Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Karl - Prayer and Fasting Thursday 8/4/11

I am always amazed {although I shouldn't be!} when a day of prayer and fasting is initiated and 
suddenly it becomes evident that the Lord
 completely orchestrated the perfect timing to begin with! 

Tomorrow's day of Prayer and Fasting for Karl's healing
 is the perfect example!

As for the kids and Dw and I - 
we will be starting the long drive home. 
Early in the week, I had prayed and it just felt like Thursday was the day to have a time of prayer and fasting for Karl.

Little did I realize, that Karl would be having surgery in the morning.  

At 9:30 am Mountain Standard Time Karl is having surgery to remove the thing that serves as a port for the shunt in his brain.  I can't remember the exact name Vicki told me. 

Please just pray that the surgery will go 
with out a hitch and there will be absolutely no complications.

Secondly, the doctors are really needing Karl to start to obey
 two commands consecutively.   
This will be huge when it happens and we are asking the Lord to move the mountains - and this is one of those mountains!

If you have not signed up for a prayer vigil time on the Spreadsheet, please do so by clicking on the picture of Autumn and Karl on the top of the right sidebar.  

Carol has worked so hard on the Prayer Vigil spreadsheet {thank you again Carol.}  Even though the instructions clearly say to look at the bottom, for some reason I couldn't quite figure it out...until I literally looked to the very bottom of my screen...and there it is, clearly marked with all the look to the bottom of the page and click on the appropriate date!
Thank you soooo much 
and thank you to so many for fasting with us, as well!!

9 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Linny,

    I am so excited to share this scripture today. I have been reading through Isaiah. God has been blessing me so much through this powerful book.

    I know that the context of this verse is referring to Jesus as the miracle, but I believe that God provided it as a reminder for today also.

    I've been praying this morning for Karl. AND for our own personal GOD-SIZED MIRACLE. We need a miracle to be able to complete our girls adoption. We are supposed to travel in the near future.

    OK--SO here's the verse in the NLT.

    Isaiah 55:13 ". . . This miracle will bring great honor to the Lord's name; it will be an everlasting sign of his power and love."

    How awesome is that reminder from the WORD?

    Know that I'm praying!

    In Him,

    Julie Agee

  2. Best Wishes and prayers to Karl on his surgery this morning and for his recovery. Also for all of you as you take leave of your precious son and daughter in love and have a safe journey home. Have not forgotten about Ruby or Sarah (love that name). Hope you had a wonderful time in my old neck of the woods.

  3. Praying and fasting this morning for Karl's surgery and also, as bytheriver said, remembering Ruby and Sarah.

  4. Prayed, praying.....For God's healing power on Karl. For the Holy Spirit to guide all of you as you hold on to Karl and God's promises.
    Theresa Bradford

  5. Fasting & praying with you today!!!

  6. Fasting this morning, and continuing to pray for Karl and the rest of your family

  7. I fasted two meals today, one for Karl and one for my marriage to be restored and ALL the mountains to move for both of us!! Praise Him!!!

  8. I am praying and fasting with you today and am thrilled to have my husband joining us as well. His first fast ever (my third). Praise the Lord! Praying for Karl's continued recovery and speed for our adoption process.


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