Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pray With Us....

Forgive me for confusing you guys with the last post.

Trying one last time to explain it:  While recently fasting I was unable to understand something.  But then the Lord made it clear as to what I was not understanding by showing me a different angle.   That simple. 

{If you still don't understand, I'm sorry.  Probably because I know the real story, it makes sense to me.  Otherwise I guess it's clear as mud, huh? Oh.dear.}

 I completely understand there are some who cannot fast due to medical reasons.  Fasting from TV, technology, etc, is an appropriate alternative, if you medically are unable.

And my sweet friend Mary Ellen the Lord doesn't want you to bee bound by legalism.  I, personally, fast when I feel the Lord wanting me to draw close to Him or when I need Him to show me something or when I need Him to move a mountain {or an entire mountain range!}.  Don't do it for any other reason!  He just longs to have you snuggle in to Him....for me, fasting is one way of drawing into Him and hearing His voice! 

The whole thing with fasting is this:  When fasting we are saying: "Lord I am asking you to move this mountain.  But I submit to your will.  I surrender my plans to yours."  Fasting changes my heart.  There have definitely been times when I think I am fasting for something, but what happens instead is something different.  But because of the humility and surrender that fasting brings - God meets me where I am.  

Please share your requests here on this post by posting a comment.  Let's pray:

110 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Hi Linnie thank you once again from bringing all us brothers and sisters in Christ together to pray for each other and for the orphans.

    My two requests are the same as they have been for months. I know God is amazingly wonderful and I look forward to He answering the desires of my heart.

    1. Reconciliation with my 18 year old son. It has been 18 months since he cut off all communication with us. He is graduating from high school in June and I want to hug my son on his graduation day and tell him I love him. I am praying that we reconicile prior to his graduation.

    2. For my husband's heart to be softened toward the orphans. He has mentioned foster care and that encourages me. I would like prayer for guidance as I research foster care in our area of Middle TN.

    Blessings to you and all that will be posting their requests. I will be praying for them.


  2. 1. my health. I've said it before, but for all who don't know - 19 surgeries and a multitude of other disorders/issues that make a full-time college load very, very exhausting.

    2. my broken heart. I've been in love with my best friend for years, and even though he just wants to be friends and I am THRILLED that I still have him around because he really is my best friend more than anything, I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt a little every time I talk to him. I don't want to lose him, I just want to get over him, so that he doesn't consume so many of my thoughts. I started wondering tonight if the reason I can't get over him is because God is waiting for me to learn a lesson in all of this, so it'd be nice if y'all could pray that He brings me closer to whatever that lesson is.

  3. I am excited to fast/pray for everyone's requests. Thanks for the opportunity!

    My requests:
    1-that Christ will have His way in our marriage
    2-that Christ will have His way in the lives & marriages of our adult children
    3-that our precious grandchildren will make decisions for Christ early in their lives

    Thanks again for praying and I'll be praying & fasting as well for all the requests.

  4. 1. A job/finances.
    2. A family.

    I will be praying for y'all over the next few days. Thanks for letting us share our concerns on here, Linny!

  5. Thank you to all who are joining in prayer...

    my requests are;

    *for my husband, that he will become the Godly man and strong godly leader in our home.
    That he will break free of (smoking and coffee) addictions.

    *for Gods guidance in the adoptionproces we want to enter, we have to choose national or international...or fostercare.

    *that our whole life will be centered around Christ.

    Be Blessed!

  6. Ok. Before I write my prayer requests... I need to brag on God. I am here in Uganda & twice a month, we have a day of prayer & fasting. Well, this past Friday, we had one. My relationship with my brother is almost non-existent... and it became clear to me this past fall that, though I thought I had, I had never truly forgiven him for the years of physical abuse (he tried to take my life multiple times) he had inflicted on me when we were younger. A lot was made clear to me then, and I started praying that God would teach me how to pray for my brother. That is where my heart was, I wasn't even able to pray for him, I was only able to pray that God would get me to a place of praying for him. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I was sitting in church & my heart whispered a prayer, "God, give me a love for my brother." WOW!! And I continued to pray for the situation. And on our day of prayer and fasting on Friday, I took time to pray for the situation and brought it up as a request when we prayed in groups of 2. In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, I was mulling over a sermon I'd been listening to & reading my Bible, when it hit me... and for the first time in my life, I was able to honestly say, "I love my brother." Not because of anything he has done, but because Christ loved me first and calls me to love. AHHH! God is SOOOOO good!!!! :D

  7. As for prayer requests:

    1) That I will continue to grow in my love for my brother and that I will figure out exactly what that looks like to live out... and that I would stay strong when satan tries to pull me back into the bondage of unforgiveness, bitterness, and hurt.

    2) That the Lord would lead me to the right internship for this summer & a place to live this summer & this next school year.

    3) For Raphael, the malnourished orphan who has my heart. (There is a post about him on my blog)

    4) That God will bring the man who is to be my husband into my life soon.

    Excited to be praying for y'all today.

  8. My prayer requests are:

    1) That God will give me the right time and the right words to say to a friend who is coming so close to getting to know Him.

    2)That I will get an internship for June this year.

    3) That my revision and exams will go smoothly, and I will come out with excellent results with God's help.

    4)That God will continue to protect and provide for my family

    5) That God will move mountains in a private situation for my older sister

  9. Oh I get it, Linny, thank you for explaining your previous post :)

    I have a praise report, in previous prayer and fasting days, I shared about praying for reconciliation with a family member, he has not spoken to me for some months... well, he finally decided it was time to move on and started to talk with me. Praise YHWH!!!! Thank you to everyone who prayed for me!! :)

    I have a prayer need, could you pray that He will show me what exactly to pray about this situation that puzzles me, for His wisdom and direction, so that I may know what exactly to do (that is according to His perfect will) and have peace too, knowing that it is what He wants. Many, many thanks :)

    I will pray and fast today for everyone in here.

  10. Thanks Linny for doing this!
    Thank you everybody for your prayers!
    I will be praying and fasting for everyone as well!
    Please pray for Ethiopia and that everything that is done will be God's will
    Pray for all the children there as well.
    Reveal God's plan for us in the midst of our Ethiopian adoption

    Keep providing for our adoption

    Pray for the 17 teachers that lost their job already due to the the Governor's budget

    Pray for support(friends, family, city,) for our adoption. It's like being stuck with an anchor at the bottom of the ocean. It is very hard some days.
    Pray that we follow the plan God has for us!
    Thanks so much!
    Much love and lots of prayers!

  11. We are praying our sweet 8 year old daughter home from Ethiopia. Our court case is still pending a letter from MOWA (the agency behind all the slow downs). We have another court hearing on March 18th and we are praying that the letter is already in her file and that we will officially pass court on the 18th. We were able to visit her last month during our court trip and we are hoping to be able to bring her home soon.


  12. Linny, because of you I could not live without fasting. I never fasted!! during Lent yes, but as a prayer never! You can not believe the things that have happened since Peter and I have been fasting.
    No, all our troubles have not disappeared, but we see things so much clearer, and are able to hear God speaking. And yes so many prayers have been answered.And the best part is , our closeness to Jesus has grown. Our trust has grown.
    So thank you Linny for teaching me to fast.

    My request is for a little girl named Lera, from Reece's Rainbow.She has been transferred to a mental institution. her family has until the end of this month to raise the rest of the funds for her adoption or it will be too late. Lera has already lost three families.She just can't loose this one too.
    Please pray that they reach their goal and can travel to get her soon. She has been waiting so long.

    And for our finances. As usual!

    I will be keeping you all in my prayers today!
    Thanks again Linny!!

  13. We are waiting for clearance from US Embassy to bring our son home from Ethiopia. Right now their are some very scary things that could happen in that program.
    Please pray.
    Thank you!

  14. I am having a hard time coming to terms with a lot of things on my mind these days. I'm not in a 'good' place emotionally or spiritually. I'm asking "why God?" "how could you God?" instead of 'what are you up to God?' Specific prayer needs:
    1. today is my mom's birthday-we do not have a relationship and it wouldn't be healthy if we did so I'm not asking for that
    2. tomorrow is my birthday-I struggle with any thoughts that is a day to celebrate believing it was never celebrated to begin with
    3.Friday is my son's bday. I struggle because I know the love I have for him is immeasurable but would really love to believe my mother felt the same way. I'm certain she didnt.
    I need to get through this week so I can once again gain control of my emotions and keep healing. The bandaid was ripped off again what was on the right path to complete healing.

  15. Update... after leaving my prayer request in here, I was watching a video where the speaker was explaining about worshipping the Lord, and the last part of the video was unexpected, he used an example which was precisely related to this situation that I am most perpelxed about. When he explained it, it was as if the situation was made clear and I could see "that is me!" It made so much sense. Praise the Lord!!! :)

    It is a big one... there is another thing that I am still wondering (kind of apprehensive) about, please pray that the Lord will make clear that one as well.

    Thank you!!! :)

  16. Again, I'm asking for prayer for physical healing- that God would move this mountain called chronic fatigue syndrome.

    I've been sick for over 10 years and it's been worse in the last 2 years.

    I have 2 young kids who need a functioning/present mom. My husband and I strongly desire more children, which cannot happen if I'm sick.

    I need God to confirm what it is I should- the direction I should go. I'm questioning whether He would have me stop pursuing medical treatment right now- nothing is working. Nothing I have done in all this time has helped.

    I'd also like to ask for healing prayers for my mother who has stage 3 lung cancer. Please prayer that her consultation on friday would reveal that the tumor has shrunk or is gone. Please pray for her and my dad to come to God through this experience.

    thank you all.

  17. Linny,
    Thanks for organizing this. I have been a Christian for a long time but don't fast very often all. Seemed more than "coincidental" when I opened my Bible this morning and found today's reading was Matthew 8, all about what you are supposed to do when you fast.

    I would like prayer for two things today:
    1) I am a never married mom who adopted my sons from the foster care system when they were 7 and 9. The boys are now 15 and 17 and are struggling with school, and respect for me, some, I think, typical teenager stuff, and some related to their years in foster care. I just pray that they could be fully healed from the pain inflicted from abandonment by their mom and from their years in foster care, and could grow into the men that God intended them to be. My older son has some learning disabilities and really struggles in school. He is really discouraged right now and is turning to ways that are less than positive to heal his hurts.

    2) I need direction in my career. I have been an urban educator for 30 years, most recently as an administrative assistant (kind of like an assistant principal) in a rough inner city neighborhood.I love that kind of work and have always felt that God called me to work with inner city kids. My current position was cut because of budget stuff and I had to go to a district job fair on Monday. Right now the only position that has opened is a second grade in a school that is much more affluent. I will have to tell this principal in the next few days whether I am willing to take the position. I really don't see, at all, what God is doing, and just need direction and peace and clarity or for another job to open up.

    Thanks so much.

  18. we are beginning our 2nd China adoption which will be our 6th child. We are in the beginning of the process and already have a huge (to us) financial need that we need met. we were praying that we would get an agency grant which would help jump start us and with our saved money would get us through all the first set of fees and we wouldn't need more money till travel. But there is no money in that grant fund, so we don't have enough money right now. we have and are scrimping and saving and cutting back and selling and doing everything we can but I just can't pull $5,000 from the air. Please pray that God somehow provides this money so we can bring our son home!

  19. I sat last week with fees for three adoption agencies in my hand, trying to decide which one to choose for ET..when the bottom seemed to fall out with this latest news! Please pray for Ethiopia..for the children, the birth families, the government, and the adoptive families in process! For God's sustaining grace in all situations and decisions to be made.

    As for us...we're waiting see what heart's desire is to adopt from Ethiopia, but we are willing to go where God sends us(okay, PRAY that we're willing to go!:))...we need to make a decision soon.

    Also, we still need to replace about $4000 worth of income...God has been absolutely silent in this matter..but today we need Him to SHOUT.."GO THIS WAY!!";)

    Praying for you all today!!

  20. Thanks for doing this! I will go back and read all the requests so I can keep them in mind.
    Please pray for us.. My grandmother passed away this week and Mark and I will be going to KY for the funeral tomorrow. I was closer to her than my mom. She was a wonderful godly woman and I know where she is and I am rejoicing but I am really not looking forward to this... We are leaving the kids home with Mark's mom. Please pray for that to go smoothly too. Isaac is not taking this very well. He was relieved not to have to go but he is struggling with his Mamaw being gone. Sheri

  21. Praying for Gods truth and mighty hand in the aftermath of my court stuff. For protection of me and my three adoptive children and for Gods hand in this financial stuff. Money that was awarded for this family is now going to all attorney fees, trying to understand all this when I claimed this money to God and his purposes. That Jesus reveals himself to all involved in this journey, that He is glorified.

  22. Thank you so much, Linny. It's an honor to be praying along with everyone today.
    1. Our house situation is still the same. (On the market 7 months)& we're praying about working with a new realtor.
    2. My mother's health is at a very critical point today. She is in extreme pain to due diabetic complications. Please pray for a miraculous turn around today, and for emotional/soul healing as well. Praying the heaviness of depression & defeat off of her!
    Thank you!

  23. Linny,

    Thanks so much for this. The timing is perfect. My same request, but
    tomorrow 3/10, my beloved son in love, Josh, goes to have an echocardiogram and appointment with the cardiologist to evaluate his cardiomyopathy. He is 32 and leads a very healthy lifestyle. The doctors cannot find a cause and they are concerned. We have known for about 6 months. My daughter (his wife) will be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Josh could not tolerate the best medicine or even the full dose of the second best medicine because his blood pressure is so low normally and the medicine lowers your B/P. So we need God to heal him completely since Josh cannot tolerate the medicine. I love him to pieces and he will make an awesome father. Please join me in praying for his healing so he can watch his new son grow up.

    Also, my same second request -- my 21 year old son, Ethan, to be saved.

    Thank you so very, very much!! I will be fasting and praying for others.

  24. Dear everyone & Linny -

    Thank you for your prayers! I am so happy to lift your needs up to the Lord - for those of us who observe Lent, today is Ash Wednesday, a powerful day of prayer and fasting for Christians all over the world.

    "Our help is in the name of the Lord"

    I pray for a cousin in a family foster care situation who is apparently acting out. She has had more pain in her young life than anyone deserves. I pray that situation is turned around for her and her care-givers.

    I pray for a situation in my own life that is precarious. I pray that God use it to glorify Himself, whether that is by turning it around or by letting it pass by, I trust that the situation is in His hands and will resolve.

  25. Thank you, Linny for your encouragement and inspiration.

    I know that God is working on something big in our lives. There is some things that are going on and I can see clearly that He has a message or a plan for my husband and I. I just can't see clearly exactly WHAT that is?! Please pray for clarity for my husband and myself.

    A few friends and I are organizing an Orphan Run/Walk in our community. All proceeds are going to local families that are in the mission field and/or adopting. Please pray that this will be a success and God will be glorified in the process. We need sponsors.

    God has given me a heart for the orphan but so far my husband and children are not on board. Adoption is something I have always "thrown out" there but I get the "are you crazy we already have 5 kids to take care of look"!! I pray that God will move the entire mountain range that in front of us on this matter. All I want is for HIS will to be accomplished in our lives. I have a hard time believing that He would give me such a heart and a desire and never change the heart of my husband?!

    I will be praying and fasting with all of you today. Thank you and God Bless!!

  26. Ohhh man I need the prayers.

    1 - Praising God for healing from my fears especially flying - pray that he continues to work in me.

    2 - Our ethiopia adoption - what was originally ~12 months is now ~24 months and thats before all these pending changes that could - what make it 9 years? - pray that God would bring clarity on our plans and that if we make a change that it is in him. Pray that his will is made known to us and that where-ever our son is that we bring him home sooner than later.

    3 - for my moms significant other undergoing chemo for leukemia. has had a rough couple weeks. please pray God heals him of all cancer and that his body stands up to the chemo.

    4 - for any family members worried or hesitant about the concept of adoption or multiracial families - that God works on their hearts

    5 - for my friend who is starting her own process next week - for peace and clarity of God's will and that we might travel together

    He is GOOD - thanks friends!

  27. My precious daughter who is getting married in June was diagnosed with at huge pelvic mass last week, the size of a volleyball. We meet with the doctor tomorrow to review the results of her CT scan and blood work. Pray that it is not cancer and that surgery will go well. Pray that she will be ready for her wedding in June.

    Also pray for me, who is struggling big time with fear in all this uncertainty.

    And as in all of our struggles, pray that God is glorified.


  28. So proud to be a part of this family of friends lifting each other up in prayer!

    My ongoing request-
    Financial provision, freedom from fear, continued growth. Our income is 100% commission and we have been hit hard. Fear is strong as our own resources to meet our needs are gone. We are totally dependent on His provision. It's crunch time. Fear and doubt keep fighting their way in. In the midst of this storm, our marriage has deepened and that is a huge praise as this situation can tear apart. We pray for deliverance from this storm, for doors to open and an ability to provide and to be able to continue to the next step of our adoption that has been on hold for months. Mostly we pray for continued spiritual growth as we are drawn closer to Him in the midst of our storm.

    Thank you for your love. I'll be praying over the requests all week!
    In Him,

  29. Thank you again for this opportunity.

    Please pray for a good job transfer to come my way by this summer. I am at the end of my rope with my current job and the stress and anxiety from it are affecting me and my children in a very bad way. I need a different job desperately.

    Thank you.

  30. Thank you for this...for the freedom to ask for prayer.

    My friend Kathy and I are planning on going to Uganda for an extended time for mission work. We're just starting to put all the necessary pieces together, but have yet to have any organization commit to having us. Please pray for that. I am trying to trust the Lord, that He'll shut doors and open the right ones, it's just hard for this type-A person :) He is moving and I sense it, I just pray we get something solid from a particular organization we have contacted.

    Thank you!

  31. I feel bad to be selfish this time and pray for "my things" instead of other people's things, but I feel that I must.
    1) I have an important trip that will take me (for the first time) across the globe into another country. I am scared, but excited. I pray for safety, and so that I am a worthy ambassador of my people and of my faith, while Im there.

    2) For my family in general - for peace, first of all, and provision. So that the petty life things don't get in the way of us being a family and growing closer together.

    3) Strength for myself to not be distracted by the glitz and fun of the world, and continue growing with the Lord.

  32. I've been praying about adopting for 3 years. Hubby agrees we should try and move forward, but we need some "impossible" mountains moved. Please pray for clear direction, faith without fear, finances, job situation, insurance...



  33. I will be fasting and praying along with all of you. It may take me a couple days to get through the requests, but I will pray. Since Linny, you mentioned that this day of prayer was primarily for Ethiopia adoptions and in general, the orphan, I will keep my requests related to that topic.
    -Please pray that I will have a love for the 16 year old that we took in to our home 4 mos ago. We recently filed for legal guardianship. I am finding it difficult to love her and not be completely annoyed by her (never been able to live peaceably with another female.)
    -Praise that we sold one of our vehicles ($1500) plus are getting a sizable tax refund ($8500); pray that the husband will want to pay down debt so that we can adopt again sooner rather than put that money into home improvements.
    Thank you Linny for doing this, and everyone for praying!

  34. Please pray for clarity in our adoption from Korea. Pray that my husband and I are united in a decision regarding this.......
    God is good!!

    Praying for all!

  35. Thank You for for the opportunity to pray for all these needs again. My seems small but is huge to! The tax laws changed this year that allows me a rather large tax refund. The paperwork that I need to present should be with the adoption agency. The adoption agency in my state is closing and cannot find the paperwork. The two agency's that my children came through cannot find the paperwork. We live on so little and it's always a juggle to not be behind on bills. Without this paperwork I cannot receive this very much needed refund. We have been waiting for four weeks. I am praying that one of the three agencies looking will please find this needed paperwork this week.

  36. Thank you so much for these post and this time of prayer and fasting. I have been a Christian my whole life but this will be my first real fast.

    1. That God would continue to work in our marriage bringing us closer and stronger.

    2. That we would have clarity in what direction to go. We have decided to adopt but are not sure when and from where. Need the courage to just...LEAP!

    Thank you!!

  37. I have 2 friends in Peru picking up their 2 new daughters. Please pray the in-country process goes smoothly and they can return home soon!

  38. My prayer request is urgent today...Ethiopia is talking of drastic change that would do more harm the orphaned children than good. Please pray that mountains are moved today and consider joining the call to action by Joint Council. Our son is Ethiopian and I can't imagine him having to spend more time in an orphange setting than he did and we just started the process in Ethiopia again. Please pray. You can find more details on the call to action by going directly to Joint Councils site or stop by our blog here...

  39. Could you please pray for my brother and sister who are testing my parents limits. Pray for them to know Christ because they both seem to be getting farther and farther away from him. Please also pray for my boyfriends family member who are suffering with terminal cancer and his job which has quite a bit of volatility. Also, for me to have wisdom with school and specifically on my test today and to be able to continue in school further.

  40. Please pray for an elderly woman who is having trouble with her blood pressure. She is on 4 medications to try to regulate it. Please pray that the Lord would heal her. Thank you!

  41. Could you please pray for my brother and sister who are testing my parents limits. Pray for them to know Christ because they both seem to be getting farther and farther away from him. Please also pray for my boyfriends family member who are suffering with terminal cancer and his job which has quite a bit of volatility. Also, for me to have wisdom with school and specifically on my test today and to be able to continue in school further.

  42. Lavonne wrote asking for prayer for provision for medical needs.

  43. I am praying for the Ethiopia situation and orphans world wide.

    Also praying for all of us going to Uganda in April. For our hearts to be ready, for things at home to be taken care of so we need not worry. For the remaining finances and paperwork to be provided!

    Lastly for a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer this week.

  44. Personally:

    1. Emma's bf was just diagnosed with an extremely rare, {possibly} life-threatening disease. Only 2 in a million have this disease and there is no known cause or treatment. She does know Christ. Her family has been hit on all sides and this has plowed them over...please pray for healing {we are anointing her with oil in the next few days} and for her family.

    2. Please pray that the paperwork for Elliot Moses would come together quickly so he can get home and get on meds.

    3. Please pray for the non-profit that we are near launching - that God would give us wisdom and the pieces would fall into place - and that orphans would find their forever families.

    Thank you so much!

  45. Praying and Fasting with you for all the orphans, and all the above requests.

    I am asking prayers for my Dad who was released from the Hosptial on oxygen that God will give him comfort and help him deal with this new situation. Please pray for strength and healing so that his days left here with us can be enjoyed.

    I am also requesting financial prayers for us and my family.

    And lastly that God will give my son strength to deal with his newly diagnosed Diabetes. He is only 10 and to give my son multiple shots daily is something I never believed I would be doing, its hard on me but I am sure its just plain difficult for him to have to go through at such a young age and to have to deal with and think about all day long at school, in activities and just daily life. Please God help us with this.

    Thank you everyone!

  46. Linny,
    Thank you for this blog, and specifically this post, I am new follower and have already been blessed immensely. My fellow readers I am lifting you up in prayer today!

    My prayer requests:
    -I am raising funds to go on a mission trip to Ethiopia this May, a dream come true, however I still need $1000 by the end of the month and need favor with those I speak with. I need another $1500 after that as well. I need my financial mountain to be moved. It is my life long dream to care for the orphans, and I know I am supposed to go on this trip.

    -God's direction. I just took a semester off school, and am focused on work and ministry. I'm also in the process of simplifying my life and surrendering my idea of the 'American Dream'

  47. I'm going to post this again because I need to know that other people are praying with me on this... There is a group of special needs orphans that I just spent the last 6 months volunteering with. The desperatly need families but right now they are not listed on any waiting children websites. I do not know which, if any, are currently available for adoption. They are running out of time. Please pray that God would release each and every one of them for adoption, that He would burden the hearts of those who can get them listed and that He would bring forth families before it's too late.

  48. Thank you Linny for organizing this day. Prayers definitely for families in the process of adoption from Ethiopia and other countries. We brought home our treasure from Ethiopia in Feb 2010 and it breaks my heart to know just a year later how much longer it is taking and if these new changes really happen how it could be unbearably long for those kiddos to wait.

    I would also really appreciate prayers for our housing situation, that God's will would be crystal clear.

    Fasting and praying in Michigan!

  49. Thank you again for this opportunity to pray for others and for prayer requests. Adoption and orphans top my list. Since I feel I have too many requests to lists, I am just going to add "personal." My dear, sweet God knows my heart and all that is at issue in my life. I trust Him for everything.

    Thank you for praying with me and f0r me.

  50. Dear Linny - I know that you are only following the Lord's leading on the days you decide to fast, but I tell ya girlfriend...they have been the same days that I've sensed personally the need for fasting and prayer for HUGE things happening on those same days.

    The last P&F Day you called was the same day as our Spaghetti Fundraiser for Kaleb. Not only did the Lord raise $1,874.00 that day, but we also received our LOA in 34 days!! PRAISE JESUS!

    Another PRAISE before I share our need today is I had asked for prayer awhile back for our son to be drawn back to the Lord. Well I tell ya...the Lord keeps surrounding him in Nashville with amazingly talented people he respects who ALL know the Lord...from a pro photographer he is working with to a pro bass guitarist who works with the top Christian artists and now he is working directly with Anita Renfroe doing promo work for her. Our son didn't think we would know her! HA! Our God is amazing in how He works and answers! PRAISE HIM!!

    We also PRAISE HIM for how He has continued to provide in absolutely mountain-moving ways to bring our Kaleb home! We received a matching grant from friends of ours which brought in over $2500 just in these past few days!!

    AND...for our need....we are being considered tonight for a grant and will find out tomorrow (Thur) the decision. Our agency has already asked if we could travel Apr 7. In order to do so, the Lord knows our need of these funds. HE WILL SUPPLY as HE IS OUR PROVIDER!!

    Thanks Linny for your obedience once again and I'll be praying and fasting along with ya'll. :) HUGS!

  51. Thanks Linny for getting all of us together to pray for each other!

    My prayer requests are:

    1. To simply cling to God, to simply snuggle up to my Heavenly Father and just rest in him.

    2. For my dear sweet brother, who is facing some major issues, that the Lord would capture and change his heart, that He would give my brother a love for the LORD.

    3. For guidance in my ministry, and wisdom and grace as I'm taking care of my toddlers.

    4. For my aching but joyful heart, as I say goodbye to 2 of my 8 toddlers today as 2 are leaving with their forever families this week!

    5. That the Lord would bring my helpmate/husband into my life soon, that we would be able to serve the Lord and glorify Him together.


    ~ To God Be the Glory!

  52. 1.For the sale of our home

  53. Please pray for complete healing for my mother, Jane, she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Thank you.
    I'm praying for all your requests and can't wait to see God move!

  54. 1. That my hubby would turn back to God.
    2. That my marriage of 28 years will survive.
    3. That my childrens hearts will be protected
    4. That my hubby will find a job after 2 years of unemployment

  55. Please pray for wisdom, guidance, and safety as a team from our college ministry departs Sunday on a week-long domestic mission trip for spring break. Prepare our hearts to do his work.
    Also, please pray that I would quickly find someone to live with and somewhere to live next year (and hopefully the next 3 years).

  56. Thank you, Linny, for giving us this oportunity to share our requests and pray for one another.

    My requests are the same:

    1. That my husband will be restored to the Lord and also that my marriage will be restored. I am so thankful that God goes after the lost sheep.

    2. That my five precious children will be protected.

    3. That I will be able to be filled with joy despite what is going on. I tend to struggle with fear and uncertainty about the future. I know God is in control and I believe He is going to do something big, all for His glory and because of that, I need to walk in victory!

    Thank you so much and I will be praying for my brothers and sisters today. I thank God in advance for all that He is going to do!

  57. Thanks Linny!
    Please pray for:
    *my daughter and grandkids, they are in a serious and possibly dangerous situation. Please pray for resolution, safety, a court case and finances.
    *my son who has a health problem that could be very serious. Please pray he is finally to the right doctor who can help him with answers and treatment. Pray for healing!
    *my daughter who needs peace and help with personal issues and finances. Please pray God will send her a Godly man for a husband.
    *for myself, that I can handle all this and be encouraging to them, for my health and marriage and that we can all see God's hand working in our lives.

  58. I could go on and on with prayer requests but I will try to keep it simple. (Try is the key word here. :) ) Some of the requests are repeats from last time.

    1)For my boy Elijah in Uganda. He is growing up in an orphanage but not adoptable. Please pray that the people in charge will hurry up and go find his birthmom. What ever happens after that will be a whole other story.

    2) That God would make things very clear about what I should do with my life (ex. Go to Uganda this summer? Go to Bible Collage this fall?). I am so confused and tired of trying to think through it all. Right now I would be content if he would just make my plans for the summer clear!

    3)While I was in Uganda this last time God put some amazing things in place. Long story short, me and my sister now have found our selves trying to build an orphanage from the ground up in Uganda. Oie. I am only 17 and have no idea about how to do this. Please pray that God would give us wisdom and continue to put the right people in our life. I KNOW this is what God wants. It is the only thing I do know. :)

    4)For my 8 year old sister who is waiting for us in Bulgaria. We would love to get her home by her birthday in June but it isn't looking so good.

    5)For Canada to start allowing Ugandan adoptions.

    Thank you!

  59. I have read all the prayer requests thus far and will check in throughout the day. Our family will be praying for you.

    First, a praise. My cousin with advanced breast cancer received good news last week. Her cancer has not spread to the rest of her body. Thank you Jesus! She still has to undergo chemo and radiation. She is a single mom with 2 young children. I ask for prayers of healing and strength for her and that she will feel closer to the Lord during this time.

    Also, I pray for those in the adoption process and for our adoption journey in particular. It's been over a year for us (I won't get into the details). We have found doors shut and delays... and now the announcement by the Ethiopian government. I pray that God will move mountains in that country as well as open the door for countries that are currently closed. The 150+ million orphans need our prayers and petitions this day. Please Lord, hear our prayers.

  60. Prayers for healing from depression please.

    Praying for all of you!

  61. Praying with and for all of you...
    My request remains the same, for restoration of my marriage - to regain my husband's heart and love for myself and for God.
    Thank You!

  62. ~ healing of a friend's marraige
    ~ healing for several loved ones
    ~ for all those on my prayer list and who I have promised to pray for

  63. Hi Linny, praying and fasting for everyone posting here today. My first request is for the 40 Days for Life campaign that starts today - 40 days of prayer and fasting for the unborn and for the end of the abortion industry.

    Secondly, I have several personal requests - two of which are long standing, and one which is an IMMEDIATE situation where I need great wisdom. Also, I will be going on my first mission trip in June to Uganda with Visiting Orphans. Please pray for our trip, and for my fundraising efforts to be very successful. Thank you!

  64. What an awesome time of prayer for orphans.

    Please pray for my family and the decision to adopt another orphan in China. Specifically that we will know the timing of God and the who to go for.

    Blessings and standing with you all.

  65. Our home study update due to job change a move to another state to go quickly. I am told that the child abuse registry check is currently taking 3-4 months. We are logged in and waiting on LOA. Praying for minimal delays. Also, my brother-in-law just had 2 melanomas removed (removed lower lobe of one lung and one from back tissue.) Pray for doctors are they make decision about treatment plan. Pray for our country and our president as so many important decisions are made. Pray for orphans and adoption around the world. Pray for my friend's daughter as they make an important visit to the doctor today. My husband's job situation. One of our daughter's as she is making really important decisions about her life and future.

  66. My prayer request is like many others...please pray for the situation in Ethiopia. I think of the many orphans this sad!

    And also for us, we have been trying to adopt from there for years - we've faced so many mountains on the way, this is just another one. May He move this mountain range for us!

  67. I am also praying and asking for prayers for Ethiopia. We were in the process to adopt and ended up pregnant last July. My little one will be born any day and my heart is breaking to know that I may have to wait EVEN longer for my son in Ethiopia. All the actual orphans are going to be so affected by this decision.

  68. Hi all,

    I am ex it's to join all of you in asking God to meet us right where we are at.

    I have several things that my family needs help or coverage for or mountains to be moved but I won't list them all. The most pressing are these: a situation with one of my children and an upcoming move that is about three months earlier than expected (but in a good way), though we need discernment about our housing predicament.

    We are joining and praying for those whose adoptions will/may be affected by the news in Ethiopia. This breaks our hearts but we KNOW who is on the throne! Man makes his plans but God directs his steps.

    Love to you all as we draw closer to the ONE who sees it all.


    Pray for these poor parents! Heartbreaking story. MY kids went to bibleschool with some of these kids this past summer. Sad...

    Praising God for the healing he is working in my daughters life. She is doing way more then anyone ever thought she would. I am still believing from complete restoration of her brain!

    PRaying that our adoption could be finalized in March.

  70. today I need financial break through. If I am called to adopt in the future I need to learn to live within my means and save so that money will not hold back my destiny.

  71. thanks for praying and helping me in the spiritual disciplines.
    Pray for clarity about a specific relationship. Just want to hear very clearly from God and see him move mountains in response to what I believe he told me.

  72. Please pray for financial breakthrough for our family. We are in the midst of our second adoption in less than a year. Our sweet treasure is 3 years old and waiting for us in foster care in Taiwan. We've already adopted her older 8 year old sister and simply cannot wait to unite these two beautiful girls under one roof!

    On the very day that Linny last called for a time of prayer and fasting, I posted this same request with high hopes for good news. It was the day of our tax appointment where I hoped our refund (including the adoption credit from last year) would give us some much needed funds towards this second adoption. I even specifically mentioned our need for a new car on top of the looming adoption expenses. I kid you I headed to our appointment, I stopped for gas and a yummy coffee. Unfortunately, my car wouldn't start again! It caused me to miss my appointment and cost nearly $100 for a new car battery. That afternoon was full of tears and frustration but also the realization (once again!!) that God is in control and He will take care of me every step of the way!

    So, today *just so happens to be* the rescheduled tax appointment! Please pray for protection for me (and my car) as I head to the appointment this evening at 6:00 pm. We need a financial miracle!! look for "Our Taiwanese Treasure" to be blessed by God's faithfulness to our family!

  73. I have been fasting and praying for Ethiopia all day, and will be praying for the other requests that have been posted.
    I would appreciate prayer for my parents as they are almost near the end of being approved for fostering (our social worker hopes to have us open by the end of the month). For the most part, things are in the hands of our social worker now, so please pray things move quickly. Please pray for our family and the upcoming adjustments.
    Please also pray for my parents finances.
    And finally, I would appreciate prayer for a relationship that needs healing.
    Thank you.

  74. Joining as a first time faster today. Lifting up all these requests to you, Lord.

    I would ask prayer my baby nephew who goes in for DS related open heart surgery two week from today, and for continued guidance from God for myself and the new path that He is paving for us.

  75. Thank you Linny for the encouragement!

    1. Prayer for our home that we had sold on owner financing contract- Had to take it back in Nov. and is on market again.

    2. Our 2 sons to fall in love with Jesus

  76. Please pray that we know and stay in God's will with a decision we need to make this afternoon.
    Thank you.

  77. I have posted here on Wednesdays before about our needs for our adoption financially. We are in the process of adopting 2 babies from Belize. Our dossier is already there and we are just waiting on the USCIS approval to go through. Please pray for quick processing. If we get it back really soon, our dossier is next on the list - that could mean a referral in the next month or too and traveling not long after that! Please pray for God to move our documents through USCIS at warp speed so we can get our little ones out of the orphanage and into our arms!

  78. My husband and I are waiting to hear back some BIG news... the possibility to move to a new state. We both really want it, but only if God wants it for us, as well.

    But to be honest - this waiting game SUCKS! I know we're learning through it, but it's not easy.

    I pray that we'll know, one way or another, by the end of this week. Is that unrealistic? That we'll know this week if the move is going to happen or not? The planner in me is just urging to find a home, give notice at my job, find tenants to live in our house, etc etc. But I know I must rest in the Lord.

    And I pray that God would bring us closer together through this and the medical problems we're dealing with. Answers. I guess I'm praying for answers.

    Is it abnormal to feel selfish when asking for stuff like that? Maybe I should be praynig for peace, instead?

    But I know God knows my heart. He knows my needs even before I ask... so why sugar-coat it, right?

  79. finances. Enough to pay all the bills and stay in the house. I need 10 more students to do that. For the tax issue to be settled and taken care of.

  80. Praising God that my hubby in the last few weeks has had the urgency of this adoption put on his heart, only God can do that! I've felt it for years.
    please pray God will align us with His will in all this. I know He wants us to adopt,now feeling 2 from China and we've literally been waiting 7 years as of this month to begin this. Its been on our hearts that long. I know youask why haven't you begun? I ask that all the time, however, I know God is preparing us in many ways and that there is a spiritual battle going on. Will you pray for Him to finally MOVE THE MOUNTAINS that are in front of us?

    Would you also pray for my college age son for guidance? And for the funding for our daughter who will graduate in May for her college education. God has blessed her with the ability to be a pastry chef and she is wonderful at it. Already been accepted to a college to help her in that, just need the resources. I will be praying and fasting with and for you all. What a privilege!! Thanks Linny! Hugs my friend!!

    Love, Tammy

  81. Praise and Glory to God for moving so swiftly the last 2 times I fasted and prayed. I choose to skip all meals during the day and then have my prayer time in the evening when my daughter is asleep, sometime having a light meal after my time with God.

    Today I will be praying for Ethiopia Adoptions may all delays end and may more Christian become aware of the needs there. I will also be praying for Gods will in my adoption, specifically that my doctor and home study director connect to clarify an incorrect medical report and God's will be done.

    Love and blessings, Debbie

  82. I requested prayer for my mother earlier this morning. The doctor is sending her to the hospital. Please pray for healing, & peace & strength for our family.
    Thank you!

  83. Please continue to pray for Christs Kitchen. Financial provision for me. Also my son-in law is looking for a new job.Financial provision for my my daughters family. Thanks For Praying!!

  84. Please pray for Elijah, a 4 year old orphan who is living in our son's former foster home in China. Please join me in praying that he becomes eligible for adoption. I would love to be his mommy, but I simply pray that he finds a loving home, wherever God has chosen.

    Thank you

  85. Praying for all these needs.
    Our prayer request is still finances.
    Thank you.

  86. Asking for prayer for some friends of ours' two year old son, Micah. They just found out on Saturday that he has stage 4 cancer in his liver and his lungs, and if that isn't enough, he is now in ICU for internal bleeding. Praying and trusting for a miracle!

  87. please pray for Lorie; pray for T.'s wounded heart & spirit; that day to day life can be healthy & productive & loving; pray that my children find their way to belief & trust; pray for understanding; pray that we can find a home near my extended family; pray for J. & the heavy load she carries; pray for that space in my heart that calls out for yet one more child

  88. Please pray with me that God would reveal where I am to find my daughter. He has given me a vision of an African girl named Jane I am to adopt, but I don't know where to begin to look for her.

  89. My husband was recently accepted into a PhD program. This is exciting news for us as his desire is to teach in a college or seminary setting.
    We are unsure of what to do at this point, as the schooling is much more money yearly than we can even imagine paying. We have 4 children and we do not live lavishly. Right now my husband is pastoring 2 churches and the Lord is providing for our needs! We know that He will indeed provide again, we just want to be sure we are in His will with each step we take! Please pray for wisdom and that the right doors would be swung wide open so that we don't miss out on all He has for us!

  90. My daughter adopted from China is having some serious behavioral issues at school. Please pray that her teachers and the staff have the wisdom and patience to deal effectively with her. Please pray that her head and heart be changed so that she will listen and obey the authority figures at school and have good behavior.



  91. Hi Linny,
    I just read the praises on your post and they brought me to tears over how faithful our God is. And remind me that when so many people are praying what mountains can be moved!
    I am confident that nothing is too difficult for God and tonigh I am asking for my own miracle. Please join me in prayer for restoration in my marriage and in my husband's faith. We are struggling right now and I recognize it makes satan so very pleased to know how he is interfering with our marriage.

    Thank you all for praying believing!

  92. I just read the post following this and could really use some prayers right now. We are having constant mini waves, they started the minute we commited to bringing home our daughter from China. satan doesn't like adoption. The waves are like water dripping...constant. Right now I am just weary. Can you please pray for protection against these attacks and healing for the ones that have already happened? Also that God's Hand is on our sweet Jael, granting her peace and bring us together quickly. Thank you....

  93. Please pray for the college ministry at the church I am attending. There's something wrong and there is a group of us discerning what to do.

  94. Just wanted to add that I am so pleased to have been able to pray for each one of you tonight. I anticipate God moving mountains for us all.

    I wanted to add one last praise, giving God the glory for my adoption fundraiser which ended this past Monday. I asked friends to donate unwanted childrens items for me to sell at a local consignment sale. I brought a standard size storage bin to church, God provided 5 car loads with 500 items, many items from people I do not know. The amount raised was $1,001 dollars. The amount I needed for the next step in my adoption process $1,000. Thank you Lord, you are sweeter than honey and more powerfull than I could ever imagine.

  95. Thank you Linny! I love these fasting days. I was busy and gone all day today so I fasted yesterday but I wanted to still list our prayers. Our family is in a very deep trial, God will move mountains because I am believing God. This trial is keeping us from bringing home our daughter however she will come home. Praying that God will destroy this battle with great victory and for His glory others will see His miracle working power. In earthly realms, we have everything stacked against us but not with God. He is in control of everything, even Satan is held with a leash in His Hands. I choose to praise my Lord during this great trial. Please pray for this to be over soon, pray for victory, pray for our enemy to be completely confused and obliterated by Him!!!

  96. My husband lost his job 2.5 weeks ago and we have NO income coming in at all and have two kids to provide for. My husband has an interview tomorrow for a job that would be wonderful for him to have. Please be in prayer that if it's Gods will, that he will get this job, and if not, that we will find a way to keep the faith until he does find the job God wants him to have.

  97. My husband and I are still praying for the Lord to provide a good job (or any job) for my hubby. We've been praying for this job since January 2010 and my husband has been unemployed since August 2010 when the Lord prompted us for my husband to leave the job he was currently in. We had been praying how to leave and the company basically laid him off. Perfect! It was a non-profit however, so b/c he didn't pay into unemployment, we don't receive any unemployment now.

    Anyway, we are doing fairly well financially on my income, but we really want to start a family soon, which we can't while my husband is unemployed. (We also want to foster and adopt, but we'd like a house before that happens. We're in a really run down trailer right now.)

    The Lord has pressed having kids into our hearts and I KNOW he has a job for my husband to make this happen. In fact, at this point, I am convinced that the Lord has his hand over my husband to hide him from all the wrong jobs. At the right time, the Lord will lift His hand and Justin will have the job the Lord intended.

    It's just hard for my hubby Justin. He wants to be working and feels bad that I am bringing in all the income. We never thought he'd be unemployed this long. Makes for some tense days. Did I mention we're newly married? :)

    Thanks for your prayers!

  98. I am a day off, but we tomorrow (Thur) I am praying and fasting for the baby boy we've been referred... E. That his family would come to agreement on what should happen with him. We pray that his situation improves greatly and that he is loved, even if it isn't by us. Hugs.

  99. We are trusting God to provide for our ET adoption, but now it seems we need a new roof. The money that has been put aside for adoption is staying put for adoption! Pray that God will provide for our roof and cause it to withstand the elements until it can be replaced. We've had four companies look at it, and none of them would attempt to repair it due to its age and condition.

    As to the situation in ET, and all circumstances for that matter, we know that God is sovereign and faithful ... we will trust!!

  100. Can I get a YAY GOD!

    I am so very excited at watching Him move in our adoption process! He has done something wonderful and we are now trying to step outside the box and work something out over the girls that have been heavy on my heart. Please pray that the organization that we have reached out to for help is willing and that the C*l*mbian government allows this to happen. Please, please pray for the hearts of the decision makers in this request.

    I am so very sad for the situation in Ethiopia right now. Let us all unite for the children and babies who now may have to wait an unbearable amount of time to get to their families as well as the families who may now have to wait to go and bring them home. God can move mountains, all we have to do is ask.

    Also, please pray that not only my mother's heart is softened, but also my DH's parents are having a difficult time with all this. Help them to see past the issues and difficulties that they are expecting and see what God sees: innocent children who want nothing more than the basic needs of love, family, hope, food and place to call home.

    And, oh... yeah, there's the money thing. We need it to make it through this adoption. However, praise God, He has provided every step of the way so far. May He continue to provide for our needs. :)

    Thank you, Linny, for organizing this. And thank all of you out there who've been praying. I so very much appreciate your willingness to bring us before Him and I am honored to do the same for you.


  101. i fasted & prayed yesterday morning with you...just now getting back to add my request.


    for 'waiting' children adoption. so heavy on my heart lately. they are there. just waiting for you. me. us. them. they are waiting for Christ followers to embrace them instead of the worlds labels of these precious kids. bring these kids home!

  102. Linny-you are such a gift to me. To so many! I so appreciate your dedication to helping us all improve our prayers lives, and to your pure heart in praying and fasting for the intentions of others. What a ministry your family has!

    If you haven't already, please pray for the Ethiopian Gov't to change it's mind and not restrict inter-country adoptions.

    And please pray that we will stay the course and continue to pursue our own adoptions.

    God Bless you and your family, Linny.

  103. Ahhh, as I have been reading through the posts to pray, of course, so many are asking for prayers for Ethiopia.

    I have one more request: For our three children who are grown and are all working to stay close to Christ, but each has an individual battle going on. Please pray for protection and healing for each of them.

    I humbly thank you all for the prayers.

  104. I will be praying for all of you today.
    My prayer request is personal.
    I also ask you to pray for my 2 foster children, that they would be healed.

  105. Hi Linny,
    I'm new to your blog, but I keep coming back to it and digging through your old posts! I've been very encouraged and challenged by your words and your life's example.

    My prayer is that God would continue to change my heart. My heart has been breaking more and more for the children of our world - those without families in North America and around the globe. We have two adopted sons - the perfect family of four that we always wanted but I can't help but feel that God has something more in mind for us - another child perhaps? I'm open to it but my husband isn't (at all). God would need to work a miracle in my husband's heart and I know that he can. My prayer is for the softening of my husband's heart and for my continued growth.

    Thanks for being the special person that you are Linny and for sharing your life with the world. You are making a difference not only in the live's of your children and those you come into conact with physically but in people's lives like mine.

  106. I have another very important prayer request - not related to adoption.
    A co-worker of mine's 14 year old daughter attempted to take her life on Sunday. She was raped several weeks ago and has been struggling with severe depression. Five years ago her mother committed suicide so her young life has been filled with a lot of hard things. PLEASE pray for God's healing. Please pray for those around her that they would know how to support her.
    Thank you.

  107. Hi Linny and friends,]
    Our prayer is 10 years in the making. ~10 years ago we found and bought a farm. Rough and ragged at the time, but we saw the beauty it has become. However, everything there has been hard. Businesses fail, loved animals die, finances in shambles--yet we truly believed we were meant to be there.
    3 years ago God called me to leave the medical practice I was in and open a new office closer to home. I was desperately unhappy where I was but didn't think I could ever leave due to financial concerns. But it got bad enough that it was worth the risk. Thankfully, I didn't know at the time that we were on the brink of a major recession (yeah!). It has been a slow process but God has been amazingly faithful and we have learned to depend on him to meet our daily needs--often waiting until that day we most needed it. As a bonus, it renewed my love for medicine and I have met and cared for some of the most amazing families. I am soooo thankful to be here!!!!!
    Then right at a year ago--just when my practice was maybe starting to turn a corner--God called us into the journey of adoption. It was one of those moments when it might as well have been an audible voice. It was just that clear. My response was "you've got to be kidding" God said, just start. At every step along the way we have been blessed with just what we needed, and He keeps repeating to my heart "just trust me, I have you covered"
    Soooo... we have continued to wonder why we are at that farm... why has it been such a struggle... when we realized that through all these events, God has changed our hearts and asked us to let go of our own agenda, rely on Him to provide, and be willing to let go of our materialism. Last week, we had someone call us about buying our portion of the farm. (Really?!?) That would free us from tremendous financial stressors and allow us to live and serve and give more radically.
    So, finally, our prayer is really that we continue to trust in God's perfect provision. If that is to sell our farm, so be it!! And, while I ask you all to join us in petitioning God to do just that--I want more than anything to cling to Him and whatever that entails.
    Sorry for such a long post, just felt the need to put it into words and allow God to work in amazing ways.
    Praying along with you all

  108. Thank you to everyone (especially Linny for caring enough to allow posted prayer requests) who is praying.

    I have a request. I feel God moving very strongly in my heart that my family is to adopt an 8 yr old CL/CP boy from China. This is a mountain I cannot move. We have a 2 BR home and can't even pass a home study right now, because we don't have a BR for him (our daughter sleeps in the other room!) We also have no way in and of ourselves to come up with the money. We can afford day to day on a child but not the upfront cost of China. And hubby is open to adopt again, but only if we can do it debt free(that's where God is moving in his heart, and I feel I have to honor that. My son alone in an orphanage is tearing at my heart, but I need God's hand to move big time to bring him home!

  109. We've been matched with a beautiful little boy, our 5th little one born in Korea, for almost 6 months now. We have had delay after delay, and about a month ago finally received the last paper needed to complete our paperwork. Well, since then we've met more delays and nothing is happening. We're just stalled out, so it seems. I would appreciate prayers that things would move and that (please dear Lord, please!) our paperwork might finally go to Korea next week. I have been crying and praying and waiting and to be honest, I'm not a perfect Christian and I'm losing patience. I just want to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head until the phone rings with the news we desperately await. So, prayers that our little Griffin would be home quickly and that God would remove any obstacles remaining in the way of our paperwork finally being complete, would be very appreciated.

  110. Chiming in a little late!
    Please pray for our mission trip to South Africa. Satan has already tried to bring division in the team through a misunderstanding. Praise the LORD, we have had a meeting, got everything out in the open, and to God be the glory, found peace and unity!

    But, prices of airline tickets are going up, and donations are coming slowly.

    As we prepare to adopt, not ONE, but TWO precious sons from China this year, as well as go to South Africa, this mission MUST belong to Jesus. The cost of everything we have going is TOO much for us.

    So, here again, we are giving it to HIM. Would you take our mission trip to HIM? Would you ask Him to make His will known for us? To send affirmation that we are on His path to South Africa? And, to show up in a MIGHTY way to show the world He is God and He loves orphans. To show the world, just get ready to GO change the world, and He will provide!!!!!

    And, if you're reading stop by my 8 year old's blog and give her some encouragement. She is going to South Africa, too!



It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.