Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Mountains

Whoooa. Now that was fun. Four-wheelin in the mountains with our two teens. Graham and Dw had been able to go before, but it was a first for Emmy and I. The scenery was breathtaking and we had a blast...and for those of you who don't live in the mountains...soak in the beauty! As I looked at the pictures, I was again convinced that we live in one of the prettiest parts of the world....

Columbine - our state flower....isn't it so intricately made? And purple {my personal favorite!}

One very, very sweet house we passed on a road before we actually got to the four-wheeling path....can you imagine the view they get every morning?
Graham was my chauffeur, which he loved....and it freed my hands up to take pictures!!

Could the Colorado sky get any more blue?
Aspen unbelievably gorgeous!

A meadow with daisies

I am a rock nut. I love rocks. I think they are amazingly gorgeous in their own right. Just all by themselves. We actually had a sweet friend, who is in excavation and one time brought a giant rock to our little farmette in Virginia. He said, "Okay, show me, Linny, where you want it." Seriously? Anywhere? And then he hauled it into our woods, where I would pass it on a 1/2 mile path that I had made with the kids...and each morning I would run back and forth, back and forth for 3 miles{those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end}. I loved that rock and every time I passed it I would pray for him and his future wife that God was going to bring him one day. Years later, I asked him if he would move it to Colorado with us. He declined. Party pooper. Still love him and his wife anyway.

Am I the only bloggy girl out there who thinks it looks like fun to climb around on that rock, or what?
Looking at this picture I realized that that 15 year old Graham is quickly approaching his daddy in heighth....
Emmy and I sitting by the mountain stream...surrounded by such handiwork of Almighty God...

A storm was rolling in as we were ending our two hours...and there is nothing like a storm coming into the mountains - I love it...but you definitely don't want to get caught in started to pour before we reached base and there were gigantic puddles everywhere in no time....Graham turned to me, "Mom - do you mind?" I screamed over the top of the motor, "GO FOR IT!" And we went racing thru the was AWESOME!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow. What a Crazy Day That Was

Elijah is snuggled with me in this big ol' chair as I begin to type this. He just kissed my arm. Precious baby boy. So glad mommy's home and you can bet your boots, this mama is so glad to be snugglin' with him.

A few days ago we were eating dinner and Isaiah happened to be sitting on my left. For a rare second there was a lull in conversation and all of a sudden a thought popped in my head and without really thinking I said, "Oh! My biopsy is in just a few days. Ugh. That thought makes me want to throw up!" Isaiah didn't even pause but said, "You can use my cup mommy if you need to." I laughed and laughed as I explained that that is just a phrase and I didn't really need his cup to throw up in. Generous, sweet boy.

Dw told me I have to blog about here goes....he thinks you guys will get a big kick out of it. Since the hospital that the biopsy was scheduled at is in another state, we stopped about half way, in a little town to use the restroom and buy some bottled waters. It is a big McDonald's and convenience store as well as gas station. We both went in.

I finished up, was washing my hands and noticed that there was no paper towels in the roller. ugh. I am one of those people who do not want to touch the handle of the door as I exit the restroom. It grosses me out. In fact it almost makes me gag thinking about those who have just used the restroom and have not washed their little paddies. ew.

So I reached in my purse and grabbed a napkin. I dried my hands and reached for the handle to leave. As I did I guess I glanced over my shoulder, and saw that a woman was leaving the restroom as well, although she was a few feet back. I held the door for her with my little napkin on the handle. She scurried to get out the door, I am certain, cause she didn't want to touch the handle with her bare hands either.

I laughed and said, "Touching the handle is so gross, isn't it?" She laughed and nodded and as we were walking out into the convenience store together. She then leaned closer and kind of giggling whispered, "Ummm, your skirt is tucked into your undies." WHAT?

Sure enough I had my flouncy skirt tucked in just right so that my pretty undies were completely exposed. I almost fainted on the spot. I thanked her profusely and told her that I owed her for the rest of my life. She kept laughing. I kept laughing out of sheer embarrassment. Oh my stinkin' gracious. How in the world did I manage that?? And yes, I will likely never forget her face and I guarantee I will never, ever, ever forget her kindness.

Dw laughed and laughed and laughed as we drove down the road. He thought it was hysterical. Thanks babe.

Eventually we got to the hospital, checked in and situated. As we sat in the waiting room, actually both the sono tech and my doctor came to get me. The doc motioned to Dw and said, "You can come back with her too." Dw jumped right up and started following but said to the doc, "Oh? Do you mean I can come in and watch?" The doctor answered enthusiastically, "YES!"

Dw said, "Oh! I didn't know you meant come in, come in. Ummm, no needles for this guy, thank you anyway!" and promptly did a 180 and went back to his seat. I laughed outloud. Thanks, Whitey, for your moral support!

No doubt a boatload of you were praying, because all things considered, it went very well and although it was painful, it was not nearly as dreadfully painful as I had been told it was going to be. And he didn't use five needles - he used six. ha!

Before he began I told him that I would be a whole lot more excited if he was taking it out of my bee-hind....he laughed.

The grossest part was when he would pump each inserted needle up and down, up and down in my neck. I had to shut my eyes cause it was just grossing me out.

As this kind-hearted doc was finishing up he said, "Well you'll be pretty bruised, and {laughing said} your congregation is gonna' think your husband gave you a hickey." The sono tech thought that was hilarious! My doctor went on to tell her that I was a pastor's wife.

Results should be in Friday or Monday. He'll call me with them.

After I got back to Dw, I told him about the doctor's hickey comment. Dw laughed and texted the kids that it was over and I was okay. Then Dw texted our oldest kids this: "Doc says mom is going to look like I gave her a hickey. Wish I had!"

It was pretty funny, because in literally a few seconds four texts fired back in this order:

Tyler was first: "LOL Niiiiiice"

Emma: "Ugh. That's yukky."

Abigail: "EW!"

Autumn: " :) Tell her I love her most."

Graham ignored the whole comment.

Whitey and I love having so many kids and we love laughing with our big kids....and yes, they think we are wild and crazy and although they act like they are grossed out by us, secretly we know they love it!!

We did a speck of shopping and ended up at Cracker Barrel. It is just one of my favorite places, cozy and peaceful atmosphere, family oriented, good food, sweet gift shop....just like you're going to your close friends for dinner, ya' know?

I had my favorite pecan pancakes and since the doc did not cooperate on removing excess from the bee-hind, I refrained and only had one taste of the bacon. But true confessions: The side of deep-fried okra, was a yummy treat. Yeah. That probably made up for the passing on the bacon, right? Doggone. But it was so stinkin' good.

We had a sweet time talking and relaxing and as we finished up, Dw went to pay the bill and I was browsing around the gift shop. We headed toward the door together as Dw said, "They said there's a incident going on outside." I really didn't hear what he said because there suddenly was a ton of confusion at the door.

There seemed to be people everywhere and the Cracker Barrel manager was in the entry holding the outside door open and with an anxious look on his face was saying, "There's a situation going on to the right, you are gonna' want to go that way." Huh? I was just completely confused. Dw said, "But we are parked over there." And seriously, there seemed to be people everywhere.

Literally, we were walking into a sting operation of some kind. Cause they had at that very second tackled a man on the side walk not 8 feet from the door we were walking out. There were undercover police officers everywhere. No joke. I was bewildered, didn't know which way to turn. Really. Complete pandemonium everywhere!

I'm laughing as I type this. Come on guys! What are the odds? Biopsy, little shopping, little food at a quiet, peaceful family restaurant and we walk into a sting operation.

We hurried toward the grassy median and stood and watched and prayed. There were at least a dozen law enforcement there. All in plain clothes. Bullet proof vests and all. The guy they tackled and had in handcuffs looked like your average guy. Probably late 40's. Not anything about him that would make you think that he was being grabbed and nabbed by a dozen officers. There were even two little petite, average looking young women who we at first thought were with the guy being arrested. But then we saw the one coat move and there was a big ol' gun tucked in her back of her waist!! YOU GO GIRL!!

The police cars were all undercover and there were many, at angles, just like in the movies...obviously pulling up with purpose!

I called one of my dearest friends, "I", whose husband happens to be in law enforcement and she said, "No way! You guys just seem to always be in the wrong places at the right time!"

I mean really, truly. What are the odds? Aye-yi-yi.

And on that note: No doubt, many of my bloggy friends out there are families in law enforcement. Let me just say "thank you". You and your families sacrifice daily and put your lives on the line to protect the citizens of your communities and to uphold justice and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful for all of you....please thank your spouses for me too.

The rest of the trip home was largely uneventful and, joy of my heart, this is the sight that greeted us as we pulled in....some of our treasures jumping up and down cheering on the porch....

Autumn, {Emma and Graham were gone to youth group} Liberty, Isaiah, Jubilee, Elijah and Elizabeth

Ahhh, it's soooo good to be home..thank you sooo much to all who are doubt, God is completely faithful to hear the prayers of His beloved....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm Off

Pulling out in about 5 minutes.  Biopsy scheduled for 11:30 mst.  As much fun as I've heard it's supposed to be, I can't wait.  j/k

We're gonna' turn this into some fun.  Cracker Barrel after the biopsy.  Something to look forward to....pecan pancakes and real maple syrup.  Sounds good to me. 

Seriously, it's supposed to be really painful.  I am no stranger to pain, but the thought of 5 needles being guided into my throat?  Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.  I told Whitey, if they were guiding them into my bee-hind, go for it!  Take a bunch of stuff to biopsy.  There's padding there.

But throats are relatively scrawny.  So I'm voting they biopsy my bee-hind instead. 

I'll be updating Twitter on the sidebar.  And we're off.....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Why Do You Keep Calling Me?"

I am supposed to be doing something else {even have the 5 little ones at my moms to get it accomplished - thank you mama!} but I am compelled to tell you all a brief story. 

Yesterday morning I received a phone call on our house phone.  Seldom does anyone call it, since we use our cell phones for almost all our calling.  When I answered, a woman said, "Who is this?"  I was like, "Excuse me?"  She said, "Why do you keep calling my home and hanging up?"  I was really perplexed.  I said, "Ma'am, as far as I know, no one from our home has called you." 

As I was talking to her another caller beeped in. I didn't answer it as I was in the midst of this conversation.  But I apologized and assured her that really, we hadn't called.  She said, "Well I called the phone company and they said it is your number doing it and you have been doing it for days."  I said, "Ma'am, I promise we have not been calling.  I am so sorry for whatever is going on, but really, it's not us."

We hung up and immediately the call that had beeped in before was calling again.   I answered.  This time it was a little old lady.  She said, "Why do you keep calling me?"  

Okay friends, imagine my confusion and how dumbfounded I was.  I know I have little kids, but I knew where they all were.  No one from our home had called this lady.  

This elderly lady explained that she is 87 years old, had just gotten out of the hospital and everyday my number calls her  - sometimes even 3 times a day!  I apologized profusely but said that truly, we weren't calling her.  I then said, "Did I call you on Saturday?"  She said, "Three times."  I said, "Ma'am, there was no one home at my house on Saturday.  So I don't know what's going on, but I will call the phone company."

A couple hours later all three phones that are connected to the house phone were on the counter next to me.  I was standing talking to Josh and Emma.  The house phone rang again.  It was the little old lady.  She said, "You called me again!"  I assured her that all three extension phones were next to me and no one had called her.  I said I would call the phone company right then. Which I did.

The first girl I talked to sounded like a robot.  What is up with that anyway?  She was probably new and reading every response to each thing I said.  Bless her heart.  UGH. 

She suggested that they send a repairman to look at the outside line.  The soonest they could do that was Thursday.  All I could think about was that sweet little old lady and my stupid phone calling her several times a day between now and Thursday.  I told her that what I really wanted was for her to shut off this number, give me a new one and then send a repairman to check the line. 

She finally consented.  So she took care of what she needed and then she said she would have to switch me to another department, who would find me a new number.

Okay, so at this point, if you are still with me, you may be wondering where this is all leading?

Here's what I'm getting at:  I have lots to do.  I really didn't need to be talking to two people who were accusing us of calling them everyday - and multiple times at that!  I didn't really want to make the phone company calls, etc. I talked to the first girl I really felt like the Lord said, "This isn't about you.  I have a bigger plan."   And when He spoke that, I had complete peace.  Believe it or not I was actually excited....anticipating what God was up to.

So how many times do we get frustrated by life's circumstances?  If God is really "causing all things to work together for my good" {Romans 8:28} then why is it we seem to be so bugged by stuff like the phone company problem? 

I have just begun to read the stories from yesterday's Memorial Box Monday...and I started at the bottom {I know, I'm weird and yes, sometimes I read the back of the book before starting it, again, confirming that I am a tad backward, right?}....well Lynnea was sharing in Our God Story about a problem they had.  God met their need in a miraculous way and as I was pondering that, so clearly the Lord said to me, "If you never had problems you would not see Me work." 

Wow!  I know that, but it was fresh and new and I am still blown away by how powerful that is.  It's so true.  How many of us would stop and pay attention to the God of the Universe if life was all peachy?  Not many. 

But our problems keep us on our knees.  They grow us.  They help us to learn to trust Him.  He is up to something with every single problem we encounter.  He is just so up to something. 

So back to the little old lady and my phone.  The first chica put me to the other department.  Immediately when I started explaining to this new lady about this, she said, "I had the same thing happen to me!"   Wow.  So cool.  She didn't think I was a nutcase!! 

That opened the door to a 48 minute conversation with this sweet woman.   I explained about how I needed the number to be unlisted because of the stalker I had.   And soon the conversation evolved into something that was only orchestrated by God.  She has many health issues and I truly {even though I don't know her} am concerned about her.  I asked if I could pray for her.  She was happy to have me do it.  {Her name is "P", if you would like to pray for her as well.} 

And as I hung up the phone {after 48 minutes!} I was giddy.  God had moved in such a way, that I know that I know that I know, she's the reason I had a phone issue. 


God was up to something!!

He loves "P" so much and He wants her to know it.   I am still stinkin' stoked about it all, totally thankful for the phone problem and praying for "P" and her healing.   I gave her my blog site if you're reading it "P", I'm praying!

Today I called the little 87 year old lady and told her that it shouldn't happen again because I have shut off the old number and taken a new one.  She was so grateful it was completely cute.  She lives 4 hours from me.  I told her that if she was closer I would bake her an apple pie and take it to her for the troubles that my phone line gave her.  She giggled.  She told me she had just had surgery.  I asked if I could pray for her.  She said, "Bye-bye! Thank you for calling.  Check on me tomorrow."  I laughed.  Not so into me praying for her.  That's okay, I'll pray for her from here.  And I will call and check on her tomorrow. 

Okay, now I must get back to what I was supposed to be doing. ha!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Memorial Box Monday - Our Elijah

It's Monday again - and what a wonderful week-end it was for us. We had precious old friends arrive - 3 families...all from my youth group days many, many years ago. And what a blast we had! Is there anything better than laughing with treasured friends? Not much in my estimation.

I can't help but wonder, how many of you are doing a Memorial Box or are thinking of doing one or are jotting down reminders of what God has done for the time when you finally have a Memorial Box?

Not joking sweet friends. This week {Wednesday} I go for the biopsy. {Doctor rescheduled for during our vacation but we had to decline and so they put it till the 28th. They said that if it is malignant it is a slow growing cancer so it was okay to put it off. Not really sure that was really all that comforting.}

As Wednesday is approaching I am actually dreading how painful it's supposed to be and wondering what the results will be. But when I start to really think about it, the Lord keeps saying, "Remember what I have done. I have not left you. Not ever. Remember what's in your Memorial Box. Even though life has had unexpected turns, I have been faithful. I remain faithful."

That is precisely why we must have a Memorial Box in one form or another. We are a forgetful people - come on, admit it with me, can you even remember what you had to eat on Saturday?

So this weeks Memorial Box story is fresh. It just happened 8 days ago, while we were vacationing in Phoenix at the Squaw Peak Resort. And I'm not sure what we will put in the Memorial Box. But anyway, here's what happened:

The last full day we were there we were kind of wore out from all the crowds the week-end had brought to the big pools. We decided to swim in one of the little "backyard" pools situated between the condos around the property. It was perfect. We were the only ones in the pool. We went and got some watermelon and chips and salsa and brought it to the table at the poolside. We all ate and talked and had lots of fun. After eating the kids donned their life jackets and went back in.

Before long, Emma, Liberty and I were in the pool tossing a water football back and forth between us. Of course the four little ones were playing in the 3 ft end right behind my back. As I said, this was just a little backyard kind of pool.

Emma was having trouble seeing, because the sun kept glaring in her eyes as she was playing catch, so I said, "Here Emmy, switch with me, I have sunglasses so I can stand where you are."

At that point, I went to move toward where she was in the pool. Only as I moved toward her {and really it happened so fast} I somehow didn't move toward her....instead I moved backward. I am convinced it was the Angel of the Lord moving me back, because my intent was to move clearly in the opposite direction 15 feet.

And if you asked me what I was doing directionally, I would have said, "I am moving to the west side of the pool from this south position." But instead I completely moved more south and somehow turned around {again, now convinced it was an angel directing me}.....

Because as I moved further backward {south} my head turned to the right {east} and I saw something well submersed under water. I had no idea what it was. It was quite large {obviously not a penny on the bottom}...I know my expression must have been perplexed in that instant, because what in the world was so far underwater...{you know how it is, God made moms with the amazing ability to be pretty cognizant of whose usually where and what they are for that instant my brain was reeling...knowing that all were "accounted" for so what could possibly be so large and so deep under the water? And as that thought flashed through my head I glanced and saw a life jacket strewn on the edge of the pool, in front of the steps.

It all happened in a matter of seconds, but I screamed, "Oh my gosh!" and dove down under water and grabbed our precious baby boy!

As it turns out Elizabeth had taken his life jacket off. Not sure what her reasoning was and wouldn't have guessed she could have worked all the safety snaps without us noticing, but she had!

Miracle of miracles, he was completely fine and hadn't even taken a breath yet, so there was no choking on the water or anything! {Thank you Jesus!} But we're guessing that after she took the jacket off, he had played on the stairs for a bit and then ventured out into the water and when he couldn't reach bottom {as soon as he left the stairs} he held us breath as he hit the water {which he had just learned to do days before}....

But if the Lord had not moved me backwards in the pool and Emmy and I were to have just changed positions, we would not have noticed for who knows how long. I cannot even think about what the outcome could have or would have been. God in His mercy and grace directed my steps that day. He is our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God and how we praise HIM.

Simple story, but we need to remember it. Just a few feet and a few minutes and the outcome would have been completely different. Faithful God. Protecting our little ones. Moving moms and dads to see what needs to be seen.

So what about you? How has God protected you or your loved ones? What has He done that you MUST remember? What are you facing that you need to be reminded of how He has been faithful and will continue to be?

Please post a story or comment!

Tell us what God has done.

I know that a bloggy friend, Rachel, shared a story awhile back about preparing to head to China to meet their sweet baby girl and being nervous about international travel...and how the Lord provided a complete stranger who was a seasoned traveler who "met" up with them as they began their journey and then accompanied them on the trip over to China. It ministered to my soul. I have thought of how God did that for her many times since reading it and each time I remember her story, I am reminded of His provision.

Another bloggy friend, Verlyn, posted a Memorial Box Monday story a few months ago of how God protected her in a very frightening situation. I have thought of that story often as well.

There are plenty of others that stand out and I would love to highlight one or two with each Memorial Box Monday post, cause really, I love reading them!

So the stories you post will encourage me and others. They will trigger memories for others. They will buoy someone up who needs strength. Please do share.

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Please link back here and that you are part of Memorial Box Monday, and if you post the picture from the sidebar I will do a happy dance in my kitchen. {Not pretty, but very fun to do with the kids.}

If you are not sure what a Memorial Box is, it is explained fully here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks a Million

Whoooa! Now that was stinkin' fun.....

Really and truly, yesterday I was giddy and giggly waiting for it to go over a million.   Probably because I am just a Mom of Many, who has lived most of my life quietly serving the Lord alongside my husband, a total homebody - who would rather take a hike in the woods then go shopping, who used to run and duck during "welcome time" at the church we attended when we were first think that this was even possible two years ago?  Not on my radar at all.  Not even close. No doubt, only God.  Only Him.  And Him alone. 

And so, first I must thank all of you who have followed our journey, many loving us from afar, some loving us up-close and probably all of you praying for us at one time or another...I am amazed by your gracious kindness to me personally and to my family.  I am forever grateful for your friendships, your support and your sweet love.   

So I have to tell you....

Yesterday morning we were supposed to go do something fun with our friend visiting {other friends had left earlier in the day}....

But Dw and our friend, Stuart, insisted that we wait till it crossed the million mark {not even kidding - I was going to leave, but THEY insisted we stay to see it happen}.  They were into it and celebrating right along with me.  They weren't even just being patronizing...they were just as excited as I made it even more fun to have them with me...and they even said, "Oh my gosh, I am so nervous!"  Crazy loons.  But it was soooo fun!!

On Site Meter, I am able to see where people visit from.  No worries, it's not some creeper thing and no it doesn't given any personal details at all, just cities, countries, numbers of people from where, etc..nothing personal at all. but seriously, it does provide some from the Site Meter site yesterday we were able to watch the numbers going up.

Because I could watch from the Site Meter site, I was not one of the ones clicking at A Place Called Simplicity to help the numbers go up!  Ha!  But Graham on the other hand said he was going to be the millionth and then I would owe him a prize.  He protested that it was discrimination when Daddy took the laptop away from where he was sitting......

I kept laughing....

I mean, seriously, can you imagine?!

How embarrassing would that be?

And the winner is:


All the way from the family room in our home! *giggle* 
Aye-yi-yi! Teenage boys!

Here we are waiting for the big event to happen:

Dw took the picture at an angle, but really, Stuart was just as into it all as we were {evidenced by his hands on my computer}

And I do have to tell you something funny.

When you guys started sending in the pictures, I kept thinking, "that's so weird, everyone out there has pink computers, just like me"

Oh my gracious.  What a goof.

Everyone had just taken pictures of the counter off of A Place Called Simplicity and so everything they sent was pink because of it being pics from the blog sidebar.  Eeeska-meeska. Clearly obvious that I am not sleeping much these days, huh?

And the winner is:

An entire kit-n-kaboodle of you!! 

The first email I received was a woman who lives in  Oman {yes, the Oman that's situated in the Middle East} 
and she didn't say her name....{her bad !  But what a precious family.}...


then there was 


{a bloggy friend whom I had the privilege of meeting about a year ago.....we shopped and laughed and played and even ate at Pinkberry - yummy!}


then there was


{who looks like she is the happiest mommy in the world -  no doubt! - look at those treasures she has}


then there was


{a precious young college student.  She and I have corresponded for awhile and she has a heart for God and the orphan...and I just love her to pieces}


then there was 

{a young college graduate looking for a job, who has heart for the orphan, especially kids with special needs}


then there was 

{another college student who has a heart for the orphan and missions, her laugh looks contagious!}


then there was

{and how fun is this??  Kelly wrote and said that she had been shopping many times in the exact store that we were in when the robbery occurred?!! It's a small world after all..and yes, I feel a song coming on...}


then there was 

{who left today for a mission trip with her husband and oldest children - you go girl - you guys will never be the same again!!}


then there was 

 {who so happens to be the mom of two treasures from Uganda, but said didn't want to win cause she didn't want to de-lurk - shame on you Jane girlfriend! and haha, like it or not, you did win anyway...}


then there was 

{who really would rather I didn't use her picture, 
but seriously friends, how could I resist her beautiful smile?}


then there was 

{who said she would only send a picture if it included her wonderful and handsome husband - how cute is that??!}


then there was 

{who lives in one of the most beautiful states there is...and also was forced to de-lurk against her wishes, silly girl!}

then there was 

{who has a boatload of kids through the ministry her and her husband serve in, how cool is that?}

and then can I just say how very cool I think it is that a man won too??

(who many of you have prayed and prayed for - their two kids still wait in Uganda, tied up in legalities with the Canadian government - please stop and pray for their freedom to come home) As it turns out J and C and their three kids - who they have at home  - are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I'll just give them their prize in person! 

And a few of you.... 

begged me not to put your pictures on or just didn't even send pictures {to these folks - well, they get a  booby prize - j/k}

**Mallory from North Carolina**

and then some honorable mentions who sent pictures of 1,000,001:


 { My only question for Lynnea and Julie?  Was Sally and you-know-who or perhaps Mr. Daddy and Rach your mentors?? Trying to sneak under the wire...tsk.tsk.tsk}

 Course, then there's Natali who fessed up that she had FIVE screens open....and still lost...sorry Natali - my sweet bloggy friend!! 

And lastly, I absolutely could not resist putting on this picture....a sweet treasure named Dorie, just brought home weeks ago from Uganda by her *single* mom...Yippee Jesus!  Don't we just rejoice in single moms bringing kids home forever??!!  Dorie and Sasa {her mommy} didn't win, and admitted so right upfront, but wanted to show me the fun they had trying... So very sweet!!

So there you have it!

Seventeen people were on as the Millionth....

which brings me to a viable question...

How the heck did that happen??

Anyway, I am celebrating and thrilled...and once these 17 send me their address and once I go shopping for a little something from this sweet little city we live in...then they will be off to the winners!!  Even Oman.

Love you all! 

and truly,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sally - Please Sit in the Time-Out Chair

I'm tellin' you...

Some people will go to any length to win something...
After posting three comments that had me laughing late last night from my Virtual Twin, Sally, she then sent an email with these three pictures attached...
My Sweet, Beautiful Twin, ummm, yeah, great picture, but like who can read the Site Meter?
Even "You-Know-Who"{long story, but that's how I refer to her sweet hubby} tried to win the prize!

Then Sally even got her gorgeous daughter, Lauren, to pretend she had won as well....

Oh my gracious - attempting to snag the prize falsely...
And three times at that!!?!?!
Aren't there laws against that anyway?
If anyone was gonna' try something like that I would have thought it would have been Mr. Daddy and Rach..just sayin'

And just in case here's a picture of what you're supposed to be sending when you see that number hit a million...

Oh my.

We are getting oh-so-close sweet friends

It's gonna' happen in the next few hours!!

It's gonna' happen in the next few hours!!

It's gonna' happen in the next few hours!!

And this chica is getting her partying shoes on...

so hurry up already, will ya'?