Friday, August 12, 2011

Tests Are Good!

Karl had a really good day today!!  

The Rehab facility requires bunches of tests 
when a new patient arrives. 
and boy-oh-boy what a wonderful thing that turns out to be!!  

The bunches of tests revealed a couple of things:

1. His lung infection is completely cleared.
2.  He has a blood clot in his leg.

They are treating the blood clot quickly and 
Karl is required to lay flat for 24 hours 
and no aggressive therapy for 72 hours.

Please pray with us that the blood clot will be gone!

Karl was also able to have the trach switched for a smaller trach!
We are thinkin' that's a really great step toward no trach at all!
{Yippee Jesus!}

Bob and Vicki are so grateful for each person's support 
and so very thankful for all your continual prayers.

 Bob and Vicki have found that the visiting situation is 
far different then when Karl was in the hospital. 
This new facility has new {and very restrictive} visitation rules.

Initially, Bob and Vicki are asking that you graciously 
understand that in order for  
Karl to continue his healing and recovery 
 the Rehab facility is looking out
 for Karl's best interests in limiting 
visitors to only a very few significant people
at this time. 

Since the rehab facility's restrictions for visiting are extremely 
limited, please do not journey to visit Karl,
 unless you have already spoken prior to coming
to either Bob and Vicki first via their cell phones.  

The visiting restrictions may change, 
but that will be determined in the weeks 
ahead by the Rehab facility. 

Thank you so much for understanding!

And thank you all for your continued prayers!
I just peeked at the Prayer Vigil...and just had to say how moved we all are each time we check it {which is pretty often}. 
 Thank you for sacrificially spending time praying for Karl's continued healing. 
The Prayer Vigil can be accessed by clicking on Karl and Autumn's picture at the top of the sidebar....

And since I just peeked, I thought it would be fun to thank those 
who are specifically praying right now as I type this: 
Steve and Annette
Kandi in AZ

On behalf of Karl, his family and all who love him -
thank you 
soooo much!

12 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Hi Linny,
    I haven't specifically signed up for the prayer vigil lately, but everytime I read an update, i pray for Karl as i am sure may people are doing who aren't signed up as well. God bless you!

  2. As always, thank you for keeping us updated! I haven't signed up for the prayer vigil -- our house is too unpredictable -- but I have prayed for Karl and all every day since his accident. Continuing in prayer!

  3. We are continuing to pray for Karl, won't stop! Praying for each of you as well....and for those amazing rehab nurses and therapists. Wish Chester (my certified pet therapy doggie) and I were closer ~~ we would be bringin' some love,tail wags, and pet therapy into that rehab hospital for sure. :)

  4. Glad to hear that he's arrived safely. Will pray for the blood clot in his leg, for Vicki, for her dad, for Emma, and for Ruby Grace.

  5. Praying specifically for the blood clot in his leg.

    God bless Linny!


  6. Look forward to the updates and will be praying concerning that clot. Praise God for all that looks good, has healed, is clear!

  7. Praying here in MO for continued healing for Karl and that the blood cot and the trach tube can both be gone. SO glad to hear that he is getting such good care.

  8. Sure the rehab facility knows what is best. Can't wait to see him improving in health and improving what he can do.

  9. Hi Linny,
    I haven't signed up for a specific time to pray for Karl, but do think of pray for him and you all. So please know that as I'm here in Novosibirsk, Russia, completing my adoption, I am praying and next week when I'm home, I'll be praying from Nebraska. :)

  10. Hi,
    We haven't signed up for the prayer vigil, either, but rest assured that the Muirhead family is covering Karl and the whole family in prayer daily! So excited to see how God is working :) God bless everyone who has prayed and supported our friends through this whole process! We are blessed by God's extended family...

  11. It is the least I can do! What a honor to have my name posted on your blog but it is all for Jesus! Janet

  12. Saw my name on your blog because I was praying. It is for Jesus! How awesome to see God move


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.