Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost Forgot.....

A few days before Christmas Dw was contacted asking if we would be interested in being interviewed for an article in our town's newspaper about parents with kids depl*yed during Christmas.

We loved the idea!!  

Dw and I met up with the reporter in Starbucks one afternoon and spent about an hour with her. 
 I cried most of the time and after told her how therapeutic it was!!  

The crazy thing was that in the midst of the interview my cell rang!  It was our treasured son calling all the way from wherever he is....my hands always shake as I slide to unlock the keypad...undoubtedly nervous that I am going to slide it the wrong way {I know, what a goof!}.  

The reporter seemed almost as tickled as we were that Ty should be calling at that very moment -
 right when we were talking about him!  

10 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Linny that was a beautiful article! What were the chances of Tyler calling right at that moment.

    I can't imagine what you face every day. Thinking and praying and wondering.

  2. Linny check your email. I've got something amazing to tell you.

  3. Hey there Friend,

    I pray you're feeling better. I've also been struggling with the aftermath crash of holidays.

    Hey, last Sunday's Denver Post ran an essay I wrote about our first trip to Kenya (in the travel section). It's called "Living a Prayer in Kenya."

    Nice of these newspapers to pick up some good news!


  4. We got so excited when we saw the newspaper! What a gift to hear from Ty while you were doing the interview.

  5. What a beautiful bittersweet post! Praying that the war will end soon! I so appreciate all the service men and women who put themselves on the line so I can be free! Janet

  6. Very nice article. It is so hard to put into words the feelings of your child or loved one is serving in a distant country. My daughter is a missionary in South Korea and has not been to the states for 9 years for Christmas. Her 'duty' is serving the Lord and Christmas is a high priority. She has not been in harms way - having previously serving in Taiwan. South Korea is an 'iffy' situation. My heart goes out to ALL that are away from their home country this season. God Belss the military and those serving the Lord during this season. My word verivican is 'cryin", how apropriate.

  7. What a great article! It was so touching and so personal. I am sorry that you and Dw have this burden to bear. Praying for you both and Tyler and Sarah!

  8. What an honor, the newspaper! Son calling also

  9. What a beautiful article! Please tell Tyler that we appreciate his service.... and his family's sacrifice.
    Blessings to you all,

  10. Oh, Linny, how awesome that you had the privilege of reminding others that our heroes are spending time away from their families, and families need support, too!

    We had our precious Navy son home for 10 days through Christmas, but I know it will not always be that way. My heart hurts thinking of a Christmas without hime.

    I'm good at accidentally hanging up on people when I go to answer the phone. I can understand the trembling fingers. ;)

    Love and prayers,
    Now 7 children and counting!

    Well, Stan says we're not counting any higher.



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