Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Answers

I have been receiving emails from women who have been seeing 
miraculous results after our days of prayer and fasting. 

I wrote and asked them if they would mind if I posted about them to encourage others who are wondering if there really is anything to this prayer and fasting.

If you have seen God move a mountain, and are willing to have it posted, please write what happened and email me at   Please put in the subject: Answer to Prayer During Prayer and Fasting!

Anyway, here are two stories - let's rejoice together!!


I have to share a praise report that I attribute (at least in part) to your praying and fasting days! I have posted our request for the past several months: I am uninsured, pregnant (we also have a 2-year old), having complications, and my husband is working his tail off to provide for us. I also work part-time, which is another praise filled God story in itself. 

Today my husband was offered a new job! It is not a pay raise, but the insurance is affordable and the entire family can now be covered. Plus this position allows for yearly pay raises and opportunity for promotions, which is not available with his current employer. Not only that, but this new company is allowing him to give a 30-day notice to his current employer, which will allow us to receive a pay out for his accrued vacation time. Get this Linny, the vacation time pay out will almost exactly cover the cost of this baby's birth! We are filled to overflowing with thankfulness and joy for our God who really is able and willing to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine! Praise Him, and thank YOU for allowing us the privilege of sharing in your prayer community even though our request is not adoption related. 

and then there was this letter:

Linny this is amazing!! And I know it is in part to all the fasting and prayers being said. i can't thank you enough for having these special posts and prayer requests.

Here's my amazing story!
It goes back to march when we were hit with a catastrophe and lost our bedrooms downstairs. We never got it all back together and for the last eight months my kids have been sleeping on the floor, or scattered here and there, The baby has been in a pack n play.

,In the fall one of our kids had a  birthday party, my friend who had no idea how we were living saw the state of our lower level and basically couldn't hide her shock. She immediately had her husband install carpets for us (that's what he does for a living) and went on a mission to find us beds.  We lost them all and there was no money to replace them.  We spent as much as we could to replace all the walls and floors that had to be taken out. Anyway she called me a day or two later and said she had a mattress for the baby. We were so thankful!

She said she was still working on the mattresses for our bed. I thought it was sweet but seriously didn't think anything would come of it.
Then she called with this news! She said that we were going to get brand new mattress and box spring. She said that some friends who wanted to stay anonymous heard what was going on and wanted to help. We were overcome with joy! After almost nine months we would be able to get our house back in order and my kids in beds. It was a miracle.

She went on and told me that we had been "adopted" by a group of people for Christmas.  Everything was taken care of. Even a ham for dinner! i know Christmas isn't about the gifts but the thought of six kids with nothing under the tree on Christmas morning was breaking my heart.

Jesus in his endless mercy just took care of everything. And as usual, in the most unusual way!!! i swear He gets a kick out of surprising us in ways we never , ever imagine!

Then on Dec 23rd, I was sitting and praying. i was so thankful for everything that was done for us, but I had one problem. Every year we get the kids pajamas for Christmas, and they open them up on Christmas eve. Well I forgot to add them to the kids Christmas list and we didn't have extra money to spend on them.  it was really bothering me because I knew they would be disappointed.  I mean this was a small thing in comparison to what could have been.  But it still made me a little sad. as I was praying the phone rang and it was our Pastor. He started to leave a message and I was a little nervous as to why he was calling us at home.

Get this!!! He said he had just finished a service and a couple approached him. they said they wanted to help out a family this Christmas, and asked if he knew anyone. he said he thought of a few, us included. but then he said they said something a little strange. They said that God was telling them to help a family specifically in danger of losing their home! our pastor is well aware of our plight and he said he couldn't believe what they said! he immediately decided we were the family!!!

when he asked them how much they wanted to give, they said 600.00!!!!!!  Linny! 600.00  every month for ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!

Linny I have been brought to my knees this year by the love and mercy that Jesus has for all of us. And if it weren't for all the excruciating hard times we went through and are still going through, my faith would be no where near as strong as it is now.  I will never get over this Christmas and the miracles that surrounded it.

{details have been changed a speck to protect privacy}

 He is faithful!! He moves!!  He loves!  
If you have a need, please post your request on the previous post.  This morning Dw and I spent time together praying over many of your requests.  We were even weepy with some.  Seriously, friends - there is such power in prayer and especially praying together.

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  2. God is great! Thank you so much for pulling together this day of fasting and prayer, Linny. I spent what would have been lunch time today praying for each of the requests posted. What a powerful blessing to be a part of this! (This was my first fasting day. Lord willing, I'll be able to join in the future, too!)

  3. Please be praying for my grandma! She has pneumonia, and this is bad since she has only one working lung. Also, she has diabetes. Please lift her up to the Healer!!!!

  4. Love it!!!

    It is amazing what can happen!

  5. Oh, oh, oh! The insight was just given! This new journey that God has us one, the verses that He has given us as part of the promise . . . I just ran across journal entries from several years ago and Bible notations from even longer ago that are the SAME VERSES, some marked multiple times. A list from several months before the promise was given that spells out exactly what I need to be doing in this time. God is amazing, and really has had it planned out all along!

  6. I read this post and got a real sense of peace about my own situation, which won't be resolved until next week at the earliest. I think God will be using it to SHOW HIS GLORY!

    Coincidentally - or not - I was looking at the other adoption blogs I follow a few minutes ago and at least 2 others featured a day of prayer today for the situation in Ethiopian adoptions. It's almost like it was planned. And of course it was, by God :)

  7. that's awesome, praising Him for providing the needs of our blogging friends.

  8. when is the last day to send clothes?

  9. My husband was offered and accepted a new job and our house sold, and we found one that we love and they came down quite a bit to where we needed and it's all just amazing. I am so thankful for prayer warriors...Thank you for praying!

  10. Believing that God will provide for us on all our needs we need it like today! please be in agreement with me that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out for us a blessing until it overflows..
    ONE LOVE...

  11. Everytime I read the last testimony I'm in tears. It just does my heart good to see how fasting works. The first time I read it a couple of months ago I cried and once again I cried. Hugs and love

  12. Thank you for sharing this...

  13. Wow, tears in my eyes, so sweet!

    Please pray for my adopted sister. She is 5 weeks old and having open heart surgery today. Pray for peace for everyone involved and wisdom for the doctors. :)
    We have been praying for manifestation of healing up until the very moment, but He may have bigger plans than we know of.

  14. Wonderful! Thank you for those stories of HOPE and God's love and provision.


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.