Thursday, September 30, 2010

Would Would You Have Said?

 Recently something happened.   I was not ready to talk about it at the time.  It was so troubling to my soul and so maddening to my heart.  But here we are a few weeks down the road and it is so much on my mind today that I just gotta get it out.  

When we were away last month,  Dw and I went to a coffee shop to work on our computers.  The seats we had chosen  were at a counter overlooking the busiest street that exists in the small town we were staying in.  

We were working away on our computers when we noticed someone outside.  You can't help but look up.  There she was just on the other side of the glass.  Thin, dark hair, glasses, dark eyes.

   Her body language was one of anxious, nervous, anticipation.  Her eyes were darting back and forth looking about the street.  She walked on the sidewalk in front of us to the corner of the store and peered around the corner.   Back and forth.  Each car that passed she craned her neck to see.  She finally went into the bookstore's door stoop and stood.  It was kind of drizzling out.  

Back and forth.  Each car that came down the street, she would peer out from her perch to get a look.  Clearly she was looking for someone.  A promised ride perhaps?  Soon an older woman came from across the street.  The woman looked probably about 65.  She looked like life had not been easy.  

She yelled to the young woman.  The young woman yelled back, "They're not here yet."  We could hear through the glass as the woman asked why the younger woman wasn't wearing a coat.  She scolded her for not having one.  

I sat completely taken in by the scene.  I thought about the young woman.  It was pretty obvious that she had some handicaps.  Probably mentally challenged for starters.  And she seemed so worried.  She was so fragile.  Bone thin.   It made my heart ache.  Why is it that some people have such a rough time?  Her life looked painful.  

We guessed that the older woman was her mom.  Together they looked so sad. Pretty much outcasts by society,  we thought.   In no time a van pulled up and the young woman climbed in.  The older woman disappeared.  Dw and I said to each other, "She could be our Jubilee in a few years."  

The very next day I was down at the bookstore again.  This time Emmy was with me.  We had come in and a different woman was working behind the counter.  She was a bit older than me.   I ordered my Americano and chatted with her.  Somehow she told me something about her family.  I can't really remember how, but she did.  It wasn't just a completely superficial, "here's your coffee" kind of conversation.  She seemed like a nice lady.  

Anyway, Emma and I sat in the same seats Dw and I had been the day before.  We got busy on the computers and a young girl, probably about 20 something came in and sat near us as well.  I was working away, typing a blog post =) and so I wasn't really paying close attention.

Suddenly though, the young handicapped woman from the day before burst through the door.  She was excitedly telling the lady {who had gotten me the coffee} about being at camp.  She was more than enthusiastic.  She was showing her the shirt she had on.  It was a camp shirt.  She was over the moon about that shirt, that matched everyone else's at camp.  

The young woman continued, "And they even had tor-tee-lee-ahs {tortillas}!! Have you ever had one?  They were so good.  They take a flat ting and put stuff in it.  Oh man.  They were just so good.  Have you had one?  I mean, they were so good.  I never had one before....."  

At this point I realized that the woman who had gotten me the coffee was not responding.  At.All.  There was not even a mumbled, "mmmm" or "niiiiice" or "they sound yummy" or "I'm so glad for you" or "yes I love them too!"....Nothing.  Not one word.  

So I turned kind of around to see where the woman who worked at the store and made the coffee exactly was cause I was wondering how she could not have managed to say one word since the young woman walked in.  

And there she was.  Sitting texting on her phone.  Her phone raised in an awkward position, almost shoulder height.   Clearly giving the look of "I'm busy.  Do you see me?  I am so important.  I am texting.  Do you see my phone raised up almost to my head? Leave me alone."  

I didn't know what to do.  I was actually dumbfounded.  Emma looked at me and her eyes got wide.  She was thinking what I was thinking.  Like, "How in the world can you be so rude to this young woman?"  I began to get frustrated.  

But on a dime the young woman turned and left the store.  It was as if she said, "No response?  I'm not wanted.  I'll leave."  

Before I could say anything, the young 20+ something chick who was sitting near me said, "She's so annoying." 

And do you know what that woman responded?  Yeah.  That woman.  The one who had made the coffee and was so busy texting??

"Yeah.  I know.  I'm sorry she's back!"  

At this point I was incredulous!!

Emma and I looked at each other and our eyes were huge.  And I'm certain that my clenched jaw was giving Emma the heads up that I was not going to be silent.

I sat and prayed though.  I felt like if I had said anything that second, I might have not sounded like Jesus.  {Except when He was throwing the money changers out of the temple, "You stinkin' brood of vipers!" Okay, so He didn't say "stinkin' but He might have if it had been in the vernacular at the time!"} 

But I had to say something.  I prayed for grace and wisdom.  I prayed for opportunity.  How exactly to open up the dialog to this ignorant woman and the ignorant 20 something year old? 

I had to get out of there.  I was so upset.  I was shaking as I started to pack up my computer.  I thought about my Jubilee.  My eyes started to smart and blink back the tears.  Emma met my glance.  She had tears as well.

Stupid people.  Stupid snobby, ignorant people.  I was so ticked.  

I prayed some more for grace.  Cause really, it wasn't coming easily.  

And then, with complete politeness,  I turned and said, "That young woman who was just in here, she sure was excited."

The bookstore clerk said, "Oh, she's not really young.  She's 38.  She's one of the town's "special" people" as she rolled her eyes and put her two fingers on each hand up to denote quotations around "special" meaning special in a sarcastic way, accompanied with her rolling eyes.   

With grace that came out of nowhere {trust me, I wanted to spit}, I said slowly {for impact}, "She seems so sweet.  And really, she could be your daughter.  She could be my daughter.  She could be you.  She could be me."  

The woman turned and walked to the back of the store.  She'd had enough of what I was saying. Never acknowledging at all what I had said.  

In hind sight I wish I had said more.  I wish I had defended the girl in front of her.  I wish we didn't live in a stupid world that rejects those who don't look like "us" or act like "us" or seem to be annoying to the general population.  

As I walked out of the store, I started to cry.  My Jubilee.  Clearly mentally handicapped.  How will she be treated?  Will someone, somewhere defend her should she find herself in that same situation? 

 Would you?

It seems to me to say nothing, gives my approval of their treatment of her.  I had to say something.   And what should I have said?  Was it enough?  {Cause it didn't feel like it was.} What have you said when people have responded with ugliness to your kids or people around you who have special needs?   Please share your will help us all....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Twins - Separated At Birth 42 Years Ago

If you've been reading at this Place Called Simplicity for any length of time, you have heard me mention my Virtual Twin.  And if you haven't, here's a little background.  About 2-1/2 years ago I got an email from a woman who had been following along with our Journey to Isaiah.  {If you haven't read what God did to move mountains and bring our Isaiah home, the link is down on the sidebar.}  Anyway, her email was intriguing.  She and I had so many similarities it was almost unbelievable.  {Like is she a stalker or what? Haha!}

I will spare you the list of things we both had done or were living or were in the midst of, but trust me, my family has shook their heads at all the stuff.  Totally weird.  And totally God.

We exchanged some emails and that led to phone calls and texts, and late night craziness over the internet between her husband and her and Dw and I.  We were laughing so hard that night I thought for sure I was going to pee my britches.  I was going to tell all of you about what was going on that hysterical night, but two nights later was the fire and so there went that idea. 

Anyway, even last year, Sally was one of the few who volunteered to fly out and come be with me in Iowa City when Dw was so desperately ill in the hospital.  I will be forever thankful for her kind gesture - and just think - we had never even met in person!  

So finally, after 2-1/2 years we were near enough to really meet.  She lives a couple of hours from San Francisco and so the other morning, in the wee hours {while my kids were still sleeping} I was up and down to the lobby to hug this virtual twin of mine - finally! 

It was like we had always known each other as we talked non-stop for 3 hours.  I had to go cause the kids were finally up, but I am so thankful for the time we had together.  I pray we can do it again soon.  

So why tell you all this?  First, cause this Place Called Simplicity is my journal to my family and I kind of want a day-to-day of life.  But second, to encourage those who are so scared of coming out of the shadows, that really, truly, if you are brave, you will meet some of the dearest, like-hearted, kindred spirits - better than you could have ever imagined.  

So sweet Sally-girl - my Virtual Twin, now turned to Real Life Twin, since we've met - I  love you even more and am so very, very, very thankful for YOU.  xo

Sally brought me a matching shirt - cause we're twins of course - how cute is that??

And if you peek down on the bottom right corner of the picture below...I brought her, what else?  
A Memorial Box.  =)  Now she's gotta do it.   

And by the way, if we are real twins, Sal, we are going with your age girlfriend...cause being ten years younger sounds like the ticket.  I mean, come on....more chance to adopt more kids...right?

That Puddle on the Lobby Floor

We are loading it up here in Flagstaff and headin' the last leg home.  But thought you guys would enjoy a little humor.  At least I am certain, Mr. Daddy and Rach would.  

So last night from Kingman to Flagstaff I kept googling hotels and searching to find a cheap reasonable hotel that was pet friendly.  Not that easy.  I'm guessing Flagstaff does not have the 432 pets to one child ratio that let's say Durango has.  Just sayin'.  

Finally found one.  It's actually a lovely hotel, and reasonable.  True gift from the Lord!  We stopped for a quick stop as Dw ran in for something just before getting to the hotel.  I quick took the two dogs walking and both did their thing.  Or so I thought.  

We got to the hotel and Dw ran in to check in.  He came out and we all jumped out and grabbed a few suitcases.  I had organized everything nicely, so the littles and my stuff was only in one suitcase.  So that means only Dw's, Liberty's, Emma's Graham's and my suitcase, the pet taxi, two computer bags and my purse.  Hardly anything to take in at all.  Ha!

The nine of us, two dogs the suitcases and stuff all standing in the lobby while Daddy runs to park the van.  I asked Graham if Daddy had given him the keys?  Nope.  So our little crowd stood waiting.  Of course, no one noticed us.  I mean, really, our little pile just fades into the woodwork.

Dw really was fast.  He was only about 2 minutes.  And just as he came in, we turned and there was a puddle.  About the size of a very large dinner plate.  We all looked at each other.  Our eyes grew wide.  How stinkin' embarassing.   And how is that you make a puddle the size of a dinner plate just vanish?  No good way, that I know of.  And none that I could think of.  

We went to head in the direction of our room, but there was no way that I could leave it there.  As Dw turned the corner to head the crew to the room, Elizabeth spotted it and said pretty loudly before Emma gently threw her hand over her mouth, "Hey guys look, one of the dogs peed!"


The guy was behind the counter, not 15 feet from us, positioned so he could no doubt see the puddle,  although he was hurrying to get us a crib, etc.  He was hurrying so much I was wishfully praying that he wasn't paying any attention.  

Come on, pet friendly or not, who needs a puddle right inside the door of this lovely hotel.

As Dw headed with the crowd and luggage rack toward the elevators, I whisked Elijah in my arms and said, "Come on buddy."  Dw said, "Where are you going?"  With my wide eyes and slight tip of my head, he gathered I was going to try to clean it up.  

I looked at all the lobby signs and headed down a pretty long hall to find the ladies room.  I grabbed a boatload of paper towels and headed back, Elijah in tow.  

None of us had seen either dog do anything.  None of us had heard anything. But it only made sense.  So I put the towels on the spot and wiped it. I turned over the pile over and it was yellow.  A lovely shade.  ugh

The desk guy was no where.  I was so relieved.  Elijah and I ran back to the ladies room and threw the soaked pile of paper towels out.  

We came back out and the guy was still not behind the desk.  


Elijah and I then headed toward the elevators.  Up we went to the sixth floor.  And as we got off the elevator there was my family.  They were still not in the room.

How odd.

I had been gone from them for probably about 5 minutes and they were still outside the door.

Elijah and I got off the elevator and I said, "You guys aren't in the room yet?"  To which a chorus said, "The key won't work."  

Now picture this friends, a sweet little boatload of kids, who have been riding in the car for 12 hours and have not stretched their legs or their voices.  Giggling.  Laughing.  Pinching and giggling.  Poking and giggling.  They were loud.  They were noticeable.  Not to mention the loaded luggage rack and two animals. 

About that time the desk guy appears with the crib.  {Elijah doesn't sleep in one normally, but when you are trying to find sleep space for 9 people?  Perfect!}  

Dw said to the kind man behind the desk, "The key won't work."  

The guy looked at him with the most peculiar look and said, "Weren't you in room 612?"


Maybe that's why the key won't work.  

Funny how the key for 612 won't work on the door of 622.  

I just have a sneakin' feeling that that desk guy is counting down the hours till we check out, ya' know what I mean?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OChristGiving Day

 Even the dogs had lots of fun...that's Lexi {Abi & Ryan's dog} with Charlee....five dogs altogether...Kimber {Ty & Sarah's dog}...Mogley {Ab&Ry's other dog} and our Nelly & Charlee...the dogs all had a blast as well....

Autumn was able to come for two days....up until about 2 days before it looked like her work wasn't going to let her off at all....Power of Prayer!!
Making ornaments together.... 

 A Christmas Tree decorated for Thanksgiving....with ornaments we mostly celebrate together the holidays that Tyler will be gone for.....
Add caption

 Nothing like a big brother's love...

My mom

We've said our good-byes....many tears....the blessing of family.....hearts joined together forever....
Closing up and heading toward home....Lord willing, to Flagstaff tonight....Thankful for the memories...more pictures to come.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Memorial Box Monday - Did you?

Announcing a contest last week to celebrate God's power was just so much stinkin' fun....and so as we celebrate here as a family in San Francisco, we celebrate all that God has done and continues to do through hundreds and hundreds coming together in prayer {and fasting}.  What a delight beyond words - our God - who never slumbers or sleeps was moving mountains {the gigantic Mt. Everst kind}!

Our family celebrating ends in the morning as we head for home and Tyler and Sarah also head for home.  So today, I am going to just spend precious time with the kids and hook up Mcklinky.  Please join us in linking your Memorial Box story....

Yesterday I had wee hour morning coffee with someone I have waited for over 2-1/2 years to meet {more of that to come in the days ahead} - and while we were enjoying the sweetness between this long-awaited meeting, I mentioned to my precious friend that if it wasn't for the things in my Memorial Box sometimes when some things happen {like K}  - I would throw my arms up in dismay and sit in a corner and bawl forever BUT I have our Memorial Box.  I can stand and look at all the symbols of what God has done.  I remember.  And then I realize that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, so He is still faithful...He is working behind the scenes....

I could not live without my Memorial Box.  And so I am giving one away.  Please join in the giveaway, by leaving a comment here.   It's not too late.  It seems there ought to be a few hundred more comments....and you can enter more than once -and gracious be{!} we have a lot to celebrate with Meg's wonderful news and the start of mountains moving on K's behalf.  And there were others who saw God move through the prayers...and if you have a praise report, please feel free to post it in the comments today or by linking!!

Again, please enter the contest on the link from last week....which can be found here.  If you leave a comment anywhere else, it doesn't count toward the giveaway.  Waiting to hear what else God has done....from San Francisco....and while we start the drive home, we will be praying through the requests from last week...expecting God to continue to move....

Family Fun in San Francisco

Thought you all might like a little peek into what we've been doing....

This is from the stoop at Abi & Ryan's apartment....

Sidewalk chalk is leaving Abigail and Ryan's neighborhood a bit more cheerful....thanks to all the artistic talent that abounds from all the kids......

And what else would Emma be writing?? Loving Uganda is on that girl's mind all the time!

We celebrated Tyler's 25th birthday....but forgot the Graham got really helpful and put some "decorations" up...notice on the wall below as well...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We finally broke the news to Tyler....

He's adopted.

Every now and then I have mentioned Tyler's sense of humor.  

Really, he is hysterical.  

And quick. 

Well as the story goes....Tyler does NOT like having his picture taken. 

{Maybe the only exception has been on his wedding day.}

Friday we went to downtown San Francisco to play.
We ended up at a place called Lori's for dinner.  Old 50's style diner...
and I got my camera out and started snapping pictures.  

Tyler was between Dw and I.  
I asked him to pose.

This is what he did.  
Poker face.  
Deer in the headlights.
He does it just to annoy me.
Of course, I'm smiling and laughing, as is Dw.  
And I have no idea he is posing like this. 
Until I went to look at the picture and saw it.  I started to laugh.

Tyler leaned over and whispered in complete seriousness,
"Tell everyone that you guys just broke 
the news that I was adopted."

{Hope it strikes you funny as well.  And by no means am I laughing about people who don't know until later in life that they were adopted.  Only the humor if our very Asian son were "shocked" to find that he's adopted.}

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Brother Dan and Our K

Thank you for praying for my brother Dan.  He did well in the surgery.  They took part of both his large and small intestine.  He is an enormous amount of pain and the pain meds are not working too well.  I would imagine this type of surgery would be so not fun.  

He hopes to be released from the hospital in the next few days.

I know Dan and Julie and the girls are all so thankful for all your prayers.

As for K?

The Lord has definitely done something huge on her behalf, but there is now another seemingly insurmountable mountain been added to her whole mountain range of this horrible situation. 

I am stupefied as to  how Almighty God is going to do it all.  I know He is faithful.  I know He has K's best in mind.  I am thankful that He already has it all figured out, cause really, I just can't even begin to imagine.  

And lastly, I have a question.  

My heart is intercession.  You guys have seen the power of prayer.  You have seen it in your own lives, you have seen it here at this Place Called Simplicity when bloggy friends all over the world have gathered together to ask for God to move.  

Many of you have asked if we can have another prayer time like we did on Tuesday.  I am all over it.  I just wonder when we should do it?  Next week?  The week after?  In a month?  There is nothing like seeing God move corporately to stoke one's spiritual journey.   What's the general consensus?

Please give me your input, I'm all ears.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally! Abi's House!

Being at Abi & Ryan's - well, it's THE BEST

This thing threw a couple of the kids off....not sure what part of it was fun??

Hanging onto big sis...

Reading with Big Sis? Doesn't get any better....

Candid shot...{my favorite kind}

Elizabeth and Isaiah are pretty tight buds...

and Jubilee and Elijah are too

Some of the Sisters {Emma, Abi & Liberty & Charlee Louise}

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Big Brother Dan

We are having a wonderful time.  Tyler and Sarah got here late last night {after a not-planned-for-tour of Sacramento}.  =)

I have taken lots of pictures already, against everyone's will.  Aye-yi-yi.  One day they will thank me for all the pictures.  Or at least that's the thought, right?  I am typing from Abi's computer, so when I can upload them to my laptop I will and post some.

In the midst of all the festivities I have learned that my big brother Dan has cancer.  He had surgery just last week for what they thought was appendicitis.  When they opened him up though they found more than they had imagined.  He is now headed back to surgery in the morning.  I asked him for permission to write about it and ask you, my sweet bloggy friends to pray.

I deeply love my big brother.  We are very close.  He is calm and tender.  He was so concerned with my health, little did we know that cancer was hiding in his body.

Many of you have read his comments from time to time here.  He had a powerful prophetic word right after our fire.  He left it in the comment section here.   The profile name he uses is:  Big Brother Dan.

Anyway, I would love for you to join me in praying for his complete healing.  He is a loving husband to my sweet sis-in-love Julie, a dad to two precious daughters, Candi and Maridee and a grandpa to five beautiful little boys.  Dan and Julie were actually missionaries to Africa when I was in high school.  Maridee was born there.  They love the Lord and have served Him their whole lives.  I love my brother so much.  Would you pray with us?

He lives in the Dallas area and his surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30am.  Thank you so much.   May Almighty God, known as Jehovah Rapha, heal him from head to toe.  I love you BB.  xo

Friends, Did You See This?

Okay, you know all those prayer requests we have been praying for?  The fasting?  The great needs?  Do you remember Amanda's request for a friend of hers named Meg?  Here's what she asked:

 Heavy on my heart is my friend Meg, who was diagnosed with level 4 cancer just a few weeks ago. The prognosis isn't good, but I believe that God will do his best to move every mountain in the way of her recovery. With your prayers added to ours, I have no doubt her chances of recovery will sky rocket!
Thank you to Linny for bringing us all together for such an uplifting day.

So just think....if you prayed for Meg....then you are gonna' shriek with delight and praise when you read this just posted by Amanda:

LINNY! Our most amazing, gracious, wonderful, superb, fantastic, mountain-moving God has done it...AGAIN! On Tuesday I put in a prayer request for my friend Meg, who was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. She was given a 10% chance to live only five years. There has only ever been eleven people diagnosed with this form of cancer, and none have lived over three years. After our fasting and everyone's wonderful praying, our God has answered. Wednesday morning, the doctors came in and told Meg that they MISDIAGNOSED her. They don't know how or why, but her cancer has changed since the original biopsy. (They say the machines must have made a mistake...but we ALL know it was God working in his wonderfully mysterious ways). Meg has now been given a 75% chance of a full recovery! Thank you so much to everyone who prayed and fasted with us on Tuesday. Words cannot describe how much each and every one of you mean to me. We were brought together by Linny, and we'll be kept together by God.

Almighty God you are AMAZING!!!


Can you hear me screaming all the way from San Francisco??

Rejoice with me!!  Encouragement to fast and pray again - soon!!  God's moving and we are seeing it with our own eyes - I've got tears of joy in my eyes...Our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God has been working the night shift!!  Ha! And the doctor's think the machine made a mistake....okay, dudes...right?!?
Lastly, I'm kind of surprised that there are not more people hoping to win a Memorial two thoughts...either I haven't done a good enough job telling about how much EVERYONE needs a Memorial Box OR y'all are being awfully shy....come on can post more than one comment on yesterday's post to don't be bashful...celebrate with me!  Meg's news boggles the docs...but NOT Almighty God!  He is soooo faithful!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Memorial Box: How 'Bout We Celebrate?

We are here in San Francisco. Can you see the glow coming from the East Side of San Francisco? That would be this Momma cause all the kids are gathering together. Tyler and Sarah should be here in a few hours. Autumn is working, but will be arriving on Saturday. My mom is even flying in on Friday.

Abi and Ryan's apartment is beautiful and the area is wonderful and we are going to have a blast. One day Thanksgiving. One day Christmas. One day Tyler's 25th birthday celebration. That's a bunch of celebrating!!

I am so thankful for all the prayers, fasting and for all the people who posted requests. You guys are amazing and God is already working!

So I was thinkin' 'bout we do some celebrating here at this Place Called Simplicity? Abigail said that there is a giant Antique store one exit away....I can here it calling I'm going looking for a Memorial Box to giveaway, but should I not find one, no biggie, I found one on my way home from NY a couple of weeks ago....

Here's what you have to do: all you have to do is leave a comment and you will be entered in a Memorial Box giveaway. That's all. Just leave a comment below. How fun is that? And if you want to leave a couple, go for it. Each comment will count as an entry. Let's have some fun! xo

What a Privilege

What a complete, absolute, amazing privilege to share in praying for all the needs you guys posted yesterday. I was amazed at the vulnerability so many of you shared with. I kept crying as I would read them to Dw and we would pray together as we many needs, so many struggles, so much heartache.

Another thing it did was knit my heart with you through you sharing your heart. So many of you came out of the woodwork and it was so beautiful to hear what deep concerns you walk with. I sure love you guys!

Isn't it comforting to know that we have such an amazingly HUGE God??

Can't you just picture the Lord's pleasure seeing hearts share and hearts around the world coming before His throne with this needs? I think we really have no idea how much delight it brings to Him. We will pray through the requests again as we drive today...

We spent the night in Barstow, California and are packing it up and heading to San Francisco. The kids were not finding the ride nearly as fun as any other time we've traveled. Probably something to do with just completely 4200 miles with mom about 2 weeks ago. But today we will see Abi and Ryan and later tonight, Tyler and Sarah....and so the excitement is building!

I think we will do a Memorial Box giveaway later today, so check back! For now, time to get a move on....

Although we were fasting and praying yesterday, if you still have requests to share, please go to yesterday's comments and leave your request there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

This is the Post

This is the post!

Please leave your prayer request in the comments.
{If you have no idea what all this is about, jump down to yesterday's post.}

If your need is too personal to share, please just say "personal" in your comment.

You will be prayed for by people all around the world.

We, as a family, will pray for your needs.


Yesterday after I posted about the persistent widow, I went to town to run errands. I got a phone call. God was beginning to move the first mountain in K's situation. Seriously, they are mountains that only He can move. It was a miracle. Just like the parting of the Red Sea or the raising of Lazarus from the dead. I started to scream and cry excitedly. I called Dw & said, "Whitey, guess what God is doing?"

Yes! There is an entire mountain range against K, but really, truly, God was moving one of the mountains. K was sobbing when I talked to her. I told her, "There are people praying all over the world for you...." She is so grateful for each of you and so are we.

Anyway, please leave your comments and we will pray for one another and we will be "bearing one another's burdens"....and we will watch and see the salvation of our Lord!

Lastly, if you left your request on yesterday's post, please would you make it easier on everyone and repeat the request on this one?

In the wee hours of the morning we are heading to San Francisco to see Abigail and Ryan. Tyler and Sarah are meeting us there. Ty is about to d*ploy and we are going to celebrate a September Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family.....Everyone will be together and we will finally {!} get a family picture with Jubilee in it...the only one missing is precious little Finn.

That Widow Who Kept Bothering Him

I shared the other day that this past week was extremely difficult. My heart has been breaking with a situation going on with our "daughter" K. I know many of you have been praying for her.

Since our Place Called Simplicity is public, it is impossible for me to share any details on here. I will say this, in all of my 51 years I have not met many young women as sweet, precious, guileless as our K. She exudes Jesus. Her heart is tender and compassionate.

I first met K through my counseling practice. She was eager for all of God {and she has become a mighty young woman of God}. Over the months that followed I came to deeply love this precious young woman.

She has no family whatsoever here in Colorado, so we "adopted" her. She calls me her mom. {She even gives me Mother's Day gifts!} She comes to holidays at our home. She and I text back and forth. We know her well and consider her a daughter to us. I wanted you to see her. Doesn't she just exude Jesus? We went to a Beth Moore Conference in the spring and K sat with Emmy and I. She had brought her camera and wanted a picture of us together...I am so thankful for it...
But last week something happened to her. It is a story that even Hollywood couldn't make up. It left Dw and I reeling. We both have cried and cried. We have seen a lot in our years of ministry, but nothing like this, nothing even close.

At the River Run this past Saturday I saw Liz from church. Liz is someone who knows K very well. They were in the same home Bible study together. I had been wanting to call Liz and tell her of the situation, but just hadn't been able to yet, I was so consumed with trying to help while praying and fasting. I asked Liz if she had heard what happened. Now you have to understand, Liz is a very even keel and logical woman, not the dramatic type at all.

When I told her the story she collapsed to her knees and was crying. It is that serious friends. It is that horrible. It is that unbelievable.

My prayer is that one day I will have K's permission to share her story here. I don't know if that will happen, but that is my prayer. That one day K's story will be a Memorial Box Monday story. It would be a true testimony to only God and His deep care for His children.

So I have debated how to share all this. And here's what I feel the Lord is wanting me to do.

I have heard people say, from time to time....pray about something once and then just trust the Lord to work it out. When I hear that I am reminded of this scripture and that Jesus told this parable to his disciples in an effort for them to understand that this is how we ought to pray.

"Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. He said: "In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared about men. And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, 'Grant me justice against my adversary.'

"For some time he refused. But finally he said to himself, 'Even though I don't fear God or care about men, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will see that she gets justice, so that she won't eventually wear me out with her coming!' "

And the Lord said, "Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:1-8

When I have had circumstances in life that have knocked the stuffing out of me, this is the scripture I turn to. This is what I pray, "Lord, it's me again. I need you to move this mountain. I need you to show your power, your might, your majestic moves, your care, your strength....and well Lord, you told me to pray like this widow....and so here I am bringing it before you again....cause I just can't rest. I can't pretend it's not going on....I need, for my sake, to remind you again, thank you for showing me that it's okay to bring it to you again, and again, and fact it appears you want me to bring it to you as often as I am troubled by it...and so I am here again, just like 'that "widow" who kept bothering the unrighteous judge'."

Now, I realize that the situation with K is not the only thing going on in the world. Many, many, many of you have needs. Hundreds of you have written me private emails. I pray when I read them, and often my heart breaks. Yes, there are many needs around the world.

So here's what I was thinking. I would like to have a time of prayer and fasting tomorrow. Two weeks ago we had a public/group fast. Many of you joined in. We saw God move some huge mountains. A judge ruled for a family, after they totally and completely did not think she would. Then the Judge in Uganda finally granted release for J and C's two children. There was tremendous victory!! I cannot help but think that it was directly linked to the prayers around the world and the fasting....

So tomorrow

{Tuesday, September 21, 2010}

will be a day of prayer and fasting.

Would you guys join with me?

I would like to ask those who have prayer needs to post a comment.

Here are some needs I have heard over the years:

a wayward teen

a loved one with an addiction that needs to be set free

a spouse who doesn't want to adopt

a parent doesn't want you to take a missions trip

kids that aren't into adoption

a healing needed

your own heart has wandered from God and
you are in the process of returning to Him

a job needed

financial hurdles

bonding with an adopted child

a move

lonely for friends

a house to sell

adoption obstacles

healing of childhood memories

complicated family relationships

wanting to start an adoption ministry at your church

and many, many, many more....

Would you be willing to pray for the needs that others around us have?

Would you guys be willing to pray tomorrow specifically for K?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be part of a giant prayer force tomorrow, bombarding the heavenlies on behalf of bloggy friends around the world?

I will do a post just after midnight tonight and this is the plan:

I would like you to leave comments with your prayer needs on that post! I am not going to do a mcklinky......just comments. If you have personal needs and don't want to share them, you can just leave a comment that says, "Personal" or "Please pray for me" or something similar. No one will have a clue what that means. My family and I will pray for each of you by name....and we will ask our RIGHTEOUS Judge, who loves each of us so much, to move the mountains.....

And I will go back and refer to that list over and over praying for all the needs you post in the days to come as well....whether they be "personal" or specific...

In the meantime, please would you pray for K today? That Almighty God would minister to her and be her Deliverer, her Peace, her Refuge and her Strength?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...and thank you on behalf of K.

PS....Memorial Box Monday will be on Wednesday...
yeah, I realize that that's probably illegal since it's called Memorial Box Monday.