Wednesday, August 17, 2011

He Passed The Test!

I talked to Vicki a little bit ago and 
so I have official permission to share:

  Good news!  
After removing the trach, 
the next step was to see if Karl
would he be able to swallow on his own
would he have to relearn how to swallow?  

Today was the day for the "swallow" test. 
Bob and Vicki knew that he was taking a swallow test, figured it would be a while, so they  ran to do some errands.   When they got back to Karl, they found him not just eating some applesauce or something soft, but eating a piece of pizza and a salad!

The person administering the test said that he passed 
without even a hint of trouble!  
He can eat whatever he wants.   
Isn't that wonderful?
We are all so thankful.  
Yippee Jesus!

 More good news:  
Karl has been communicating a lot more.  
He is able to talk from time to time.  
We are loving hearing his voice again! 
And a prayer need:  It is no surprise that with any traumatic injury {and specifically TBI} there are many stages of the healing for the persons involved and those close to them.  It is truly a grief process.   So many changes.  So much loss - both great and small.  Life will never, ever be the same again.  It doesn't mean it will be bad.  
But it will never be the same.  

Would you pray specifically for grace,  peace and healing as Karl and all those close to Karl each work through the grief process?

We are so thankful for each of you
who care and pray.

19 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. This calls for a great big Yippee Jesus! Woohoo! Praying for peace in the hard work still ahead.

  2. Been there - still praying for all the hurtles ahead - but isn't it nice to have hope - hope of a lot of normal, happy days to come?

    TBI cousin celebrated with us last summer at my brother's wedding - drove flew and visited - loved seeing him there - could have lost him.

  3. Oh Linny!

    First, I have to say that you scared me to death with the title of this post! My heart was sinking until I read "Good news"...and then I realized it was a happy post!

    Now that I can smile about this post......YAY!! Praise the LORD!!!!

    I love how HE does the things HE does and in the way and time that HE does them in. It's amazing, uh?

    Will continue to pray...

    Hugs from the East Coast,
    Orlando, FL

  4. Praise God for this amazing progress. We shouldn't be suprised becasue we trust the Lord yet with every notoice of a miracle step in the right direction we take a gasp!

    We will send Karl something for his room(re the last post) we would be delighted to do so!

    I am so in awe of our God. He loves His people and He hears His peoples cries and HE IS THE HEALER!!

  5. Praise the Lord! That is such great news!!! Pizza to boot:) Wow! We will continue to pray and pray! God ROCKS!

  6. So excited to hear the wonderful news. Still praying daily and lurking but still here! My time is just so limited now that we are back in school.

    Praying for grace and healing.
    God is so good.

  7. Linny:
    Wonderful news about the swallow test.I can just imagine how good it must make him feel to be able to eat real food.Praying for all the other things to deal with and overcome.I am fasting today for those issues.Has the bleeding stopped?

  8. rejoicing with you!!...and continuing to pray.

  9. It is so hard for's a miracle he's alive, a miracle he is recovering well, and it's expected that the miracle will continue on to a full and complete recovery that will bring back the person he was before.

    But this is just not a reality.

    As you said, it really is a grief process, and working through it with the understanding that "different" isn't bad is the perfect place to start from.

    Prayers continue for Karl and those who love him.


  10. Such exciting news! I will be praying for everyone close to Karl - for peace, grace, and strength. Love you!

  11. My stomach literally dropped when I read your title. . and then I scrolled and read that you meant he passed the test. Oh, yeah!!!

  12. PIZZA & SALAD?!! that must have tasted amazing to Karl!! Hallelujah!

    Praying God's perfect care will comfort Karl and all those close to him as you journey through grief and healing.

  13. PRAISE GOD!!! Praying for continued healing for Karl and all the family and friends involved. Love hearing all that God is doing!!

  14. Thank You Heavenly Father for Karl's wonderful progress - and our prayers continue for great things !! :))

  15. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that mis-interpreted that first title! What great news! Praying for continued mercy for the whole family.

  16. Yay! Such wonderful news! Still praying!


  17. Wonderful news about the swallow test!Praying for healing of grief! Janet

  18. Amazing news!! Saying BIG prayers for BIG miracles here in Utah!!


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.