Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally! Abi's House!

Being at Abi & Ryan's - well, it's THE BEST

This thing threw a couple of the kids off....not sure what part of it was fun??

Hanging onto big sis...

Reading with Big Sis? Doesn't get any better....

Candid shot...{my favorite kind}

Elizabeth and Isaiah are pretty tight buds...

and Jubilee and Elijah are too

Some of the Sisters {Emma, Abi & Liberty & Charlee Louise}

17 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Love the love in the pictures! That contraption is interesting. Never seen it before. Have fun!

  2. Love, love, love it! So awesome. :)

  3. To see the sweet tender bonds between your children makes my heart smile!

  4. look at you in heaven :)

    anyhow that spinny thing - lets talk about it. every time i see one of those i bust out in laughter.

    one time when our church was located in a building at a local park my friend and i would take the nursery kids out to the playground during the sermon. and there was one of these.

    well one time we saw a bunch of other kids getting on it and some of ours too. and it started spinning at first everyone was smiling and laughing.

    but then it started going faster and faster. and before we knew it it was like something out of a horror movie all the kids flew off and got really hurt. they went from laughing to all crying instantly. like 20 kids all of a sudden screaming and crying. as stressful as it was when it was over we could NOT stop laughing. it was seriously out of the movies.

    to this day we both look at it and die laughing.

  5. Such beautiful pictures, so pleased you are all having a great time. Look forward to seeing more. keep having fun , taking pictures and making long lasting memories. X

  6. How wonderful! Enjoy Enjoy! Love the pics!!

  7. Wonderful pictures!! Glad you are having a great time. Hugs

  8. This is definitely a "heaven on earth" moment! Forever Family! Love the pictures!!! Thank you for sharing with us! <3

  9. What wonderful pictures!! The love your family has for each other is simply breathtakingly beautiful....Enjoy these sweet moments and cherish all the memories.

  10. what exactly is that thing? I've been to a few playgrounds in my time and have never seen one of those before! (at first glance it looks like a trampoline with a missing bouncer?)

  11. Ahhhhhh, finally some pictures!!! I love, love, love them!! Such sweet photos and wonderful memories!!

    Love you guys!!

  12. I just love how much your children love eachother! Some of my favorite pics are of my kiddos, too, walking arm in arm, not knowing mom is taking pics from behind.

    I'm praying for your dear brother and hope things went well with his surgery this morning.

    Enjoy every precious minute with your many treasures.

    Much Love,

  13. Linny- I just learned today that Sasha has found a family!!! Thank you for praying with us!
    What a wonderful Savior!

  14. oh mercy... The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog"?! One of our favorite books! :)


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