Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Home to Yours!!

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Bloggy Friends....

From Our Home to Yours...

Here is my earliest helper today...just as it was starting to get light we got started....

{By the way, can you tell that the movie was in 3D that Emma took the kids to?}

Sweet Jubilee - we are so thankful you are home little princess
and that this is your first Thanksgiving...

Handsome 3D lovin' Prince of ours....

Princess Elizabeth Mercy...always, always, always, helping Mommy....

Kids making the place cards and some Thankful lists

 Charlee Louise
Name Cards...

Elizabeth's Thankful List...which Emma wrote what she said:
"I'm thankful that it's OhGiving Day and that Abby will come!"
{Abigail is her buddy and I'm guessing that 
she is bargaining that if she says it outloud maybe it will come true!! haha}
Maybe Abi, Ryan and Finn will come around Christmas....who knows!
 Liberty's Thankful List....

 Grandma is doing much better...
 My precious friend Ann, she knows how to make a vegetable tray!!
 Jonathan - one really, really big dude...had to get a picture...

 Dustin & Autumn
 Check out Polly's Christmas
 Emmy made the pies:  Shoofly Pie and Pumpkin

 Nate and Elijah Mueller

Here's what I was thinkin....throughout the day I will continue to add pictures as our Thanksgiving the same time, I would love to "visit" with you this Thanksgiving, {please link below} many of you leave such sweet comments... really, I would love to hear from you or see your day as well...unfold it for us all...the link will be open till Sunday night....I can't wait to share Thanksgiving with each of if you do a Thanksgiving post - link it!!

16 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Our kids love to pop out the lenses of those glasses and wear them all the time. They look like a bunch of nerds. I'm looking forward to seeing what people link up.

    Megan (posting from my son's account)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Linny! I hope your day is filled with good food, sweet laughter, and precious memories.

    Blessings from Alabama,

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Linny and family. I just know it's going to be filled with laughter and a whole lot of fun. Hugs

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from Texas, and I love you too!


  5. Love your blog!! Hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving Day!!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it is the best one yet. I am very thankful for having a mom like I did. It is hard since it is the first one without her, but I am thankful my cousin is here with me for the week. I hope you have a great day.

  7. happy thanksgiving, Linny :)
    Thank You, YHWH, for giving us air to breath,
    Thank You, YHWH, for giving us food,
    Thank You, YHWH for giving us shelter,
    Thank You, YHWH, for surrounding us with family and friends,
    Thank You, YHWH, for giving us life
    Thank You, YHWH, for giving us the chance to show how much we love You and Your beloved Son, Jesus,
    Please help us, transform our hearts to be concerned of the things that concern You.
    Align us to You.
    Thank You, YHWH.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I've lurked here forever and am finally linking up. :) Hope the rest of your day was splendid and full of simply delightful memories! Thinking of Dw and hoping he's feeling up to celebrating today!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to your sweet, precious family!!

  10. Just as only a VT would...we used the same greeting today!!!

    Looks like you guys had more fun than us, but we still had a blessed day!

    Love ya!

  11. LOVE the pictures!!!!! :o) Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! May God continue to bless you and your loved ones as you give thanks for His awesome provision, protection, and love!


    P.S. My mother has the same red mixer that we used all morning long to prepare our delicious meal.

    P.P.S. Now I wish I had a blog...I want to share pictures, too! :)

  12. Happy Thanksgiving back atcha! Beautiful pictures.

  13. So how tall are you and how tall is Jonathan? Or just give the height difference between you. I thought I was the only one with pictures like that.

  14. So glad you all have such a fun Thanksgiving!! It looks like the Saunders know how to celebrate!

    Also, I noticed you took the linky down. I was having lots of fun reading through all of the posts and finding some new blogs! Will it be going back up or is it down for good?

  15. So glad you had such a special Thanksgiving with your precious family. Praise God for your phone call from Tyler. We are always praying for his safety.

    May God bless you with many more things to add to your thankful lists in the coming year!

    Much Love,


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.