Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to Send a Note to the Gulvas family?

I know it would mean so much to them.....so if you are interested in
sending a note to the Gulvas family here is the address:
Rand & Shelley Gulvas
c/o New Life Church
3690 N. Stygler Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230
Thank you sweet bloggy friends. You guys are the best and I mean that with all my heart. Thank you for praying and caring. xo

7 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Thank you Linny for this address. One will be going out tomorrow. Hugs..

  2. Thank you so much for posting their address. Praying for this precious family.

  3. Thank you so much for the address. The card is in the mail today. Praying for this family.


  4. I am from the Gulvas' home church in Ohio - we were in Uganda when we heard the news and villagers in Gulu prayed with us for Josh. I googled in the dark late at night for news about Josh from my little Blackberry under my mosquito net and stumbled upon your blog. Your step-by-step accounts from the location blessed my heart. Then to see you have children from Uganda- wow - God is good! Thanks for serving this sweet family in their time of darkness. You have been a true blessing! Cindy

  5. Been awhile since I have been to your blog.....What a powerful story. I was even more surprised to see that they live close by us here in Columbus. I will be thinking of them and praying for them....

  6. Thanks for posting this. I just wrote my card, addressed it and putting in the mailbox after my shower!!! :)

    I pray that we through all of us God's perfect peace will feel their hearts in this incredibly difficult time.

    Love ya!


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.