Monday, August 31, 2009

Isaiah Walks Publicly at 5K Run for Orphans

Many years ago the Lord gave Dw a dream of people running/walking to raise money for the orphans of our world. Our first 5K for the orphans we actually started was Run for Hope as we pastored in Virginia.

This past week-end was our 2nd Annual 5K River Run for Orphans. People join in from anywhere and work at getting sponsorships. One hundred percent of the money is put toward whatever orphanage the person raising it wants it to go to. Last year our church alone sent checks to Bill & Lynsay's work in Ch*na, some to Bernie & Bennet in India and also to African Hearts. It was awesome!!

Last year, being our first year, we were thrilled that the entire event raised over $8,000.00.

And ya' know what happened this year? You know how it is a recession, etc. and people are holding onto their money? Well, the total event raised over $22,000.00 - - - all to go to orphans around the world!! Yippee Jesus!!

I wasn't able to get a picture of Graham....he is pretty shy (and doesn't enjoy my pulling my camera out)....but he placed early (he loves to run).....

It is a 5K and it starts with a little race for little ones.....Elizabeth did all the laps... starting on Sweet Liberty's back....Then walkin' hand in hand with her handsome daddy-man!

Daddy needed to save his strength, so Miss Jinny walked happily with her....Anna, Destini, & EmmaOver 190 runners/walkers....and it was a perfectly gorgeous day!! But the brightest highlight, by far, was when Isaiah wanted to get out of the wheelchair/stroller he was in to cross the finish line himself. He knows why we do the 5K...and he could be heard thanking people that were passing us on their way back to the finish line (as pushing the strollers we were much slower than everyone else) don't want to miss this video we uploaded to You Tube of our precious treasure walking publicly for the first time....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Winner's Memorial Boxes

I wanted to show you guys the prizes from the Memorial Box will give you an idea of what can be used for a Memorial Box....really - ANYTHING!!
They each picked their own out....I am so excited!! I can't wait till tomorrow to unveil the new Memorial Box Monday thingy. Erica who made it for me - without me even asking.....
Yippee Jesus!!!

Tina's 1st prize
Sandee's 2nd prize

Karin's 3rd prize

Go Team!

We went to our high school football game with some of our crazy-fun friends, Martin, Kim and one of their daughter's, Jadyn. We actually can see their home from ours in this rental. They WON!! Trust me, that was miraculous! We were goin' bananas screaming as the victory was gained!! Who doesn't love the underdog, who-hasn't-basically-won-a-game-in-eternity, winning??

That's Jadyn with the kids....Isaiah & Elizabeth have gotten to be buddies....Licorice is a must at a football game...

Dw & his friend, Martin, always making Kim & I laugh....actually before Tyler joined the military he used to work for Martin...(they were giving me the "cool" look) Oh my - so very cool...=)

Kim & MartinAnyone else out there love a great football game? Whether it's high school, college or professional? We LOVE football at our house!!

Potty Training or Something Like That

When Elijah & Elizabeth came with me home from Africa last December, Elizabeth was basically potty-trained. A few accidents here and there, but she was doing great!

Of course, less than 4 weeks later the fire happened, she regressed and it all went out the window. I didn't push it, frankly, I had plenty to be concerned about without worrying about that.....

Months passed and she started mentioning, albeit occasionally, that she wanted to get up on that potty. And when she did, she would 'do her thing' (most of the time).

This summer we found two potty seats at a yard sale. Matching. Perfect. Elijah loved using it occasionally, as well. In Africa they were made to sit on them at least 3 times a day, so he knew what he was supposed to do.

Elizabeth & Elijah's second most favorite part of the potty training experience is the prized M&M or chocolate chips after they "produce results"....but their very most favorite part is getting to dump their treasure in the big potty. I'm sure we can all imagine the thrill, or not.

I was laughing outloud to myself the other day as I realized: here I am 50 years old and on any given day you can hear me saying in a rather freakin' out voice (reaching decibals I didn't know existed) as Elijah is fighting Elizabeth for her potty bowl (cause he wants to be the one to dump it), "It's her pee-pee, it's her pee-pee, it's her pee-pee!" As I try to pry the potty bowl containing the treasure from both of their ever-so-tightly gripping fingers.

One day Elizabeth showed up in the hallway with her "prized" we could all clap....(and yeah, that would be winter boots coordinating with her outfit - cause a girl wants to do what a girl wants to do!). You go girl! We would never want to miss your special prize!!

So are the two potty-trained? LOL I'm guessing about the same time pigs fly. In the meantime, every few days, I break-up fights over whose potty bowl it actually they duke it out to dump their treasures.......

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday's Update from our Home

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Emma and I just returned from a really, really long bike ride. I need to go measure it, but it had to be 2,000 miles, okay, not really. Maybe 6? We had a blast!! Our area is very hilly/mountainy and these 50 year old legs had a super fun time heading downhill *wheeeee*.....but my-oh-my uphill - yeah, I tried, I really, really did......but they gave up.
Here's how it sits today with our sweet Jubilee. Our homestudy agency (Ch*nese Children) and our agency (A Helping Hand) for Jubilee have been doing phone conferences and they decided to just go ahead and submit the paperwork to Immigration anyway. (Holly, you suggested that very thing and at the same time that's what they were deciding!! Talk about being on the right track girl!)
So we will wait and see what happens. While we wait, please keep praying with us! xo
PS .....Tomorrow will be a much funner post - Promise! =) The babies have been up to all kinds of stuff....with that potty training thing. Oh, and Tina has picked her box. Next it's Sandee's turn. I'll try to show you Tina's tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grateful/Thankful Thursday - Some Thoughts

Kind of funny, don't you think, how Grateful/Thankful Thursday seems to come at such strategic times in my life.

Yesterday we heard that Ch*na had withdrawn their approval of us to be Jubilee's parents. Today is Grateful/Thankful Thursday.

A few months back, on a Wednesday, our home was destroyed by fire. The very next day, being a Thursday, was Grateful/Thankful Thursday.

I am reminded that we are to be grateful/thankful in ALL circumstances, because this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning me/us.

Even as a young girl that verse troubled me. In All circumstances? I mean, come on Lord, really? ALL? I wondered about it for years.

Every year I meditate on a different verse for the entire year. Sometimes it is just a phrase. Sometimes it is a whole verse. I ask God to melt it into my heart, making my heart beat to His, so that I can understand Him and His will for me.

A few years ago I meditated on this very verse, "In everything give thanks for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus, concerning you." (I Thes. 5:18)

You wouldn't believe the stuff that happened that year. Wow! And each time I would say, "Even this?" To which the answer was always, "Yes, this too." And I would audibly say, "I give thanks for such-n-such because this is your will for me."

That year was a good learning curve. So yesterday when I heard this news, I knew that God was still working and that inspite of it all, I needed to give thanks. True thanks. I may not understand. Infact, that's a given. I definitely don't understand. But I know intimately the One that does.

When Ch*na said, "no" to Isaiah after giving us pre-approval, the Lord showed me this verse, "He who hopes in Him will not be disappointed." (Is. 49:23)

Because of God's faithfulness and miraculous movement on the government of Ch*na during Isaiah's adoption we are confident that He can do it again. Infact I am confident that He WILL do it again. I am trusting Him, and according to His word, I will not be disappointed.

When we were naming Jubilee, we could not come up with a middle name for anything. We tried everything, it just didn't sound right. I was upstairs in our bedroom in our little log home and I had just got down on my knees and said, "Come on Lord, we need a middle name for her, please speak." And instantly, out of nowhere, in an almost audible voice, "Promise." We loved it. It fit perfectly. She had been a Promise to me about 10 years prior. Here's what I journaled about her that day. I just had no clue the double significance (completely prophetic) of her middle name - until yesterday.

So today, I am grateful/thankful for those of you who are standing with us.....being our Aaron and Hur - holding up our arms through this very spiritual battle. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am grateful/thankful for the Promises of God....His living word, so alive today....His promises that we can cling to, for He is completely faithful. Never for even a moment in time has He removed His faithfulness. He is our friend. Completely faithful. Totally trustworthy. Rock steady. Able to move foreign governments. Able to change c*mmunist hearts. Able to bring a Promise home.

Thank you Sarah for this:

The Lord answer you in the day of trouble! The name of the God of Jacob protect you! May he send you help from the sanctuary, and give you support from Zion. May he remember all your offerings, and regard with favor your burnt sacrifices. May he grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill all your plans. May we shout for joy over your victory, and in the name of our God set up our banners. May the Lord fulfill all your petitions. Now I know that the Lord will help his anointed; he will answer him from his holy heaven with mighty victories by his right hand. Some take pride in chariots, and some in horses, but our pride is in the name of the Lord our God. They will collapse and fall, but we shall rise and stand upright. Give victory to the king, O Lord; answer us when we call. Psalm 20

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Would You Please Pray and/or Fast With Us?

Sweet friends we need your help, please.

It is a long story, which I cannot go into, but due to circumstances that were completely out of our control we have not been able to file our paperwork with immigration. (It is near done, but not quite.)

This morning, while grocery shopping I received a phone call from our agency. They had just received word that Ch*na was troubled by the length of time it has taken for our paperwork to get to Immigration, thus they are withdrawing their acceptance of us as Jubilee's parents. Meaning, we no longer have permission from Ch*na to adopt Jubilee.

I asked our agency what do we do now and they said, "We don't know. Ch*na has never done this before." Of course it hasn't.

Dw and I are grieved, have been crying, and are petitioning the Lord. We believe that one reason we have this blog and you bloggy friends is to join together "for such a time as this." If you think you cannot believe all the things that have happened to us this year, trust me, we cannot either.

Jubilee is our daughter. She has been our daughter for 18 months as we have dreamed about her, bought things for her and prayed for her. She will be 8 the day after Christmas. She needs to come home. She needs to come home now.

We need a mountain moved, a miracle to happen and great favor to be issued. We are asking God to move on the Ch*nese Government and rescind that decision and allow us to proceed - we are about 2 days from ready to send it.
Hence, we turn to the Almighty-God of the Universe, who we refer to as the Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God....He is the ONLY one able to move this mountain.
Would any of you be willing to pray and/or fast with us tomorrow, Thursday, August 26, 2009? Please pray for Jubilee's protection as well. There is no doubt that things are going on in the supernatural.
PS PLease ask any prayer warrior or prayer chain to pray - please? And feel free to post it on your blog.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Super Sweet Giveaway - From My Daughter Abigail

As most of you know, our oldest daughter, Abi, is a very God-given talented photographer. She started her business a few years ago and now flies around the country doing photo shoots and weddings for folks. She will often call me and say, "I'm in such-n-such airport waiting for my next flight to so-n-so, I have a wedding there this week-end."

(Which reminds me, if you are looking for a photographer, look no is her photography website.)
Here's a picture she did of our Tyler & Sarah's wedding in June.
Anyway, Abi asked me the other day if I would mention on my blog her giveaway from her blog. She thought that one of my bloggy friends might just be able to help her out with it. When I read the post she had written I started to cry. You might too. She has extended the deadline to September ignore the date in the post.

As I type this, she and her sweet hubby, Ryan (who happens to be my most-favoritest son-in-love ever) literally are starting the truck and moving to the San Francisco area. They have lived in that delightful little cottage outside LA for 3-1/2 years. I asked Abi if she was having a hard time leaving it? We have such wonderful memories of our Thanksgiving there last year, and frankly, I'm having a hard time she's leaving it. What is it with saying good-bye to comfy/cozy homes?? ugh.

Anyway, today they embark on a new adventure and drive their loaded moving truck away. In the meantime, maybe you can help with her giveaway. Abi's email address is:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Memorial Box Monday - What Are You Talking About Anyway?

It was amazing fun to find 10 Memorial Boxes for some of our sweet bloggy friends. As soon as I can get pictures taken of them all I will send the pictures to Tina for her first choice (hopefully later today).

Recently I have had several questions about the Memorial Box and I thought I would take this Monday to answer those.

Question: I have no clue what to put in my Memorial Box, if I even had one.

Answer: If you are having trouble remembering specific times where God showed up, pray and ask the Lord to remind you of His direct intervention in your life or the life of your family. He will remind you....because He wants you to remember!

Question: What if I can't figure out what kind of symbol to use once I remember a story?

Answer: Ask the Lord, ask your family or ask your bloggy friends!!

In our Memorial Box we have things like:

  • a plastic mountain lion symbolizing my encounter with a mountain lion just feet from me a couple of years ago

  • a teeny rubber duck reminding us of the time the Lord gave us a swimming pool from "around the corner"

  • a small plastic shark reminding us of the time the Lord spared my life when a shark bumped into me in the Atlantic Ocean

  • a bookmark with the word "Alaska" on it representing a free cruise the Lord provided at a much needed time

  • a heart monitor lead from Emma's heart monitor when God spared her life as she was dying in my arms

  • a broken watch to remind us of how God provided a watch on the way to Africa

  • a cancelled check from a sweet donation when we were waiting for our Isaiah to come home

  • a tiny red Radio Flyer wagon representing God's healing in my life from the pain of childhood abuse in every form

  • a Tony the Tiger representing a prophetic dream Dw had that both Elijah and Elizabeth were coming home

  • a rooster reminding us of God's deep love for us - even a rooster named Ezra....

That's just a few. There have been several stories since our home was destroyed by fire and we have not even gathered those things.

Question: Why do you do this? Aren't you busy enough?

Answer: Sweet friends, we MUST remember God's faithfulness. There may come a day when we are not allowed the religious freedom we currently enjoy (and oft take for granted)...but we can always remember the stories....and we can tell our children over and over so they not only remember but form the habit of expecting God's faithfulness on a daily basis.

Question: Why should we do this?

Answer: Because God wants us to remember so that we build our faith. When I hear stories of how God showed up for someone, my faith is built - so is yours!! We tell each other of these miracles to remind us that they are not just for days of old, but for today also!! They encourage us and give us confidence that He will, once again, show up!!

Question: I haven't found a box yet.

Answer: No problem!! Keep the mean time gather things that remind you of God's faithfulness over the years. You can use anything: a shelf, an actual box, a box the hangs.....

When I was searching for Memorial Boxes for the giveaway I found old antique sewing drawers from a pedal machine. These boxes, turned on their sides are the perfect cubbies to start a Memorial Box with. When your collection grows you begin to search for a new Memorial Box.

We had a small one that we started with many years ago. We graduated to a larger one. Both were lost in the fire. We now have found a new one, bigger still!!!!

Lastly, Erica, a new sweet bloggy friend surprised me with a Memorial Box Monday thingy for the sidebar to link friends with A Place Called Simplicity. We are still 'tweaking' what it looks like, but it should be available in the next few days. I am just so tickled. I didn't know Erica until she wrote a few days ago saying she had been working on a Memorial Box Monday button for my blog. How sweet is that? I opened the attachment and there it was, with our little log home as its backdrop. I covered my mouth, gasped and started to cry. Yes, the perfect Memorial Monday backdrop....reminding me everytime I see it, how the Angel of the Lord spared our lives, by just 5 minutes(!), this past January.

And that is precisely why we have Memorials!! Yippee Jesus!!

What has He done for you???? xo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

And the Winner Is................

Months ago we started a Memorial Box giveaway. If you do not know what a Memorial Box is, please read about it here. Brief synopsis: God told the Isrealites to build a stone memorial symbolizing different times God had rescued or provided for His children.

A Memorial Box today is a box, shelf or cabinet used which stores little symbols of instances when God has miraculously provided for you and/or your family. The idea is to tell your children the stories over and over to remind them (and you!) of God's mighty faithfulness.

We have had a Memorial Box for many years. On most Monday's I tell another story from our Memorial Box. Not long after our home burned down I thought that as I searched for a new Memorial Box for our home, why not search for one for one of my sweet bloggy friends?? Over the next months I offered a giveaway. One hundred and fifty-six (156!) of you entered to win one. (I have learned a lesson. Fifty years old and still learning lessons, what exactly is up with that?? Next time have people sign up for a giveaway in ONE took an entire day to find all the entries.)

Anyway, as I searched for a Memorial Box for the giveaway I found not one, but I could award a first and second place...on that note.....

Drum roll......







10th place




9th Place


valerie in TX


8th Place




7th Place




6th Place




5th Place




4th place


Chris & Sarah


3rd Place

2nd Place

Emma thought it would be so fun to draw 2nd place with her snazzy toes....(teenagers!!)



Now you might be wondering ......what's the point of telling you which place all ten people were in when there were only two Memorial Boxes to give away?

Bear with me.....remember when heading home from Greeley 10 days ago I stopped somewhere that I had been dying to stop at? Yeah, well that place was an antique mall complete with 3,000 vendors and I had a blast...and I bought NINE more Memorial all 10 have won a Memorial Box. Can anyone say, "Yippee Jesus"?

When several of you wrote that you had never won anything I determined that ALL of you were going to way or another!!

Not all have doors, but each is unique and I love them all. After TINA picks the one she would like I will ask Sandee to pick next. From there on out I will probably just pick and mail. But I will post pictures of what each one received.

On an interesting I walked thru that GIGANTIC antique mall I had only found two Memorial Boxes. I prayed (outloud, but quietly)..."Okay Lord, I know that Memorial Boxes are your will. Each of these ladies is going to start to chronicle your handiwork in their I believe that finding these boxes is your will, so could you provide them right now?" And immediately I turned and saw 4 things that will work as Memorial Boxes. God you are sooooo stinkin' good to me!!!!! Yippee Jesus!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our New Kitchen is Coming Together!

I have to say, I was so tickled by all your enthusiasm for our "new" kitchen. It warmed our hearts - for sure!! I can tell that many of you prayed for our hearts, because we have a new spring in our step about the new house. Yippee Jesus!!
Anyway, yesterday we settled on exactly what we are doing.....

We bought the Hoosier....We bought the pie safe.....Then Dw & I took headed to Farmington for our Friday date and found this Hoosier...different then the other one, but painted!! The bottom drawers have the rounded fun!!! I was so thrilled as I LOVE painted we bought this one too...And we found this table too....I will have this in lieu of the dry sink. I just love that it's painted also....The piece on top is separate and we did not buy that top piece. It will just be the white table along the "counter" run.

There will be a few traditional cabinets in the mix because we need a place for a sink and a dishwasher....oh my, it's going to be suh-weet!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Should A Single Woman Adopt?

It's 2:10 AM and I have not been able to sleep. 
 I knew this question was churning all day 
in my heart for a reason!! This question has come
 up so many times, and even more so with 
the post the other day about our treasure Elizabeth, 
that I just had to address it publicly.

I am thrilled that so many are wondering and 
praying and asking.

Here's my thoughts.....

I have often heard people say, "I am praying to see
 if this is the Lord's will for me. I have such a 
desire to adopt, but I am single."

There are two concerns that come to mind with this question:

1. Is it God's will?

2. But I'm single...

Whether it's about adoption or really anything else - 
when praying about "God's will" we must first
 find out if it in any way contradicts with scripture. 
If it does, then it is most definitely NOT God's will.

When this applies to adoption, the question should be.....
"Is there anywhere in scripture where God says, 
"Do NOT care for the orphans"?"

Of course there is NOT!! 

Almighty God says there
 are two things that show true religion: 

{1} caring for the orphan 
{2} caring for the widow.

There is not one place in scripture that I am aware of 
that God says, "You are single, sit back and take 
it easy, the care of the orphans is only for them-thar 
married folk."

Not a chance!!

The Lord has one definition of "true religion":

"Caring for the orphan and widow"
James 1:27

He did NOT say that pure religion was being a: 
pastor; staff pastor; Bible college employee; 
Sunday School teacher; world evangelist; prophet; 
deacon; elder a nice person or anything else.....

He simply said: 

show me you love me by caring 
for the orphans and widows.

Okay, so now is it God's will that single people 
{specifically} care for them. At the risk of sounding silly: 
How could something that is clearly God's heart 
not be His will for you?

I tend to think that people who struggle with this question
 are truly struggling with this: 

I want this so bad, I must not be worthy of it. 

{And that would be a lie from the pit of hell.}

Sweet bloggy friends: God has given you ONE life to live. 
It is only to be lived for Him. If it is lived for Him, 
He will one day say, "Well done thou good and 
faithful servant." It is not to be lived to please 
yourself but to please Him and only Him.
So how could God's will be different for you just 
because you are single?

It isn't.

It is the same.

We are to live to please Him by taking care of orphans, caring for the widows, serving the poor, giving our things away, living to meet the needs of others not our own personal wants.

If you are looking for permission to adopt - here it is:

God's word says to do it! 

He does not have one standard for married people 
and one standard for the single person. 

In fact you are in a better position! I hear from many 
married folks whose heart wants desperately
 to adopt yet their spouse says, "not a chance". 
{To which I say: fast and pray for a change in 
your spouses heart, but don't tell them you 
are fasting for that reason.}

The other day I was downtown with Dw. Infact, come 
to think of it, it was our anniversary. We had some 
time to waste as we were waiting for our dinner 
reservation time. We went in a little shop and 
there was a sign for sale.
 It struck me funny. 
You have to remember we have been
 happily married for 31 years 
{to the day}.....
but that sign said:

Any woman wanting a husband has obviously never had one

I laughed when I read it. I am a counselor by trade. 
I have talked to a bazillion ladies who are so 
unhappy with their husbands. And I have talked 
to more than my share of women who were once 
single and thought that happiness would come 
when they found that perfect man. Only thing is 
that that perfect man doesn't exist. And today, 
there are even fewer Godly men in existence.

You can wait for that perfect man and waste valuable 
years that could have been spent raising precious 
little ones in desperate need of a mommy. 
Two parent homes are thought by many to be ideal, but really....who says that has to be? 

Ever asked an orphan?

"Ummmmm, excuse me. I am single. I want to be a mommy...
but I am waiting for a daddy...
so in the meantime you sit there and enjoy
 that orphanage....cause I'm sure you'd rather 
be one of 400 kids....with no one to kiss your boo-boos
 or listen to your dreams while I sit over 
here waiting for Mr. Right."

Yeah, I don't think so.

There are kids all over this world who are longing 
for someone to say, "You are mine and we're in this
 together. We may not have a daddy at the moment 
{or maybe ever}, but we will let God be your daddy 
and I will be your mommy, and by the way 
He happens to be a really cool daddy, infact He
 is the only Perfect Daddy."

Here are some kids that you could pose that question to:

Would you rather have just a mommy and not a daddy

Would you rather wait, hope, dream that someday a mommy & daddy come for you?

I applaud the courage of some of my sweet bloggy
 friends like: Carol {in northern Colorado}, Sandee, 
 and Nancy.....just a few of the women who have said, 
"I am not married, but I can be a great mom and 
I'm not waiting for a husband to do that. I will care 
for the orphan because that's God's will for all of us!" 
 You guys have my utmost respect - may God pours
 heaps of blessings on you and your children!!

So maybe you're still not convinced......take time to 
fast and pray and study scripture.....just for starters
 take a look at these folks.....

Esther....who God used to protect the Jewish nation 
from certain impending death....Esther was raised by her 
uncle...and there is never a mention of an aunt. 
 (Doesn't mean there wasn't an aunt,
 but she obviously wasn't very important to the story.)
Or how about Moses......drawn out of the water and 
eventually lived with Pharoah's daughter....
never a mention of Pharoah's daughter's husband....
(Doesn't mean there wasn't one, but he obviously 
wasn't very important to the story.)

And on that note....I am 100% convinced that
 single women should adopt.
I am 100% convinced that it is God's heart.

I am 100% convinced that He will meet every single
 need each one has as they are in the process
 and throughout raising each child.

I am 100% convinced that God has a child 
in mind for each of you who are willing to say, 
"Okay, I'm going for it!"

I am 100% convinced that the body of Christ has been called
 to partner with singles who adopt to make
 their road smoother.

I am 100% convinced that there are kids all
 around this world wondering and praying and 
begging God if there couldn't possibly be 
a mommy out there for them?

I am 100% that you will make a great mommy!

I am 100% convinced that His plan for you is NOW!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful/Grateful Thursday

Thankful and grateful for all your prayers for Autumn. She and Dw saw a doctor there at Mayo for a whopping 30 minutes and were sent home to return in a couple of weeks for yet another appointment. *sigh* Autumn was very discouraged, which is pretty understandable.

Thankful and grateful that this week-end the River church is having a free yard sale in our community. I have been at the church all day working on it.

Thankful and grateful for the comments and emails after yesterday's post about Elizabeth. I have written all day (in my head) another post in response to your questions. If I have insomnia tonight, it will probably be up tomorrow. =)

Thankful and grateful that this week-end we are giving away the Memorial Boxes. *giggle* Yippee Jesus!! Can't wait!!! Stay tuned!!! xo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Elizabeth was just in the shower. I had come to the kitchen to tell some of the other kids something. I heard her start to cry. I had just been in there...weird! So I ran to see what was wrong. She had cut her thumb on the remains of the shower door stuck in the hinge (that shattered just before we left for Iowa). I had not seen the sharp glass over these last weeks. I felt horrible.

I gently picked her up in the towel and laid her on our bed to dress her. I snuggled with her and held her close. I told her how much I loved her and that I was so thankful that I could be her mommy. I told her how I loved to be the one to fix her cuts, scrapes and sores and I told her how sorry I was that I had not seen the sharp glass stuck in the hinge.

I paused. I said, "Elizabeth, who would fix your cuts at the orphanage?" She thought for a moment and said, "Me. I fix myself."

Her little three-year-old words stung my heart. Millions of kids around the world fixing their own cuts, with no mommy to love on them. No one to really care. No one to pause and say, "you matter to me." Millions of little Elizabeths. Trying to figure out life all by themself. Waiting. Hoping. Dreaming.

And that would be precisely why Dw and I and so many of you have answered the call. Because we know that every little girl and boy needs to have a family. Every little one. No exceptions.

Could you be someone who is feeling the tug? Could you be someone who needs an Elizabeth? Could there be an Elizabeth that needs you?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Guys Were Praying - Look at What We MIGHT Do

Thank you to all who posted such sweet comments yesterday. Thank you for hearing my heart. For those who have experienced great loss (in whatever form) it is easier to understand another's loss (to at least a degree). Never would I compare our home loss and all its contents to that of losing a child or husband, but nonetheless a profound loss and lots of emotions to work through.

Obviously you guys prayed even harder after yesterday's post. Although Dw didn't like the barnwood's really very good. Thank you to all who prayed and those who posted comments - I cried through some of them.....

After reading yesterday's post, Jensine, a sweet bloggy friend, wrote to me on Facebook and suggested I look at what she and her hubby had just done in their home. I popped on and gasped! Yes, that is exactly the look I love, love, love!!

Here's Jensine's kitchen:

Isn't it darling? Cozy, simple, homey, old farmhouse look....oh my!!!!

Dw and I had been to the local antique mall last week on his day off and we had found three pieces we loved. We just didn't know how to make them work. But after seeing Jensine's kitchen we think we would love to have each of them in our kitchen, in lieu of cabinets. We would still have some cabinets to accomodate our sink and dishwasher, but.....check out these three pieces....

A dry sink with a copper top....

A gorgeous hoosier.....

Dw just loves this pie safe....

Can you picture it? Wouldn't it be sweet? We think it would take our new home and personalize it giving it that old look...and hopefully say, "simple, homey, comfy, cozy....perfect!!" Whatdaya think??

Monday, August 17, 2009

A few Thoughts & Autumn

I was asked recently why I had not posted pictures of the new house going up? Hmmmm. Good question. I had to ponder that whole thought, because you're right, normally, I would have posted pictures long before now.
So I have prayed, thought and pondered. I guess it boils down to this: I/We have been really sad (still!)about the log home. Maybe that doesn't really make sense to anyone, but we can't negate how we feel. We miss our home. We think it is yuky that we can't walk back in ....ever!
The kids feel the same. We miss the countryside. We miss that it is summer and we have lived in a concrete jungle throughout it this year. Maybe it sounds "babyish" to have such feelings, but you guys promised I could be truthful and share my heart. I have to say, I don't feel like I am complaining, just sad. Very sad. We loved that simple little log home.
We have not taken our friends to see the house being built. Some have gone when we aren't there to look at it, and that's an entirely different thought. We finally put up a gate with a little lock. Although I share our lives on this blog, I still get to decide when/how/what/how much of our lives to share. Wandering through our home, when we are not there, just makes us feel a bit more violated and the fire already had a way of doing that too.
I also loved that our little log home was tucked away. I know I wrote about that on a few occasions. People had a difficult time finding it, especially since it had a long lane. Now anyone who paid attention to the paper around our fire knows exactly where it was. That's a bit unnerving to me. And now that it is being rebuilt, it stands out like a sore thumb from the roads in the distance. That kind of creeps me out now too.
We are completely confident that God, in His great faithfulness, allowed the fire and all that that we will praise Him inspite of it...but we will be honest about the thoughts still rumbling around.
Then there is the whole question of what to put in the new one? What type of cabinets, etc? I have prayed, looked, pondered and prayed more. I finally thought, 'Okay, we had just remodeled the log home before the fire, I will just do the same cupboards." I mentioned it to Emma and she said, "Ohhh mom, that's creepy." I understood what she was saying and I have to hear her heart. And yes, maybe that doesn't make sense to anyone else either.
So really, if we should come to mind please pray for wisdom and continued healing from it all. That we could process and, yes, even pick out cabinets!!
On an interesting note, I spent 3 hours this AM at Home Depot laying out a cabinet plan, only to drive home and be drawn to a used furniture shop. I had seen a little cabinet that hung on the wall and wanted to see if they had anything that might strike me. It turns out that the cabinet was made by the man behind the counter and he does kitchens - out of old barn wood and stuff like that! I was kind of giddy talking to him. I explained that our family is anything but "average" in our lives and so I just didn't want an average kitchen that is brought to you by an average cabinet company....I think I would love one of old wood that is worn with weather and age......simple....just plain simple.......that to me screams, "linny".....
Of course I called Dw, who was in an appointment and so when he called me back he heard my idea....old rustic kitchen. He thinks I am out of my mind, but is willing to look at the cabinet the man made.
That's the first excitement for me in picking out stuff for the house. We'll see.
Lord willing, I will be comfortable showing you pictures of the house soon.

Autumn is leaving tomorrow with daddy to go to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Your continued prayers for her are appreciated. Rumor is that they will do surgery. That is only a rumor from the doc in Albuquerque. Rumor also is that they will do it sooner than later. If they were to decide to do it quickly, I will head there asap.
I haven't forgotten about the giveaway. Just a few kinks to work out and we will announce the winners soon. Promise!!
Emma is still really sick so I am taking her to the doctors this afternoon. We need her well!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Other Day at the Lake

Recently we were able to snag some summer warmth and family fun by heading to a nearby lake for a day. The day was beautiful and we made some great memories.

Brothers Forever...Graham is Isaiah's Hero....
Chips and Dip!! Josh Came with Us.....We think He must Just really Enjoy Hanging Around Dw & I....It Couldn't Possibly Be that He is Enjoying Our Just-Turned-16-Year-Old-Who-Can-Now-Date, Could it??Our Beautiful Liberty Anna....Such a sweet spiritOur Tree-HuggerDown to the Water to PlayThis is CRAZY!! I've never Been to a Lake Before....What Exactly Are We Supposed to Do With All This Water???OHHHHH! Chucks Off, Shorts Off, Feet In....Splashing......Throwing Rocks....Now Shirt's Off Too... Feed the Duck Going By...
Find a Rock of My Own,...Throw It in..... Whooooa! That's so Weird - It Splashed!!
And the Mud feels All Squishy-Like.....


Not to fret, I haven't forgot that we have to announce our Memorial Box giveaway winners. I grin thinking about it.....oh yeah, not to worry. But for the moment, Emma is still very sick and we have a few friends arriving in a few minutes to join us for a

Casts-Off party!!

....complete with treasure hunt and Spiderman accessories. Isaiah can hardly stand it, he is so tickled.

I will be sharing my heart soon about some other things's all rumbling around in my noggin....and it needs a-comin' out....... =) xo