Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dw & My Mom

So many of you {Mary McG in TN, Lisa, Katherine, and Susan A} have mentioned or asked....

Dwight is sore.  



When there are multiple impacts would be crazy to think that there would not be soreness.

I am so thankful for all the prayers.  


It could have been so much different.

The rear axel was dismembered from the truck.

The drive train broke in half.

Smashed back.

Smashed front.

I remember when the big kids were little.  They were pushing Autumn in a stroller down a hill.  The stroller crashed {with Autumn's foot in the front wheel}.  Autumn limped around.  Never complained.  Finally after two days of limping I called the doc.  She had one question.  "How is the stroller?"  I said, "Oh, the stroller is smashed and we had to throw it out. It was completely bent out of shape." 

This wise pediatrician said, 

"Well Linn, the general rule is: 

 If the stroller {car, truck} is mangled, so is the person." 


Took Autumn in for xrays and sure enough her foot was broken.  

So, the mangled truck is proof that this handsome hunka-hunka husband of mine is feeling pretty mangled as well. 

 He tires easily.  

Walks gingerly.  


Your continued prayers are appreciated.

As for my mom.  Hmmm.

She moved back to her apartment.  I went over today to check on her.  On Thanksgiving Day I had noticed something.  Her smile is crooked.  Her lower lip is staying in the same place.  I am wondering if maybe she had a small stroke??  We will be calling the doc on Monday. 

And Dw and I are trying to figure a way to have her come here to live permanently, where she has her independence, but I am right here to care for her.  

So there you have it. 

Thank you so much to those who have continued to pray.  

I love you guys dearly.  xo

22 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Glad to hear your husband is on the mend. I wanted to comment on the crooked smile. My dad had a small stroke and no one noticed. He now has a crooked smile and drools on that side but apart from that and some weakness in his arm on that side, he has no other "problems" associated with the stroke. We are in the boat of wanting my mom and dad to live with us but they are not ready to give up their independence yet. It's tough watching your parents get old :(

  2. Linny, My eyes are crying, my heart is breaking, and my mind is praying for you. Thank you God for helping Linny manage through all the distresses in her life. Help DW to heal his body. Give 'Mom' the endurance she needs to make it through the changes that are coming. And could you send the family a special surprise to lift their spirits? In Your Name

  3. What about Uncle Mark? Haven't seen him in pictures.

  4. Praying Linny. I take care of an elderly woman 2 days a week who lives with her daughter. She is was independent there for a very long time (until pneumonia put her in the hospital and then dimentia set it) but I think it's great that you would take care of your mom like that!

  5. I got in your blog to check in, and as soon as I did, Emma climbed into my lap and said, "Mommy, where's Emma's picture?" So we had to go find her (my Emma thinks they are soccer soul-mates or whatever it is that six-year-olds think. She loves her!) I told her that Emma's Daddy was in a car accident so we prayed for him together.

    Hope everything heals quickly, on everyone in the family. Good gracious, girl, you've gotta be doing something big to have ticked off the devil to this amount, keep it up! ;D

  6. Do not wait until Monday if you think your mom has had a stroke, she could have another one. Do you have an express care she can go to if she doesn't want to go to the emergency room?

  7. Thank you for the update - praying for Dw and for healing. My hubby would love to share a story with him... looks like we will have to see you two again!

    My heart hurts a bit for Mom- my prayers are with her and you. It is so hard... God Bless her!

    ((hugs to you))

  8. Hey Linny.........there are meds for strokes that should be received sooner rather than later. You might want to get her in before Monday. Although it could just be a TIA (a mini stroke or a precursor to a larger one). My hubby is chiming in (has worked at our local hospital for 20 plus years as a PT), says it could also be Bells Palsey. Praying for you all!

  9. Praying for your husband. Hope his soreness fades quickly. Also, praying for your mom. Have you considered Bells Palsy as a possibility, instead of a stroke? Just a thought.....
    Will continue to pray for your sweet family :)

  10. I am leaving right now to go pick up my mom and take her to ER....on all your advice I called a close friend who is a neurologist. He was so helpful. He had me call her and do certain things...he is guessing it was a stroke from my moms response to the "tests" she did in the mirror...anyway, he advised me to take her...thanks friends for prompting me. I wasn't feeling good about waiting but didn't know what to do...thank you!! xo Off to get her and bring her back to the hospital...

  11. So glad someone else told you not to wait until Monday! Call now, go now! Praying for all of you. HUGS!

  12. Thanks for the update. Any way to just talk with mom straight forwardly? She may be thinking the same thing but not want to impose.

  13. continuing praying for Dwight to get better, I can imagine the shock to his system and everything being bruised and sore, may every cell, marrow, bone, tissue, and joints be healed speedily and give him relief in Yeshua's name.

    We are also praying for your mom, that wisdom will be given to the doctors to know what to do and that everything will be alright for her.

    Also peace and strength for you, Linny, with so much things happening. We have also prayed for the power of Christ, and the brightness of His angels to be upon where you are, to protect you all. He is risen and all authority belongs to Him.

    Love you all (((hugs)))

    Susan and Anna

  14. Covering you all in prayer. I pray for healing, for peace, for annointing. I know how hard it is to rest with lots of little ones under foot, but still try. Praying for strength for you Miz Linny you are going to need it, you do so much take time to rest yourself dear.

  15. We are continuing to lift Dw, your mom, and all of you up in prayer. Linny, with love I am reminding you not to forget to take care of yourself. A lot of people depend on you..I am praying for healing for you too! Your family lives such a beautiful and strong witness for our Lord Jesus! Praise God for your servant way of life.

  16. Dw and your mom remain in our prayers. We are rejoicing that Dw's injuries weren't more severe and pray healing over him. We'll continue to pray for your mother's recovery as well. It does sound like a little stroke and you are wise to go ahead and take her to the ER.

    I agree with Renee. Please don't forget to take care of yourself! I pray every single day for your healing and strength. God still has so much for you to do for His glory.

    Much Love,

  17. I hope both Dw and your mom are okay. I hope that the ER finds out what happened to her. I think it is great that you want her to live with you. I took care of my mom (she had Alzheimer's) for several years and wouldn't trade them for anything. It can be such a joy to take care of a mom, I found that anyways. Mom was pretty easy to take care of most of the time even when she needed 24/7 care. It was very fulfilling to me.

  18. Thank you for updating us Linny. I, too, had been wondering how both Dw and your mom were doing. Praising Jesus that Dw, though obviously feeling the effects of the accident, is home. Praying for his continued recovery. And for your mom, prayers, too, for answers as to her condition and strength for you as you care for everyone!! HUGS!!

  19. Oh, my. I'm just catching up after being out of town. I'm so sorry that your husband was in a bad accident. Thankful that he is going to be okay. Praying for all of you...

  20. Praying for DW and you Mom and your entire precious family. Just now saw this post...had a big scare with our Ethiopian babe, but all is well now. Blessings to you all.


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