Sunday, August 15, 2010

Come On Baby

Yep, hacking in again. I know, I know Linny is going to shoot me, but hey, once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker. This is what happens when I relax - I look for ways to get in trouble! I found one when I hit her blog and it logged me in on my computer. That will teach her to use my computer!

So, Linny Lee, get in the car already and get your body out here! :)

Love you babe, dw

16 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I love how crazy you guys are about each other.

    Hey DW, our new pastor looks a lot like you and he is sooooo crazy about kids and it makes me think of you everytime I see him. :)

  2. Question is--Who is going to moderate the comments, the hacker, or the queen of the blog?

    Sounds like a certain someone is missing his girl. Praying for safe travels for the mama, eight kids, and two dogs.

    Hurry Linny, your honey is missing the one who makes him smile the most. Right, Dwight?

    Love you guys!


  3. Sometimes you just HAVE to go home.

  4. Linn, you'd better get there fast before that man gets himself into some big trouble! Sounds like somebody has to keep him in line.

  5. Hahaha I love you guys so much! You crack me up and inspire me all the time, this time being no exception :)

  6. Love you guys!!! Praying for safe travels and a joyful reunion!

  7. Hi DW, have a relaxing and joyful sabbatical! You've earned it!

  8. Nice to see you out of your crawl space, DW...
    And it seems as if the fingers have all healed up...(at least until Linny gets there) LOL

    hope you guys have a great time.

  9. OH NO--not the phantom blogger again! (:
    Praying for safe travels for Linny and the crew.


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.