Saturday, April 23, 2011


Maybe you noticed in the pictures of the wedding feast that there 
were some boys sleeping in the background? 

Slumped over at their tables.

No one mentioned it, so maybe no one noticed.

But I had to write about it. 

Do you see it now?

So why would the boys, who had been excitedly looking forward to this most spectacular wedding feast day {for weeks, since Abby told them} be sound asleep?

Because their life on the streets means always protecting yourself.

Staying awake at night when the most dangers lurk.

Subject to predators.

Subject to those wanting to take advantage of the weakest and most vulnerable.

Subject to those who would kidnap and take into the international sex trade industry

{like some very precious little boys who were in Abby's ministry and were kidnapped,
never to be seen again.  I wrote about them here almost 2 years ago.}

And so it was that when they found themselves in the safety of the wedding feast, many of them slumped over sound asleep.

Have you ever felt that unsafe that you were unable to sleep - 

unable to sleep night after night,

for days,

for week,

for years?

Do you even notice the handsome little guy in the purple striped shirt?

Sound asleep sitting up.

It is hard to see, but in the background on the right there are others asleep.

Many were asleep all over the place.

Finally safe.

For a little while.

And again, our hearts broke for the things that break His.

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  1. Oh how I want to love these kids. Make them feel safe.

  2. Such a hard tragic life for such precious children. I am so glad that they had this event to fill their stomachs and get some peaceful rest. I will pray for them and the day when they will have fear and suffering no more.

  3. Breaks my heart too...just brings tears to my eyes reading this. Hugs

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  5. This post makes me heart literally ACHE.

  6. That post you wrote 2 years ago was the first time I read your blog. I've often wondered about the boys who were kidnapped. This makes me so sad.

  7. That is absolutely heartbreaking.

    Jesus protect these boys & men!

  8. That is so sad. I did notice that in yesterday's post and my reasoning told me that it was because they were so tired. But your words really brought it to life for me. I was so struck by how handsome and intelligent some of the boys looked when dressed up. Behind those grubby clothes lies a lot of potential. God sees it and knows it whatever they wear but we in the west need to learn to look beyond the clothes. But if given a chance it is obvious that they have a lot to offer. I pray that many of them will somehow by the mercy of our Lord get their chance to make a difference. I pray often that my Compassion child will grow to be a mighty man of God and a decision maker in his country.

  9. I did notice some of them sleeping and leaning on the table, I thought they were bored with waiting (like us kids at school meetings), perhaps the bride and bridegroom haven't arrived, perhaps they had nothing to share in conversations around the table, because they have similar stories...

    I didn't realise that they felt safe enough to sleep because it was too scary to sleep out on the streets. Oh, that isn't good :(

    This morning just before I saw your post, I was reading this verse in the Tiny Book of Promises:

    "The Lord is far from the wicked: but He heareth the prayer of the righteous." (Prov. 15:29).

    "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand...Fear not; I will help thee...When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none...I the Lord will hear them..." (Isa. 41:13,17).

    If only the street children will make Jesus their Lord then He will give them His precious promises and be their forever friend.

    So sorry to hear about the children being kidnapped, will pray for them.

  10. I have known those types of nights of feeling unsafe and unable to sleep. I am going to pray for these boys. I'm glad that they had that little time of respite to sleep safely.

    God Bless you this Easter!

  11. Ok.... that breaks my heart. Wow, so much to take in just from hearing about your trip... Keep sharing Linny... we want to hear more...

  12. Sad, full stomach, tired, sleep when safe. Too sad.

  13. Absolutley breaks my heart! Praying for those boys. Thanks for giving them a voice.

  14. yes, I had noticed. Bless their hearts. : (

  15. Breaks out hearts, but in a good way, in a way that motivates us to action! I am Natalie HI! I was introduced to your blog by my friend Jenn Heckert who LOVES you and you inspire so many. Nice to meet you. Keep writing, its amazing to read your words. So many of us feel connected to you. Your bold truth, is inspiring!

  16. Oh Linny- I've missed a few days in family activities, so I saw all your wedding posts at once. How we take for granted how amazingly God has blessed us here in the USA. Seeing the pictures, I wish I really had taken Jesus at His word and sold my belongings to provide more for these treasures... how really little all my "stuff" is worth in the face of this. If you are going back again, would you please tell us, so that we can try to send more with you for these treasures that are so very precious to Him?

  17. These kids are so young! How tragic for them.

    How sweet that they felt safe that they could sleep.....

    Heartbreaking, indeed!

  18. It is so hard to understand why any child should suffer. I am so thankful that, for that moment, they were safe. And that we have people in this world who's hearts break for what breaks Gods.

    Brooke Annessa

  19. Oh i had noticed and thought that the meal and tiredness had to do with this,
    i am thankfull that this was a safeplace for them and pray that they will be safe now...

  20. Linny,

    This post broke our hearts. In fact, Kevin printed off the picture to tell his sixth graders about it tomorrow at school. He is just haunted by it . . . the fact that they were safe for just a little while. . .

    It made us fall to our knees anew and thank our Lord that our two littlest sons and our soon-to-be home daugher will not have to live like that. . . but what of the ones all over the world who are . . .

    Hugs dear friend of ours and of the fatherless,
    janet and gang

  21. yes.

    this does break my heart. i've had several little children crawl into my lap there and SLEEP so heavy against me. one time i was sitting in my cute little sundress on the red dirt, my legs had fallen asleep and my bottom hurt, but i refused to get up because i knew that might be the best rest that sweet, little girl got all week. [all year? all her life?]


  22. Oh yes! Letting down their guard to go to sleep is the ultimate feeling of safety. And when you bring home kiddos from "hard places" such as these, it can be quite difficult for them to fall asleep too. I have a sitter for my little one, once per week, for about 3 hours, giving us time with the big kids. The sitter asked about my daughter falling asleep before I returned. I said, "Oh no! She wouldn't dare do that. She can't let her guard down enough to fall asleep with you." The poor sitter had her eyes opened more to the internal battles of our sweetie. Little by little, we will get there.

  23. I dont' have much money wise but I know how to pray and believe. I will be praying more for this nation. I hope one day to have a spirit to go and just love on them. Only God know were he lead me in this. Tears just won't stop falling from my eyes. God bless you!

    One LOVE...

  24. I was just thinking again about the boys who were eating their meal at the wedding against the wall. I bet it also has something to do with safety. Perhaps they feel safer with their backs against the wall instead of that feeling of knowing that there could be someone lurking behind - there to hurt you, steal your food etc. Perhaps even in the safe haven of the wedding feast those boys couldn't shake that feeling even long enough to eat. Perhaps not, but it all just breaks my heart.

  25. Yes, I noticed. Your explanation--sadly--makes total sense. Yet how wonderful that they felt safe enough here to get some peaceful rest!

  26. Heartbreaking. Sending up prayers.

  27. Wow, the things we take for granted! Reminds me how our Avery slept with her eyes opened for about 4 months after we adopted her. I had heard the expression, but never actually seen it.


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