Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That Guy

We are closing in on finishing up the inventory from the fire.  Truly, there have been months that I was unable to work on it.  It was just too overwhelming from many vantage points, especially emotionally.  

But we are getting down to the wire and it must be completed. Yesterday I worked most of the day till just about midnight on it.  Today, pretty much the same.  

The last of the things we had saved to catalog were the things we just couldn't bear to look at.  Our favorite stuff.   Some of you know what it's like, you've lost your home to a fire as well.  But if you haven't, there is no describing the profound loss that is felt.  

BUT since the Lord gave me the insight I wrote about Monday, I have been much more determined amd resolute.   And as much as one might try to imagine what it would feel like -it's just not the same unless you've gone through it.   But God has been very gracious to my heart and for that I am forever grateful!

And so as I have been cataloging the dirty, burned, smoke and ash covered "former treasures" I keep hearing in my ears, "Throw down this net."  I am pleased to say that I have been able to toss just about everything in the giant thick, thick, thick garbage bag - without any tears!

Our throats have been sore from smelling all the stuff.  It wreaks.   We are almost done.  It feels so good.  It will be truly a burden lifted once and for all.  

But anyway, as I have been working away on this I have been thinking about the nets Dw and I are choosing to throw down and the Lord reminded me of that guy.  

You know the one?

He's known best as "The Good Samaritan"
{Luke 10:25-37}

Just think....Jesus told that parable for a specific purpose.  
He could have had the details be any which way He wanted.

Jesus could have said, "This good samaritan stopped and prayed about what to do."  


"This good samaritan hurried to the Bible study and he and his good friends prayed for the man once they were together."  


"This good Samaritan didn't know what to do, so he took action!  He called his local church and told the pastors about the guy on the road!  Those pastors jumped on their white camels and came to his rescue!"

But Jesus didn't.  

Jesus used an ordinary guy on his ordinary way to meet a pretty large and very immediate need!!  That guy used his own resources, his own time and his own transportation....

No doubt he was on his way somewhere, but what need he "happened upon" was more important than what he was doing or where he was going......

So that's where we're at.  Whatever the need, we want to respond immediately.  Without thought. Without planning.  Without weighing the options.  Without bailing it on someone else. 

We've done all this before - but this time, let me tell ya' - 

We're feeling....




 {if you will}



like never before...

And there is no doubt, there is no turning back for this family...

Tomorrow I hope to begin to tell you {at least a little piece} of the ministry dream {from the Lord}
 that our family is recklessly chasing down together.....

And yes, I am giddy just thinking about sharing it...

10 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Linny, I am giddy thinking about it with you. We learned this week in Bible study about Abraham taking Isaac to sacrifice him. He, like the disciples, dropped his nets (so to speak), gathered up wood and his knife and took off to Mt. Moria to obey God. When he got close he left the donkey behind and told his servants that they were going ahead to worship God and they would return when they were done. He took no plan B with him when he went to offer his sacrifice of worship. Crazy!

    I know I will be joining you in what's coming. I don't know how or if I will have the support needed, but I know I'm joining this ministry. Crazy!

  2. Linny I'll be looking forward to reading what's coming. I can't wait. Hugs and love

  3. And I am so stinkin' excited to hear more about what God has made you so passionate about! I'll be sitting here by the computer waiting for it to pop up, so don't delay :) Haha!

  4. You are driving me crazy! It is already tomorrow in China so can we count that and you tell us NOW.

  5. I'm with Chris and Sarah - it is officially tomorrow in China! LOL!!

    janet and gang

  6. you know to count me in on this plan ....hee hee!

  7. Sounds wonderful. I am always so inspired by your words. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

    On another note, I showed your blog to my husband a year or so ago. He reads it now and calls your blog "the one I always cry about", because he can't read it without tears falling.

  8. Oh, Linny, I want to be like you when I grow up! :) I want to be like you said - one who responds immediately. Most often the thing that holds me back is simply that I don't know WHAT to do. *sigh* Can't wait to hear about what you guys are doing!!

  9. I am so glad I found you again...I have no idea how I lost your blog.

    This post is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today...

    What a blessing you are. I am so attached to "stuff" - all of it so precious to me. I cannot bear to even let go of clothing my son and daughter have worn. I'm so attached. But didn't Jesus call us to greater freedom in Him than hanging on to "things"?

    I LOVE this post...

  10. OOOHHHH!!! Inspired by your two recent posts, James and I took a homeless 19 year old out for dinner. It was SO COOL!! We saw her on the meridian as we were heading to the restaurant, and we thought, she is WAY to young to be out there. It was SO amazing getting to know her, hearing her heart and her struggles. What an amazing blessing! We will continually pray for her.


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