Friday, January 8, 2010

An Update & Hearing God's Voice - LOUD & CLEAR

The word of the Lord is right and true;
He is faithful in all He does.
Psalm 33:4
Thank you all for all the prayers and encouraging words yesterday. I thought many of you would like an update. It's long.
Brace yourself. I had to.
It goes like this:
After falling down the steps, going inside and discovering the water Dw called me immediately. I told him to call our insurance agent. He did. She is someone we know alittle and she has attended our church quite often. She wasn't there, but he did talk to someone.
Anyway, he called the landlord next. Well the landlord never called him back. Not Wednesday night and not all day Thursday. We wondered what was up. At the end of yesterday Dw called our insurance company again to try to talk to our agent.
She said that actually our landlord had already called and filed a claim.
Oh! Really? Oooookay!!????
Turns out he has the same insurance company as us. She explained how it works. We did have renters insurance. BUT the renters insurance only covers us for "x" days from the day we BEGAN to move out. We were TWO days OVER the designated number of days.
She then explained that this claim will go under our landlord's homeowner's insurance. Once they settle the case, his insurance company (who is also our insurance company) will sue us to recoup the money they just paid out to him.
Do you feel like throwing up now too?
Last night my mom had invited us for dinner and Dw was about to leave for Albuquerque to catch an early, early morning flight. He brought this news to my mom's hone where I had brought the kids to eat dinner. Dw and I went into my mom's bathroom and I just started to cry. I sobbed. I am weary. Sue us? Are you kidding me? I just couldn't stop crying. I just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Oh my stinkin' gracious.
Dw prayed with us about it all and had to leave. I sat at the table trying to eat over the lump in my throat. All the while Jubilee was on my right wiping the tears that just kept randomly dripping.
Dw had a four hour drive ahead of him. About 11:00 pm he finally pulled into a hotel near the airport and called me. He had gone to check in and found that his license was missing from his wallet. What? This has never happened before. He checked the truck. He checked everywhere he could. I looked around here at home. No where.
He called the airlines and they actually said he could still fly (without ID) but would have to go through more security he went to bed, exhausted and wondering, along with me, what in the world was going on. I didn't sleep all night. I couldn't. We are God-fearing, upright people, seeking to please the Lord. I hate, hate, HATE the thought of getting sued - and by our own insurance company (who just paid for our home to be built!!) I know, I know, "the rain falls on the just and the unjust...." But I'm about drowning Lord...(a little pun intended!)
When Dw woke up this morning he realized that he needed to call car companies to see if he could rent a car without a license. He will need to rent a car once he gets to New York to drive to his mom's home....he will need a license to drive around.....he just needs his license! He called several car rental companies and the answer was the can't rent a car without a license-in-hand.
He decided to drive home and try to figure out what to do. As he has been driving home today (he will now fly tomorrow) I was looking again, in the same spots I have already looked and found his license laying on the kitchen counter. HUH?
Now how our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God spoke:
Recently some of you have written and asked about how to hear God speak, and although that is another post for another day.....let me tell you that God did the midst of this storm....He spoke LOUD and CLEAR....
But first let me assure you - we don't understand this current storm.
Second, we are weary and this is a new nightmare as far as we're concerned.
Third, there is no way that Dw could do the repair work. Not a chance. Working on the house to get it ready for us to move in and save some of the costs? Yeah, almost did him in. He is turning 55. He pastors a large church. He has 10 kids. There is no way he could replace cupboards, floors, counter tops, etc. Besides if the landlord was a pill about an oil spot, he would not be a happy camper about anything Dw did. No doubt about all that.
Anyway, back to what God spoke in the midst....
So I had been sobbing in my mom's bathroom....Dw prayed and left....
in a few minutes my cell rang....
Dw called to say that he had turned around and was driving back to my moms to give Graham his skis that he had accidentally left in his truck. (Emma & Gray had been skiing all day with friends.) When Dw came back in to kiss me good-bye (just one more time - love it!)....he said, "Oh, Linny, someone sent this to you at the church." I said, "Who? What is it?" He told me to open it and find out. It was a little, tiny box that had been shipped from somewhere.
Okay, so this past Sunday 1/3/10, Dw preached a kick-butt sermon. Oh my gracious! You must listen to it off the computer here.
Anyway, while preaching he had mentioned that he had sort of blown it with my Christmas presents.....breaking the rules in our home: Never buy your wife something that plugs in. =) He had bought me an Ipod docking station to wake me up to worship music each morning. So sweet of him. Only thing was I don't have an Ipod. Haven't had one for year....lost it in the fire.
I know: His bad.
So here I am, 4 days after he preached that sermon, just hearing that we will be sued in the future......and I opened this present and inside was a beautiful Ipod Nano. I was dumbfounded. Obviously someone had heard his sermon on Sunday and sent it to me.
There was a little gift card. It said,
"Love Pastor Dw, Awesome sermon 1/3/10"
And on the back of the Nano it was engraved:
It had my name & Dw's cell number (in case it gets lost)
and it was signed:
But underneath that it said:
God's got your back.
I saw those words, just minutes after learning that it appears we are going to be sued...."God's got your back"and I start to bawl even more.
He's got my back.
He's got Dw's back.
Sweet friend: He's got your back!!!
He's got your spouse's back.

He's got your kids back - the ones in your home, out of your home, and waiting to come to your home.
And you know, it was only God that prompted anonymous to put that very phrase on the Ipod (Dw had used it repeatedly in his sermon), knowing that at the very moment I would be wondering where God was -- - He answered loud and clear!! And the timing? Wow! If I had gotten it the day before, not as significant as the very hour we learn that it appears we are going to be sued in the future.

67 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Linny,
    God is so awesome! He always gives us just what we need when we need it. I too have been struggling with something the Lord has laid before me and your message helped me as well. He has my back, has my husband's back and all our kids here and across the world. Thanks Linny for your blog. I will cont to pray for you and your family. Please pray for clear direction in a situation for myself as well.
    God is so awesome!

  2. I have been reading some heart wrenching blogs this afternoon and haven't even gotten teary eyed and I read your post and I do.. Thanks for your post.. My situation is nothing like yours AT ALL but I've been worrying over things and this is what I've needed to hear..

  3. ohwow...i just wish i could give you a hug right now with everything your going awesome that God gave you those words through the ipod gifter! He's got your back!

  4. I haven't posted on your blog in a bit, Linny; but I needed to tonigh. I needed to hear that God has our back. You see, my DH has lost his job. I was laid off from my work at home job as well. God moved a mountain and Joel got a job. But we haven't had any money coming in for about 2 months, with nothing in reserve. We are living on God's grace, and what people have given us. It's been a horrible time, and I have been incredibly depressedm, down, and scared. We had to move 2 years ago to KY for the job that Joel just lost, and our house in OH has never sold. So, we've been trying to juggle both payments, blah blah blah. Now, if it doesn't sell we will have to file bankruptcy. All while hoping to adopt again. I just don't understand, but thank you for the reminder t hat God does.

  5. Goosebumps. WOW.

    Great post - awesome faith-builder! I will be praying that something will happen with this whole lawsuit thing. Unbelieveable. But . . . God's got your back! Praise be to HIM!!!!

  6. OH, Linny how awesome. I love it when God speaks loud and clear like that.I always request that when I'm praying for the answer to something. Yes, I do request how God actually answers a prayer. Just so I don't miss the answer...I'm just saying.
    Anyway, He's got your back and there's no way he'd let you fall. Somehow it will all work out.
    As for your sweetness, Jubilee, wiping your tears! oh my goodness how amazing.

  7. Linny,
    I'm so very sorry that you are going through this - even though I don't comment often, your family is frequently in my thoughts and prayers.
    Praise God that HE has your back - couldn't ask for anything better!!

  8. Dear sweet friends,
    I have no idea what is going on, but I know that God is still good and He is still in control.
    There was a time when something happened to me that was a mistake...much like your water/flood situation that could have landed me being fact I was told I WOULD be sued...and maybe even go to jail...yeah....scared the snot out of me...and I didn't do anything WRONG- just forgot to do something when I sold a used car many many years ago....and that guy killed some people...under the influence of alcohol. Yeah. and guess who the car was traced to? Yep.
    Whew! I wasn't sued and I didn't go to jail and justice prevailed.
    Last year I sat in court while some person I have never met before spewed lies before a judge about my family and I was crushed...but God had a purpose and a plan and He has RESTORED and REDEEMED what the enemy stole from us during that trial!
    The enemy HATES what ya'll are doing...the living testimonies you are and the way you continue to glorify God...bring home orphans and teach them about their Savior.
    I am praying for you...that God will give you the strength and increased faith to endure this storm and that very soon you will see clearly what this was all about and clearly see the hand of God that WILL deliver you all UNHARMED from this trial. Praying that the news that you will be sued will show to be FALSE and that your WORSHIP will never cease despite all the threats. NO WEAPON formed against you will prosper in JESUS name!! I know, sometimes it FEELS like it's prospering. I really know. Standing on His promises for you!

  9. Wow!! I'm speachless and in awe of how God sends the right message at the right moment. I will keep you in my prayers as you go through this storm, but God is already on it, I love it!

  10. Oh Linny, I have just properly caught up (dashed in a few times before but wanted to leave a longer comment) after several months of traveling (Oct-Dec) and two bouts of horrendous horrendous flu! Most of my posts were automated/pre-set up (?) while traveling as I only had the internet 1 hr twice a week!

    I am sitting here in tears
    1. For how much you continue to go through
    2. For the adoption of sweet Jubilee who I've been praying for
    3. For you amazing faith
    4. Cross with myself for my lack of correspondence.

    I'm so sorry you are going through this, so sorry. I so thankful you and DW have each other and that you hear the Lord. I'll be praying about the insurance issue and continue to pray for Tyler's safety.

    What an amazing reminder that the Lord has your back.

    Of course that always leaves me with a question. What if you feel the Lord speaking to you BUT you need Him to speak to someone else (in order to do what you do the Lord is telling you to do) and they don't listen?

    I'll keep praying :)

  11. Oh my, what a post. I needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing your heart. Hugs, love and prayers

  12. Amazing! God, that is!! God is Amazing.....He's got our backs! Thanks for this today, Linn. I needed to hear this.

  13. I am so sorry you are going through yet another terrible situation. Your journey never ceases to bring me strength and courage for our own. I share your stories often with my husband too. You will be in my prayers for a good resolution to this situation. God has your back, so all will be well, right? All will be well.
    Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for this family and the beautiful witness they are for you. They touch so many people, Lord, as your servants. Bring them peace of mind, courage, and endurance during this time of trial. To YOU or Lord be the glory.
    In the name of Jesus

  14. Ok, Please check with your insurance agent. Your homeowners policy may have coverage for liability. As in you are responsible for injury to another person or someone's PROPERTY! Also check and see if Dw has an "umbrella" policy it's always a good idea being a pastor...He may have this in his name through the church. It covers all sorts of liability up to a million $$. I say all of this from feeble memory. I worked for St*te F*rm before having my 1st child! In any case talk to your AGENT!! Sheri (and you don't need to post this if you don't want to ?) Praying !!Oops I'm signed in on my daughters account! Definately don't post this!! Thanks Sheri!

  15. My gracious Linny, I'm going to have to start sending you the bill for my kleenex. I can rarely get through one of your blog posts without crying for one reason or another! ;)

    I am so so sorry for this massive mountain that has been placed in front of you guys. I truly wish there were something I could do. But I am so incredibly thankful that God will never fail to remind you (all of us!) that He is there and you're not alone. I mean, we all know that. But we still need that reminder once in a while and His timing is always impeccable. Love it!

    ((hugs)) I'm praying for you my friend.

  16. Linny, we are praying for you!!!

  17. Well, you have done it again...Im crying. I think that everyone just needs to rally around your family in prayer. Your always asking for prayer and fasting for others who are in need, and it seems to me that you are in need of that now. I would be willing to fast and pray for a softening, and ultimatly a change of heart.

  18. tears in my eyes! thank you so much for sharing!!

  19. He's got your back and so do hundreds of others who love you and your family!!!

  20. Oh, for the love of Pete...and I don't even know who Pete is! Isn't this why we pay insurance premiums? So, that when accidents happen, the insurance company can cover them? Of course, they'll raise your rates next year. This world is "sue-crazy." I suppose you could sue the landlord, too, for the slip and fall accident...not saying you should! Praying that God will keep His hand on this situation, and continue to remind you that He's "got your back."

  21. Oh Linny,
    God does have our backs and yours!
    I'm so sorry you are having another trial. Praying for you!

  22. I SOOOO NEEDED to hear that!!! THANK YOU!!! In the midst of our own adoption storm....our uncertainty of everything we hold dear......I needed that reminder.

  23. Thanks for sharing this recent (heartbreaking) situation. I'll be praying for all of you & for God's provision for each and every need.

    Also, this word of encouragement from the Lord is just what I needed to hear as I'm walking my own difficult journey.

    Trusting that God's got my back!

  24. Things can only get better. Praying for you!!!!

  25. Wow! God is so amazing. When he does those kinds of things, it just makes me cry. I had my own little God moment this morning when He confirmed to me that I was doing exactly what He wanted me to do and that He was going to take care of it. Even when I don't feel I have the strength, He's got my back.

    I'll be praying that the Lord intervenes in this and moves on the landlord's heart. I know He will and I can't wait to hear what you put in your memory box for this one:O)

    Much love and prayers,

  26. Linny, Yes, God has our back ... but your problems make me just want to throw up! That is what happens when I am in distress. How can I grieve for you other than to pray? I know, in my heart of hearts that all will work out. It is just the time between here and there that is horrendous. I am more than sorry that you and DW are having to deal with this! God has and WILL continue to bless you and your family.

  27. Wow I missed two days and now all this. Linny I will continue to pray for you but yes God has your back!!! It will work out, you know it will. Wishing Dw a safe journey and that Uncle Mark is comfortable with the change!!!

  28. WOW I don't know what else to say but WOW.

    Hugs, Prayers and our love to you.

    Faye Verquer

  29. love you and always praying! xx

  30. It's amazing how God's answers in such a small, yet profound way! I'm so sorry that your family is enduring yet another trial. I pray that something miraculous will happen, something that will give God the glory and be another wonderful testimony.

  31. Hoping you can rest in knowing there are many prayer warriors out there willing to lift you when you're tired.

  32. Linny....This is just terrible. Wow. Your faith is amazing!! Truly is. Your landlord sounds like such a jolly ol' man...Sheesh!! Seriously, an oil spot on the driveway?? My oh my, how does the man sleep at night?!? Ok, I'll you have said, your blog is about being thankful, not grumpy!! Hee Hee!! Oh and the jacket on the pool table?? For real? Lord have Mercy.

    You have such a wonderful family...I love reading your blog. You and Dw are awesome parents.

    Jubliee...what a joy she is!

    And Thanks to your son Tyler for serving our country...Fighting for all of our freedoms, and then some. He sounds like such a neat kid.

  33. oh my goodess! I'm sorry for all this crud happening to you! But yes, God has your back and I'll be praying

  34. Oh wow...Oh wow...I am so glad you shared this Linny. God uses you baby...he uses you...for the glory of his kingdom!

  35. Thank you thank you thank you! A timely word. Praying for you.

  36. Oh friend, I've been keeping up (and praying for you) just haven't taken the time to say so . . .

    Then the question is . . . what to say?

    You ever feel like throwing your arms in the air, and saying "I give up'. You get to the end of your rope . . . and some would say tie a knot and hold on tight, the Lord would say, "Let go"! Throw your arms in the air, and let go. He does have have your back, and Dw's back, and all of our backs. But honestly there are times when I'd rather He be in front of me :), so I could ask, "What are you thinking?"

    He does have you surrounded Linny. We know that. It may be hard to see through the tears, but He has you. It's so tough to understand the "whys" and the unfairness of it all . . . over and over again. But you continue to stand. Why? Because He is faithful to hold you up, even when you feel like falling. And He is faithful to call us to prayer-- to hold you up, even when you feel like falling.

    Oh Father, please give Linny peace in the midst of this storm. Give her strength Lord, and rest. Bring favor in the insurance situation Lord. Bless the landlord, and may he someday know You! Be with Dw, and his mom, and with Mark--in his soon to be new situation. Be with Jubilee as she continues to transition. Shield Ty. Surround this family Lord, each and every one of them, surround them. Calm the storm Lord. Please calm the storm. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Love you dear friend, wish I was close enough to hug your neck and wipe you tears . . . or cry with you.

    Thank you for ministering, even in your pain.

    Tina~ xo

  37. I'm praying in Denver! I'm praying that God will give you favor in the eyes of your landlord and the insurance company, and that He will use this situation to bring glory to Himself!

  38. I want to share with you that we have been through this painful experience. Our family was on vacation and we got in a minor fender bender in one of the lawsuit capitals of the United States. The passenger sued and our insurance fought, but told us that if they lost the lawsuit would be for more than they would cover (the amount seemed hinky to the insurance).

    I couldn't believe how hard this hit me. I couldn't believe this was happening to us. We sat down at the table with the paperwork in front of us. I shed MANY tears. Then we started noticing the dates...over and over again they were important dates in our lives (the day of the accident was the day my dad was born, the date it was filed was the day I was born, etc.). We feel even today that the whole reason that it needed to happen was that we needed to pray...pray hard and petition God, not for us, but for the man suing us. He needed to know our Savior. He needed to feel the love and mercy that we marinate in. So we prayed....

    I ache that you are going through this. I can remember the weight of this on my spirit. As you so obviously know (you show all of us with your amazing example) God has your back, front, side, and everything in between. Remain in prayer for this man that may sue you. He sounds like He could use a best friend named Jesus.

    We will be praying for you guys...hard.

  39. Ahhh what a sweet gift!

    Please double check with your homeowners insurance for your current home it may very well cover this- Yikes, please tell me that it isn't the same company as your renters insurance!

  40. I am so sorry you guys have been going through so much... this should be a year of relief for you. But you know we all know that when you and Dw get up in the morning and set yourfeet on the ground the enemy really does say... oh crap... here they go again. But the reason he says oh crap is because you both know and believe and are held up by the awesome mountain moving awe inspiring gasp giving God... oh yeah... and you continue to tell others about Him. I love this story. I love God and how he works in your lives and I love you for sharing it with the world. I will pray for you guys. lv, jen

  41. I needed this word today. We keep getting hit ... and hit ... and hit some more, and today just after reading this post (with it still open in front of me) we were hit with a devastating certified letter. Unimaginable. Painful. Hard to comprehend.

    Thanks for the reminder that God has my back, too. God knows all that is being thrown at us ... and He WILL take care of us. He WILL give us the strength to walk through each day, no matter how hard some days get.



  42. I SO needed to read this tonight (this morning actually, as it's 2:30am here). I am now a SAHM and we are struggling SO much more than we thought we would. My son's bday is in about 11 days and we haven't planned a party for him with his friends simply because I just don't know how we can pay for one. Our main vehicle broke down right before Christmas and it will cost us over $2000 to get it fixed. Then our only driveable car now is giving us problems and may not make it much longer. We don't use credit cards, have bad credit that we're trying to build up for a home one day, and no savings, as we had to use it all for Christmas. So turning in my tithe was harder than usual, but I trust that God will provide. But it really is nice to remember that He does, indeed, have my back, and that He will take care of everything. Even when it all seems horrible. Thanks for this post.

  43. I have been following your blog for a few weeks, than I added it to my blog
    Thank you for your example and for sharing so honestly with all of us! I had to cry after this last post. I needed those words as much as you did:) I pray for your family now. Just wanted you to know that. Leaving you in HIS GRIP-a

  44. Praying for you, Linny. I just know God is going to work all this out to His glory! Hang in there! And I am SO glad you were able to talk to your Tyler. God bless him for his service.


  45. Is there anyway that you can prove that the damage was DISCOVERED after the coverage period but OCCURRED during the covered period? I'm praying for your family. I hope the situation is resolved quickly. Bu like you said God's got your back!

  46. Thanks Linny for always being so open. I know you must get tired of being an example for the rest of us...but your faith and example of leaning on God's word is uplifting. I love that God has our back! I will continue to pray for your situation!

  47. Thank you for sharing your heart once again, Linny. Yes, God has your back. This reminds me of a line in Blindside. God has adopted you and He has your back for sure. Chin up and we'll keep praying and holding your arms up as you fight this most recent battle.

  48. You were on my mind this morning when I woke up. Sent you a e-mail. Hugs

  49. Our God is an amazing God!!!
    All praise to Him!!!

    I love how He speaks to us and the timing, is ALWAYS perfect!!!

    You all are in my prayers!!!

  50. Hi Linny,
    Thank you for the posts the last two the others it is just what I needed to hear.
    You see my son Jake is 10 and was born with heart defects. Jake had surgery at 6 months of age and every six months we have got to the cardiologist to see when his next surgery will be. When we went to his October appointment we thought all was well and we would be told that they would see us in six months. But then some numbers seemed weird to the Dr so they moved up his MRI that would have been a normal test in a couple of months. We usually find out the results that day and final results within a week. Next week will be a month. We have slowly been learning info about the tests results but finally answers keep getting postponed for one reason or another. But we have learned that his numbers are now in the range that they do open heart surery. I was supposed to find out final answers on Thursday but they had to postpone talking about Jake on that day and will talk next Thursday. I wasn't very Thankful on Thursday for a while.
    The idea of them stopping my precious sons heart while they do surgery and the recovery makes me ill but I know that he can't live if it isn't done. To look at him you would never ever guess he has any heart problems. He just had a playdate at our house yesterday with three friends running on our property with their Nerf guns.
    Thank you reminding me that God has my back, my husband's back, my son's back and front and heart. God has taken awesome care of Jake so far and I know he will continue to do so.
    BTW, my daughter Ashley(she is 20) and I LOVE your blog. We talk about the blog stories you write and we absolutely love your kids. We have told others about your family and the super funny stories about your kids. LOL. You probably don't remember Ashley writing you once asking to use your family's adopts stories as part of a college paper. Ashley will be starting nursing school in August. She wants to go to Africa and teach the gospel, and use her nursing skills to help others. She has already told me that she will be adopting kids from Africa....I have reminded her that she can't adopt every child in Africa and she needs to remember that. LOL.
    Oh, I told my husband about Friday's post and he wants me to tell you that he will be praying.
    Thanks Linny for sharing your life and your family's life with all of us. We love laughing with you, crying with you and praying for you.

  51. Ok, so I just read this, and am suddenly feeling VERY guilty. This had been a less than stellar week around here - way below normal temps, busted water hose on the dishwasher, frozen pipes to our washer, having to babysit our three year old washer while it drains to prevent flooding the laundry room, and then last night our central heat going out on a night where the temps are to be at or below 0. I have been in the midst of a little pity party the last few hours, wondering how in the world we are going to be able to pay for a new heater. Your post just made me realize how fortunate we actually are. We were home when the heater died. We were alerted by our smoke alarm that we had a problem. We were able to shut off both the gas and electricity immediately. If we had not been at home, our home would most likely have burned. We had enough space heaters that even though not as warm as normal, our house was warm last night, and we have no busted water pipes. We have our income tax coming back in a few weeks, and will be able to replace the heater. The end of the extremely cold temps is in sight.

    Yes, things could have been TONS worse. God in fact
    DOES have our back.

    Will be praying for peace for your family.

  52. Oh Linny! Do not let this worry you to much. Remember "HE'S GOT YOUR BACK!" and he is not about to let this fool sue you for tons of money.
    Like the post from the other follower that worked for St*t* F*r*, who gave you ideas on how to work through this. I feel like something will work out in your favor. Also remember "you cannot get blood out of a turnip". LOL!! (My Grandmother and Mother use to say that all the time). I honestly believe everything will work out, but before it does, it appears this fool is trying to push your buttons.

    I will be praying for all of you. You are a wonderful person, and have tons of friends that love you dearly.


  53. Linny, Let me tell you what you have just done for me. I am sitting in the hospital in Farmington with my Dad. He is a cancer patient, after 4 years of bladder cancer his bladder was removed in April..unfortunately we found out recently that the cancer mestastized and is in his spine. Last night while walking through his house he fell and has fractured the area where the cancer is. He is doing well but we have been so worried about how this will set his cancer treatment back.. but guess what.. God has his BACK! Bless you! Praying that he moves mountains for you!

  54. There are no adequate words! GOD is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Thank you for once again speaking truth into our (your blog readers)lives. I will be praying for you and your family. There will even be days of fasting and praying until we hear that this situation is resolved.

  55. Oh, Linny, how awesome is our God to speak the words we need to hear, just when we need them, through His faithful servants! Yes, He's got our backs - praise Him!!!!!

  56. Keep pressing on guys, we will keep the prayers coming!

  57. Wow - my heart aches for you all in this current nightmare. Thank you for the God glorifying reminder that in the darkest of times, God is right there.

    BTW - I recently read "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom. In it she relates a story about how her sister Betsy encouraged them both to thank God for the fleas they discovered in their "beds" in the concentration camp. Corrie's response: "Yeah right, how can I thank God for the fleas?!" But they prayed that prayer of thanks. Later, they learned that it was the fleas presence that kept the guards from coming into the barracks (allowing them freedom they otherwise wouldn't have had to share the gospel).

    Will be praying for God to bring you the help you need and to continue to show Himself in this.

  58. I stumbled upon your blog through another and love it. What an incredible family! I too was in the same area of Virginia for a few years. I am now in the "Frozen" north..mother of six adopted children. Thank you for being so real on your blog and sharing both the joys and struggles of life. I think the advice that Olivia shared is great. God will make a way through this. Your family is covered in prayers!!

  59. Matt 14:27
    But Jesus immediately said to them: "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid."

    Have no fear, Linny. Peace be with you.

  60. awww, linny, i read your words and i wonder how in the world i would deal with just a FRACTION of what you've been handed in the last 11.75 months. seriously.

    i remember to earlier this fall when i was sobbing over the fact that our son's broken finger was actually much, much worse and would require not one, but two surgeries. this on top of two ACL repairs in the past 21 months and the months and months of rehab. all on very minimal outlandishly large deductible health insurance. and pay two college tuitions on top of losing one of the hope scholarships our state provides. i mean, i was just puddles and puddles of tears.

    God provided. little by little, He has provided. and while we're still swimming in a mountain of medical bills, we're still swimming. and stroke by stroke, we'll get to the other side.

    one step at a time, friend. and God will meet you and walk with you every step of the way, as you cling to Him, he will journey with you through this.

    yes, our God is so good. blessed be the name of the Lord!

  61. I have been reading your blog for a year now and admire your strength in our Lord. Life does test us. I have never posted before. Please do not accept the fact that your insurance company will not pay. You were still renting until the key was handed over to the landlord. Insurance companies routinely deny claims with weak excuses. I love reading about your family and often rejoice and hurt with you. Peace be with you!

  62. Linny, my husband is an insurance agent, and he is under the impression that your current homeowner's insurance should cover the liability of the damage to the rental. It might be excluded since you lived there, but find out, there may be loophole! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions you would like to ask an insurance agent that is not involved in this, my e-mail is tiffanileone (at) yahoo (dot) com.
    God does have your back, and we will be praying this works out.
    Love you! Tiff

  63. Isn't God amazing? Prayers from Columbus, Ohio

  64. Linny, I am so sorry that you and your family seem to be getting your fair share of disasters. Good grief. But can I tell you something? Your honesty about these situations, the strength and faith your family shows during these times and the way you see Gods goodness during not only the good times but also the not so good times are such an inspiration. Your family and this situation is in my prayers...even the landlord!

  65. Oh Linny, oh my goodness! I've been away from your blog for a few days and have just been catching up about the situation with the rental. Oh. My. Goodness! It sounds to me like the enemy wasn't too happy about the call to prayer you sent out for adoption! I am so sorry for all of this....

    I love Andrea's story about Corrie Ten Boom and the fleas. Praying for you all, that God will quickly cause this to work together for your good, as He promised!

  66. "He's got your back". Spoke to me loud and confirming! My oldest granddaughter is preparing to be deployed 2nd time to Middle East. The Word the Lord gave you 1/3/10 was a year to the day she will be on her flight." HE'S GOT HER BACK" and her whole Battalion's back,
    because, Acts 10:34-48,Peter's sermon to the Gentiles read in context. 34 vs. Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons; But in every nation he that fearth Him, and workth righteousness, is accepted with Him. I'm prayer partner on Room to Grow ,blog. <)))<


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.