Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Phone Call We Didn't Expect

Yesterday morning very early, not long after waking in our hotel room, my cell rang.  The caller ID showed it was our Pediatrician here at home.  I thought, "Hmmm, that's odd.  
Wonder why she would be calling?"

I answered and she asked, "Have you gotten the results yet of Jubilee's testing?"   I was taken back.  It had only been less than 24 hours since they had anesthetized Jubilee and done the MRI and CT scan.  

I had talked to her pediatrician the week before, but wouldn't have guessed that she would be that aware of the time frame of her testing.  "No, not yet.  I just had them done yesterday."  This wonderful pediatrician {that we absolutely love} caught me off guard by saying, "Well I already have the results."

Oh my.  

I wondered even more....what in the world?  

She continued, "Her MRI looks really good, 
{Does everyone else hate the word 'but' as much as I do?}
the CT scan shows Jubilee has growths.  They need to be removed as soon as possible.  The surgeon is going to want to get them out now. Where are you right now?  Can you stay in the city if the surgeon can perform the surgery right away?"

My mind was reeling.
Jubilee's anesthetic for her testing made her too woozy to walk.
She even had to wear a fluorescent pink label saying that she had had it,
so no one would think we had given her alcohol or drugged her!  

Our pediatrician went on to explain and tell me 
what kind of growths they appeared to be. 

I asked if they can be malignant.

Yes, sometimes they could be.

She explained why they are so serious.

She stressed, "They must come out now."

I said I could stay in the city and she would call me back.  

The hotel had just told me the day before that
 they were full for the next few days.    

My mind was racing as I went to find Dw and we talked for a few minutes and we prayed together.  Both feeling completely dumbfounded.  The CT scan had been a rather routine one as far as we knew!  Not any indication {at least to us} that they would find something extremely serious.

Dw & I decided to head up to the hotel room to talk alone {as I type that, that sounds pretty funny, since we had 8 kids in the hotel room}.   

Before going back to the room, I went to grab a cup of coffee in the lobby from the coffee pump on the way up to the room.  

There was a woman near me in the lobby.  I made a little small talk with her while getting my coffee and promptly spilled it all over the counter.  She said, "Are you okay?"  

I told her that I was here visiting our daughter's boyfriend in the Rehabilitation hospital and the pediatrician had just called to say that they had found some growths in our daughter and they are very serious and need to come right out...and we have to move out of the  hotel and well, actually, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.

I had absolutely no clue who the woman was.

She instantly said, "Well, first off, don't worry about having to move out!  Your room is yours for as long as you need it!"  {It turns out she was the general manager.}  How amazing was that of the Lord?  Looking out for us, when we didn't even know!

Why is it that we are always surprised when the Lord works on our behalf?  I know we shouldn't really be ever surprised, but He is just so unbelievable like that!  
The night before the testing we were able to walk around American Girl - they loved it!

As it turns out the surgeon had left to go out of town and so we won't know anything till Monday.  We decided to drive home {8 hours} to regroup and wait for the word when the surgery will be.  We got home about midnight last night.  We may be heading back on Monday for surgery on Tuesday.  Who knows, maybe towards the end of the week.  

But even when life {yet again} changes in an instant, He is never, ever surprised.  We are so grateful that the Lord is always working the night shift on all of our behalf.  

And as for the hotel manager?  
She is holding our room reservation for 10 days -
all we have to do is say we need the rooms.
What a blessing.
Faithful God.

63 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Oh Linny, I am so sorry and I will be praying for that precious girl.

  2. My heart goes out to you all. I am praying for her and the surgery. So glad you keep us updated so we can come and stand with you. He is so faithful and he loves you guys so much. Love L

  3. Praying for Jubie and the rest of your family!!

  4. Linny...I have been praying for you throughout the day. I knew for some reason that something was going on. Isn't it GREAAT how He puts people on one anothers mind to pray! We will continue to pray for Jubilee and your family and Karl and his family!

  5. Praying for sweet Jubilee and for you and DW as well. And yes, for the rest of the clan too. May He hold you in the palm of His hand.

  6. Linny, so sorry to hear this news about Jubilee. Will keep her in prayer.

    Karen D

  7. I'm so sorry, Linny, I will pray for Jubilee.

    I thought she was caring and observant when you came back home from visiting Karl and she knew something was wrong and asked if you were alright while the others asked about whether Karl has awoken yet.

    She is so sweet. Will pray for her.

    (I am in Colorado for 10 more days and then I will be back home in Australia).

  8. Oh Linny your family has been in my prayers and will continue to be in my prayers. Please give Jubilee a hug. I will pray that everything comes out good!

  9. Praying for your sweet girl.


  10. My goodness- the challenges just keep on comin...

    Our God is so awesome! I am thankful that they were found and that they are coming out- asap!

    Their are so many mysteries in life- that I am excited for Julbilee to have them GONE and see what God has in store for her!

    I will be praying with you for your sweet girl- Jubilee!

    I am still praying for Karl and thankful to be part of HIS miracle!

    God is so good!

    And I love the hotel manager!!

  11. praying for your precious girl...

  12. We will be on our knees sweet sister!

  13. Linny,
    Wow. So much to digest in the last couple of months. Thankful for God's provision and protection in it all, but also praying for a period of peace and recharging for you and your fam.

  14. Going to pray when I get of the compute in a bit. I thought the events of our life was overwhelming with adult children who are doing their own thing and not walking with the Lord like they did as teens. Then I read about all the things your family goes through and I am humbled by how well you all seem to handle stuff.....The Lord is faithful and I see it in your family. I also pray that the Lord does something in our family so we can give the glory to the Lord for moving on our behalf...Your family dynamic gives me hope that He will move.
    Thank you for your transparency...
    Love from Sandy in NC

  15. oh, Linny. Hard to know what to say! I've just been reading (fast!) the last couple of days but haven't posted -- we're in the midst of Orientation Weekend at our university and all is too busy in every way, but I've still been reading your posts every day and praying. This news for Jubilee is so heavy on top of the many other weights you're carrying. I will keep praying for Karl and family, for Autumn, for Ruby Grace and Sarah, for Jubilee, and for all in your family. God knows what is going on, as your hotel manager has demonstrated. We'll keep praying!

  16. Oh, Linny, I am so many challenges for you all and sweet Jubilee. I will be praying for her and all of you.

  17. Oh Linny! Praying for sweet Jubilee and for all of you...for strength, for peace, and HEALING!

  18. Oh, Linny...oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear this news about your precious Jubilee. You know we are all going to be praying for her.....just like we are praying for little Ruby Grace, and for Karl. I'm holding each one of you so closely to my heart in prayer and love. God bless and be with you.

  19. Praying for Jubilee and the rest of the family! Continued prayers for Karl!

  20. Hold on tight, sweet Linny. He is enough.

    Lifting you ALL up!

  21. oh, tears. yes, why are we surprised?! will be lifting up jubilee and everything God is doing in your family. may He reign, give you much mercy & grace and His glory continue to shine!!

  22. Praying for you all. I know God has his hand on Jubilee. I know hes going to take care of her. Praying you all have peace as you deal with this.

  23. If there is a Ronald McDonald house in the town see if you can get a referral there! My 23 year old son-in-law was in rehab in Chicago recently and my 9 year old daughter needed medical treatment in Chicago as well. The Ronald McDonald House was gracious enough to not only let us stay there for our daughters treatment but also with my daughter until my son-in-law was out of rehab.

    You will have to have the hospital send a referral over, but if the house near you is anything like the one we stayed at you may be allowed to get 2 rooms because of family size. Another plus is their suggested donation is $10 per room per night. :)

  24. If it's not one thing it's another added to life. Oh my, I'm praying that Jubilee will be ok and surgery will get all the problems resolved. So thankful for an understand hotel manager! Hugs and prayers to you! Remember God will never leave you nor forsake you! :-*

  25. I am praying for your precious Jubilee!

  26. Praying for Jubilee, praying for the surgery, and the surgeon. Praying for you all! ((hugs))

  27. Well God must be at work again. I decided to check your blog one last time before heading to bed and I saw this. I am praying through the night for all of you. I will be praying through the weekend. Please let us know when the surgery is. I will be fasting on Monday for Karl and Jubilee and your girls waiting to come home.

  28. Praying right now for sweet Jubilee. And for the rest of you too. I cannot comprehend how you are juggling everything right now but I am convinced it is tied to your committed prayer life. You are an inspiration as always.

  29. (((((hugs)))))

    I just saw your recent twitters. Will fast tomorrow and pray for you and for Jubilee and for all your family, including Karl.

    tears here for what you are going through.

  30. Praying for your sweet Jubilee. It seems that you are having many challenges right now. Lucky for us (Christians) we know that the Lord stands by us during these rough times. Watch God at work and you will see miracles all around you :)

  31. Lord Jesus, touch Jubilee Promise with your peace and healing. praying for all of you- you just never know what God is up to!

  32. God is never surprised. Those tumors have probably been there for a while. My husband had tumors that may have been there for 20 years before they were correctly identified and removed. Glad you got that CT scan.

  33. Praying right now for that precious girl.

  34. Prying for Jubilee and Karl and Autumn and Vicki and Bob And Linny and DW.

    Caling each member of your precious family by name out to the God who knows all things.


  35. Praying right now for sweet Jubilee and your entire family!

  36. Praying for you sweet friend and for your family. We will be praying for Jubilee before, during and after her surgery.

  37. Let's have a fast day for all your sick kids, including Karl and Ruby Grace.

  38. I've got a couple minutes online and the FIRST thing I did was catch- up on your blog.

    Miss you tremendously! Praying like crazy, especially for your treasures - Jubilee, Grace and Sarah.

    love and hugs,

  39. We are praying Linny.


  40. Tears as I am reading this, but joyful for God's provision. Praying for your sweet little treasure and for full healing of this new development. YOu are both so strong at every turn and oh, so faithful.
    God Bless and we are praying for Jubilee, Sarah Jane, Ruby Grace and of course Karl.

  41. Linny:
    How awesome God's plan is.He knows our needs even before we ask.Praying for the testing and for peace for everyone involved.

  42. I'll be praying for sweet Jubilee!

  43. Always praying! For each family member by name. God has this, just keep holding tight to Him! He loves each of you so very much!! Love you!!

  44. Completely awestruck and praying for you at the same time.

  45. Added your sweet Jubilee to my prayer list! I will be praying for all of you.

  46. Jubilee has the sweetest smile! Your girl is a Miracle! How Amazing is He, that His Timing (once again) was perfect?!! You were already there! Your pediatrician got the results so quickly and was able to reach you by phone! I know that he has huge and wonderful plans for Miss Jubilee and her future. I will be Praying for jubilee, Sarah Jane, Karl, Ruby Grace, Autumn and for Mama and Daddy! Oh, and for the other "littles", as you once again have a shift in family routines. Let me know if you need me to come! Love ~ Jo

  47. praying for Jubilee! and the rest of your family and for Karl.


  48. Just stumbled onto your blog today and found much food for thought. I'll be praying for your daughter. Blessings,

  49. Will be praying for your sweet girlie!!! :)

  50. Ohhhh.... sweet baby girl. I am so glad that she is in your loving family to be provided for and loved on during this hard time. I can't imagine if she didn't have a mommy and daddy right now. So thankful that God is providing for her through you.

    God is teaching me how to pray, partially through your blog. I will definitely be practicing prayer this week as I lift up your whole sweet family.

  51. Lifting your sweet Jubilee up in prayer. I am so thankful that even in the midst of such tumult, God would show himself through the hotel manager loving on you. Praying also that the growths would not be malignant.

  52. Wow Linny that is so cool that God set that up for you. We have spent the last week in a hospital also. Our 25 yr old son got in a motorcycle accident on Wed and is now learning to walk again with a steel rod in his right femur. So hard to watch our "kids" in pain no matter what the age.

    Oh your post caught my eye because my recent post title also is about getting an unexpected call.

  53. Praying, praying, praying for all of you- Jubilee, Ruby, Karl and Autumn, you and Dwight…

  54. Oh Linny!

    We are PRAYING here in NW Florida for your peace, and for your sweet Jubliee. Praying that she will be PERFECTLY fine during all this and that the growths will not be malignant. We love you all and are continuing to pray for Karl, Ruby Grace, Sarah Jane and all.

    He is faithful!

  55. Linny, this morning in church our choir sang Days of Elijah, and God used the "Year of Jubilee" line to burden my heart for your Jubilee Promise. I cling to the fact, though, that "there is NO GOD like Jehovah!" He loves your precious girl and holds her safely in His arms. Praying for you all!

  56. god knows...praising Him that sweet jubilee had the scan when she did and the doctors found the growths now instead of months down the road..praise Him for the dear hotel manager..Love when our god knocks our socks off...and really, we are we shocked?!?! shouldn't we expect it??:)

    **we must never get into the habit of being preoccupied with the future. there is no reason to do so. God is THERE.** {mother teresa}

    praying now god's peace would fall upon you and your family, especially jubilee and karl. .. He is fighting on their behalf and won't stop now!!

  57. Just found your blog recently. Love your heart for Jesus and for the orphan. Love your family!! I have been praying for your sweet Jubilee and for Karl. I will continue to do so. We have one son who was adopted and four bio children. I pray daily for God to lead us to more children to love on!! Praying for you.

  58. Praying for Precious Treasure Jubilee Promise! Just like God to have your back! Janet

  59. Linny, I don't know how I missed this post! Somehow, I just saw it today (Tuesday night). I will be praying for you guys and your sweet Jubilee!


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.