Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti's Orphans

Sweet friends, I received another email from my friend Susan a few minutes ago. She lives here in our town and both she and her husband are doctors. As we all know, there are many, many, many families waiting for kids from Haiti. One blog friend, Amy, is trying to get her daughter home. The media doesn't always have the most up-to-date information, so here it is - first hand from Susan (a mom trying to get two kids out)....

Please call your congressman now!!

Orphanages are out of water and food; New Life Link ran out of food last night. There are numerous cases of looting orphanages in PAP.

WE have made some progress: Haiti has agreed to release our children, Janet Napalitano will grant humanitarian parole and there are planes/ and a secure location with food/medical equipment/hospital stateside that we can use. BUT the U.S. government has NOT granted evacuation and security. Everything else is IN PLACE for these kids.
We need the federal govt (USAID) Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) to approve our childrens evacuation NOW.

A sample of the point we need to make are:

Hello, my name is…

I know that many Members of Congress continue to support efforts on behalf of Haiti’s orphaned children. I extend my thanks to the Congressman/Senator.
I am calling because…
We need your help to get the orphans out of Haiti safely.
Water, food and medicine are running out.
Gangs have looted some of the orphanages and even travel is not safe for the children.
The Department of Homeland security has granted humanitarian parole, but it is only the first step.
The devastation from the earthquake is vast and the orphan's safety - and even life - is at risk.
Joint Council on International Children’s Services, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and a team of congressional offices and relief organizations are working to coordinate a staging and housing center to provide:
Physical safety
A Staging Center for USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to process humanitarian parole
The groups working to launch the staging and housing center already have most of what the children need.
But they do not have
Security to protect the children and supplies from the gangs
Transportation to bring the children into this safe haven

We are asking that (name of Member of Congress) personally call:
Secretary of State Clinton, and
Dr. Shah, Administrator Designate at USAID
And specifically request that they authorize security forces be sent to the offered staging center and assist in the extraction and transport of these children from their orphanages to the staging center. All other pieces of a successful operation of this staging center are currently in place, but all hinge on this authorization of security and transport.

If this security does not reach the site within 24 hours, children being adopted and many other children will continue to suffer and may in fact not live long enough to be united with my family and the other 300 U.S. families. Please help! Thank you very much.

If the Member of Congress needs more information, please have them contact:

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute

The Joint Council on International Children’s Services

PS The picture above is of Susan's daughter that they found on a clip that MSNBC aired...she was sleeping on a street in Port au Prince with the others from her orphanage....
oh sweet Jesus, lover and defender of the orphan, Father to the fatherless, please provide a rescue NOW for all the orphans in Haiti....please allow us to be your hands and feet....while the window of opportunity is still open....

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  1. I emailed my congressman! I love your blog. I have been reading it for hours...God is SO AWESOME!


  2. my heart is breaking. please Lord Jesus get these children home!!

  3. 53 orphans arrived in Pittsburgh, PA this morning and were being checked out at the Children's hospital there. The news said that they were expecting many of them to be officially adopted by this evening as their families were on their way to get them. It sounded like only 10 or 15 of the kids did not have adoptions in progress but they already had families fighting over fostering them. So some good news although I know there are many more waiting children in Haiti.

  4. You just made what is going on in Haiti so very personal. I havent been able to watch the news because we are going through our own pain and grief of a possibly failed adoption. Things continue to fall apart with us bringing our little one home. Thank you for reminding me of how personal it really is.

  5. PS- I just copied and pasted the blue onto an e-mail to send out to all my contacts. God bless!

  6. Thanks for all the information. I'll get in touch with my congressman. :) I linked your post to my blog, I hope that is okay.

  7. Linny,
    tomorrow I will notify the people you listed on this blog. My cousin Amy is waiting for news from USCIS about their daughter in China. they should hear something soon, I pray.
    Anyway, I have attached a story that I watched today online about this family from Iowa. They were able to go and get their daughter with the help of the gov. So, your friends in Co. should be able to have the same help.
    I am praying...God is moving is MOUNTAIN MOVING ways for people in Haiti....
    Sandy in NC


    5 HAITIAN ORPHANS ARRIVE IN US (Miami) -- And now for an update on the Haitian orphan girl being adopted by Matt and Mandy Poulter: Holding out hope she and the other 8 children at the orphanage survived, the Poulter's concerns vanished when they received a phone call from ABC News correspondent Robin Roberts - they'd found the children all safe and sound.

    This (Tuesday) morning, ABC aired an update with Mandy Poulter, showing viewers yesterday's (Monday's) reunion with thier daughter as they walked in the gate of the Haiti orphange.

    The Poulters arrived in Miami with little Maya and the other four children going to their adoptive families in Pella. Four additional children there await approval from their government to enter the United States Homeland Security act enabling them to enter the country as refugees.

    To see ABC's report, click here.

    They are scheduled to land at 8:15 tonight in Pella - coming in on the Pella Corporation's jet.

  8. Emails sent to my Congressman and Senators. Will call tomorrow. Praying. What a situation...it is heartbreaking! Please Lord hear our prayers and help our government officials to act immediately to save those precious children and those who are caring for them!!

  9. Just sent an email to Pennsylvania Congressman Gerlach! Wish I could go to Haiti and bring them back myself :(

  10. I can not stop thinking about Haiti. I can not stop praying for Haiti. I can not stop giving. I can not stop wanting to be there to hold hands, show love, provide food. Praying hard and taking as much action as possible. Thanks for the links!

  11. This just breaks my heart. Our government has been very slow as well. Our family continues to pray. I just heard this morning there have been more aftershocks. That is not good news. Hugs


    And, praying and praying and praying!!

    Linny! We cannot help but wonder if God is leading us to another child through this! WE ARE DONE adding to our family! Our quiver is FULL so PRAY that we will listen and DO what God wants us to do!!

  13. Linny,
    I would love to adopt a child from Haiti - How can we get these precious children out of there?

    We have a friend who is a Dr. on the ground there right now and our church has missionaries there - How is it that they could raise 400 million dollars in a weekend and the orphanages are out of food!!!!! It is heartbreaking - praying for their caregivers and that they would know Hope in Christ.

    How can we get food to these orphanages? Does anyone know the names of these orphanages?


  14. Just saw this news clip and thought you might be interested. God is working!


  15. I got an email from Sen. Mark Udall saying that he is committed to helping the Haitian orphans and the families in CO adopting them.

    "My staff and I are working around the clock and doing everything we can to help these children. If you, or anyone you know, are in the process of adopting a child from Haiti and need assistance, please contact my office at 877-768-3255."

  16. I e-mailed a few that I know to let them know we are i-800 ready. All background checks done and willing to foster/adopt a child in need. Just praying God will continue to work in our "waiting place".


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.