Monday, September 26, 2011

A Good Day...

We had a good day over all.

I got to the baby home and nestled with our little treasure while waiting for the director.

I needed her medical records copied.

And so we waited.

She is lovely and beautiful and a treasure.

I cannot stand it when I have to go do something else.    

So we finally got the papers copied.  

Then we needed a photo for the announcement in the papers asking if anyone knows any of the relatives of our little treasure.  We got to walk with her to Mengo to get her photo taken.

You guys would have loved it. 

We went into a barber shop, which turned into a beauty parlor and at the very back was a passport picture taking room.  I wanted so bad to take a picture.  I absolutely love, love, love all the informality.  It's just 'whatever'.  

She had to wake up for the picture and it turned out pretty sweet.

I made sure to have extra printed so they can be ready when it's time for her Ugandan passport.

Then we had to return her to the baby home and head to the attorney's office.

We sat and worked on all the papers and affidavits for THREE hours.

A mad dash back to the guest house where TWO Fed-Ex packages had arrived.

One from Kathi at Chinese Children {I'm telling you, that woman rocks the world!}

and the other from Whitey with more legal documents.

Then Emma and I ran to the baby home to love on the babies and so I could hold Ruby till bedtime.

Last night I had such unbearable homesickness.  

Emmy was already asleep and seriously, I had to stop thinking about the kids and the big guy....

I didn't get to sleep any in the car today, so I better get headin' to bed.

Tomorrow the plan is seeing Miss Ruby Grace
Heading to the attorney's office with more papers and
Then driving to Jjinga to see our Sarah Jane.

The other little treasure's  situation is not just a mountain but the entire track of Himalayans.
We need God to move them.
And amazingly, God has given me some promises that she will come home.
I am thankful because I have confidence that can only be from HIM.

Our son LuTaayaa said, "God is mighty to Save!"

21 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Loving the updates and praying for Sarah Jane's situation:(....He IS mighty to save!!{{{HUGS}}}

  2. Just a thought...since Emma is moving to Uganda shortly and your family makes many trips there someway that you could work an agreement with them that Sarah could be at the grandmother's burial and that she will see Uganda again????? If they thought they could see her from time to time maybe they would be willing to sign.

  3. Praying for you, and seeing God using his big God thumbs to squash those mountains like silly putty.

  4. Linny, you know better than most how much God LOVES the orphan! He longs to give Sarah Jane a family who will love and adore her, just the way a princess should be! He will not let her sit in Uganda with a family who has discarded her. He is going to let you bring her home where she belongs and can thrive under Dw's and your loving care. I just know it! It's like I can feel it in my bones. These mountains are NOTHING to Him, like you or I squashing an ant underneath our foot! :)

  5. praying that God will give you someone on the inside to deal with the cultural issues you are facing. having a child at a burial is very important to a family in that culture- perhaps you could assure them that she would return for it? the whole family must be reassured that sarah jane is not 'lost' to them. this is a vast cultural issue that hopefully you can find solutions to. we went through the same thing with our adoption. God is able to give you wisdom and a connection to help smooth out these difficulties.

  6. Absolutely praying! Those mountains WILL move in God's perfect timing. Maybe those family members just need a few days to encounter God's incredible grace somehow...praying hard for them! Also protection over you and your beautiful new girlies!!!

  7. Praying for sure!!!! God is victorious and I love that He has gone before you and made some promises...He is just so good to do this. He wants you to be encouraged even though it is a tough battle.

  8. Linny and family~

    I am praying for God's provision over this entire situation! God's grace is sufficient and His love abounding. He loves these girls more than even a mama's heart can fathom (which is hard for me to comprehend at times). In church yesterday we were singing "Mighty to Save", when I heard this song I immediately started to pray for you all, especially Ruby Grace and Sarah Jane.

    He can move the mountains
    My God is Mighty to save
    He is Mighty to save"

    I love these lyrics, so powerful!!!

    Praying always,

  9. You got it! Savior, He can move the mountains, our God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save!!
    Praying that this trip you will bring home TWO more Ugandan daughters. Lord change hearts, make a way where there seems to be no way. Be glorified. Show your power and your plans!
    Love from the East Coast,

  10. Trusting in Him and His plans.


  11. Linny:
    Praying for all of this. God is bigger than all of it!

  12. So thankful for His promises! Standing....standing with you and holding up your hands. We are praying for you all and know how hard it must be to miss your precious kids and husband as you fight the good fight to bring your daughters home to all of them. You are an amazing lady and He is our amazing God. Love L Florida

  13. Praying for my homesick friend which is relishing every moment spent with her Ruby Grace!!! Praying with fervor for your Sarah Jane to protected from as only you could put it NONSENSE!!!

    Loving you!

  14. Thanks for the frequent updates! Praying, praying, praying in Durango!

  15. bringing sweet lonely sarah jane before the mercy seat and also praying for her blinded relatives that they will see the light, the scales will fall from their eyes and that sarah's adoption into her forever family will help them to discover the reality of their eternity and Jesus! praying that eternity will be "in their hearts!" love love love from montana! look out for moving mountains Linny, they should be crumbling soon!

  16. As I pray for you (and especially lifted up your mommy isn't feeling good then everything is harder), I could see how God is giving you this time in Africa to be with your girls. How difficult the situation is for Sarah Jane but maybe (just maybe!) it feels really good to be 'wanted' after feeling so 'unwanted' for so long??? Keep hugging and kissing those girls and we will keep praying!

  17. I've been getting on the computer most days recently, through our storms (and PRAISES), just to see your posts. You have helped us get to the point where we will be bringing our daughter home in 10-12 weeks just by taking the time to share with our social worker the blessings of your family. Though I havn't commented yet, I just wanted to let you know we are praying for mountains to move and for God to be glorified!!!! May His Face Shine on you and may you be infused with peace and His blessings (as you so obviously already are!).....

  18. Okay, you little cutie! How is it that we were BOTH in Uganda at the same time and I didn't get to see you!!! NOW I KNOW... you were holding Ruby Grace and tracking down Sarah... smile. I love you crazy lady... I love you so.

    Running alongside you and praying too...



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