Thursday, January 6, 2011

Staying or Going...

The GO Team is in Uganda.  They have already been working hard.  Emma emailed me and said that she can tell some of the hearts of some of the team are breaking already {Yippee Jesus!}....

but I thought maybe you might want to watch what's going on....

here's how:

Emma's blog:  Em On A Mission

Dw has been logging into Facebook and updating there....and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you 'friended him' - tell him you're my friend....{he is listed under my family on my profile}

Praying for the team is just as important as being there.  


They are depending on the prayers of people who care for safety, 
health, provision, strength and God-anointed times!!

So if we should come to mind, please pray for the team....

And that some might even find treasures they just have to bring home!!
{including that hubby of mine!}  
oooops, did I say that?

13 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Oooh, Linny!
    Joining you in prayer for the team, for your kiddos, for Dw... and for those TREASURES!!!
    GO GOD!!!! Can't wait to see HOW He is glorified through this trip :) :) I know it's gonna be BIG!!

  2. Been praying for the team. Their work day today sounded amazing and productive. And what a blessing the team already is to the school there. Looking forward to reading more updates via Em & Dw!

    Praying for you too, Mom of Many!! Love you!

  3. Praying for all!! Can't wait to hear about those treasures...I just know it's going to be good. Hugs and love

  4. Oooo! there are more treasures coming home? I got a big grin on my face :D

    p.s. Yeshua spoke to me in the Bible yesterday... just exactly what I needed to hear, thought I'd share...

    And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith? (Mark 4:40).

    Today I thought about this verse, speaking it to my heart... and this reminded me of this:

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    (2 Timothy 1:7).

    I only just realised... that the fearful feeling that I have, feeling nausea in my stomach, fear of the unknown... that it is not from Him! and that I am to reject it immediately as I usually do for any contrary emotions, e.g. bitterness, anger, etc... these feelings do not bring peace and is not of Him.

    Fear belongs to that category. It is not of Him, we are to reject it.

    Peace, be still... the word, "Peace" in my KJV margin, it's actually, Silence!

    Makes me realise, I need to agree with Yeshua to silence those thoughts that bring along fearful feelings. Where is my faith?

    Just thought to share with you, because it reminded me about the post that you made earlier, about breaking free from chains... I haven't actually read it, just saw the title... I will go and read it now :)

    Sorry for the long comment! :)

  5. I just friended DW, hope he accepts. I told him you sent me. should have told him I make apple pies too, LOL

    I just saw that video, OMGoodness,I laughed!!!

    Praying for all in Uganda!!!

  6. I have been praying that DW does NOT get sick on this trip! I am very concerned for his health! I know that He will change the hearts that are preaching His word.

  7. Love your last line! Love you, Linny!

  8. Father God, thank you for this beautiful team that is in Uganda. Though I don't know these people personally, I know that they are your daughters and sons. I pray for protection over them while they are there. That you would hold them safe in your arms. Lord I pray for everything right now that I don't even know to pray for. Lord, you know. You know what is needed in Uganda, in hearts, in ears, eyes, mouths, friendships, relationships. Father thank you for these willing servants and for their families. Amen.

  9. Ok Linny I will pray for all the team...abroad and at home. But will you answer this question sometime on your blog...can you just go to Africa and bring home kids? It just sounds too you need to do some 'splainin' ok???? How awesoem if he would bring home multiple treasures again :)

  10. Praying right now! Thanks so much for sharing their blogs with us! Ive been praying ever since you told me about the June trip, looking forward to hearing more info about it once they come back! Praying God shows me if this is the time/trip to take b/c I truly feel that He is putting Uganda stronly on my heart for a reason and I think part of it may be to go over there this year and another part is hopefully to start an adoption process this year or next!

  11. SO praying you get to add a treasure to your family!

    Will pray for the team as well!

    God hearts Uganda!

  12. praying… thanks for the links. wishing them the Lord's success!

  13. Praying for the team! Also praying that DW will find a treasure to bring home! How about two? Janet


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