Monday, September 20, 2010

This is the Post

This is the post!

Please leave your prayer request in the comments.
{If you have no idea what all this is about, jump down to yesterday's post.}

If your need is too personal to share, please just say "personal" in your comment.

You will be prayed for by people all around the world.

We, as a family, will pray for your needs.


Yesterday after I posted about the persistent widow, I went to town to run errands. I got a phone call. God was beginning to move the first mountain in K's situation. Seriously, they are mountains that only He can move. It was a miracle. Just like the parting of the Red Sea or the raising of Lazarus from the dead. I started to scream and cry excitedly. I called Dw & said, "Whitey, guess what God is doing?"

Yes! There is an entire mountain range against K, but really, truly, God was moving one of the mountains. K was sobbing when I talked to her. I told her, "There are people praying all over the world for you...." She is so grateful for each of you and so are we.

Anyway, please leave your comments and we will pray for one another and we will be "bearing one another's burdens"....and we will watch and see the salvation of our Lord!

Lastly, if you left your request on yesterday's post, please would you make it easier on everyone and repeat the request on this one?

In the wee hours of the morning we are heading to San Francisco to see Abigail and Ryan. Tyler and Sarah are meeting us there. Ty is about to d*ploy and we are going to celebrate a September Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family.....Everyone will be together and we will finally {!} get a family picture with Jubilee in it...the only one missing is precious little Finn.

138 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I had already planned a day of prayer and fasting today and am happy to join in with all of you… Here are my requests:

    1) Today Parliament in Ukraine is scheduled to consider a bill that would ban international adoptions. This is not the first time this bill has come up. It failed the last time, but it was not without support. If it passes however, all international adoptions will end. Obviously, the implications of such a bill would be catastrophic, especially for special needs orphans who have virtually no chance of being adopted locally and who will otherwise face life/death in an institution. Please pray that this bill would again be defeated.

    2) I am in Ukraine right now and have been for over 6 weeks. I am here to volunteer with special needs orphans but, to make a long story short, I have been facing much opposition and have been unable to get inside the orphanage that God has called me to. Please pray that God would soften every heart, knock down every stronghold and move every mountain to get me INSIDE!

  2. I am so thrilled to be part of this day set aside for prayer and fasting! I need to be content where God has me. I am really struggling because I want more than anything to pack up and move to Africa to serve but He keeps saying, "stay..I have you right where I want you" - it is so hard for me. I am crying now because all I want is to GO. I am trying to understand His desires for now. I am want to so much more of God and so much less of me and if for now, I need to stay...I God be the glory! His plan is perfect...thanks for carrying some of the burden:)

  3. Reposting from yesterday. Praying for you and your family safe travels to San Fran and a sweet time of fellowship together! Lifting up each member of your family all day today! <3

    oh Linny....i'm in on the fasting and praying...been lifting K up since you mentioned the heartache days ago...will continue to lift her up unceasingly!!! What a treasure you are to her!!! Major love there!!! God is so faithful to place those special people in our lives to hold up our arms like Aaron/Hur did for Moses! The last prayer/fast was absolutely amazing...this will be no different...can't wait to see what the Lord will do!!!

    Please pray the Lord's Perfect Will for me and my family. Please ask if it's time now for Him to move the mountain that has been in front of us for nearly 3 crushing in awe over how He has sustained us in this time of severe hardship but the sweet joy that has been overflowing during this time has surpassed all understanding! Oh how we praise Him for all the good, all the growth, all the miracles that have come out of this to confirm that all things work together for good! He is faithful! Thank you!!!

    He is holding His loving arms...He will not let her go...He will not forsake her...He loves her so...!

    You are precious, Linny! Praying unceasingly for you and your treasure of a family! love you! <3

  4. I'm proud to take part in the prayer and fasting! I will gladly pray for K, you and your family Linny, and all those who leave comments. As for me, my mother is suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and I ask for prayers of wisdom and guidance to find effective treatments, as well as prayers of healing so that she may be relieved of her pain. Thank you all so much!

    Love, B

  5. Two part prayer request...

    My sweet little niece, Tessa, is one year old and undergoing open heart surgery this morning (Tuesday) at 7am. Please also pray for my sister and her husband as they watch their baby go through such a struggle.

    My dear friend, L, has just been diagnosed with stage four cancer throughout her body. She has an 8 year old daughter. The prognosis is not good. But God.

    Thanks, Linny and friends!

  6. Thank you for this opportunity to pray together around the world.

    I am currently stuck in England with 4 of our children (ages 4 to 10) while my husband is in the States with our other 2 sons (9 and 11). We are returning missionaries and have been separated since June when he traveled to America to prepare for our return, (ie start up his business and find us a home etc). We thought we would only be apart for a few weeks but I am a British citizen and the American government won't let me return yet.

    We have to meet certain criteria and we fall short on the financial aspect (we don't earn enough money) so the government could prevent me from returning permanently.

    I would appreciate prayers for my interview at the American Embassy on October 8th. That the Lord would move a big mountain (American Immigration) and their eyes would be blind to the amount of income we have or they would have enough compassion to allow this family to be reunited.

    Thank you.

  7. Oh, how beautiful it is to come together before our might King in unity and prayer--storming the very gates of hell and interceding for the needs around us! I don't know a single one of you, but you are all precious to me already!

    I would so love to join you in a prayer day tomorrow (today)!

    You can pray for me in the area of strength against the attacks of the enemy. Right now I and my family (parents) and the ministry I work with are very much under an attack from Satan--he will not succeed! For me it has been in the area of health--I've been slammed. But, that doesn't mean I'm down spiritually or emotionally! A merry heart does good like a medicine. :D

    And, somewhat on the same note, God has been speaking to my heart about some specific things. Huge things. Things WAAAY outside my comfort zone. Exciting, scary things. With the health issues I struggle with, these things God is laying on my heart could be even more intimidating to me than they would be to even a normal person. They're intimidating things, anyway, someone who's physical body is constantly battered in the area of health, it's downright scary. But very exciting. :D

    I've realized that the more the devil is unhappy and expending his few resources on something, the better it is because that means GOD is AT WORK!!

  8. I am so excited to join this prayer time. woohoo. Come Lord Jesus, MOVE THOSE Mountains! I continue to pray for "k" and for Linny and the crew as they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am praying for Finn and all the details about his arrival! I am praising God for James and Chermi and their precious ones!!! Oh Jesus you are so BIG!
    For my family, my husband is still hospitalized across the country in WI. I'm working 16 hours/day. My daughter/son are both away at school. God has begun a good work in Mike, we need favor with the insurance company to continue to pay for the hospital. And that Mike would be delivered from the spiritual bondage of religion and to "know just Jesus". God have mercy. The hospital would like 30 more days and the ins. comp wants to cut him off again. Be big Lord!
    2- I am exhausted, running my own business and working in an ER. My character is constantly attacked to work and I keep praising God.. but I am weary. I need Jesus to pick me up and carry me thru these times.
    Thanks for praying and allowing me to pray with you'all

  9. Linny,

    Praying for K that her situation will change and God will move mightily as only He can.

    Please pray for my family. We have been struggling financially after we moved so my special needs teenage son could receive the services he needs. That caused a 2 1/2 year commute of 5 hours each way for my faithful husband. Thankfully, God moved and he is now home since October 2009 and working locally. This company wants to hire him full time permanent, but the headquarters in Germany is dragging their feet. We have been without health insurance for 3 years. This past week, I have had a recurrence of disc pain, and am scared that I am heading back towards surgery (had it once in 2003). We need insurance. Please also pray for my husband and I that our hearts would be peaceful. We have two beautiful boys but we feel our family is not complete. I would love to have just one more, but for the financial burden and physical burden it would place on us. I have always had a heart for adoption, but I don't know where to start. I know that if God desires it for us, it will happen. In the midst of all this, I am returning to school to begin working towards a career in nursing, so prayers that I will have enough strength to juggle all this. Sorry for the novel....Thank you Linny for your blog! And thank you for your prayers!

  10. I am reposting from this morning. I feel so blessed when I read so many heart wrenching requests. I will certainly be privileged to pray for you all.

    Here in Australia it is already early Tues morning. I will certainly pray for your dear daughter in love K.

    While I feel totally blessed and cared for by our wonderful Lord and know that His Spirit dwells within me I would like prayer that the Lord will open more doors for me and that I would recognize them and boldly step through them and encourage others and proclaim his love to a lost and scared world.


  11. I am blessed to join in prayer today. I will be lifting up K, your family and the requests mentioned here. Oh, how the Father loves to hear from His children, and how He delights in making Himself famous!

  12. Linny I cannot wait to see the mountains moved for your Sweet girl K. I am joining you and couldn't be happier to do so! I have been making Wednesday's my "fasting/praying" days but Tuesday is great too!

    PLEASE pray for my families financial needs. My husbands overtime has been cute, we are short over 3600.00 per month and have been since July. With 5 kids this is not good at all. We need our finances back in order and we need it now! Please Lord move these mountains and help our situation, you know what we need and you know how to make it happen, Dear Lord please please please help us all.

    THank you

  13. Linny I cannot wait to see the mountains moved for your Sweet girl K. I am joining you and couldn't be happier to do so! I have been making Wednesday's my "fasting/praying" days but Tuesday is great too!

    PLEASE pray for my families financial needs. My husbands overtime has been cute, we are short over 3600.00 per month and have been since July. With 5 kids this is not good at all. We need our finances back in order and we need it now! Please Lord move these mountains and help our situation, you know what we need and you know how to make it happen, Dear Lord please please please help us all.

    THank you

  14. My family and I will be returning from Asia next month after living here for two years. We have no idea what Father has next for us. Please pray that we will have ears to hear his voice. We desire so much for His Name to be heard among the nations and want to be obedient to Him, we just need to know the details of how He wants us to do it!

  15. I'm in tears reading these comments and thinking about how all these people will be praying for each other. I will be praying for sure.

    Please pray for me as I am battling a deep depression that has been recurrent for quite a few years. My ex-husband moved out in Dec '09 and I've been dealing with that. But its what I've dealt with since then that has stirred this depression back up. I was disowned/abandoned by my parents when I began dating my now ex husband 12 years ago, because of his race. I never dealt with this in a healthy way. This was the cake topper for a long life of dysfunction in my family. When he moved out and i worked thru the divorce and dealt with our children as best I could, this realization that my parents walked away from me (my mother especially) really slammed me to the ground, HARD. I'm in counseling, I'm on medication but I blame myself for so much of what happened from my childhood on. I cant seem to shake it or accept it that my mother was broken a long time ago and I didnt do anything to her to act this way--it was her way of dealing with whatever was inside of her. I REFUSE to let that pattern continue with me and carry over to my own children. I need to get healthy emotionally but its so very hard for me. Sorry it so long...

  16. Linny I'm so excited about this! Praying for K and wishing you and your family a wonderful early holiday season!!!

    i'm asking for prayers for our financial situation. There is definitely a mountain range in front of us, only God can move. We are always one step away from complete ruin, not even exaggerating here. We have five kids at home our youngest dumpling has Down syndrome, and is the one who keeps us going.

    We want to adopt and help children with special needs but that ugly mountain is in our way. We do not qualify to adopt.
    God has been present in our lives, He is always there to show us that He is looking out for us. My hubby is constantly working and trying to improve himself. He barely sleeps and I'm worried about his health.
    Something must change soon.

    I'm so grateful to be involved in this today. You are all in my prayers!
    Thank you for praying for us!

  17. So many prayer requests...I will be praying here in NY!!!

  18. Linny,

    Yes we will pray and fast for these prayer reqquests and for a wonderful and safe family time for your family, too. and for K, too

    Would you please pray for the Philip Hayden Foundation still? They raised most of the $70,000 needed to satisfy the fired nannies, but they still need to raise about $20,000.

    Also, could you pray for us? A week ago we saw a little girl on their sponsor list who really feels like our daughter. We have begun the adoption process again (without much money in the bank this time), and also it is impossible for this little girl to be ours with the way the new shared list works. It is probable that when she comes out on the list, she will be locked in within minutes by another family.

    But with God, all things are possible. Would you pray that if God means for this to be our daughter, that we will be the family to lock her in? If we are not, would you pray for a Christ-loving, caring family to be her family?

    In Christ,
    Janet and gang

  19. I will be brief: physical healing for my SIL with brain injury from car accident, physical healing for MIL with chronic health issues, finances, clear direction of God's will to another adoption, our obedience to God's will, our Pastors and our church.

    It is a privilege to pray with so many today. Thank you for your prayers.

  20. Praying for K today with y'all! And the others who have shared here. Praying for God's provision in their lives.
    Can't wait to see how God shows himself to us!

  21. Linny,
    Your blog is so uplifting and encouraging. I follow it daily. Thanks for being so open with all of us in the blog world.

    Prayer Request:
    My husband and I and our four children are in a bad situation with family. It has gone from bad to worse. You see, my f-i-l needs Jesus.His god is money, pride, and greed. We are no longer able to function as an extended family because of it. He has threatened me and our family. I fear for the safety and emotions of our children. You see, we believe that we should follow Jesus and not him. He has some major control issues and when you don't "play" his way, he can't function. He has promised to make our lives hell.
    We want to move away from the chaos to protect our kids. Situation said: My prayer request is that he would see that he needs JESUS!!! Please pray for his salvation!!!!

  22. I know that my request is nothing compared to so many that are suffering great trials, but it is consuming me right now. I feel God putting a very strong desire(very consuming right now) in me to stay home with my children, adopt again (so excited about this), and eventually home school. There are so many worldy things standing in the way and I am having trouble seeing how this will happen. I know if it is God's will it will and I am asking for prayer that he makes it so clear on what we are to do. Many mountains would have to be moved so this could happen. My husband started his own insurance business last year that is slowly building and the list goes on. I have prayed that God would make it clear what our next step is. Thank you so much.
    God bless you all,

  23. In response to Carrie:
    God has a different plan for each of us. The trials one faces are nothing like the trial another faces. Yet, we all need God. No prayer is too small or too great for God! You are seeking his will for your family -- what a beautiful request!

    My prayer is that God would show me the next step I am supposed to take. He has laid something on my heart, yet I have no idea what to do. Looking at it from the "world's view," it will never happen. But I know it's what God wants me to do with my life. I want to be obedient -- doing it his way in his time and not rush it. (Kind of like Abraham, Sarah and Hagar -- no need for Hagar here.)

    Praying for K and the other needs shared here.

    God bless!

  24. This is a great idea! Seeing everyones prayer requests in one spot is T-riffic!
    I have one too...I recently lost my at home,perfect, gift from God, job. The organization my husband wants to work for is hiring the position he REALLY wants right now and he has not filled out the application. He feels its not the right time. I trust his gut on this kind of stuff but its freaking me out. I could see the pieces falling into place for bringing home a treasure but now the pieces are scattering again. Our income is no where near enough right now to qualify. AND, I am watching a February trip to Morning Star slip away.... Sheri

  25. I want to thank God for all the wonders He has done in my life and the lives of those around me, and I pray He will continue to perform such wonders in all of our lives.

    I would like to pray for God to meet us all at the point of our needs, whether for financial provision, for studies, for friendships and relationships, for our careers, for protection or any other situation we are faced with. I want to ask God to take control of the situation, to move mountains, to give us the strength to overcome. That at the end, we will all come out rejoicing and praising His name.

    God Bless.

  26. Wow. How incredible to realize that, while there are so many requests and struggles and hard things people are facing in this world, God KNOWS every single request before it is even spoken. And now we have the privilege of joining together from around the world in coming before the throne of Jesus. Wow!

    I need prayer for wisdom. I am young, finishing school in the next several months, and longing to serve God where He wants to put me. I have a huge desire to care for the orphan, but no direction [yet] in how He wants me to do that as a single woman with a nursing degree. Prayers for wisdom, insight, and boldness would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Linny,

    I have been and will continue praying for K, as well as for your family as you travel to S.F..

    As for my prayer request...I have been out of a job for 3 months. As you know, I have major health issues and being without health insurance is very scary. I am totally out of money and am only getting by with the help of others and the local food bank. With the first of the month coming up fast, I worry that I will not have my rent. Due to the fact that I live in a apartment, they dont give me any extra time. I need to find a job, and that job needs to offer good insurance. And I need God to move the mountain that is in front of me. I need help! I am the one the normally is helping others, I would give the shirt off my back, and now I am in need, and I hate asking.....but I have no other choice.

  28. First, have a wonderful time with family! I will cover K in prayers today. Please pray for us- we are adopting a 13 year old girl from China- our 3rd sn adoption in 2 years. We MUST adopt her before her 14th bday in March. We would love prayers for finances,strength and courage, and of course for our daughter. Thank you so much, Kim

  29. This is a repost from yesterday - Will be praying for K. Linny you bless me every time I visit your site. I could really use prayer right now for direction and help with some financial issues. Thank you for the verse today. I was so encourage by it.

  30. Thanks for everything Linny! Ill be praying for K and your health and your family today.

    If you could pray for the following things for me that would be amazing:
    - my fear of planes and heights that i will need to deal with on two trips to ethiopia next year to complete our adoption
    - that finances will come to complete our adoption
    - for confidence and peace for my husband bryan

  31. So excited to see God MOVE TODAY!! That said, please pray for me as I continue to bond with our newly adopted daughter. I have faced the darkest and ugliest time in my life in the past two months and I'm asking that the enemy be subdued in my heart and home!!

    Second, my husband is currently working two jobs that takes him away from me(and our 6 kiddos) too much, please pray for a well-deserved promotion/new position in his field...he's been there 12 years without any "real" promotion...we want Daddy HOME!!!

    Third, I would LOVE to adopt again(in spite of the enemies tricks;)), please pray for discernment and funding and peace if this is truly what the LORD wants....may our "YES" always be "YES"!! And know I will be praying for everyone here throughout the day..CAN'T WAIT to see God move!!!!

  32. Linny, I will be praying for K and all these prayer requests today. And also for those that are unspoken. I almost didn't post mine because it seems insignificant compared to others here. I bet there are other people that won't post their requests either. I will pray for them as well. Here is my prayer request. We are in the middle of our second adoption and out of money. Our dossier is sitting on the desk unable to go anywhere while our little boy waits.

    I also have a prayer for my sister. Her husband of 19 years walked out on what was, for 18 years, a happy marriage. The last year he started drinking and that lead to other things. My sister could forgive, but he won't come home. They have two girls that are devastated. The one good thing that has come of this is that my sister started going to church! I don't want that to change.

  33. Please pray that God will create a clean heart in me and restore a right spirit within me and for my family's finances...

  34. We would like to adopt a little girl with special needs in Russia. The price to ransom this little girl's life is nearly 30K. I think we need to be able to come up with about 24K of that by Nov/Dec. It seems impossible but I know with God it's not. I need the faith that God will do this, it's so easy to doubt.

  35. Please pray that I would trust and wait for God's perfect timing of our next adoption. He has told me some details of his plan but is asking me to do absolutely nothing to pursue it until he says the time is right. It is so hard and my faith is often so weak. Pray for protection for our future child (and that we could start the process soon!:-)

  36. Praying for all of these needs!
    Praying for K and remembering that the LORD will do it for HIS NAME!!!
    Praying for your family and the visit with all of you, you guys are just a hop and skip away from us! Have a blessed time!

  37. Dear Linny and heart is heavy for so many including K. The Father's heart breaks too for whatever has taken place in her life, but HE IS THE ULTIMATE WAYMAKER!! And so, I pray, for K and all the requests that will be shared today and personal ones that cannot be shared. HE so desperately loves each one of us and cannot WAIT to show us HIS GLORY!

    If you would all pray for 2 is a dear son of ours who though he has given his heart to the Lord years ago has been slowly walking away from HIM. Pray that our son falls in LOVE with the Lord and deeply desires a rich relationship with the Father.

    Secondly, we have just received PA for our new son (2nd SN China adoption and 5th child), Kaleb. We have MOUNTAINS of financial needs as it's ALL on faith to bring him home. Both Sunday and Monday, the Lord began to show us HIS POWER to move those mountains. We are praising HIM for what HE is doing. Praise HIM with us and continued prayers for the financial needs. Thank you all!

  38. Praying for each and every one of you one by one as I went down the list before my posting...

    My prayer request: I have been through some very distressing things over the summer. They are too personal to go into, but I need God's protection, wisdom, and intervention. I want to feel His peace and His care that He is taking care of all of it.

  39. Going over all of the prayer request here this morning was overwhelming to my spirit. I didnt think that just reading through them would affect me so much. There are so many needs and I would love to be praying for each and everyone of them.
    I do have a prayer request for my daughter Jessica. Her husband Mark is leaving in November to go to Iraq. They have four children 7 and under. I ask that you would pray for Marks safety, and that the Lord would give him an opportunity to witness to others while he is there. I ask that you pray for the Lord to take the fear from Jessicas heart and replace it with peace.
    Linny we too will be celebrating an early Christmas together as a family in November. I will be praying that the Lord blesses your time together with your family.

  40. It's an honor to join with others in prayer today. Praying that God would rejoice over "K" with singing, and that she would see His glory at work.
    There seem to be alot of financial mountains today...One of ours is having our house on the market with no movement whatsoever. Only God can sell a house in this economy! We desire to see miraculous movement financially...seeking His heart for our future, and the need of the orphan. Once again, only God.

  41. We could definitely use some prayers....

    We are adopting a little boy with Down Syndrome from Hong Kong. I am a photographer on the side and all the money from that is going towards the adoption. Well, this past weekend, I did a wedding - at the rehearsal, my camera quit working. An hour before the wedding, my back-up camera quit working, so I was down to my final camera. I have two upcoming weddings and a bunch of family sessions (which I am so thankful for). But now we have to pay for repairs for 2 cameras which will probably be hundreds of dollars for each one, and then also have to pay to rent cameras for the weddings. So I kind of feel like we are taking a step backwards in the money department. We are doing a consignment sale in a few weeks, so hopefully that will bring in a few extra dollars.

    Time is also an issue. We wait on one last document and then we travel. But we cant travel until Thanksgiving because my husband is in school full time (and working too!)... really need prayers that the timing would work out so that we could travel that week.

    Need prayers that my family would be supportive of this adoption... so far they havent.

    We also need prayer for wisdom/guidance on some church stuff.

    Thank you - this means so much!

  42. I feel God leading us to adopt a little boy from China who has a very severe heart defect (think, may not be correctable, may need a heart transplant, may not survive another year.) I know God can heal him in any way He chooses. I know God's timing is perfect. The big problem is we have no money for this adoption and currently don't have the net worth that is required by China to adopt. My husband has been very slow to get on board, but if the financial aspect was all taken care of, he'd sign up today.
    Please pray for this little boy, for his health, that he would quickly find a family, that he would be adopted quickly and his medical needs would be taken care of quickly. Please pray that God would supply the finances for this adoption. Please pray that He would give us wisdom and if he's not our little boy that a family would claim him SOON. Please pray that my husband would be fully on board if this is God's will.
    Thank you so very much!!!

  43. I am so excited about today. God told me on Sunday he wanted me to fast and pray one day this week. I asked him which day and then I read your post. I laughed out loud because God is soooooo faithful if I just listen. So today I am fasting and praying for what started out to be my marriage but now it includes all these and K.

  44. We are praying and fasting this morning for K and all of these prayer request.

    We have a couple ourself. We have been logged in China since Sept 06 and we brought home our son from GT in 07. We really want to go ahead and do a SN adoption but the money is just not there. We really feel this is what God wants us to do so it is hard.
    Also my husband has felt for some time now God is calling him to do something (not sure what). When he went and talked to the pastors at our church they shot him down quick because I have been married before. He wasnt even sure what God was calling him to do. We really need wisdom.
    Thanks so much.

  45. Thank you for doing this Linny...
    We are asking for prayer for the adoption of our newest son waiting in China...Asher Eli....
    1). Still trying to get all the dossier ready before the 27th of Oct. or we will have to request an extension.
    2). The money still needed for the adoption, and things keep breaking down here at home that need money to fix.
    3. For our family and Asher to be prepared by the Heavenly Father to become a forever family!

    Loves to you all and thank you so much for the prayers.

  46. Will be praying for sweet K. Waiting
    for God to move mountains.

    My prayer request is my husbands job situation.He is out of work and we need God to move mountains!!
    Thank you Linny!!! Donita

  47. Oh Linny, thank you for doing this. It gives me hope.

    I'm definitely praying for K and praising God for what He's started to do!

    I need a miracle. I have had chronic fatigue and many other health issues for over 10 years (I'm 33). Things have gotten worse over the last 2 years. I've been to so many doctors, spent so much money and tried so many different treatments- and NOTHING has worked. I have 2 kids that need a functioning mom. I also have a deep desire for a large family. I long to have more babies biologically and by adoption. But none of that is possible with this mountain that I face.
    I believe that it is not coincidence that I had a doctor appointment scheduled for yesterday that was moved to today- it is at 6:00 eastern time. I need prayer that all the hidden things would be revealed and that God would work through this doctor to help me.
    I also believe it's not coincidence that my friend had reminded me about the parable of the persistent widow last week. When I read that title on your blog post, my heart quickened and I knew that God was speaking.

    Thank you for your prayers. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with all the requests lifted up to Him today.


  48. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I would like to quit my job and stay at home for a few months to grieve so that I can move forward in a positive way for the Lord- but our finances won't let that happen at the moment.

    Thank you again!

  49. Linny,
    I will keep K, you and your family in my prayers.
    I have several prayer request. Please pray for 3 of my older kids aging out of foster care (we are foster/adopt parents). For direction on adopting one of them who has decided they want to be adopted (20 yrs. old). For healing for my foster daughter who has an eating disorder and abandonment issues. For 2 business oppportunity for my husband that would allow us to adopt more kids. My health, please pray for total healing. For sibling group of 6 older kids to be adopted. All of my children. A job for my daughter. For me to know God's will for my life.

  50. We need prayer for our upcoming adoption. We anticipate traveling in December. As with most adoptive families, we are still a little short of money. We know our Heavenly Father has a plan for that. We need it to be revealed. Also, my second child currently has a really bad eye infection as a result of allergies. Pray for healing. It's been some good "Mommy and Me" time though for my sweet middle child. Pray for my friend, Shannon, fighting fibrosarcoma. She has three precious children ages 7, 5, and 3 who need to grow up having their mama around.

    Thank you all for praying for us!

  51. Linny,
    I am so thankful for your blog and your beautiful family. Thank you for the opportunity to pray over these requests and the unspoken ones as well.

    We have a couple of prayer requests here as well.

    I have had a chronic daily headache - sometimes migraine, for over 2 years now. EVERYday from the time I wake until I go to bed, I have a headache. I am so tired and saddened by this. My four beautiful children and loving husband need Mommy to be healthy and happy.

    As a young married couple, we didn't make the best financial choices and are now struggling SO much with our finances. If I could go back and do everything over I would make so many changes.

    We believe God for healing in our lives- financial and physical.

    Thank you for praying with us.

  52. Linny,
    Praying for safe travels and many blessings for your family during this time.
    I'm a silent follower but will be joining in on the fasting and prayer today. Prayer request sure. But you have mentioned them on yesterday's list.
    I love watching God move mountains and He has been. We've seen marriages restored in the last 24 hours, several come to Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior, and so many others during this same period. I'm coming with great expectation that he will move the mountain ranges that are before His people today and in the coming days and weeks . I stand with all of you in the gap for what the enemy intends for harm Our GOD will use for his glory! Blessings to you all!

  53. I would love prayer for my parents and our entire family as we work on completing two more adoptions. Both of my little brothers were adopted from the foster care system and now we have two little girls also from foster care we're planning on adopting. They've been through so much and things are incredibly stressful at our house as most of the kids have many lasting effects from the system. Even some of our closest friends have advised us against adopting two more, BUT there is not a doubt in ANY of our minds that God has told us to adopt sweet little "K" and "C". As you know Linny, His heart is for the orphan and it grieves me that some of our closest friends don't even understand that!
    I don't want prayers that God will make it easier, because I believe He allows us to learn most in times of adversity. I would love prayer though that God would enable our family with the strength needed to love on the kids and minister to them as He wants us to. (I don't doubt He will do this, as it is what He is called my family to.) Also, pray that the Lord will deliver the kids from their broken pasts and allow them to find a new identity in Him.
    ~Kylee, 17 years old. Residing in Tx

  54. Count me in fasting and praying with y'all.

    My needs -
    reconciliation with my soon to be 18 year old son Brock

    Our fundraising efforts to raise the fees for our adoption.

    Blessings to you. Praying and fasting right along with you.


  55. prayer for a restored relationship, that God would re-unite us swiftly and move mountains for us.

  56. I am honored to pray for K and all the other needs today.
    Please pray for reconciliation in my marriage. There are issues that have been swept under the run since the day we married that have come to light and are so painful. I am struggling with anger and resentment. Please pray for our finances which have fallen apart completely over the last 2 years. And please pray for our four children who only want a happy home and a stable family. Blessings to all.

  57. My husband and I are joiniing with you today for K and the other needs. We have a house need. We "built" our own house a bit over two years ago to accomidate our growing family. While we shaved off $80,000 by being our own contractor; we are still caught in the enormous housing decline of our area. The short story is that between taking a building loan and being ready to close, our house declined to the point no one will give us a loan on it. Our current bank only gives building loans, therefore they have converted it to a ARM that makes us nervous in this economy.

    We are praying for a lending institution that is willing to loan us the full amount, but put the "surplus" we on another house that we have paid way down.

    I hope this makes sense.... The real issue is that we see this as a stumbling block to actually getting things in order to focus on another adoption. I see it as a spiritual warfare issue because Satan wants the house to consume our money instead of the orphan! If we can wrap all our building loans into one mortgage, like we always planned, it will decrease our expenses enough to be able to head back to Africa!!

    Thanks for the privilege of posting this,

    Thank you, Linny - you are such a blessing!

  58. Next week we are going to see the "guru's" of the main chronic illness (my daughter has several) that affects our 2 year old. We are lucky to have such great doctor's only a plane ride away, but my husband and I are beyond scared at what we may learn, or what their recommendations will be. I have been praying for strength to be able to hear and follow their advice. I have also been praying that I have all my questions answered. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. I will be adding K to my prayers (your family is already there)

  59. I am honoured to be able to join in fasting and praying today. Continuing to pray for "K" as well and your sweet family.

    Our Needs:
    We are in the process of adopting a girl from Africa through a disruption. We need God to move a huge mountain to make this happen. Also, God is calling our family to move from where we are now, but we have no idea where.

    Thank you.

  60. Wow. . 58 prayer requests so far . . .it may take me a while to get thru these but I will pray. I will pray for your K and I am going to pray for the first 3 posted today. I will take another 3 tomorrow and so on.

    I sure would like to see God do some big wow miracles in regards to our adoption of a 6 year old from Ethiopia. We are ready for his referral but to accept we need $7500. We are guesstimating that this money needs to be turned in by mid October. . so only 28 days away.

    I am trusting God with this. . with your K. . and with these prayer requests here. . crazy that this is happening in blogland, eh?? Love how God can use ANYTHING to glorify Himself. . to show how big He is

    Love your soft heart!

  61. Linny, I am praying and fasting for your sweet daughter today. You are such an amazing woman. I joined with your fast two weeks ago and really felt The Lord's presence.
    Today I ask you to pray for our family. We are homestudy ready to bring our 8 yr old Down syndrome daughter home from the Ukraine. Pray that adoptions will not end there. Also we need the Lord to help us financially. This will be our 5th adoption in 6 years. We know the Lord will provide in a big way. Right now we need the close to $1000 for USCIS. We are having a yard sale this weekend. Pray with us that we will have the funds we need to send our paperwork to immigration to hopefully get our daughter home after Christmas.
    Thank you again. We will be praying and fasting for all of the above requests as well.
    Jackie mom to 7 almost 8

  62. Praying for K - praying for you family and your time in SF. Praying for all these needs expressed. Love you much.

  63. Linny,
    I am praying for K today and all the other people in the comments with needs.
    Please pray for my son, Matthew, who has not spoken to us in over 3 years. Pray that God will work mightily and cause Matt to turn back to Him.
    Pray also for my son, Nick, who is struggling right now. He needs direction from the Lord.

  64. Please join my husband and I in prayer as we wait for the "red tape" in adopting our 3 year old son.

    We are also in prayer for a sibling group we have in foster care who will likely be available for adoption in the near future.

    There is another prayer request I need to keep private for now...God knows the heart :)

    I am honored and privileged to pray for and be prayed for on this amazing day. Thank you Linny for putting this together!

  65. Linny!!!it's working already!!! here's an update to Andrea's comment. Hers is the first one. Go read it again.

    This is what I just learned from another blog I follow.

    The vote on the moratorium (to stop international adoptions out of Ukraine) has been postponed, indefinitely for now.

    This day is going to be BIG!!!

  66. Marital strife and other major issues in my family.

    Thanks for praying....I'm praying & fasting for Karla and all the others too.

  67. Thanks for doing this Linny.
    It is so refreshing to know the huge number of people coming together and offering up their prayers.
    I will be praying for all the requests.
    My request is for a restored relationship.
    Thank you and God Bless!!

  68. I am praying that God would move mightily in K's life and in all the requests mentioned here!!
    Please pray for my mom, that God would free her from the addiction that has gripped her for years, that He would free me from panic and anxiety, and that He would give our family direction concerning adoption.
    Praying that God would move mountains for you all! :)

  69. Please pray for our 2 year old daughter, Sarah, adopted from China last October. She was diagnosed in June with a cancer of the eyes called Retinoblastoma. You can read more on our blog:

    Thank you!

  70. Please pray for ShaoXi and I. As a single mom, I sometimes feel out of my depth in this parenting thing, and clueless. This is one of those times. We are struggling...financially, emotionally, physically. I am clinging to my Jesus. I don't have any answers, but I know HE does! There are some things between Shao & I that are causing division...and it hurts SOOOOO badly! I have never had this before. Up until now, it's been a pretty easy road. Please pray for us. SHe is so precious, and I dare not fail my Heavenly Father in His assignment to raise this child! I don't feel adequate...far from it. Thank you!!!!

    Nancy in CT

  71. Stephanie that is awesome news. I agree this is going to be a BIG day in the Kingdom of God. Exciting news.

    Linny praying and fasting for these requests. Also for a safe trip. Hugs and love

  72. Very recently I was being the "widow that wouldn't let God be". I was praying day and night for 2 specific things... that God would be with me in a situation and that He would give me peace and also that He would change some ones heart.

    He did! He did! He did!... for each thing. Not only that, but he provided me confirmation in the most unique and wonderful way!

    We are starting out on something big, but I know God is Emmanuel (God with me) and that he is providing me peace along the way!

    I serve a God who listens and works!
    May you all see His enduring love and faithfulness too!

  73. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and very sick. We were considering adoption, but God blessed us biologically.

    We're very involved in ministry at a church, and have a lot going on right now that my husband has had to carry on by himself. It's been pretty lonely for me, too, since I really don't have any friends or family my age within about a 20 hour driving distance. :)

    Please pray that the Lord would allow this laying in bed, throwing up (sorry, TMI) phase to go by SOON so that I can be the wife and helper that I need to be again. I also have a job, but think that I'll be losing that in the process (which is actually okay with me). Thank you!!

  74. Yes, I will pray for the needs of K and others who post today. It's very encouraging to hear of God moving already on these requests.

    My request: I ask for prayers to overcome fear, direction from the Lord concerning a situation, and for doors to be opened very soon. Thank you so very much to all who pray!

    And thanks Linny for organizing this day of prayer. May God bless and provide for the needs and desires of all the families represented today.

  75. I feel that my request is pretty inconsequential compared to many left before me. But, it means the world to my family. We are praying for "God to make a way where there is no way" so I can be a stay at home mom rather than sending our daughter to daycare. If anyone reading this has ever been forced to do something for your child that you KNOW is not best, then you understand how our heart breaks over this situation, no matter how small it might seem when compared to others.

  76. I have a heart to adopt and move forward in the things the Lord has for me to do. I know that I don't need to be married to adopt, but I know the promises that the Lord has spoken to me and I know I won't do it alone. Approaching my 33 birthday however makes me a little frustrated as I feel I have waited plenty long. I also need a space to set up a pottery studio as I feel this would be a business venture that would help me be a stay at home mom when the day comes. Thanks for your Prayers, Candice

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  78. Thank you so much for doing this Linny! We are in the process of adopting 2 older children from China and need peace that God is in control, not me. Everything is taking so much longer than anticipated, property we are selling to pay for this is not moving, our 7 yo daughter has a serious health condition which has no easy answers.


  79. Thank you for this opportunity to pray for others and to seek prayer for ourselves. My prayer request is for my family. My husband died almost a year ago from complications of H1N1. It's been a rough year but GOd has held us in the palm of his hand. In the next six weeks, we face what would have been my husband's 45th birthday, my oldest son's 20th birthday and the first anniversary of my husband's death. Please pray that God will give me the strength, peace and wisdom to be what I need to be for my children as we walk through the upcoming weeks. I have two biological sons, ages 19 and 15 and a daughter age 6 who was adopted from China and who was the light of her daddy's life. We all miss him so much.

  80. oooppss... repostng....

    Praying for friends in the process of adoption that have come into a road block with the homestudy agency.

    A big move for us- it's a secret so don't post anything on our blog or facebook please. We don't know where God is calling us yet, but have had some possibilities.

    Friends going through a disruption.

    Friends who need some big changes to happen- waiting on God for those.

  81. Linny,

    I don't know if your remember Jeri from Buffalo. She called me and sent a video clip of her friend and co-host of a Christian talk show who was healed after being paralyzed for 23 years - yes, paralyzed for twenty three years. Jeri said God spoke to her in the shower and told her to call me about this woman's miracle.

    I'm soooooo believing for your friend K, for Deb adopting Betty from Uganda. for Abby Ryan and Finn, for orphans in Kenya, for Katie in Uganda, for my kids, for my friends' kids, for provision, for protection, for God to do what He promised and bring His amazing grace into the situations that seem impossible. He will not let those who hope in Him be ashamed.

    I'm asking you to please pray for my healing as I fast and pray for yours, and Renae's, and Rodrick's, and Danna's and Kim's...

    Bless you.

  82. Thank you Linny for your posts. I will be praying for K

    Please pray for a birth mother as my husband and I are currently waiting on her decision. She is due in a 4 weeks and we do not know if we will be parents yet or not. More than anything else we want to pray for her as she is facing such a difficult decision. I cannot imagine what she is going through right now!

    Please also pray for my husband and I as we wait, and find peace in waiting. This situation came up just before Rwanda closed (our original adoption plan and God has protected our hearts in this. While we want to make a plan b we know God has called us to wait, and called us to give ALL our plans to Him. We know that we need to come to a place where we can readily accept a childless future if that is what He has for us.

    I want to share this verse with you all, it has been written on my bathroom mirror for the past 2 months:

    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayers and petitions, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God, and the peace of God, that transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ.”


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  84. I know I am coming in late on this...I have been praying all day for K and her situation but something wouldn't let me on the computer this morning when I tried to get here to post my request...I will pray over all the other requests later this evening when I have time to sit alone for awhile...currently have 6 toddlers running around, lol...

    it is not for me but for a dear dear friend of mine...just yesterday her mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that is now all through her body...they are giving her about a month to live...sunday no one had a clue anything was even friends world has been rocked needless to say...her mother and her have an extremely tumultuous relationship that has been filled with hurt, unforgiveness and hostility..there is much unspoken rage and anger between them that they have been unable/unwilling to work through and now my friend is torn apart(to put it mildly) at the thought of losing her mother before she can make things right and how long that she has allowed this to go on...she is just exploring her faith right now and i just pray that Jesus has a mighty plan in this to restore my friend and her mother and to draw them both to Him...I am just heart broken for her and would appreciate any and all prayers for the restoration of their relationship and wisdom for me..that I would take myself and my desires out of the relationship and speak His words into and over her life...Thank you all...

  85. I'm posting again...since I started praying this morning, the enemy has been strong here!! Attack after attack!!!! Seems like when people come together to pray, he kicks up his game a notch! Praying for deliverance and final victory TODAY!!

    Praying over EVERY request here!

  86. Joining you in prayer and fasting today, Linny. I have been struggling so much for the last year and a half with just believing God loves me, knowing if I'm really saved, petrified that I'm not, wrestling with predestination, and on and on and on. Please pray for me. I know these things sound so small in comparison to some of the enormous situations others are facing, but this is tearing me up inside. I've been crying out to God (literally), desperate to just hear if I'm really His, and all I hear is...silence.

  87. Please pray for us as we are trying so hard to bring a 5th child home to our Christian family. With each of our previous 4 adoptions, there were challenges but this time Satan is really working overtime. This week we have committed to God to bring one more home, and now we're facing job loss and our car is in need of expensive repairs. We are trusting that God will work this out, please pray for us as we follow His path and trust Him with our family.
    Linny, I have never posted before but I have been praying all afternoon and I get online and see your grandson's name... Finn. Which is the name we have chosen for this little guy we are hoping to bring home. What a neat thing, a God sighting for me. :)

  88. My mom is in stage 6 Alzheimer's. I pray that as she is slowly moving into the last stage, that the end (which is near, could be a year or less) she has no pain and is content. She remembers me right now, but sometimes forgets and as she moves into the last stage she will lose her ability to do anything, her organs will shut down, and she will not be able to communicate at all. I just pray that this last stage is painless for her as we wait for her to be called home. It is very hard to watch someone die and forget everything that was once near and dear to them. Give me strength to focus on her needs and be able to be the best caregiver I can be. i plan on keeping her home with me and not placing her in a nursing home. Everything she needs can come here with us. I don't want her in a nursing home, I want her with me.

    I will pray for K.

  89. reposted form yesterday...

    Please pray for an end to the constant financial attacks we have been under since our application to adopt was accepted. We are asking God to melt the mountains and put our feet on solid ground and destroy the enemy's numerous attempts to block our path.

    It is a blessing to stand in the gap and pray for all the expressed and silent needs shared!


  90. Thank you, Linny! You are such an encouragement to me! I will be praying for you, your family, K, and the other requests listed here. I would like to ask for prayer for my mom's back. They have tried everything besides surgery and it has brought her no relief...she needs God's healing to be able to function. I also need huge healing prayers for myself. Thanks to you and everyone else that is involved!!!!

  91. Please pray for our daughter Lily. She's 3-1/2 yrs, and we just adopted her from China. (home 2 weeks). Her teeth are terribly decayed. She's been having a lot of sleep issues the last few days, and we figured out this morning that one of her teeth is causing her terrible pain. Pray for relief for her, and that the dentist we've been referred to will be able to find the cause and alleviate her pain. And also that she will be able to sleep again.

  92. Seems to minor, in the light of so much need. but here goes.

    One of the challenges of being a single adopting, is no guardian for my children. I have been listening to crazy love by Francis Chan, and his chapter on the fact that we could go at any time...are we ready? and I read the many requests about mom's with cancer, etc. and I walk in despair, that I have no plan for my children.

    I have no one in my family...who could/would step in...that believe in God. And I have no friends that would step in, although they do believe in God.

    And I cannot stand having a godly home planned for my children....if anything would happen. I have prayed for God to reveal someone...give me wisdom...but nothing, so far. Now maybe He knows it will not be needed....but I do not feel responsible as a mom, by doing nothing. My kids would be split up...two go to an ungodly relative household and the other two...I have no clue. :(...

    I know this is a what if..and not a current mountain...but I feel I need to address it. Sorry so long.


  93. We're scheduled to submit our dossier in UA in 23 days. We've had to redo some of our paperwork and our translator just got the package today. Please pray that it will all be acceptable this time and that we will not have to redo anything. We're so close...

  94. Please pray that if God has a child he wants my husband and I to adopt that He would cause it to happen. We have been waiting on our agency's list for 21 months with no birth mother interest in us. We have less than 9 months remaining on our contract, and then we are done. I am tired, frustrated, and have given up. I don't believe that it will happen, and I don't think I even want it to happen anymore. Please pray that God will place in me the desire again if it is His will and that He will move every mountain to make it happen.

  95. Linny,

    I have been following your blog for months now and it pricks my heart constantly! I am joining each of you in prayer and fasting today as well. I know our Lord loves that we are binding ourselves together in this and for HIS GLORY! I am praying for each and every one of these requests. Thank you in advance for all of you praying on my behalf as well.

    My requests:
    1. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant (only been trying for 2 months). Please pray that everything will go well and that God will be glorified.
    2. The Lord has overwhelmed me with the desire to adopt and show His love to the sweet children out there that are without family. However, my husband is not as on board as I am. Although he said that if the Lord directs us to do it, he will follow. I ask that you would please pray that the Lord would put a burning in his heart for the orphan and that God would be glorified through it.
    3. Last thing (I apologize for such a long post), please pray for our financial situation. My father has been searching for a job for several years and has been unable to find one so my husband and I have been helping them. More importantly though - please pray that my parents would be lifted up. I have never seen them so defeated. Pray that the Lord would restore their joy and that they would have a renewed fervor for Him and His will for their lives.

    Claiming these for all of us today! And ALWAYS!
    Summon your power, O God; show us your strength, O God, as you have done before." Psalm 68:28 (NIV)

    Psalm 9:10, "Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you." (NIV)

  96. This is such a wonderful idea and I am so happy to be able to participate!

    My prayer requests:

    Neither my husband nor my dad know God - and they are both very determined in their views. Please pray that God will change their hearts and that they will be able to see how much they are loved and blessed by our Father in Heaven.

    My husband has recently interviewed for a job that would not only be a great fit for his talents, but this position would also provide some much needed benefits that we have not had available to us in many years. This job would also allow us to take care of some financial obligations that we've been struggling with. Please pray that God will bless us with an offer from this company.

    I struggle with my faith. I know one thing to be true, yet my doubts linger... even when I don't really believe them. Please pray that my faith and relationship with my Father, God, will strengthen and that I will hear His voice and follow His will as he leads me through life.

    Thank you all for your prayers!

  97. I will pray too, last time you organised it was such a blessing!

    I would love you to pray for my husband, that His faith will become stronger, for HUNGER for Gods word and that he will take his place as the spiritual leader of our family,

    and for me in taking courage to a)start driving lessons (a mom to 6 needs to be able to drive but i'don't have the courage )
    and b) start our homestudy in order to bring home a special needs child from Reece's Rainbow

  98. Another prayer request:

    Please pray about all the major changes that China is contemplating regarding postplacements.

  99. Please pray for my son Kyle who is thirteen and just had surgery to install a shunt in his brain to relieve pressure from a cyst on his brain. He is having complications and we specifically pray that the doctor's can figure out what is going on. We also ask for God to heal him with his loving touch.


  100. praying for you and your sweet family and thankful that you get to be together.
    may you enjoy much laughter and love in the coming days!

  101. This morning we sent the initial paperwork to our adoption agency, requesting China to allow us to adopt a 3 year old Special Needs child with Klippel-Trenauny syndrome. We need prayer that CCAA will allow us to proceed after we made a heartbreaking decision to disrupt an adoption last year. This will be our 4th adoption - My husband is reluctant and my 4 grown sons will think we're crazy, but God.
    K will be remembered in prayer and I'm so excited to see that God is already working on her behalf.
    Karen H.

  102. Hello everyone. I'm so happy to be a part of this! I plan to read and pray through all the requests tonight during my quiet time after the kids are in bed.

    Our family of 10 needs a bit more space. Our home is right around 1000 square feet.

    We feel led to bring more children home, but our bedroom space is maxed out by social worker standards AND by convenience standards. (Not due to comfort, but necessity--one of our sons is in a wheelchair and he can't use it in the house.)

    Please pray God would help us to sell our other home so we can begin building or that He would provide in a miraculous way.

    God bless all of you and I look forward to lifting all these needs before the throne tonight and seeing what the Lord will do through all of our voices raised on one another's behalf.

  103. I feel a bit late in the game, but I have been saying prayers for K and everyone during the day today.

    I have never asked for a prayer for myself in this type of setting, but here it goes. I am praying for my finances. I am in way over my head and have taken several steps to get myself on the right track but I don't think it has made any progress yet. My house out of state was on the market for 15 months but never sold (due to the amount I OWE on it, I can't offer it for a low price); I don't want to file for bankruptcy or anything. I moved away for a new beginning and a better environment for my daughter. Unfortunately it was my adoption of my daughter a few years ago that pushed me over the top with no way out. I would not change that for the world,but I need relief!


  104. Thank you for doing this - I know from personal experience the power of prayer.

    And it seems to be timely for many of us. This week our social worker is deciding whether or not we can proceed with our foster to adopt application due to fact that I had cancer last year.

    Praise God, I am cured and my doctor is quite opptomistic and does not anticipate any return of the cancer. She is also 100% on our side and doesn't see any reason we should be denied.

    Therefore, I ask your prayers that now will be the time and we will not have to wait until my remission window is over, which would be December 2011.

    I know everything happens in God's timing, but we are so ready.

    Blessings to all of you and I am praying for each and every one of you as well.

  105. I have one! My trip to Uganda next summer :) I have a lot of money to raise and no income, but I know God will privide because I'm doing his will.
    Also, my family has decided to put our house up for sale to move back to the midwest. As you can imagine, things are a tad complicated here, since I've made a home and a family in my church.
    That's all :) I'll be praying for ya still!

  106. Thank you Linny for putting this together, we'll be coming together storming the gates of heaven on behalf of everyone's needs.

    Please, please pray for me that God will be with me and help me pass my medical school boards. I've already failed once and really really want to pass this next time. Pray that my heart will be open to God's will and if this is not the path He wants me to take to serve His people that he will open my eyes and heart to His plan.

    Thank you so much to those who will pray on my behalf.

  107. My family is in desperate need of some money. My youngest daughter spent the entire summer in the hospital.
    My youngest son, who we just adopted, is scheduled for surgery out of state next week. As it stands right now, I do not even know if I will have the gas money to go. I am also a bit unsettled about having to go through this surgery by myself without the support of my husband and other kids since we cannot afford a hotel room.
    We scraped every penny and got rid of everything we could think of, including a car in order to bring our little boy home. I know in my heart that God will provide all of our needs, but we are struggling.
    Please pray for me to find peace and comfort in knowing God's will for my family and that God's love and care will tackle any financial burden that we are facing.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to share and bless you.

  108. I am a missionary from Canada serving at an orphanage in Mexico. For three years we have working with the courts to free little Jose for adoption. And...still the paperwork sits somewhere on someone's desk.I I am thankful that I get to love on him everyday and be his mama meanwhile but someday I would love for him to be legally mine.
    Also would like prayer for the director of the orphanage. She is a great, amazing, admirable Christian woman but is recovering from an abusive past and still is learning grace and mercy. At times this "past" life of hurts and abuse stands in her way of being able to give love freely and it pains her at times when others show this love to the kids and herself. During these moments...which I know are a direct spiritual attack...she has said she will ask for my Jose to be transferred somewhere else so I can never see him again. I don't think she will ever do it but it still is a huge fear of mine. It pains me that any Christian would deprive a little boy of a loving family just because she was unloved and doesn't want him being loved either.

    We've been battling intense spiritual warfare at the orphanage the last week or so. Please pray for spiritual protection and guidance over the orphanage.

    I read through the other prayer requests and will now start praying through them. Thank you all for your prayers. What a great blessing to be able to do this together.

  109. Thanks so much for inviting us to join in with prayers and requests.

    Please pray that my sister Susan will be cured of her lymphoma cancer.
    And that her daughter, Kaylee's pituitary tumor resolve itself.
    Please pray for peace, love, and healing of my extended and immediate families.

    Thanks so much.

  110. I know I am late, but I missed the post yesterday.
    I will be praying for K.

    My requests:
    - Salvation for my 20 year old son, Ethan

    - Spiritual growth for my husband, Scott

    - My friend Terri (51) is dying of cancer. She is a single mom (never married and adopted a baby abandoned at the hospital). The baby is Katie, now age 15. Please pray for peace for Terri and for Katie to accept God's love and healing for her hurts. She is angry with God right now.

    I can fast tomorrow, but I will be praying.

    Thank you so much!
    Be blessed!

  111. I'm sorry it's a little late, but I've been praying for 'K' and the many others who've asked for prayer.

    Heavy on my heart is my friend Meg, who was diagnosed with level 4 cancer just a few weeks ago. The prognosis isn't good, but I believe that God will do his best to move every mountain in the way of her recovery. With your prayers added to ours, I have no doubt her chances of recovery will sky rocket!

    I hate to be selfish when I see all these selfless posts, but I have a small prayer request for myself. I have been overweight my entire life, and it seems that as I get older, the more out of control my eating gets. I ask that you all pray to give me the determination and the strength to not give in to temptation, and to lose the weight I need to, to be a healthy, happy mom to my baby girl.

    Thank you to Linny for bringing us all together for such an uplifting day.

    Praying for you all,


  112. As I was reading through each of these prayer requests...I thought about how exciting it is going to be to see how God moves in each situation. Linny, thanks for doing this. I would like prayer that the doors would be open for me to adopt my heart's desire...a sibling group of young children!!

  113. we have been blessed in so many ways during our second adoption. we are longing to return from china with our little girl before christmas. pray for a MIRACLE that we would receive our approvals from china in time for us to bring her home to celebrate with her new family.

  114. My request is that God would give me a Christian husband that would be exactly who He would have me marry . My husband passed away from cancer on Easter Sunday this year and even though it still seems soon, I want to start praying about a husband and a father for my 3 little girls 1,5,and 8. I can't wait to see how GOd will answer this prayer. The doors that will open the windows all the amazing things. So I guess I want to Praise Him before the answer even gets here. Thank you all who pray, I'll be praying for your needs too!

  115. Linny...
    It was a JOY to pray yesterday for beautiful K. I just know more mountains are going to melt like wax for her (Ps 97:5). I am slowly making my way through the rest of this list. It is SUCH an honor to pray for these needs. Do it again soon!!!!!
    Praying for you guys too, that your trip is a safe, deep, wonderful one with so many memories!!!!!
    Be blessed wonderful woman!


  116. I'm happy to be praying for all of you. My family could really use major prayer. I can't go into specifics but there is a strong possibility that my marriage of 28 years will be ending and the relationship between my dh and our children will be destroyed. God knows the details and I want to believe that he can turn this round but it would truly take a miracle. Thankyou,

  117. I meant to come and post this yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind.

    I would really appreciate prayers for my health and the amount of stress I have. I'm 18 years old, have had 18 surgeries, and am still recovering from my last surgery on my foot which I somehow managed to injure and delay the recovery process. On top of that, I have no thyroid, so I have constant low metabolism and energy, take muscle relaxers twice daily for terrible migraines which make me drowsy, am on anti-nausea pills which also make me drowsy, along with numerous other issues. All this while trying to be a full-time college student. I am so overwhelmed between my health and classes, I feel like I'm suffocating. I missed my first semester of college last fall for six brain surgeries and staph pneumonia, and I'm trying to figure out how to take extra classes in summer school so that I can get caught up. And I can't talk to my mom (the only parent I have, dad died from cancer just after I turned 7) about this because when I've tried all she does is tell me that I can do this and to suck it up and just keep going. I'm usually so good at being the strong one in my family, that it feels like I'm only allowed to be "weak" when I'm in the hospital.

    Thanks. I will be going through the comments later today to pray for everyone else.

  118. Oh Linny I'm so glad you said to come and post something still today. I just found out a sweet little dumpling who has been battling that stinking monster called cancer has relapsed just ten days after finishing her chemo.
    She is about two and has Down syndrome, she now needs a very aggressive amount of chemo to put her into remission and then a bone marrow transplant. The doctors are giving her a 50/50 chance. My heart is breaking for her and her family. Her name is Lois.

    bTW, I loved doing this. I must have checked in a hundred times yesterday reading all the requests and praying . Lots of tears while I was reading, but also a good feeling, a really good feeling! Have a blast with your family!!!!!

  119. I was traveling yesterday & without access to a computer/internet, so I didn't have the chance to post my prayer requests yesterday. I'm a bit floored by the number of requests on here!
    I did use a good bit of my drive time to pray, and I definitely prayed (and have continued to pray) for K and the situation.

    My requests are:
    1) I just got my approval for the dates I wanted to be in Uganda, however, when I went to look at flights to book them, the one I had had my eye on (the "perfect" itinerary) is no longer available. I am trusting that God has HIS perfect itinerary and that it will not be too expensive, etc.

    2) I have been praying for a mentor or a few older ladies (and by older, I just mean anywhere from college graduate age & on) to just speak truth into my life and be someone(s) I can go to and trust and talk to and learn from, etc. So far, I have not found any in my "real" life.

    3) I am struggling with several different things right now and would like to be closer to God and respond with His responses.

    Thank you, Linny. Praying for you, your family, and K.

  120. sorry i missed this yesterday... but i thought i would comment anyway! we are being hit from all sides... financially (my husband has been out of a job for almost 6 months now) adoption everything has been haulted since we lost hlth insurance, and now the enemy is attacking our marriage :( we are definitely walking through a very dark time and could use prayers on all fronts! thank you Linny! Hugs & Prayers for your family & K

  121. Thank You so much for doing this. You ane your family are such a blessing to me and so many others! I am praying for K. I know God will move on her behalf!

    I am asking for prayer for a few things.

    1) I am a Mommy to 10 wonderful kids that are here with me and 3 in heaven. My last pregnancy was my daughter Faith who was Stillborn at 37 weeks on 10/28/08. I am now 46 years old and have not been able to become pregnant again. I so strongly desire a baby to fill these empty arms. I have been praying for God to let me be content in Him no matter what.I am also praying for a baby, whether it be through pregnancy or adoption. Hubby is content with our family size so he has no interest in adoption. I need God's Peace as well as Hubby and I to be in agreement. I am also expecting some physical problems that my doctor said she would give me a hysterectomy anytime I am ready. I am willing to endure if the Lord would choose to bless me with another pregnancy!

    2)My Brother just lost his wife to cancer and is not handling it well at all. He has been turning to alcohol to drown his sorrows. Please pray that he turns to Jesus instead!

    3) Some personal needs here our family.

    Again Thank you so much! You all are in my prayers as well!

    Many Blessings,

  122. Short Version:

    Please pray that I would stop looking for my husband to meet needs in my life only God can truly meet and that I will be satisfied in satisfying Him not others (specifically my mom) and that I would in doing so rise above and conquer the darkness of depression that is threatening to gobble me up. Pray also that my husband will begin to make enough to pay our bills monthly. That he will be given an opportunity to get back into ministry.. full time would be great but he'd be happy for any opportunity even if just for a fill in one sunday! & That we would sell our house today!

    Okay maybe that wasn't so short but here is the original even longer version!

    I would be honored if you would pray for me. I am struggling with my dear husband being gone so much. I have an unhealthy addiction to that man. I quite frankly feel depressed alot. I have a lot to be joyful for, so much more than I deserve, and yet I find myself wishing to sleep my days away so that he will hurry up and get home! Life just isn't the same when I can't share every moment of it with him. It wouldn't be so bad if he was actually making a good paycheck but we are still struggling to pay the bills and have absolutely no money for anything extra. Toilet paper, shampoo, hot water, trash pick-up service. Once necessities... now we are learning to do without at times! We must must MUST sell our house soon so we don't loose it and the 40K equity we have in it. I must preface this next one by saying
    I love, love, LOVE my mother but she has made me feel downright awful about my life and the decisions I make. She in no way supports my decision to homeschool and constantly is bringing up how much easier life would be if I just sent my kids to school. She is constantly pointing out how one of my kids needs a bath because they're covered in mud from playing outside, or chocolate syrup from getting in the fridge or who knows what else. :0) Or how messy my house is, I need to mop, I need to empty the trash, I need to re-paint the living room to cover up scribbles... and so it continues. She does not realize the detrimental effects her words have on my spirit. Just yesterday she got mad at me and left my house declaring she was not coming back and I knew where she lived if I wanted to visit. She is just upset with me because I always seem to be in a bad mood when she is around. Quite frankly I'm tired of faking a good mood just to please her. I feel rotten inside and I'm tired of hiding it. I just can't do anything good enough to please her. I have never been able to, not since I was a teenager living at home. I guess not having my husband here to counteract the negativity my Mom brings with her is eating at me.

  123. Have been praying for "K" and hoping that one day, you would get the opportunity to share just how faithful and marvelous is our God through her situation!

    Need prayers for my husband to take the spiritual leadership mantle in our family - he is in ministry and gives and gives of himself to others that by the time he gets home, he is exhausted and does not really have time to read scripture with the family. He only has enough energy to pray with the kids and I really want to model to the kids that dads should be the spiritual leaders of the home. Though I read scripture with the kids, I would love for my husband to take this role. Praying that he would prioritize his ministry obligations. Also praying for my six year old's health and that I would not be consumed with fear - we go to the doctor in a month's time and praying that he will have a clean bill of health. After three separate hospitalizations this summer for my 2 year old, I am praying to be spared more health concerns for the kids. Last request - praying that my husband would fully trust that God will provide all our needs if I do what God is calling me to do - be a stay at home mommy and homeschool our children.

  124. Prayed and fasted for you all yesterday. I saw that it is not to late to share request.
    We are in process with our 3rd adoption in 2 1/2 yrs. We have 6 kids now. This process has had a lot of medical issues going on during it. My husband has had health issues, which led to 2 surgeries, and our daughter from Ethiopia has had surgery recently.

    I am asking prayer for wisdom about adoption. Is this his will, should we adopt this little boys best friend also? Pray that my husband would have peace and wisdom in all of this.

  125. A little late, but I was moved by reading this post and listening to the music on the blog, so here we go.

    I pray that we find a way to financially make it.

    Please pray for a person in my life who has been homeless for the last four years. I've done everything I feel like I could, and he doesn't like it, he doesn't want my help, he's mad at me for not having the money he needs. He sends me emails and letters full of such anger and hurt. I keep trying, and I just keep praying for him. Please pray for him, as well.

    Please pray that God moves my husband's heart to adopt. And that God shows me the path he wants me to follow to serve his need.

    I also pray every day that I can become a better mom. I'm struggling to overcome feeling so exhausted and tired of everything, I don't want to let them down.

  126. I've also been praying for K since you posted on Twitter about her. Ive read a few of these comments and been praying today for them as well.

    My own trials seems petty now that I've read so many others, but here they are anyway
    1) We are being relocated from Virginia to Minnesota in January. I've never been away from my family before, so this is huge for me. My heart breaks to think of raising my kids away from my parents and siblings.
    2) We would like to adopt our next child. I want to start now, but I am having trouble fully trusting God to provide the finances for it.

  127. I spent yesterday praying and fasting from the internet so I didn't get my post up. I prayed in general for K and those who would post.

    My requests for our family are:

    -Believing for provisions where they are needed.

    -Being obedient to allowing our lives to be used as God intends them to be used.

    Thank you!

  128. I so missed this yesterday, so i am fasting and praying today!!!

    As for my requests...

    We need God to miraculously grant us travel approval for October 7! We also need Him to sell our "stuff" to raise the rest of the money we need to bring home the two girls!

    I know that He will work everything out, but i need peace to know that our travel will perfectly coordinate with my hubby's jobs. We also need more work so badly to take us through the winter, as a contractor, it is rare to have winter work!

    I can't wait to hear about all the answered prayers!!!

  129. I am late, but God never is, right?!
    Here is our big request - we have been pursuing an Ethiopian adoption for almost 5 months now. To make a very long story short we started out thinking that God had a healthy male infant in mind for our family. Well, only a few weeks ago, he drew us into the special needs children on the waiting child list. We found our son! We have accepted our referral, and have finished our home study and our dossier. Praise GOD!!! He has provided almost $16000 for us in cash. We stepped out in faith with no money to back up our adoption, and He has provided in amazing ways. Now, we NEED to send in our dossier, BUT we are lacking almost $8000. We do not have the money. We really do not want to take out a loan when God has brought us so far. But we really feel as if this dossier needs to be sent in this week. Our child is waiting, and he desperately needs medical attention. We are asking for prayer for wisdom, discernment, and for God to pour out financial blessings on our family once again. We are praying and believing that He will. But it is still scary as the end of the week creeps in. We would appreciate prayer for our family and for our sweet son miles and miles away from us. Thank you.

  130. Just got a call that a family in our church's adoption group showed up for court only to find out it had been rescheduled a week a and a half ago and their SW never notified them. They have been fostering to adopt for over a year and their SW is not doing what she needs to do to finalize the adoption. Pray for them as they are so frustrated. Ask that God would grant them a new SW or miraculously guide their current SW to do what is needed so he can be theirs! New court date is 11/4.

  131. My hubs is a medical student, I work as an assistant in a chiropractor's office (and make very little money). I just entered my third trimester of my first pregnancy and we found out today that our insurance (that we pay out of pocket for) has a $2500 cap on maternity benefits. SO, we are looking at probably $10,000-20,000 of medical bills in the next few months (assuming everything goes well!). Oh, and my husband had a very surprising, very urgent spine surgery yesterday that we can only pray will be covered (at least SOME) by our awful insurance policy. We trust that God is in this situation, that he knows what's going on and has a plan to take care of us. Please, please, flood the gates of Heaven for us . . we need some miracles.

    Oh, and we had just been talking earlier this week about starting our own Memorial Box. I think we will expedite that process now; we need some tangible reminders that HE is in control!


  132. Hello All,

    This is soooo wonderful! Thank you, Linny for doing this. I took part in the adoption fast and prayer request a few weeks ago and was seriously bummed that I could not participate in this fast. That did not stop me from praying, however, and I will continue to pray for all those on this list.

    I do have two prayer requests and like so many others have stated, they feel kind of unworthy to be on this list with so many who have such greater struggles.

    1)for our adoption-I have felt called for almost a year now to a particular sibling group of 5. Yes, 5! We have three biological sons from 4 1/2 to almost 9yo. The sibling group I feel drawn to is all girls ranging in age from 4-9. Anyway, my husband is all aboard for adoption, he's just not sure about 5. I want to trust God and submit to my husband. I have been praying for God to move on his heart so that we can be together on this or to let the girls be adopted so that I will know they are not ours. Please pray for this situation.

    2)Please pray for my mom. She claims Christ but doesn't live it or trust him. She is wholeheartedly against this adoption (regardless of how many or where they come from) which is especially difficult given that she lives with us and has to do the background checks/fingerprints/interviews and all that jazz. Please help her to find her way back to God and to have peace, excitement even, about our adoption.

    Thank you so much! I am truly honored to be part of this.

  133. We sold our house and have until November 30th to move out. We have an offer in on both a short sale and foreclosure. Please pray for our family (of eight)as we *try* to wait patiently on the Lord. We *so* know that He has the perfect house for us AND that his timing is perfect...but, but, but!

  134. I was unable to fast yesterday, but I will be fasting tomorrow. I just found out yesterday that the man who was the leader of the 2 missions trips I went on when I was a teenager, has been diagnosed with an untreatable, degenerative brain disease and has only been given 6-8 weeks to live. This is an awesome man of God and he has influenced countless young lives for Chris, including mine. My heart aches for his family. Can you please pray for healing for Todd.
    Also on a much lighter note. I am hoping to go serve at Morning Star in February and prayer for that trip would also be appreciated.

  135. I may be too late for this but I just read your post and wanted to share my prayer requests also.

    Ours, like so many others, revolves around adoption and finances. We have accepted the referral of a little 7 year old who is waiting for us in China. We are so excited but our family is against everything we have done. Our last adoption was wonderful but they treat him like he has a disease and have said the most horrible things to us. We went 8 months with the entire family not speaking to us because we chose to adopt. So here we are..again adopting. Yet to tell anyone because there is no one to rejoice with us about this little life. And the money to bring her home, its in God's court but prayer makes things happen. We need the money to bring our daughter home and the strength to stand up under our families attacks.


  136. not even sure where to begin or what to ask for.
    We take our 19 month old in tomorrow to be tested for Cystic Fibrosis and additional testing.

    My husband goes to a mens retreat this weekend. asking coverage and prayer for him and the other men.

    Kids in Mongolia-they have been placed on my heart lately and not sure what God is up to or what he wants me to do but the street kids and conditions are so sad.

    To health and restoration for the remainder of this year. For God to show up and for us to hear and listen and follow.,

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