Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I slept through several text messages and phone calls....gracious we were out of it. The phone rang just after 10am and it was the surgical ward. They wanted us to come right in. Only one problem, we had let him have a little bowl of cereal at 8 because they had said last night that it was okay. Sure would have been nice if they had called sooner.

So now we will be going to the hospital at 2pm and surgery will be sometime after that. I will keep updating my Twitter.

Anyway, now on to the most exciting news in forever!!! Yesterday when we were meeting with Dr. Morquende we mentioned Isaiah's hands. For those who haven't been visiting with us at A Place Called Simplicity for long don't know about Isaiah's hands. But Arthrogryposis has taken its toll on our little guy and it affects both his hands and his legs. Isaiah has told us since he arrived home 22 months ago that his hands trouble him. Of course that breaks our hearts and we tell him all the time how beautiful his hands are. (They really are!) But he is troubled by them and although they are functional they also limit him a great deal.

We had taken Isaiah to two different hand specialists and neither gave us any hope. Even at Isaiah's young age he had grieved when the second doctor said there was nothing that could be done. We had grieved as a family.....we just know how troubled he is by his hands.

Last week Dr. Hatch (where Isaiah has been having his weekly castings) said, "When you are in Iowa City you need to ask Dr. M to look at Isaiah's hands. I really believe that there is something that a hand specialist in Iowa could do for him." Thank you Dr. Hatch for giving us hope - you have been such an awesome blessing!!

So yesterday I mentioned Isaiah's hands to Dr. M. He picked them up and started examining his hands and said, "I would like a colleague of mine to come by and see what she thinks. She is a hand surgeon, and I just believe that there is something she can do."

In a few minutes in walked Dr. L. She examined Isaiah's hands and said, "I will need to do a deeper examination so you will have to set up an appointment, but I am certain that we can do somethings for Isaiah!!!" I am starting to cry as I type.

First off, she gave us HOPE!! Second she was so positive about it all!! She then said, "We will start with fitting him for hand splints that he can wear at night. I will get you in right now to get those made!!" Really? Yes - REALLY! Within about 1/2 hour we were in a clinic at the hospital getting hand splints made right then and there. There are four parts to the splints and Isaiah eagerly put them on last night. He is so excited to have his hands worked on.

This morning when we took the splints off he said,"Look Mommy! My fingers are straighter!" Sweet baby boy!!

So the plan is that we will come back for an appointment in a few weeks and meet with her again. She will look at the x-rays and we will have Isaiah fit again for another set of splints that will therapeutically continue to move his finger positions. The plan is that eventually he will have hand surgery - one hand at a time.

Rejoice with us!!! Imagine the hope and joy that she gave yesterday!! Little did we know that our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God had such a wonderful surprise awaiting us here in Iowa City!! Oh - - - Yippee Jesus!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

From Iowa City

Greetings from Iowa City!! We spent 3 hours at the doctors this morning. Dr. Morquende is such a kind man - absolutely wonderful! After examining Isaiah he felt that a different surgery altogether was the best for Isaiah. So tomorrow Isaiah is going to have surgery at 4:30pm. Please pray for grace and peace for Isaiah as he waits all day long and is unable to eat. ugh

Lots and lots more to tell you!! Something even that is the most exciting news in forever!! But I only had 2 hours of sleep last night and I am running on empty. I will write more in the morning. Please pray for Isaiah's surgery - tomorrow at 4:30 cst.

PS We are staying in the Ronald McDonald house. Very thankful for that!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sneak Peek

I wanted you to see where the wedding was held.....Our friends who graciously loaned us their home have an Italian villa built on a mountain outside of town. Laura had told me long ago - if any of your kids ever want to get married here.......

From the front door looking out.......Heading into the front foyer.......From the front door to the right.....Looking back toward the front foyer....The family room....Isaiah, Liberty and Luke (Laura's son) playing chess before the festivities....The kitchen.....Reception set for the balcony.....(yes, those were dark rain clouds moving in) The flowers....(we bought the carnations...the rest we picked from the roads in the countryside...)
The view..... Graham, Ryan (our son-in-love) and Tyler..... The happy-almost-married-man....

Even though Elizabeth made it look like it was a shot-gun wedding - it really wasn't.....
I was in the midst of uploading these pictures (and lots of others) from the wedding and went to take a shower. I somehow banged the shower door and the glass burst everywhere. My face is sliced and the blood was running down....and there were tiny slivers and chards of glass everywhere on me, down my nightgown and all over the floor, closet, shower, etc. Thankfully Josh was here picking up Emma and Liberty for church and he was able to lift me up and out of the glass. I truly had nowhere to go.
I am now having to leave for church. I will finish uploading the pictures of the wedding asap. Dw is better (thank you soooo much for the prayers)....and he and I will drive together. Last night, just before bed, Isaiah said, "Mom, I will be so bored if you just go, can Liberty go too?" So yes, Liberty is going along.
We will leave right after church and will be staying a couple of hours from Iowa City, arriving in the middle of the night (Lord willing) at a bloggy friends home. Paula graciously offered her home "since you can see part of their property right from the highway". We will stay there for a couple hours of sleep and then head on to Iowa City.
More soon....promise!! Your continued prayers are appreciated. xo

Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's the Day & A Prayer Request

Short and sweet:

Yesterday some sweet friends had a little "Mom of the Groom" party for me. It was at a local coffee shop and it was a surprise - so very thoughtful! I felt very loved. They gave me a gift of necessities of things that every Mama of the Groom neeeds with her. They also made a corsage for me out of an old lacey bra undergarment that said, "Mother of the Groom". I wore it the entire day - so fun!!
Kim & Carie

Last night about 10:00pm Abi and I went driving to cut wild flowers from the roadside. No, we did not cut them from people's yards, although Abi sorta begged me to we saw some gorgeous ones out there. Imagine if we had......people waking up and finding their flowers nipped off at the stem.......we laughed about just how dumbfounded they would be!! We could have always returned them tonight, you know, just kinda' borrowing them for the day....I'm just sayin....I've heard duct tape works wonders....

It was pouring when we got up this morning. The wedding is set for outdoors and so we started moaning and groaning praying really, really hard!! And the sun came out! Yippee Jesus!!

Autumn has done our girls hair and we are getting ready to leave for the house. Friends graciously loaned their beautiful home to us for the ceremony and reception. Pictures will be posted tonight - hopefully!!

Now for a little prayer request.....Dw still is not really well. Remember we were sick last week? Well he still he not up to par. Infact he has had a day feeling better and then is very sick again. Fevers up at 102.7. The doc is testing him for malaria, typhoid and Hepatitus A....all things he could have picked up in Africa. No results back yet.

But we need some wisdom. Driving 1100+ miles with a son who is about to have surgery and a sick husband is not my idea of a good time. I know, I know, feel free to call me a party pooper. Taking one of my teenagers is an option, but where would they sleep when I am overnight with Isaiah in the hospital?? I wouldn't put them in a hotel alone - not a chance!! But we need the Lord's direction. Should Dw go and continue to pray for his healing? Or should I drive alone? We need wisdom and we really, really need Dw completely healed. Please pray for that for us. Isaiah's surgery (provided that is the way the doc feels we should go) is set for Tuesday at 7:15am.

Off to be the Mama of the Groom!! xo

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday - oh so much to be thankful for!!

Today I'm grateful for the promises of God - - - - God ALWAYS keeps His promises!! Always! I'm grateful that we could take our big married/almost married kids to dinner Tuesday night. We asked them where they wanted to go and Tyler kept saying, "Subw*y!" He then said that he was going to pout the whole night if we didn't go to Subw*y. Here's his pouty face.....After we promised him a pony ride and a face-painting....he cheered up!!

I'm grateful that this little guy is keeping me running....which ultimately means more calories burned...not a bad thing post-menopausal!!

I'm grateful/thankful for Autumn and Polly (as in Pocket) - my grandpet......her breed aren't necessarily known for loving kids, but little Miss Polly is a hoot....she lets Elizabeth carry her all around....and Polly likes getting dressed up in fashionable outfits..... I'm grateful/thankful for nailpolish......
I'm grateful/thankful for this color!! Emma's toes look so sweet!

I'm grateful/thankful for the horse ride that we found for only $.01 (yes, you read that right - it was only ONE PENNY!) the other day on our way home from Greeley.....we had no clue such a thing even existed anymore!! I just hope the government doesn't get ahold of that one too!
I'm grateful that strawberries are growing in a little patch here at the rental......they are producing good results!!

I'm forever grateful for this precious treasure, spared at the last minute by Almighty God........

What are YOU grateful/thankful for this Grateful/Thankful Thursday?????????????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life at Our Home

Blogs serve all kinds of purposes including just letting your friends in on what's going on at the house...

The big kids finally crawled out of bed.....I just love having them home so it was hard to keep waiting for them to wake. I was tempted to let the little ones "play" outside their door, but decided I should just let them sleep.....cranky little kids is one thing, but cranky big ones? They finally drug their weary bee-hinds out to check their FaceBo**k......what we do without the hourly checks??
Notice Abi and Elizabeth in background...

So throughout the morning I found Tyler reading A Place Called Simplicity and saying: "I actually love reading the comments from the people mom, I like reading them more than reading your posts (thanks son)." So just in case you wonder if he reads them, apparently he does.

Then he laughed and said, "Some people think we are close as kids and having lots of fun, of course they can't see you holding a gun at us and making us smile." Whatever dude, whatever.

Someone in one comment (a few posts ago) asked if Tyler and Sarah are registered anywhere....he said, "Tell them at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and Outdoor Gun." (See what depl*yments do to our brave men and women!)

I found Abigail and Elizabeth sitting on the counter where Abi was letting Elizabeth "do her make-up". Abigail said she will never speak to me again if I post these.....not to worry....she'll forgive me eventually.
Applying foundation...Following it up with some lipstick.....
Now rub your lips like this....

Tyler also said to tell everyone that he and Emma appear close in pictures because he is trying to keep the young gentlmen who have discovered his beautiful sister at an arms length. He is kidding, he and Emma have always been really close. Not sure why, but they both have similiar temperaments and have lots of fun laughing together.

All the big kids have gone off to do something so I decided to clean out cupboards. (I know, son's getting married in 2 days, but seriously those cupboards were driving me crazy!) Well Elizabeth, Isaiah and Liberty were coloring on the floor. I went to our room for just a minute and Liberty came to tell me that Elijah had emptied the can of spray oil on the floor. She was right. The full can is now empty and we are sliding around the room.

I grabbed a cloth to try to clean it up. I turned, while cleaning it up and here was what I now found our little boy-wonder doing....
Yes, that would be my two year old dynamo emptying a gallon jug of water on the floor. I am going to have to put my roller skates on to keep up with that boy!! He reminds me of Abi and Liberty - my two "curious and into everything other kids". It's not that the others didn't get into stuff, but Abi and Liberty gave me a run for my money...and now Elijah is following in his big sis's oily footsteps. Abi emptied a gallon of oil on my floor once-upon-a-time....

Trust your day at your home has been lots of fun too.....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Isaiah - Surgery

Yesterday I drove to Greeley with Isaiah and we saw Dr. Hatch. He is really, truly, one of most compassionate, gentle, and kind doctors I have ever met. He is so easy talk to. His staff is exceptionally kind.
Dr. Hatch has decided not to do Isaiah's surgery but instead has made an appointment for him to go to Iowa City to be seen by Dr. Ponsetti's protege. We will be driving 1200 miles after church on Sunday, thru the night to our appointment Monday morning. Surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.
Truthfully, I have never had any of my kids have to have surgery. Dw and myself have had several surgeries since we have been married.....some very serious (like Dw's heart surgery), but this event is unchartered water for us.
Abi and Ryan arrived in the middle night, not long after I got home from Greeley. The house is happily crowded and crazy. Ryan's family has been hanging out with us today. Lots of laughs and lots of food and lots of fun.

The wedding is Friday in the early evening. Saturday Dw's administrative assistant is getting married and Abi is the photographer for her. Sunday we are off to Iowa.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tyler's Home!!

Off to Greeley....leaving now!