Thursday, March 18, 2010


Special thanks to all who have been praying for Dw and all those ministering in Haiti. I am getting stinkin' impatient still waiting to hear from him about what happened this morning. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I promise to do a post as soon as I hear. For the record, we are the couple who during a normal day talk about every couple hours. Always have. So this 24 hour thing {at least} separated by a few thousand miles is not on my list of "fun things".

Since it's Thursday, while we wait, let's think of some Thankful Thursday things that I have to be thankful for: Chocolate. Chocolate with almonds. Chocolate ice cream. Chocolate syrup. Chocolate milk. Cell phones that had better will be ringing soon so this waiting wife can find out exactly what happened this morning.

By the way....I was thinkin'.....if he doesn't call today, you can be sure that our home will be the cleanest it's been ever cause I'll be staying up all night waiting. Which might not be a bad thing.

Which reminds me....I think the Lord gave me a fun bloggy idea so I'll try to write about it tonight.....and see what y'all think...xo

14 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I'm waiting with you!! I think I've checked your blog about 5 or 6 times today, lol!!! Can't wait to hear:O)

  2. he he he...yep know what you mean because Jason & I share our job- we are together all the time, and we work a lot from home here at the Christian camp. It drives me nuts when we don't see each other for more than a few hours.... :)

  3. I posted about chocolate today too! Thinking and praying with you.

  4. Since you seem to be on a "thankful for chocolate" kick, how about being thankful for a "cell phone" made out of chocolate? It won't ring, but might make you feel better chomping on it while you wait for the real one to ring! :)

  5. Don't forget chocolate Pop Rocks...they're very entertaining.

    I TOTALLY understand the insanity that happens when you don't talk to your husband. Insanity is usually fun, but not this kind :).

  6. ;) I am thankful for friends that dropped by and visited today. While "waiting" to get news from afar..... no adoption news yet! I completely understand. I didnt check e-mail every ten mins like I WANTED to because I wanted to be polite.

  7. I hope your phone rings soon!

  8. I know what you mean Linny. I just heard from my husband today. I hadn't heard from him since he left Monday for Africa. That is the longest we have ever gone without speaking to each other. I was going a little crazy! I don't know when he will be able to call or email again so today I am thankful for the phone call I recieved from the other side of the world! Hoping your phone rings soon!


  9. Praying all went well this morning. Praying you are not able to check your blog messages because you are talking on the phone with your hubby:-)

  10. What did you get for your decorating shower? Pictures would be nice.

  11. Linny,
    We are praying for DW and that you get to hear from him soon. Will you please pray for our son? We are having a really tough time. I have explained everything on my blog. just need these doctors to figure this thing out. thank you.

  12. I sure hope you hear from your, best friend tonight.

    We received our daughter's LOA yesterday. My oldest said we should celebrate DW style. (too cute) lots of yummies!


  13. My honey and I are the same way. Not sure what I am going to while while I am in Ethiopia without him, and not able call whenever I want to. ;o( Praying you are with the phone and it's not dead when you hear from him!

  14. I'm late here to comment on this post and haven't read the later posts yet. Continued prayers here. Hugs


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