Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ugh. Correction

Please forgive me. I completely misunderstood. All along I had understood that to go to the rehab hospital Karl had to do two commands in a row. So when Vicki texted me that he could go I figured he had fulfilled that.

But, he had not. (Yet, anyway.)  The docs after evaluating him are comfortable with referring him there.

I am sorry for not getting that clear before writing a post. I was just too stinkin' excited based on what I had understood.

So we'll keep praying that Karl will soon be able to do it on his own.  We are so thankful for all the prayers that have been uttered on Karl's behalf. He's come so far since July 17th.

10 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Dear Vicki, Bob, Autumn, and families,
    We are thrilled to hear the news that Karl has been cleared to go to REHAB. That is good news. Really good!

    To share a bit with you, we know from experience, the journey can become long, yet we also know God is at work in the journey. When our son was on this similar journey, it got long. Way long. Way long for us. Thankfully he does not remember all those hospital moments. God's grace and kindness. We, his mom and dad, do remember --- and though he responded to us while in the hospital, and we cried out to God during his times of stress and agitation, Nick remembers none of that part that appeared so painful. (God's covering and grace). Nor does he remember the moments when God encouraged us, his parents greatly. A Psychiatrist would come in from time to time to check his mental progress. She would ask him the day/date. He was clueless. I'm glad she didn't ask me, I was clueless too (!), each day ran into another. One time though, we were asking God to show us "Nick", needing to know our Nick was "there". The Psychiatrist came in and gave Nick a scenario, problem solving type thing. She asked, "Nick, if you were in the Denver airport, stranded, with no cell phone, and only a quarter, what would you do?" Nick looked at her and said, "PRAY!". She looked at her clipboard and list, obviously there was no box for the word PRAY. She said, "that's nice Nick, what would you do after you prayed?" Nick became very annoyed and responded, "How do I know, He hasn't answered me yet?" Keith and I were in the corner of the room smiling ---- that was totally Nick, and he was IN THERE! She then asked Nick about who the president was before Bush? Nick said, "Bush". She said "Well, before Bush?" He had no response, then said, "Lincoln?" My heart sank. The Psych., said, "That is close, it sounds a little like Lincoln, how about Clinton?" Nick responded, "Oh ya, Clinton. I never much cared for that guy!" Our hearts went back to laughter and soaring. Again, we knew God was showing us....Nick is there. He's there.

    ..........all this to say, though the journey was up and down, God heard, answered, healed, did miracles, and touched our hurting and sometimes hopeless hearts along the way. When we went to rehab, the progress continued. Hard work, long days, but great success. And God was with us each step....strengthening and healing. And understanding ALL of our feelings.

    Now that same young man, Nick, who isn't so fond of Clinton, and prays when he is stranded (and WAITS for God's direction) is praying for Karl's healing.

    Just wanted to share a bit of our journey, and pray that it encourages your hearts. We won't stop praying for you all, and we are trusting God for His miraculous moments each day, and for His love and encouragement to touch your hearts. We love you all, Diane and Keith (and Nick)

  2. I am still fasting and will pray for the Lord's gentle healing for Karl's brain to be restored fully functioning and for Him to give him His peace through this progress.

    (Tails of a Therapy Dog, I loved how Nick answered with "PRAY", that is just so awesome! :) Your post got me in tears).

  3. Prayers continue for complete recovery. If you need any assistance at all with rehab placement or coordination PLEASE don't hesitate to's kind of my "day job".

    Love you!


  4. If ever you'd like to visit...I'm here

    Our love an continued prayers to you all,

  5. continuing to pray with you. believing for full healing that that he will be following multiple commands in no time. praying for that and praying for all those there in the trenches with him...that you be strengthened and not grow weary. that you have peace and joy as you pray, fight and wait.

  6. Still praying here every time I think of Karl and that is often.

  7. Great news! Super exciting! Will continue to pray for Karl and your families! And the treasures! God bless you all!!!

  8. Thats Ok - it may take time. The brain heals in its own (and God's) time. The Rehab Center will be a good change. Its easier than a hospital and as he is young and realtively healthy, they can start him on those things he can do or relearn. No time like the present and this was definately a praiseworthy change.

  9. The misunderstanding is okay. No biggy :) As you say, Karl has come a long way and to get him out of the hospital seems like a good thing. The commands are important to the doctors, I realize. But you have God and His Word and what He has to say about the plans He has for Karl even if Karl does not respond in the time frame the doctors want him too.


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