Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Memorial Box "Monday" - The Box of Zipl*c Bags

I was talking recently to some new friends. The wife mentioned an illustration I had used that had greatly impacted her thoughts when I spoke a couple of years ago. I said, "That's exactly the story I thought about telling this Memorial Box Monday."

Many, many years ago, when Dw and I were first married he was in law school. I worked as a secretary/bookkeeper to "put hubby through". I got paid a $150.00 per week, which even many years ago was not exactly rolling in the dough. We faithfully tithed. We gave away secretly. Amazingly God took that $150.00 a week and stretched it like spandex. We paid all his tuition without ONE student loan - Yippee Jesus!! We even were able to take a trip to visit family by air. It was something only God could do - BUT we were faithfully tithing and giving away.

On a sidenote...Dw and I continually want God's best for people. We are perplexed when people feel "they can't afford to tithe". We say, "You can't afford NOT to tithe." We have been without income (when we planted a church) and yet God always provided above and beyond all that we could think or ask. If you are struggling with finances and aren't tithing - then start tithing and watch what God does. Even when your income may be small and your 10% insignifcant from that small amount - do NOT rob God! He sees, He watches and He waits. He will provide - because His word promises to - WHEN you tithe. He is not obligated if you are not tithing.

Anyway, back to the story. On our limited income many things were not part of the budget. I got $15.00 a week for groceries. I was so careful as to what I bought. We s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it all. One thing I really felt I could use were some quart size Zipl*c Freezer Bags. They would be so handy for leftovers, etc. I thought about it, then finally I splurged and bought some. As I was putting them in the cupboard I felt like the Lord said, "Do not look in the box, do not count them as you use them. I will make these stretch like you can't imagine." So I put them in a high cupboard above the stove. This was going to be fun!!

As a need arose, I would reach up in that cupboard (which was well up over my head) and reach into that box. Months passed and each time I reached into the box there was another one. I would laugh. I was getting a stinkin' kick out of this endless supply of Zipl*c Bags. Over a year passed.

Now, mind you, I was a good steward. I would recycle the used bags: washing them and using them again. But each time I needed a new one, I would reach in and there was always one more. *giggle* It was just too fun!!

One day as it neared the time that Dw would graduate I reached in and pulled out the last one. I could tell the box was empty and the supply was gone. My best guess is that for a box of 30 there had been 100 (or more) - at least! I still smile as I see a box of Zipl*cs reminded each time of our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God!

There is a single Zipl*c in our Memorial Box to remind us of God's complete provision. And for the record, after losing our home to fire and now dealing with the insurance adjustor it is easy to grow concerned what will happen (which is another story for another time)...but I am reminded of even the little Zipl*c freezer bags that God multiplied to provide for us. He will not be leaving us high and dry (or in Colorado snowy and cold)...He WILL provide a home - just because He loves us so and He who was faithful with the Zipl*c bags will be faithful now!! Yippee Jesus!!

If I did not have our Memorial Box filled with symbols of His faithfulness during these difficult days I would have to wrack my brain to remember what God has done. The Memorial Box is the most important part of our home, next to our Bibles. If you do not have a Memorial Box, I explain it here. If you would like to be included in the giveaway, please leave a comment with this post saying so. I explain the giveaway and many of you joined the giveaway on this Memorial Box post weeks ago.
Dw and I and the kids are going Memorial Box hunting for the giveaway, hopefully this week to another neighboring town. Soon we will have the drawing I pray!!

PS If you want to ask a question as mentioned in this post, but don't want to leave it as a comment....please email me separately(see sidebar). No name will be used with any of the questions..... Love you sweet friends!! xo

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Sweet Hubby

Today is a very special day for our home. It is the birthday of my best friend and hubby, Dw. To those who know Dw he is known as a man of utmost integrity, full of grace, wisdom, and gentleness. A Godly man in every sense of the word, above reproach. Unselfish always (well almost always.) =) Full of bountiful generousity. Compassionate to stranger and friend. He is also stinkin' hysterical, which makes for some really giggly times over the years.
He pastors with his whole heart. I have always said, "If anyone has a problem with Dw, I assure you - it is their problem." He just is too nice to ever do anything mean or intentionally hurt someone, it's just not even in his DNA.
There is an old song, and although I don't remember the lyrics (so incase the rest of the lyrics are yukky - please forgive) but this one line says, "To know, know, know him, is to love, love, love him and I do, and I do and I do." Yes, to know Dw is to love him. I am tickled that so many of our bloggy friends are going to Africa with him - you will see just what I mean!!

Happy birthday Most Precious Husband - You are loved by ALL
and we are SO VERY THANKFUL that you were born!! xo
Some pictures from the "old days" (when he had blonde hair)

While we were dating - 1977 - (Painting his parents home)

Cape Cod 1980 (our dog Bojangles)
1980 (my wedding picture in background) A couple of years ago - Dw and Graham and Tyler A proud dad with his precious son (currently depl*yed)Dw and Jerry (one of his closest friends) By the way, Dw would be tickled (I am sure) to read birthday wishes from our dear bloggy friends....(hint-hint)...I have been asking him to write a post, but he is feeling less-than inspired since the fire. Your encouragement might just get his creative juices flowing. =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Wrap-Up

There are so many thoughts swirling around my noggin that I am not sure where to begin...

First off, the response to the Africa trip has been amazing!! It is wonderful to know that some of our bloggy friends will be accompanying Dw and the team...I am so jealous - I want to go so bad!!

If you haven't heard from Dw yet, you will by tomorrow as the plans have to finalized asap.

And yes, there are even a couple of people who hope to meet the babies with the thought of bringing one home - a great big gigantic YIPPEE JESUS to that!!


Dw and I had an interview with a reporter here on Thursday. He is doing a story on our family and the fire which will be in the paper in a few weeks. We pray for favor. If the story is available online, I will provide a link.


This morning I went in to the sanctuary for first service. I found Dw talking to a sweet young couple. I kissed him on the lips and stood listening to them talk. He turned to me and said, "Have you met so-n-so?" I said, "No, this is my first time visiting here." (Being goofy since I had just planted a teeny kiss on his lips.) This sweet young woman said, "I know better than that, I read your blog." LOL That just struck me so funny...I had no idea! So hi Shelly, Mark and baby Nora!!


Last Sunday I gave away the Sisterhood Blog award to all 407 of you...since last Sunday there are now 431 of you...so from my heart to yours......the bunch that joined in the friends please accept the award and post it and pass it on. You guys just stinkin' make our day!!


Lastly, I was thinking about doing a post of questions and answers. And there have been many of you have written from time to time and asked things - all kinds of things. I have been unable to answer most of those. So here is your opportunity. If you have been thinking of something you would want to ask me over coffee...ask away....You provide the questions and I will attempt to provide the answers. Go ahead, ask anything you want!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Liberty and Her Basketball Coach

Liberty just finished up her first basketball season. She loves basketball and plays really well. Their team only had one loss. I took a few pictures at one of the games. I had to get a picture of her coach. He is a hunka-hunka burnin' love for sure. I asked him if he wanted to come home with us.....he said 'yes' - Oh-la-la!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Many years ago I found myself perplexed as to how to sign my name on things pertaining to ministry. When it came to personal things I have always signed my name with a "Love" in front of it or "Much love". Speaking of that, what is up with friends who can't sign their name with a "Love" in front of it? Dw and I will open Christmas cards from dear, sweet, wonderful friends that we have known for years and years and find just their name signed on it. We always look at each other and say, "What the heck?" We laugh because the Bible says we are to "love one another" but some of the dearest sweetest people we know just can't say the big "L" word. Maybe they think that people will think that they are madly in love with them and want to run away and get married, just cause they signed with the big "L"...LOL - yeah, not so much!

Anyway, so years ago I prayed and asked the Lord how I should sign my name on ministry stuff? After all, most of the time this would be for professional letters and things where people don't know me at all. So I prayed and waited. Finally a phrase came to my mind. "Delighted to Serve Him" - PERFECT!

You have to understand....I LOVE ministry. It is definitely what we have been called to do and we answer the calling with great, great, great joy!! So when the phrase came to mind I was excited! Yes, it would be telling the world that I am delighted to serve HIM! But as quick as the phrase came to mind, another thought immediately popped in. "Are you sure?" Hmmmm. I knew it was the Lord's voice. And I instantly knew that rough waters in ministry were a-coming.

Okay, so for those of you in full-time ministry, pastoring or missionaries to be exact, I do not know anyone who enjoys rough times, do you?? Ministry is all encompassing. The same people we minister to we fellowship with, we have relationship with, we commune with. So when there is a problem it just stinks. No pastor or missionary is exempt from rough waters or the refiners fire. UGH

Many of you might not know, but for the first 2 years we were married Dw was finishing up law school. Then he had a very blessed law practice for the next 11-1/2 years until we packed it all up (with three kids in tow) and went to seminary. When Dw was a lawyer we had his law practice and we had our private life. If someone at the law office wasn't all that happy with him it didn't affect anything else. BUT with ministry, it affects it all.

So when the Lord spoke that (Are you sure?) I said (with a big gulp), "Yup, I mean it." At that point you just grit your teeth and close your eyes and hold on tight. Sure enough rough waters were just around the corner. Eventually the smooth waters arrived. *sigh*

I used that phrase (Delighted to Serve Him) for years when signing ministry/professional stuff and then when Ch*na reversed their decision (if you haven't read the story, slip over to the sidebar, way at the bottom) and find "Special Places" and the link to Journey to Isaiah Samuel...you won't be disappointed - God showed up as our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-Giving God!! Anyway, at that point I needed something different. I prayed again and soon started using "Feasting in His Faithfulness"....it just fit. God is so faithful.

Now since the fire, I have just needed something new. Something that reflects what God is doing, the whole fire thing has been HUGE in our lives and there is no doubt that we will never, ever be the same again.

Well a couple of weeks ago Dw was preaching. He was in Isaiah and this is the scripture that we studied:

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor. Isaiah 61: 1-3 (NIV)
Although this was already one of my favorite passages it struck me hugely that morning and I have been meditating on ever since. All of a sudden the Lord seemed to speak to me, "Linny, all of this is being used to display my splendor". The Lord knows my heart, I want every fiber of my being to be used to show people His faithfulness, His good plans for them, His love, His mercy, His deep care, His comfort. Yes, I want only to display His splendor.
And then it hit me....my new signature....
Displaying His Splendor,

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Back when I started Thankful Thursday I explained that there is a little game we have played for many, many, many years. We call it the Thankful Game. When attitudes are lousey or when we are feeling sad, we play the game. We have played the Thankful Game a zillion times (no exaggeration!).

1. I am thankful that so many of you, my bloggy friends are now playing Thankful Thursday...friends like: Shonni, Adeye, Tiffany, Sarah, Rett, Kristin, Kim, Sally, Amanda, Jo Mama, Jen, Jinny, Sara Ra-nae, Jill, Kylea, Jean, and Janet. If you are play or want to start playing, do not despair (LOL)...I would be happy to mention you next time around, just drop a comment.

2. I am thankful for these particular scripture verses at this particular moment in my life:

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. I John 4:18

Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. Phil. 4: 6,7

3. I am thankful for the snow I see pelting my window at this very moment. Ya' know why? Cause I have eyes to see it and I am behind the window (some people do not have eyes to see and others do not have homes to live in)....

4. I am thankful for awesome friends to go to dinner with tonight. Love you guys - C, I and S!!

5. I am thankful for a husband who comforts and loves me so tenderly. You are the best Whitey and I am so glad to have spent the last 30+ years married to you - my very best friend!!

6. I am thankful for hair clips - whoever invented them - I sure hope they are living rich and happy in the Carribbean....I hate my hair hanging in my face!! It drives me buggy!!

7. I am thankful for towels...can you imagine having to drip-dry every time you take a shower?? UGH

8. I am thankful for the two little brown naked bee-hinds running around the house - their laughter brings us such joy!! Think I ought to finish this up post and go put clothes on them?? =) Yeah, probably....

9. I am thankful for doctors who have the expertise to work with Arthrogryposis.

10. I am extra thankful for these sweet friends who came to play with us this past week-end.

Their six kids (who are still living at home) played with our six kids (who are still living at home)....that would make 12 kids running through our house - it was splendidly delightful - our hearts overflowed!

Steve and Lori (the mom and dad) have lots and lots of things in common with us. For starters: (1) they love a big family (they have 12 sweet kids, although Rebekah went home early to live with Jesus), (2) they homeschool all their kids (3) their son Ryan is married to our daughter Abigail, and (4) we both love ministry (they also have pastored)!! We had so much fun with them here and we miss them very much!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank You so Much Bloggy Friends!

Hey bloggy friends....today has been a different and very difficult day of sorts. We had to meet with our insurance adjustor regarding the fire. Not such a good time. We are deeply concerned. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Since meeting with the adjustor I would say it is good that tomorrow is Thankful Thursday. I, personally, need it!

On a completely different note I do want to thank you so much for your sweet response to Tyler's letter. I heard from him this morning and he had been on my blog and was very touched by all of you who wrote such encouraging things regarding his post.

As a Military Mom it is so nice to know so many are thankful for our Military and their service - thank you for taking the time to express it. I think that months in the "sandbox" is so terribly difficult and especially when the media only seems to have negative things to say about it all. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! You guys totally rock!! xo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Want to be A Missionary for a Few Days?

"Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me." Matthew 25:40
I had mentioned a few months ago that Dw was taking a Missions Team to Africa in the early summer. Due to the fire it has been quite a process getting it all planned. But it is on the books and there is a group going with Dw from our church. There are approximately 7-9 spots still open, which he has said from the pulpit is for our bloggy friends(that would be you!) Could you be the person that God is calling to go?
Have you ever wanted to meet and love on the little orphans at Sanyu??

Orphans like Angela....

Or how about helping feed the littler ones with Graham?

Or maybe giving extra hugs to Ronald (the one who peed on me but left such a soft spot in my heart - besides the wet spot on my leg?) I pray for him all the time: God please bring a mommy and daddy for Ronald...

Or maybe cuddling little, tiny Martha??

Or have you wanted to help plant 1,000 trees to form a protective barrier around the boys home at African Hearts in the village where I spoke.....for these little boys pictured here (who once lived on the streets)....

Or how about spending a day ministering in the slums.....(you will never complain again!)....

Or walking the streets of an African city.....

The trip is planned for: May 27th (depart the United States) through June 9th (back on American soil)
Dw will be leading the trip with Emma and Graham also part of the team.

The cost of the trip is $1,000 plus airfare and spending money.

For more details, please contact: office@iriverchurch.com

Could you be the person that the Lord is calling to be part of this strategic trip?

Monday, March 23, 2009

An Open Letter From Our Son Tyler (Currently Depl*yed)

As many of you know, our oldest son, Tyler, is currently depl*yed. I do not mention what he does because we are not really allowed to talk about it, as he is part of an Elite Forc*.

When Tyler was about 8 years old he said to me, "Mom, someday I would like to be in the military to thank the United States for letting me come home to you." He joined 2-1/2 years ago, after doing a ministry internship. Tyler is currently 23 years old and on his second deployment. We are so very proud of him and we miss him unbearably. We have many sleepless nights and spend much time on our knees.
We long to have him stateside so we could talk to him on the phone or text with him. He has a hysterical sense of humor. He loves his siblings and they miss him terribly. We thank the Lord for his patriotism, his sacrifice and his heroism - along with the rest of those who serve in our military. We will never be able to thank the Lord enough for bringing him from the other side of the world to be our son.
This deployment we have not heard much from Tyler. But in my inbox this morning were two letters from him. One was a personal letter and then there was this one:
Maybe you can post this on your blog.
For those of you who are diligently praying for the troops I ask you to pray for America. At some point during this war, the death of American soldiers in combat has become unacceptable.
What has become unacceptable is the American public calling for a withdrawl. Our grandparents during World War II had ration cards, victory gardens and a nationwide speed limit of 40 (due to the wear and tear on tires since rubber was in such a short supply). The American public has sacrificed nothing. If anything they have only benefitted from the fact this war has stabilizd this corroding economy.
The fact of the matter is, America, not the troops has become the casualty in this conflict. The will that got our great-grandparents through the depression has disappeared. The heart that got young men through the draft in both World Wars also has dissipated. The heroism that was so commmon in Vietnam has now become a rarity.
I have served in multipule theatres and can say from absolute truth I know exactly what I have signed up for. I have lost friends. But through it all I know exactly what I have to do and that is press on.

Sadly, the same America I signed up to defend is not the America I know now. This war on terrorism has been reduced to coffee talk at colleges and debates on the media. For those of you out there who know how to fix this conflict or at least tell your friends how to, sign up, suit up, and come on over. There's plenty of room for all.
I will get off my soapbox now.....I will ask you once more though, pray for America.
Very Respectfully, Tyler

Tyler making fun of Emmy for texting so much....

Three days before the fire and the night before Tyler left for his depl*yment...

Missing Abi, Ryan and Jubilee

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All 407 of you....Listen Up!

I was so tickled to learn yesterday that I had received the Sisterhood Award. Since I grew up with only brothers and married a man who also only had brothers I felt kind of ripped off in the "sister" catagory. What an absolutely delightful award to receive.
My friend Carol gave me the award. She is not only an adoptive mom, but she has a huge heart for the orphan! She is a prayer warrior and does quilting by the boatload (and many of those are shipped to Northern Canada for the homeless - how cool is that??) On her blog she displays quilts she has made - they are gorgeous!! Thank you Carol - so very sweet of you!
Back to the award....I only began my blog 8 months ago and I have been so abundantly blessed by each of you who are my blogging friends - all 407 of you!! Depending on when we "met" - some of you have prayed for my family through Dw's surgery, our trip to Africa to bring home Elijah and Elizabeth, the adjustment of the babies, our home being destroyed by fire, Graham's surgery, Lucy's death, the aftermath of the fire, Tyler depl*ying, living in the hotel for 5 weeks, finding a rental, Jubilee's paperwork, to just name a few in the last 8 months!!
After the fire, many of you sent packages filled with sweet love to help us rebuild our lives and bring us some cheer. Many of you pray for us in the night when you wake. Many of you send me sweet emails expressing your love to me.
Girlfriends, you are my sisters. It never fails. When I am having a sad time or a hard day, it is your comments, emails, and prayers that give me the boost I need.
How in the world could I give the Sisterhood Award to a few of you? So this Sisterhood Award is for all 407 of you. I'm not kidding or taking the easy way out. If I didn't have 9 children and friends from out of state visiting at this moment I would take and type out all 407 of your names...but I obviously can't do that.
So please, in all sincereity...all 407 of you, please, please, please - don't feel awkward - just accept this award and link back to this post and join in the fun...a Sisterhood Award from your sister in Colorado who prays for you and loves you too!! Infact, I have mentioned from time to time, if I could have you all over for coffee I would. You guys just totally rock!!
And who would've guessed that when I would lay in bed as a little girl dreaming of having a sister, that one day I would have 407?? You guys so totally rock!!
Anyway, in order to officially be the recipient of this prestigious award, here are a few things that need to be done -----
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received your award.
PS I'm going to be peaking in on you - so you better have accepted the award!! =)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Littlest Cowboy

Nelly sleeping completely unaware.....That the littlest cowboy had parked his horse for a man-sized drink (thanks Nelly for sharin').....

Headin' off into the sunset to do some more ropin'....

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Sweet Makeover


Some of you may remember, just a few days prior to the fire I did a post about a little quilted coat that was given to Elizabeth by someone anonymous. In that same post I mentioned that a friend of mine, Trina, had written to me to say that her 15 year old girl daughter, Alexis, wanted to do a free makeover on my blog, just because Alexis thought I was wonderful. (Her words not mine.) I was so touched and so excited!! Four days later we had the fire.

A couple of weeks ago Alexis wrote to me again asking if she couldn't start the makeover?? WoooHoo!! It was a fun project to think about and work on together. Alexis was wonderful to work with. She happily worked with me and my many changes (cause it was hard for me to picture what I wanted, my brain is still not in full swing) and she didn't mind at all. I talked to her on the phone a couple of times and she was so easy to work with, wanting me to be very happy with the makeover.

But this is the best part: The reason Alexis does makeovers? To be able to go on Missions Trips and to sponsor orphans!! (She has three younger siblings from China.) How amazingly cool is that? So if you are considering a makeover, I highly, highly, highly recommend Alexis. Her logo is at the bottom of my sidebar. While most 15 year olds don't have anyone on their radar (except maybe themselves) it is so refreshing to find a young woman whose heart is for the orphan!! Please use her and tell her you saw what she did on mine and you want yours done too!!

And Alexis - a public THANK YOU!! You did an awesome job - I am just tickled pink with it and I pray that God showers His blessings on you as you do makeovers with the orphan in mind! You rock sweet girl - you rock!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is Up With How Men Put Kids Pants on??

Am I the only woman out there who seems to notice when Dad has put the pants on a kid?
Over the years I have stood at the church door and greeted people coming in. Never fails when a little girl is limping across the parking lot with the tights looking like Elijah's pants looked the other day that inevitably the mom is out of town and dad did the dressing.
The other morning when this happened I said, "Dw! Do you like to pull your pants up like that? Poor Elijah is going to walk like a mermaid for the rest of his life if you keep that up..."
Dw's expression tells it all.
Now don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate my mans help! But for the record - should you see our kids out in public doing the mermaid walk, you-know-who dressed them.
As for my sweet sickies.....I am heading back to the doctors with Emma in about 10 minutes. Your continued prayers are appreciated very much. She has some new things going on that are concerning. And Elizabeth seems to now be battling it as well.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Memorial Box Monday - On Tuesday

I am happy to report that due to the power of prayer and the help of medicines (even poopy tasting ones) the girls are feeling better. They are talking instead of laying like zombies moaning. Okay, j/k about the moaning part.

Anyway, I love Memorial Box Mondays and pray that many of you will begin to make Memorial Box Monday part of your blogs. If you do, let me know. One of these days I am going to highlight those that also partake.
I cannot emphasize enough how, over the course of Dw's and my 30+ year marriage, when life has taken unexpected turns we have been able to look at the things in our Memorial Box and remember. We remember what God has done. How He has moved mountains. How He has taken our breath away with His mighty power. How He has provided supernaturally above and beyond all that we could think or ask. How He has ochestrated events to show His deep, unending love. And then as we face the unexpected trials in our lives, we can say with confidence: Okay Lord, you have done this and that and that and this and oh yes! even that and so we can trust you again!
Even if you don't have a box, start a list of events and circumstances where you have seen God move and then think of symbols that represent each of those. Gather the things and find a box...or enter my giveaway (how exactly do you spell give a way? Every week when I type it I stop and go back and retype it...argh)...anyway, enter the giveaway here.
Since the fire we have seen God do some pretty amazing things. Many of you have asked how we are doing. It is hit and miss. We, of course, know we will make it. We know He is faithful. We know that we will look back on this one day "as waters that have passed by" but in the meantime we are healing....three steps forward, two steps back.

We grieve over the loss of the familiar and our sweet and cozy log cabin with its beautiful acreage surrounding it. I find that I miss some of the most random things.
Like years ago friends, when I was visting them in Phoenix, gave me a travel mug from a drug rep (our friend is a neurologist)....well that travel mug was my constant companion. Dumb thing just never leaked! We had other travel mugs over the years, but they all leaked before long except that one! So many times a day I go to get that travel mug...only to remember that it is gone. I can go buy another one, but where? They all leak before long!
Or my haircutting scissors. I cut most the kids hair. I'd had the scissors for years and years. Miss those little orange things.
Then the other night we were heading to bed. Emma broke down and was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. She was grieving the log home and all the familiar. She was remembering that the only thing she has left from 15 years is a necklace. She also doesn't want us far from her. She has bad dreams. Liberty has been having bad dreams.
It's a long haul.
On the flip side, we KNOW He will use it for good. (And that's another post for another day.) But in the meantime, God showed up in a big way the other day. Super huge to us and so it is a fresh story for our Memorial Box.
The kids are still sleeping on the floor. Which when you are having a sleepover, soooo fun! But when your home is destroyed by fire - ummm not so much. It is hard to go buy things when you are overwhelmed with life because everything needs to be replaced. Where do you even start? We went looking for bunks but the selection in our small city is small. We really wanted at least a twin over full for the boys. But they all were so blah.
We saw a log one but it was alot of money and we must be good stewards...too many orphans need forever families! =) We waited and prayed for direction.
One day we got a phone call from a lady at church. She had shared our story with a friend (who doesn't know us at all) who we'll call B. Our friend went on to tell us that B had had two sons, now both grown. B, after hearing our story, had asked her one son if he was attached to the bunk beds(!) that he had had. He said, "Get rid of them!" The lady from church told Dw about B and asked Dw to call B. Dw called B. B said that she had had the bunk set custom made for her son. Did she say custom? LOL
He said, "They were custom made?" She said, "Yes I have always loved log and since we live in a log home it seemed like the right fit for it." Did she say they were log? Oh, and yeah, it happened to be a full over full. *giggle* OH Yippee Jesus!! B told Dw she was not in town because was living in her other house and so when she came to town she would call us to come see them to see if we liked them. Her other house? (Maybe she could loan us that too - j/k.) Turns out B doesn't really have another house, she has many other houses. Like in Italy, Hilton Head, NY City, and Connecticut to name a few. Actually, come to find out - B is a billionaire. *gasp* (Yeah, never met one of those before!)

So last week while Abi was home, Dw, Emma, Abi and I went to B's home (more appropriately probably called a log mansion.) We were wide-eyed I'm sure. B showed us the bunks custom made of log. We were smitten from first sight. We stayed at B's home and visited. She was one of the sweetest people and never would we have known that she was a billionaire (well other than the fact that this house was stinkin' unbelieveable!)...

Today B's workers came with the bunks and put them up for us in Graham's room. Yeah, you read that right. Her workers took them apart, delivered them and set them up. The workers said that her sons probably slept on it for a few weeks total as they only are at the home here for about 2 weeks a year. (I asked B if I could take a picture of them at her home, she was happy to have me do it...notice shelf over on the left side...wow!)

B wanted her son not to have to get down to get a drink of water, so asked the craftsman to make a shelf for a glass of water. Unbelieveable.

We are thrilled beyond words: Wouldn't you be??? Our miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God had a little surprise up His Mighty sleeve and provided above and beyond all that we could think or ask.
When we get another Memorial Box we will have a little twisted stick in it to represent Jehovah Jirah's supernatural provision. What would you put in your Memorial Box?? Do tell!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Midnight in Colorado

Some days just don't turn out like we plan.

No matter what.

Remember when I said in the last post that I hadn't ever seen a throat 1/2 as bad as Emma's in all my years? The pediatrician, mind you, sees thousands of throats and when she told Emma to open up (while holding her little light to Emmy's lips) she literally jumped back a teeny tad and said loudly "OH GOODNESS!" No doubt, it's not very often that she sees a throat that bad either.

Emmy and Liberty do have Strep and Scarlett Fever (which is very itchy and tender to the touch). I got home and soon Isaiah was throwing up (this is how the girls started a few days ago). Dw had been throwing up in the night last night and so since his throat was killing him he went to the doc too. They took his temp (yup, don't have a thermometer anymore) and found him to be at 101.6 and, yes indeed, positive for Strep.

Emma is allergic to most medications so they have tried something new on her. In the doctor's exact words, "I'm sorry Emma, there is no other way to put this....the medicine that I am prescribing tastes like ummmm ummmm, poop."

Liberty walked out with a script that tastes like Bubblegum. Somehow Emma doesn't think it's all that fair. I told her maybe this is further preparation of endurance for the mission field in Africa one day. She didn't find my ramblings comforting. After all, poop is poop. And after throwing up for the last four days who really wants to purposefully ingest something that tastes like poop, even though it's supposed to make you feel better?? Yeah, not so much.

I have spent the day nursing all my sick babies and unable to work on my Memorial Box Monday post. My sweet friend Kimmy brought some of her famous homemade chicken noodle soup to us and that was such a huge help.

I am off to bed, but do have a little prayer request (besides all my sick family) for you bloggy friends who faithfully pray for us. Today (Tuesday) I have the privilege of doing a phone interview for a radio program. A sweet lady who follows my blog emailed me early last week and asked if I would be interested. She is a radio talk show host for four radio stations that air across most of Alabama and Mississippi. She has read our blog and wants to do an interview about adoption and our family. It will air later this week. But I would love for you to pray for wisdom as I speak, that it would honor God and that God would stir people's hearts and soften them to the orphan and adoption through this interview. I am very excited to share God's story of His work in our family.

I am also finalizing dates to fly to Indiana this fall to speak at a Women's conference of some bloggy friends. I can hardly wait to hug their necks in person! I will share more details in the future about that.

I'm headed to bed. Nite nite from the land of sickos & poopy medicine. eeeuuu gross

An Average Monday

Emma and Liberty have been sick since Friday. After Go*gling Strep Throat I'm guessing they have it. Then yesterday a weird rash appeared on both of them. I looked Strep plus the rash up on Go*gle (what exactly would we do without Google?) and it looks exactly like Scarlett Fever. Emma's throat is horrible. At 50 years old and 9 kids I have never seen a throat that even looks 1/2 as bad. This morning Emmy tried swallowing water and it came right back out. The hole is that tiny. So we are off to the peditrician in a few minutes.

It will be later today before I have my Memorial Box Monday post done. But in the meantime I thought you all would enjoy the pictures I snapped just a few minutes ago. I was standing at the kitchen counter and around the counter came this little guy....and then I peaked and the three littlest were having a ball with stickers one of you sent....

Decided to have Isaiah go put some clothes on for another picture....
Back later....for another Memorial Box Monday post!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Than One Use for a Sanitary Pad

Hmmm, what is this thing? It must be a diaper that comes in its own little covering....Yeah, it kind of looks like a diaper....Ummm, mom, do you have to have your camera out again?Okay, Mom, sure, watch me put the new diaper on baby....This looks like the right spot....But why do my hands keep sticking to the diaper?Looks good, but come on, stop sticking to my hands....Okay, lift one hand off....but how come this hand won't unstick...lets switch hands....Let me think, left hand lifted off, right still stuck, right hand lifted off, left still stuck....(scratching head)....what in the world?
Okay Mom, the camera is totally putting pressure on me and I can't figure this out....Cut the camera Mom! Cut the camera NOW!