Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coming Up...

God has been doing some very exciting things over here at this Place Called Simplicity.
 I want to share with you guys a bit about it.  {Promise, more will come soon!}

In the Spring I was asked by Becky of Cherry Hills Community Church if I would be willing to come and speak at the 5th anniversary dinner for their Adoption Ministry called "Homecomings".

I was overjoyed.

I love sharing God's heart for the orphan  - - so this was perfect!

I am tickled to pieces!!

Cherry Hills is a large church with a huge adoption ministry.  Here is a link to their web page and the  announcement of my coming to speak.

Anyway, the dinner is Friday, November 12, 2010 at 6:00pm.   I asked if bloggy friends were welcome and the answer is YES!  The more the merrier.  Reservations for childcare have to be made ahead of time, so please go to the link for more information.

I will be joined by Dw, Emma, Graham, Liberty, Jubilee, Isaiah, Elizabeth and Elijah -
how fun is that? So you will get to see my treasures up close!

I would love to hug all your necks...if you are anywhere nearby, please come!  Don't be shy - there will be tons of people there and I will linger till the last is gone.  Promise!! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shoppin' With a Purpose

Christmas is speeding toward us
and it is definitely not too soon to begin shopping


Shoppin' With a Purpose

Sweet friends,  

below are the links to friends around the world 
selling items to help bring their treasures home


Shopping for:

 Your spouse?








 Even that  ornery old Aunt Matilda? ?
{you know the aunt - she belly-aches about
 whatever anyone gives her and says
 "I don't need anything anyway!" - 
 Go ahead - Rock her world - make a donation in her name!!}

So make yourself a cup of coffee and kick back and shop til' you drop!!

If you are someone posting a link - 
please read the following four steps

1 - You must link with a permalink 
2 - Your post must be fresh and explain about the child or children you are bringing home and what you are selling  
3 -  You must be a "friend" of mine 
{meaning your face is under 'follower' - otherwise we kinda' feel like you are merely using us and that feels pretty yukky - kinda like having a party and people you don't know come in and never say hello and eat all the food and leave  - and that would be pretty stinky!  And no it's not too late to become friends cause over here at our Place Called Simplicity we love meeting new friends - and we are really crazy about friends who are bringing treasures home!}
4 - If for any reason you fail to do any of the above three I will be forced to delete your link {and I really don't want to do that!}and
lastly -  In the past I have graciously contacted people and tried to work with them to understand that they either have not linked with a permalink or something else.  All of this takes valuable time, which frankly I don't have any extra of.  So I will not be contacting anyone this time because of their failure to follow the directions. If your link is gone - please read the three simple directions again and make your corrections and then link again.  If you do not know how to link a permalink, then click here {permalink is explained  in that post under the "how do I do it?" section}.
Finally - 
Gasp-giving God 
pour out His abundant blessings 
on this 
Shoppin' With a Purpose - 
because of His deep love for the orphan!! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shoppin' for the Orphan

Many, many, many of you have written to me 

about fundraisers

 you are doing to bring treasures home...

I was thinkin'. ...

 let's have a 

"Christmas Shopping" 

for the orphan!!


I will do a post that you can link with

{with a picture!}

It has to be a FRESH post
so get your post ready....

explain who you are bringing home

and what you are selling

and then the rest of us can shop 'til we drop

and get our Christmas shopping done {early}

and you will get your kids home!!

Yippee Jesus!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exciting News At Our Home

Well I continue to be amazed at all your sweetness over our precious Finn. 

I have so many things I need to share ...

Sometimes I read on other blogs that there is nothing to write about...

I am always dumbfounded by that!

Maybe it's cause we have 10 children that 

I could write multiple times a day...


maybe it's true 

I'm addicted to writing


Yup - I'm addicted
Anyway -

There was some exciting news at our home the other day...

As I've mentioned many times, our quiet Graham is passionate about a lot of things:





the orphan!

Graham  recently found out that he has been, "sponsored" by a leading drum company.
For you who don't know what that means - - - it's HUGE!!

Translating:  they love his drumming and are signficantly price-cutting for him to kind of "represent" them.

We are stinkin' tickled and so very proud of this treasure of ours!

Anyway, some of you might like to check out his drumming:

If you click on his name above you will find there are 9 recordings and some of them date back to when we were living in the log home, before it burned down.  He's good!

Isn't that exciting?
Sponsored by a major drum company!!

Yippee Jesus!

OK, Fess Up, Who Snitched On Me?

This morning I was in the midst of my Confiding Time and all of a sudden I felt like I was suppposed to turn on the computer.  I have a general rule that I don't check the computer {email, twitter, FB, blog} until I have spent my Confiding Time with the Lord. 

So I stopped my Bible study and went and turned it on and there it was - Abigail was online!!
WooHoo! Talk about a happy Mimi! 

Abi told me that they had taken Finn to the hospital and it turns out that he has Bronchial Pneumonia.  He has one nasty cough!  Ryan came in the room and before long I heard him say something to Abi like, "Hey did you ask your mom?..."...and then she said, "So is it true Mom that you told people you weren't allowed to put Finn's picture on your blog, but if they were your facebook friend....." 

I started to laugh so much so that I couldn't even talk. 

At all.

I was doubled over. 


Totally busted.

Dw had said to me last night, "What if Ab finds out that you put it on the blog inviting people to come over to Facebook to see Finny?"   I said, "Well she said I couldn't put his picture on the blog, but I am allowed to on FB, so techincally I'm just doing what she said I could...and besides, she'll NEVER know - I'm just gonna' delete the post!  She won't see it."


Little did I know that Abi and Ryan would meet someone in Uganda yesterday who would say, {something like} "Hey! I know you!!  I read your mom's blog.  And hey, did you know that your mom invited people to be her FB friend so they could see Finn's picture?"

Okay, so whoever you are - FESS UP! 

Don't worry, it's all good. 

They were laughing and I was laughing.

I told them how Mimi just couldn't stand people not seeing her little baby boy!!

I also told them that when I put it out there to "friend" me on Facebook I would have guessed maybe 40 would come forward.  Little did I know that there would be a boatload!

I'm still chuckling and shaking my head.

Who knew?

All day long yesterday we pressed, "confirm", "confirm", "confirm". 

I told Abi & Ryan that Finn is probably the most sought after little guy in all of Africa!!!

I told ya' he was gorgeous!

And for those who don't have Facebook...

I now have permission to officially post his picture....

so if you missed FB - here you go!!

and here we are skyping with them a few hours ago...


The African landscape

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, so I'm not allowed to post Finn's picture on here 


if you are my friend on Facebook you can peek at my profile and see his picture....

Just sayin'..

Linny Saunders
*when you friend me, mention that you came over from the blog*

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Memorial Box Monday - The Check

This week's Memorial Box {Monday} story is one of my favorites.  It struck me as I was preparing to type this, that so many of the Crazy Love Prayer Challenge requests were financial.  This story will pump you up and remind you that God does indeed provide for His kids!

First though, I have to tell you the whole story.  For many years I prayed for a prayer partner.  I am so passionate about prayer.  I am convinced that God not only loves when we pray, but He also loves when we agree together in prayer with a partner.  

So many years ago I began to ask the Lord for a prayer partner.  I asked the Lord that she be someone that would come to me and ask me first.  I didn't want to pursue a prayer partner and make them feel like they "had to" accept the offer {cause I was the pastor's wife - sigh!!}.  I wanted someone who loved prayer as much as I do, believed in the power of prayer and she would have to ask me first. 

For years I prayed that prayer. 



I was pretty dumbfounded.  But my prayer remained firm.  

Then, a few years back I was mentoring a small group of young women at a coffee shop early, early one morning each week.  One of the young women was named Chelsea.  She was such a delight.  She passionately loved Christ.  She prayed with passion.  And then one day she asked me if I would consider being her prayer partner.  I was elated!  Finally, finally, finally, my prayers were answered.

That was just about 5 years ago.  And so once a week Chelsea and I meet to pray together.  We meet at a local coffee shop at 6:15am.  In almost 5 years we've both overslept and missed our time together only once.  We love each other and we love praying together.  

We have prayed through some tough seasons in each others life.  We have cried together on so many occasions....we have fasted together.....we have stood in faith together....we have texted in the middle of the night when needs were great....and most importantly - I know that I can tell Chels anything and with this girl? - Yup mums the word!!  Someone could shove matches under her finger nails and light them and she would not budge!  Loyal.

Anyway, recently Chelsea and her husband and two kids {her youngest recently adopted *oh sweet joy*}  have had to move out of state {Lord willing temporarily} for her husband to have work.  Our hearts have really struggled as we wondered what this would mean to our prayer partnership....and then Chelsea had an idea...what about Skyping?  So the plan is to meet in our closets {in our two different states!!} via Skype and pray together - once a week!   

Hey - where there is a will - there is a way!!

The day Chelsea was moving she came by to pick up her baby girl {that we had been caring for} and I asked her for a quick picture.  Hardly dressed for the occasion - but I just wanted you to see my sweet friend...

Anyway, on with this amazing story....

Chelsea's husband is a contractor.  Work has been slow.  Actually almost a standstill.  
Chelsea and her husband were needing to sell their home.  Badly.  But they had to finish remodeling it to get it finished and ready to sell.  So one day we were meeting to pray and Chelsea was talking about needing to finish the house to sell it.   They needed the resources to finish the remodel....and there was no money in sight.  And of course, with the remodel not done, then they couldn't put it on the market and then it wouldn't sell.

Like so many of you, the situation was desperate!!  Hugely desperate!

So while Chelsea was telling me this request, I said to Chelsea, 
"How much exactly do you need to finish?" 

Without pausing she said, "$10,000.00"

Ten thousand?


Ten thousand.

And they needed it right away!

God's word says we must ask in faith specifically. 

So we finished sharing our requests and bowed our heads to pray.  We prayed with fervor.  We prayed with expectancy.  We prayed with passion.  And we prayed for $10,000. exactly.

After our prayer time we headed our separate ways.  
Within about 2 hours, Chelsea's number came up on my cell. 

This was highly unusual...we had just parted ways....
I couldn't imagine what was up as I answered my phone...

And on the other end it was her....yelping with joy...

And here's what she squealed...

"Linn!! You are not gonna' believe this!! 


Guess what?  
The mailman came by not long after I got home from prayer.....

he handed us an envelope...

and inside the envelope?  Linn!! 

You aren not gonna' believe this!


I opened it up and guess what?  There was a check inside!
It was from the IRS...

They said we overpaid them and guess how much it was for?


Inside was a check for $10.000.00.



Exactly what we had prayed for just hours before.  

Not weeks.  Not months.  


Chelsea and Pete were able to finish their home and shortly thereafter, the  Lord allowed them to sell it!  

I still gasp as I think about this....$10,000?  Only a couple of hours after we prayed!!

They had no idea that the IRS had done the math and yet it was true!

Only our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, 
Gasp-giving God could orchestrate all this...

And the amazing thing is that He has a miracle for you.  He does.

And if you don't have a prayer partner, ask God to provide one.  And then get together and pray....and watch what He does!!

What about you?  What has God done for you? Please do share your Memorial Box story with us.  
Post your permalink below...The stories people post are total faith builders to all who read. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Just Couldn't....

get it together today...

Lord willing, tomorrow  I will have our Memorial Box post

and the link up...

So forgive me...the story I'm going to share is a true gasp-giver

you'll love it!  


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spud Lake

About five years ago our Girlfriend's Ministry at church took a hike to Spud Lake. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever been to. I have wanted Dw to see it, so finally, about six weeks back {and although I got the post all ready, I completely forgot to put it on}, Dw, Emma and Graham and I went for a hike. Two miles in and two miles out. Gorgeous terrain.

I  love scenery, so I just had to share it with all of you...

Spud Lake reminds me kind of Alaska.



Check out that dead tree! God even made dead trees intricately beautiful!

Look at it!

That's Durango Mountain Ski Resort over there...see the ski runs?

I kept losing my balance....and laughing...
But if you look at the above picture closely,
Graham is leaning his knee into me....
and that's what was making me lose my balance...
it took me about 2 minutes to figure it out...
goofy son!! He thought he was soooo funny!

Two of my favorite treasures....

 And here is what the area looks like now...

My dear friend had our boatload for dinner this past week .....{we had a blast I must add}...  She lives up near Spud Lake...

Look at the aspens and scrub oak now!!

and yes, the mountains have been getting a fair amount of snow...

and this was taken near  our home....

Dw and I call it eye candy...

We are soooooo blessed.....

Praise His glorious name forever! 
Let the whole earth be filled with His glory. 
Amen and amen!
Psalm  72:19