Saturday, February 12, 2011


Friday is almost always Dw's only day off.  We were sitting around and Tyler texted and wanted to Skype with us.  We were tickled.  He and Sarah are going away on a sweet vacation soon, and he's been working long hours since returning home, so we've not had much chance to talk to him.  We were all excited.

He talked to Dw first and next the computer was passed to me.  I said, "Hey honey!"  He looked at me.  Then he leaned a bit closer to the screen of his computer.  He squinted and leaned even closer.  Slowly he asked, while still squinting toward the screen as though straining to see, "Uhhh, Mom, what color are you dyeing your hair now?  {squinting more} Is that a new color?"

I held up the little eye of the camera of Dw's computer so that it pointed to my crown of splendor and laughed really loudly!!  "Ty! Didn't you know, that's my crown of splendor!!! I'm letting it all grow out!!"

For the first time probably ever in our 25 year old son's life he opened his mouth, squinted, looked perplexed.  

Started to say something.  


Opened his mouth again. 

 Closed it.  

Sorta of shook his head side to side and one last time, 
opened his mouth, paused, breathed and closed his mouth.


I laughed for probably 5 minutes straight as I handed the computer to Graham.


Well that's one reaction.

8 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. That's funny!

    Hey, we are totally excited because we did some shopping tonight!!! :) We had sooooo much fun and searched and searched the thrift shop and didn't find anything. Right when I was ready to give up we found a dress shirt that looks brand new. I ask Chris what size shirt he though it was and he said "looks like a 12 to me". We went around the corner and found a tie that looked brand new. Then in the pants/shorts section (I had already gone through it like 5 times) we found a pair of size 12 dress pants that we are going to have my mom turn into shorts.

    I cannot even tell you how much fun it was and what a gift to share with our kiddos one more way to be the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you for letting us share in this exciting thing.

  2. That is too funny.

    btw - I'm loving this Africa stuff..that is just the coolest thing. Can't wait to see the ending. Hugs and love

  3. LOL!! That's a funny story!

    Grandson had 3 pairs of shorts that are too small for him. He & I found 3 shirts today. Bought 3 prs of undies. Just need the ties and we're good to go for 3 precious boys to attend the wedding feast in April. I'm so stinkin excited about this - thanks for letting us be a part of blessing these special treasures of the Lord!

    ♥ u, sweet friend!

  4. So funny! My oldest son did something similar today. He moved in close and said, "mom, your eyebrows are turning grey." I said, "okay" because I was busy and then very quickly got up to go to the bathroom mirror to see what he was talking about. I mean, I am only 36! I could never find what he was talking about.

  5. So funny. I really needed a laugh. Thank you, Debbie

  6. That"s great that yall use skype to communicate! We need to get cameras so we can skype with my bro and family.

    Hilarious. He was shocked, huh?

  7. A much better and more tactful response than having your own husband stand over you, look down, and say, "You might want to think about coloring your hair sometime soon". I am getting closer and closer to growing out my "crown of splendor" everyday, largely thanks to you ;-).


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