLETE healing. You are SO SPECIAL to HIM!

  15. Yeah!!! Happy 20th Birthday Autumn!!!! May God Bless You & Keep You In His Care!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTUMN! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Loving your nose ring! I used to have one!

    Maddison, 20, Florida

  17. Happy Birthday Autumn!!!!!

    Will you share the Memorial Box story about Quinton soon? Like maybe tomorrow? I love your stories, and I know someone who went through a similar thing, so I know this one will speak to me even more deeply.

    Side note, Autumn is a gorgeous girl. :)

  18. Happy, Happy 20th Birthday, Autumn! May the Lord's sweet blessings fill your heart with gladness!

    P.S. Clam linguine sounds so delish. Hmm, I need to surf the Net for a recipe.

  19. Happy birthday 20 years young!

  20. Happy Birthday Autumn. May you receive complete healing for your birthday.

    I love, love, love to hear adoption stories like Autumn's!

  21. HAPPY HAPPY and BLESSED 20th birthday today Autumn!
    I loved to read about your dd's spirit and already amazing life's journey...
    Will lift her name up to the Lord for healing...
    Have a beautiful celebrationday


  22. Autumn, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May you have many more. I chuckled when I read about the mismatched shoes. Our C use to do the same thing...she just couldn't take the time to slow down. Many prayers are being said for you. You are one special young lady. Your parents are blessed to be able to call you daughter!!

  23. Happy birthday to your special girl!!

    Our Lily's birthday is also today. Autumn and Lily sound very similar. Lily is our bold, beautiful girl! I'll be doing a birthday post later today.

    Blessings to you!

  24. Happy Birthday Autumn from a mommy of Autumn Grace who just turned 10 this past Thursday!!!!

  25. Happy Birthday Autumn! I pray God continues to bless you!

  26. Happy Birthday! May you have a blessed day. :D

  27. happy birthday autumn fall leaves!! just joking. hope you had a great day, you deserve it! praying for all you have been through and are going through. you have a very supportive family which is great that you will always have them by your side! God is always watching over you too! I love your family. You have great parents!
    Richita Grace-Fort Knox, KY

  28. Happy, Happy Birthday Autumn!

    Love and blessings,

    Julie Hoagland :)

  29. your precious girl is a treasure.
    maybe you should all celebrate like elijah...with a little chocolate syrup to go round.

  30. What an awesome girl your Autumny must be! Happy, happy birthday to her!!!!!!

  31. Happy Birthday, Autumn! I pray for you several times a week and am trusting God for your healing.
    PS: You sound like one of my daughters...she wears unmatching shoes a lot. :)

  32. Happy Birthday, Autumn!
    May God bless you and keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you peace.


  33. Happy birthday, Autumn! You sound like an exceptional person and someone who is loads of fun to be around. Blessings to you throughout the next year.

    ~Linda from Northern Colorado

  34. Happy, happy Autumn! Happy, happy birthday to your mama's blue-eyed girl! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  35. Happy, happy Autumn! Happy, happy birthday to your mama's blue-eyed girl! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  36. HAPPY HAPPY birthday to your very special daughter. What beautiful words for such a special child. Brought absolute tears to my eyes, Linny. So stunning.

    Happy Birthday sweet Autumn. Praying you had a wonderful birthday (wish I could have been there for the ice cream pie :) ). May the year ahead be filled to overflowing with God's richest and most amazing blessings.


  37. Happy Birthday, Autumn! It's apparent that your family's love for you multiplies with each year. (Your mom has such a way with words, I'm wishing I had an Autumn at my house.) May the coming year be full of answered prayer, miraculous healing, and amazing blessings.

    Much Love,

  38. Hi Autumn,
    I hope you had such a wonderful birthday. You are a lovely young lady!
    May this year be such a blessed year for you hon.
    Happy 20th Birthday!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  39. Happy Birthday, Autumn!!! I've so enjoyed hearing all your fun stories.

  40. Happy birthday, Autumn! You sound like such a treasure to your family and friends. :-) Hope you enjoyed you special day.

    Linn, any news from Shelley about their time with son Matthew?

    Carrie - mom to 4 from Korea

  41. Happy Birthday Autumn, May Dad's best always be yours...

  42. Happy Birthday, precious Autumn Elizabeth! What a beautiful young lady you are with a beautiful heart!

  43. Happy Birthday... hope it was the best one yet!

  44. Happy birthday, sweet girl!!!

    I wish we would get to meet you, too, this week! Maybe someday we'll get to know you in person!

    I hope your day was special!!!!

  45. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dear Autumn!

    Hope you have a great day and YEAR!!

  46. Happy Birthday Autumn!!!May you be blessed and have an incredible upcoming year!!!

  47. Happy Happy Birthday Autumn! We hope you had a wonderful birthday! God Bless you sweet girl- what a joy you have been to your family!

    I love Autumn stories- especially the flip flops when sliding! Brrrrrrrr


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