Sunday, April 17, 2011

While I am Thinking of it....

For the next few weeks I am going to tell stories of Africa...


we won't be having any Memorial Box Mondays.  

Thank you for understanding.  

They will return in a couple of weeks...

12 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I am so looking forward to your stories from Africa and your pictures. Hugs and prayers

  2. Can't wait to hear God's heart through your stories...


  3. Okay, so biting my nails waiting for stories.
    amy in ga

  4. Hi,

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and I would like to get your input on something. I hope this question does not offend you-- it is something I am genuinely struggling through, and given your experience with adoption and orphans, I would like to hear your perspective on this issue.

    I have done mission work off and on for the past 9 years, and I have recently come to realize how potentially harmful short-term mission trips can be. The book "When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself" really opened my eyes and challenged my way of thinking on many things. I have spent the past 15 months living & working in Haiti, and have experienced first-hand the damage that has been done by (well-intentioned) missionaries, aid organizations, and especially short-term mission teams.

    My question for you pertains to orphans specifically. A lot of people visit orphanages on short-term mission trips, and some go with the specific goal of just "loving on" the kids in these orphanages. I have done this myself and 100% understand the heart behind it...but I have recently been challenged by the idea that maybe this is not the most loving thing to do for these kids. Orphans already have abandonment and attachment perhaps a revolving door of short-term mission trippers visiting them is not the most beneficial thing for them. What if we are doing more harm than good when we do this? We come for 1-2 weeks, smother the kids with hugs & kisses, tell them we love them...they start to form an attachment to us...and then we leave. It makes sense to me that this is probably creating further attachment issues for these kids. And the last thing I want to do is hurt the very kids I have a heart to help! I want to make sure that what I'm doing is actually benefiting them, on a long-term deep level-- not just making me feel good (and them too, in the moment). I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I love what you and your husband are doing, and your huge hearts for orphans. I don't at all mean this to be is just something I'm trying to figure out and would like to hear your perspective.


  5. Not that I don't like memorial box mondays, but.....I'm craving some africa stories ;) PS Did you all receive my application for the june trip? I just wanted to know since, unless I'm misinformed, airfair needs to be paid very very soon? Just askin! Love you guys so much and praying for you all!!

  6. Yes please, tell us about Africa, the joy, the sadness, the needs, what we need to hear so God can break our hearts for the things that break His.

    I don't know what you will tell Heather who raises caring questions about short term missions. I have heard that is a good book. I have also heard short term mission teams be encouraged to go back to the same place 2,3, and more years in a row to develope relationships with the children who have not been adopted. Just as your family is doing going back to the same communities and loving those children who are so difficult to leave. I know the impact that short term mission teams can have educating their communtiy at home with the needs of the orphan. Which can encourage more families to cae about or adopt those treasures. Know you can tell us more Linny when you have the chance.

    You and your team made a huge difference in the lives of those precious children. God Bless

  7. Wow. I love Heather's comment!! I have been wondering the same thing! I was in Uganda at an orphanage for three months last year and I also saw the harm that short term volunteers can creat. It is a hard subject and I really do not know where I stand on it. So, so confused. I would love it if Linny could write a post with her take on the subject.

  8. Can't wait....note to self: stock up on kleenex

  9. Looking forward to hearing about Africa too.
    I am so looking forward to hearing different answers to Heather's genuine searching for answers as she seeks to do only what is profitable and best for the orphan and those in times of need. What I feel is that we must be totally surrendered to self so that the Spirit of God can minister through us in permanent and temporary situations so that, though we may have needs to leave, The Spirit of God, The Love of God will remain. That we must be so "invisible" that the children remember and retain the love without needing to attach it to a person except the person of Jesus Christ. I think Paul writes something in one of his NT letters that says that he hopes that once he has gone his work will still remain and bear fruit(?)... if our work is totally led by The Spirit, in The Spirit, For God and in obedience... x

  10. 1st! I think you are just teasing us!! Can't wait to hear stories!!

    2nd, Heather's concerns have crossed my mind as I pray for the opportunity to go with you.. on one hand I see where it can be a problem but if you go in sharing hope and love and not promising things you cannot follow thru with... Also, what a perfect way for satan to keep us away and not go into these places and share God's love and hope and joy.

  11. I've been longing to hear the stories of God's faithfulness!! Can't wait to hear, and when you do start MBM again, I'll be starting my blog again. Haven't posted in over a year, and God said that it was time. He has some things to do and show. Can't wait to see what that is as we tell our story.
    Love you my friend,

  12. Tick, tick, tick - time is passing and I keep checking back to see the first stories and pictures from your trip. I think you keep taunting us on purpose. :o)


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