Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uganda update #1

Hello all you awesome people who support my wife and the orphans of Uganda and the world!

Linny asked me to give you a quick update on the happenings on the first day since the computers are not working all that well.  (Slow is an understatement for the internet in Uganda!) 

We always ask our team to pray, "Lord, break my heart with what breaks yours!"   It's a very powerful prayer and God likes to show up on this one all the time.   (We encourage you to begin praying this small but powerful prayer.  Then open your eyes to what God will reveal to you.  It will be life changing.)

Sometimes it takes awhile to break through our hard exteriors... or should I say it takes men awhile? 

NOT the women! 

Their sensitive, compassionate, mother hearts were ripped open on the first day.  Linny explained that at the first debrief, at the end of the first day, their was not a dry eye in the place.  Everyone was crying as they shared their first day experiences.  Their hearts were ripped & broken with the things that break God's heart!

As they traveled to the guest house they experienced the sights, the sounds, & the smells of Uganda.  Their is usually almost universal disbelief in what you are experiencing.  Combine that with the excitement of arrival and your walls begin to fall down. 

After checking in they exchanged money and ate in downtown Kampala.  

They had a few pieces of pizza left over... (if I know my Emma she over ordered on purpose) - as they drove they saw a 2 year old begging by himself - a 4 year old begging by herself.

Emma and another couple of women jumped from the taxi and went out and fed these kids.  I can picture it so vividly.  I hope you can... desperate - begging children - probably being used by some hidden adult,  given food - for one day - for one meal!

The thought begins to creep into your mind,  "what about tomorrow"?    Who will feed them tomorrow?   And your heart breaks.  The need is huge - the resources so small.

Then they went to Sanyu babies home.  This is where my Elijah and Elizabeth were being cared for. 

They held.  They hugged.  They kissed.  And they loved these children, these babies.  Nineteen ladies loving so many children.   So much love - so little time.  

Upon seeing such a great need, you feel so helpless.

And again their hearts broke! 

So as they shared, one by one, the ladies hearts were broken with what breaks the heart of God, and they cried, the wept for the children of Uganda.   Will you pray tonight for the children? 

The orphans, they get it - God cares... and God sent someone to love on them.... even if only for a moment. 

They understand someone cares, someone is praying,  someone will love them,  someone will feed them,  someone will _____________. 

Maybe God is calling you to be someone for an orphan.  Just sayin..... (ok, Linny didn't ask me to post the last part.... you know what happens when you go beyond the boundaries... but i have a hankerin she'd approve!  Right babe?)

So this completes your first update... she told me I had to be serious the first time so I tried really hard to obey!

Bless all of you lovers of the children of the world! 
Dw for linny lee
PS:  If you are up for a good cry - check out my Emma's update at

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  1. Great update! (good job Dwight!) It's great to hear that the team is so super strong and committed to sharing God's love with the least of these.

    Praying a ton for all 19!

  2. Me and my 10 yr old daughter read this post together. Just breaks our hearts. We have little ones that age of the children begging for food, that makes it hit home. We will be praying, praying for all those little ones forgotten. God Bless to all those loving on those little ones.

  3. Thank you for the update. I have been sharing the blog, pictures and also pictures from Katie's blog who is also in Uganda with Isaiah and Noah. They were so intrigued about the team who went to Uganda. We added the team and all the children in Uganda to our morning prayer time. On the way to school, Noah (who is 8 and only home from China for a year now) prayed for all the kids to have healthy food and clean water. He added that he hoped "mama's friend" (Linn) liked the rice and beans there and that they would be healthy for her. He prayed that they would have shelter from the rain (it was raining during our drive to school) he prayed they would get families. Tonight at dinner, he held up his milk cup and said cheers to my family and to God! So precious.....he really gets it and remembers what it was like to not have a family.

    Blessings to you all.....hope and pray your foot heals quickly!

    Julie Hoagland

  4. Dwight, thanks so much for the update. I'm traveling with Linny's team in spirit. Oh how I wish I could be there (I'm 7 months pregnant and can't travel).

    I've seen the very same things in Guatemala--unimaginable poverty and heartbreaking faces of children without hope. May these children understand God's love through the love of these women.

    Praying for safety, strength, health and wisdom for this precious team in Uganda.

    Much Love,

    P.S. Dwight, happy belated birthday! So sorry to hear about your injuries and hope you're back on your feet soon!

  5. Thank you so much for this update!!! Hope the little people are taking good care of you!

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  7. Loving you and all you are doing from California!!!

  8. Breaks my heart, wishing I was there to love on those little ones. Thanks for giving us such a beautiful picture of God's love through these precious ladies.

  9. My heart is hurting right now. Praying that the Lord will open the doors for us to adopt SOON.

    Continues prayers for the team; for protection,health, and hearts to be changed foever.

  10. Last night as I held my son at 2:30 am and rocked, I prayed for your breaking hearts and for the love you are sharing to speak to those babies. Take good care of my Kelly.

  11. I started to pray that prayer quite a while ago when your wife encouraged us to pray that our heart would break for what breaks His...and I believe that that's when my heart went from researching adoption to having a passion for these heart just aches in such a different way now. Thank you for updating us!!

  12. Thanks for updating! I have been out of the loop but was wondering how things were going! God Bless!


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