Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After the fire we were given a beautiful log bed.  It was custom made.  It was only used about 5 times by the person it was made for.  I had been praying for a log bunk bed.  No doubt, the Lord answered, "above and beyond all I could think or ask."  

Graham used it in his bedroom at the rental.  Then he put it in his bedroom 
when we moved into our home, but really, it's big.  His room is really small.  

It's bulky.  Gorgeous - but bulky in a small room.  It's a double bunk.  

So there was some discussion as to what to do with the bed.  I would not budge.  I knew that it would be perfect for our "extra" room.  The double bunk easily accommodates a family of four!!

Yesterday three sisters came to stay with us for awhile.  Two home school, one goes to school.  It could be for a bit, it could be for awhile.  The room is perfect for the three of them.  

Isn't it amazing how our faithful Father prepares the way for every, single need we have? 

My heart smiles.  

And thank you, in advance, to all who pray for peace 
and comfort for these precious three sisters during this season.  

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  1. his provisions are perfect. praying for the sisters and would love to hear more about their story.

    would also love to get an update on jubilee and how she's progressing now that you know she has hearing loss, etc. how is she assimilating to life in the US?

  2. Lifting these three sisters up in prayer...

  3. You know I'm praying for them and you. God is so good and sees our needs even before we need them. Hugs and love

  4. Sending up a prayer. God really provides. By the way - beautiful bed!!!

  5. Hi Linny!

    Yes, isn't it amazing how God directs our actions and decisions? Just goes to show you that nothing really is all matters in some way.

    Praying for the three girls that God moves in their lives, and in the lives of their family...

    PS: Also wondering how Miss Jubilee is doing??

  6. For you only -
    let me know if girls need anything.


  7. That is awesome! I will be praying for these girls! God is so cooooool!

  8. Why does this experience happening to you not surprise me in the least?

    prayers and hugs,

  9. I can't think of anywhere else these girls would feel more at home. I love that God already provided the bed. He always provides ahead of time!

  10. i know God has them staying with you for a reason.....maybe one only he knows at the moment. I know your family will welcome them and love on them for this season, and they will be very blessed girls.
    We were in town yesterday and Asher was asking his 400th question about the street boys. The kids pray for them at every meal and bedtime. He wanted to know if we could go on a plane to bring you our clothes. His concept of New Zealand to America is that it's just like flying to Australia(3hr flight). I explained we would be posting them to you soon. He was disappointed, so was i. It would be so fun.


  11. God is so very good. He is such a marvelous provider. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever!

  12. God's provision is wonderful! Praying for the girls and for you and the rest of the family!

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