Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Lil' Mo and Two Lil' Fros

While Abi and Ry and Finn were here they thought it would be fun to give the boys some matching haircuts....and since Finn has a darling little cut like the ol' Mr. T....we asked Elijah and Isaiah what they thought?

They were totally game...

The pep talk.....

Is it just me or does Elijah Mueller look so much older??!  

 And then it was Isaiah Samuel's turn...... 

I didn't catch it on camera, but Isaiah was giving Finn kisses on 
his cheek and whispering to him....totally lovin' Finn-Finn

Two uncles - one nephew
two fros and one mo
three treasures!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The "GO" Arm....

As God has continually been stirring our hearts for the orphan, we knew that He was calling us to 'step it up'.  We are convinced that He is stirring the body of Christ around the world for the orphan.  Never before in history has the plight of the orphan been moving those in the body of Christ like it is today....People are feeling compelled to do something, anything,  for the orphan....

Our hearts desire is to provide simple ways to minister to the orphan...

simple ways to do something on their behalf....

simple ways to do minister daily {even with your young children} from your own home...

simple ways to serve that will change lives forever....

simple ways to see God move on behalf of the orphan....

Yippee Jesus!

I wrote about one of the arms of the new ministry we are beginning here.  If you missed it, please read about it.  We have had quite a bit of interest in it -  the 'crafting for the orphan'...and we are thrilled by that.  Ordinary people spending their 'free' time making things to sell so that orphans around the world can eat!  How amazing is that?  We are continuing to "tweek" how exactly it will all work...and you will be amazed {as we are!} at what God is doing on that front!!

 My plan is to write more about the "selling wares for the orphan" soon.  

But today I thought I would share a second arm of our new ministry.  And by the way, I cannot wait to share the name of our new ministry, but the web site is not done yet...but soon!!  Seriously, it is driving me crazy not being able to introduce you to it yet.  

The second arm of our ministry I am excited to share today is:

the "GO" arm.  

Many of you know that Dw and Emma have been leading mission teams on a regular basis....and the "GO" arm will be part of our ministry.  Sending teams {regularly} to minister to the orphan.  On that page of the web site will be the application to GO with the teams and information about each trip.

Lord willing, there will be at least two teams each year.  {I may even be leading a team!}  As the ministry expands, the countries we minister in will also expand.  Over the years Dw has led or been part of missions trips to countries like:  Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda and Mexico.  He loves to lead teams and watch as God moves on the hearts of those he has the privilege of leading....

We will also have a Paypal account on that page so people {who cannot go on a missions trip} can give to those who can GO!  How cool is that?

Dw and Emmy are leading a team that leaves on Sunday.  They will be ministering to the orphans of Uganda, the street children of Kampala, Uganda and serving those who serve there.  It's going to be an amazing trip!

We are convinced that when people GO to minister in other parts of the world, God does amazing things in the hearts of those who GO.  Each trip Dw and Emma have led to Uganda has resulted in orphans finding homes.   Another committed to going to minister in an orphanage for an extended period of time.  And still another has since led trips of their own!!  Good things happen when people "GO"!

If you have never gone on a missions trip - pray about being one
who will "GO" soon or help sponsor one going so that you, too, can share a part of the "GO" arm.....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost Forgot.....

A few days before Christmas Dw was contacted asking if we would be interested in being interviewed for an article in our town's newspaper about parents with kids depl*yed during Christmas.

We loved the idea!!  

Dw and I met up with the reporter in Starbucks one afternoon and spent about an hour with her. 
 I cried most of the time and after told her how therapeutic it was!!  

The crazy thing was that in the midst of the interview my cell rang!  It was our treasured son calling all the way from wherever he hands always shake as I slide to unlock the keypad...undoubtedly nervous that I am going to slide it the wrong way {I know, what a goof!}.  

The reporter seemed almost as tickled as we were that Ty should be calling at that very moment -
 right when we were talking about him!  

Monday, December 27, 2010


Well Abi, Ryan and Finn left early this morning.  
So very hard to see them go. 
 San Francisco is such a long ways away.  

Christmas is over.   
The extra special days
{that only come once or twice a year}. 
 The days that ya' wish would never end. 
 All the excitement and festivities and then life
 just kind of crashes {at least in my world}. 

Along with all that, many I love are struggling. 
 Curve balls they didn't expect.  
Emotional pain. 
 I keep crying all day. 
 Elizabeth wants to know what's wrong? 
 Sweet baby girl. 
 She said, "Why are you crying Mommy? 
You have water around your eyes."  

So if it's okay with everyone, let's save Memorial Box Monday for next week. 
For tomorrow, I am hoping to write about another arm of the ministry Dw and I are forming.  


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jubilee Promise Turns 9

The day after Christmas...

a special day in our home...

Jubilee Promise turns 9.  

She has only been home for one year and two days....

We didn't do the "breakfast in bed" routine last was all so overwhelming, having just returned from China and knowing she would have no clue what we were doing.

I had been in the girls room to get everyone up and ready for church.  I had hugged on her and wished her a happy birthday.  She was smiling away.  She knew for the last few days that her birthday was coming.  Last night we told her it was tomorrow!

So this morning when I came in with the tray and the lit candle I so wish I had had my camera on.  For the past year she has watched as everyone has had a birthday and breakfast in bed.  This morning her expression was looked as though she was saying, "ME?  I didn't know I would get breakfast in bed.  I never thought it would be my turn.  I can't believe I deserve it."  Really, her expression made my heart cry.  

Waiting so long. 

 Understanding {finally!}  

Yes baby girl, it's  your turn.  

It's your turn for the rest of your life.

Forever you are ours.  

Sweet baby girl.  


{Graham had left for worship practice before 7am.}

And finally{!} Graham taught me how to upload to YouTube all by myself!!

Here is Jubilee's birthday....{unedited}

{Most of us.}

Look at her joy!!  

Look at her Jubilee - forever home.  

Would you please join us in wishing our birthday girl 
a very, very happy birthday??

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Our Colorado Mountain Home....

We start every Christmas morning with all the kids lining up on the stairs before they are allowed down to open their stockings....and every year we love seeing how the kids have grown!!

Abi and Ryan and Finn spent the night last night.  They were here for a little while and 
then went to Ryan's family's for the day.  

And by the way, meet Nate.  He has been hanging out at our home 
for awhile now.  You have seen him in pictures and will 
keep seeing him in pictures.  He is a sweet addition anytime he is in our home.  
He is one of the kindest guys we've ever met and 
we welcome him to our 'family'.   Every one of us love him to pieces and quite honestly...
take a look at our family...Nate fits right in...

 Liberty teasing Nate...just like a sister should!!
 I stayed up until 2:00am cross-stitching names on stockings...
{why oh why did I save it till the last minute?}

 Welcome to Christmas Saunders style Mr. Finley Q!!

 Sarah flew in last night!!  So good to have her in town 
{although she's staying at her family's home - waaa}

 All of a sudden Sarah's phone made the most beautiful noise...Sarah ran screaming, "Ty's online...Ty's online, Ty's online!!"  We all ran...and sure enough, eventually we were sort of/kind of able to skype with him...via Sarah's iphone.  He never was able to talk, but he did type, and he could hear was just absolutely beautiful to see his face.  He has not able to skype ever it was Sarah's first time seeing him since he left....

They tried over and over to get the skype to completely work, but the connection 
was not strong enough over there in the sandbox. 

I tried talking to him, since he could hear us...but I started to bawl {like really}.  Tyler started to laugh and typed, "This war has been pretty hard on mom, there ought to be war benefits for her too!"  

 It was a precious moment when Tyler met his first nephew - Finn!
{Look at the sweet, pleased look on Abi's face...priceless!}

 For awhile, Tyler could not hear us, but could only see us.  So Dw was talking to him in "slow motion"....pretty funny...
 Graham AND Tyler both think Taylor Swift is pretty Graham's friend gave him a Taylor Swift Calendar for Christmas....They held it up for Tyler to see....a big smile broke out from what I hear....face it, the size of the picture he might even think Taylor was at our home for Christmas - haha
 Josh came over for a few minutes....he and Emma have been 'dating' now for just about 18 months...

 Finn and his mommy

Isaiah drew Emma's name in our gift exchange and he chose to get her 
some PURPLE chucks for Christmas..{she was tickled purple}.

 Dw got me a Stuart Little doll, just like the one I lost in the fire.  
I love Stuart Little.  He's my favorite...remember - he's adopted too...
and this Stuart Little doll talks {just like the one I lost}!!
My favorite line he says is, "When you're friends with 
Stuart Little, you're friends for life!!"  
That mouse is my bud - so good to have him back again!!

When Tyler lived at home he would come and lay on our bed late at night and talk to Dw and I.  I would press the Stuart Little doll and talk back to him.  Tyler used to say, "Mom, you are so weird - it's a rat!  You're in love with a rodent!"    

 Elizabeth Mercy
Isaiah Samuel got a bike....

 Emma really just wanted a guitar.  She is very musical, sings beautifully and 
wants to learn to play so she can play for her orphanage one day.  

Daddy and Nate sharing a sweet moment....

 American Girl dolls {replaced by insurance from the fire}

 Elijah Mueller and Daddy

 Liberty named her dolly Dayly Mae

Merry Christmas from our home....

May we all remember that without Easter, 
there would be no Christmas!!!