Friday, August 19, 2011

Mountains are Moving for Our Little Miss R

As only God can do....

some mighty big mountains are moving to get Little Miss R home!

I have mentioned before that Chinese Children {CCAI} is our home study agency.  Let me tell ya' sweet friends, the people who work for CCAI are the best!  The very best.  If you are looking for an adoption agency {they work with several countries}, pick them!

Kathi from CCAI has taken Miss R's case on as her personal mission.  Kathi has prayed her way through red tape and bureaucracy as she phoned, FAXed, emailed and phoned some more!   Kathi is a rock star - championing over and over and over the plight of the orphan!  
We love that woman to pieces!

Yesterday Kathi was able to talk to an Immigration Officer that she has worked with before, who was soon assigned our case.  Then she sent the Immigration Officer the picture below, imploring her that Miss R's situation is crucial.

Immediately, Emma and Autumn's finger print 
invitations were emailed to Kathi!

Yippee Jesus!

Upon hearing that, Dw and Graham threw clothes and sleeping bags in the car and headed, with the little boys, to us.  Late, late, late last night they arrived.  

This morning Dw, Emma and I will be fingerprinted 
and, Lord willing,  on Monday Autumn will be. 

As soon as Autumn is fingerprinted this God-appointed Immigration Officer will move our paperwork through.  

Tears as I type....only our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God could do that.   

The process normally takes 75 days - 
now down to literally only hours!

And Lord willing, on the Ugandan side, 
God is working the night shift....

Please keep praying - we are prayerfully attempting to bring both Little Miss R's and Miss S home together.  

Hang on baby girl, hang on!

Momma is coming as fast as she can get there!

28 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Yay, awesome news!! Prayers for you and sweet Ruby Grace for her court dates and medical visas:)

  2. Oh my word....tears
    Praying for Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane!

  3. Just beautiful. Love watching our lord work <3


  4. Woohoo! That is awesome news! Can't wait to hear that these 2 precious girls are coming home.


  5. Tears! I'm soooooo happy to hear this. What a blessing! I just can't wait for you to be together with your two little Ugandan princesses! Such great news!!!! This made my whole day!

  6. Awesome you said "only God". Hugs and love

  7. Those words "only God" are the truest words ever. WOnderful news! Praying that the rest of the process goes through just as quick and both of those girls are home asap.

  8. How so exciting, me too, I just love it when people care, like Kathi!

    That reminds me of,

    You look familar it is really beautiful, made me cry. So true... we notice the people that are God's because of their love for one another:

    (if the link is too big, here is a shorter version)

  9. Praising God with you Linny!! And praying for HIS sustaining grace on Ruby Grace until her Momma gets there:)! Also praying for favor for Sarah Jane as well!

  10. Praise Jesus, Praise Jesus!!! God is so awesome!!! Praying with you that all paperwork is expedited and you can bring both girls home quickly!!
    Love ya!
    jenn H

  11. God will work the day shift, the night shift and overtime to bring Ruby Grace, Sarah Jane and Karl all home where they belong! Karl is gonna have so much fun tossin those lil darlins in the air when he gets all better and their giggles will be music to fill up your home! Yay GOd!!!! Never can have too much music, can we? For you Linny, musical treasures abound! Love you all <3

  12. I love the picture of Emma and Ruby Grace but every time I see that I get a sick feeling. God is moving mountains on her behalf but what about the rest of them! I want to bring them all home and I know that feeling will grow once I get there in June! And to that I say...what am I going to do about my husband and kids that don't feel the same way?! O Lord...I Pray, Pray, Pray!

  13. Woohoooo.Great news. I am thankful to hear about friends in agencies and govt offices that will step up to be part of this move of God!

  14. Praise God for Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane! He loves them so. To make them a part of such a wonderful family. He loves your family so to continue blessing with sweet treasures over and over and over again! Your story is such an inspiration! God is sooooooo good!

    I wasn't trying to sound negative in my previous post...only desperate. That is how I feel...desperate.

  15. praise God!!! i'm so, so, so happy about this....amazing! will continue with you in prayer!

  16. I am so happy yo hear that mountains are being moved for Ruby Grace. Another mountain has been moved. Another orphan. In just less than 2 days she has gotten over what the cost of her adoption is. We are so excited! She now just needs a family and to hold on till they get there. My comment about her may be a little scattered so if you want to read about her you can go to I am just so excited about this miracle! Her name is Liliana.

  17. Wow! Amazing, wonderful news!! I'm so excited for your family and of course, especially for Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane!

  18. Oh Yippee Jesus! God is simply amazing! Janet

  19. Wow, God is good. I am praying you will be holding your sweet baby very soon. She so needs you. I can't imagine how you must feel, not being with her. As I hold my 10 pound newborn, it is so hard to imagine little bity Ruby. I pray that God will restore her to full health quickly, just as He is doing with Karl! Love to hear all of your miracles!
    Megan Casteel

  20. Heavenly Father - thank you for Kathi !! God is so good. My prayers continue for things to move quickly for your sweet girls, Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane. We want them to come "Home" ASAP. My prayers continue for Karl. I can't wait until he begins receiving his "card shower." xoxoxo

  21. YAY! i have been falowing you for just a few monthes but I went back to 2010 just so I knew what was going on :D I hope Ruby Grace gets home real soon Sara Jane 2 :D

  22. I love this!!!! Can't wait till both your girls are home. Praying them home and Loves boys home....we are going to have are own party here for all of them. L

  23. I'm new here...and I have to say I've instantly fallen in love with your family! We are at the beginning of our adoption journey (the VERY beginning, just the talking phase...after two miscarriages) and your blog has given me such tremendous encouragement! I'll be praying for your precious new child to come home quickly!!

  24. So, so happy for you and for Ruby Grace! Kathi is helping us with our most recent adoption, as well. She truly is wonderful! Praying that both of your girls are home very soon!!!

  25. Rejoicing in His mountain-moving goodness!

    Love you!


  26. Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see how much they will grow and change in your home...praying!

  27. wooohoo!!! Praise the LORD! What amazing news! Come on God move those mountains! Hey while you are at it will you move a mountain or 2 in Ethiopia? Pretty please. :)

  28. How wonderful!!! She is PRECIOUS!!! God is good!!!


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