Monday, November 28, 2011

Friends, Friends and More Friends....

 We had so many friends drop by the hospital while Ruby Grace was in for the three weeks I had to journal about them {besides the ones I already blogged about previously}.  Each sweet friends visit made the time go so much quicker and made the big city of Phoenix feel much more like home then 
we would have thought possible.

When we had barely arrived in the hospital I got an email from a bloggy friend whom I had never met but lives a few hours from Phoenix.  Her name is Channy. She asked if we needed anything.  I told her that if she had any toys her kids could spare, we had not brought any and it would be a real blessing for them to have some puzzles or Legos.

That very day her husband delivered several large containers of Legos and the likes from 2.5 hours away.  How touched we were and how thankful the kids were!

A few days later another bloggy friend, Audre, came for visit and we had such a wonderful time.  Audre also brought some extra fun toys for the kids.  One of the cars she gave 
the boys I have loved playing with - 
so much so that I might even ask for my own for Christmas.  

Although it's not about the toys, such sweet gifts for a bunch of little treasures who have had their worlds kind of turned upside down the last few months and the kids have appreciated them all sooo much!

On my birthday, Channy arrived with her entire family.  They came to pray with us as it was supposed to be Ruby's surgery day.  

Not long after arriving, she handed me a package.  I opened it and to my shock there was a beautiful diamond and Ruby ring!
{Yes, you read that right, a ruby and diamond ring!}

I almost fell over.

Channy and her daughter 
She said she had read the blog post Dw had done that morning and after arriving in Phoenix [remember she lives a few hours away} she and her family had gone hunting for just the right ring. She just   really thought that I needed a ruby ring on my birthday as I was spending it in Intensive Care with our little Ruby.  
I'm still dumbfounded. 

If I had picked one out, it would have been this one.  Seriously, it's exactly what I would have chosen.  And it fits perfectly, imagine that!  Mind  you, I had never met Channy before in person.  Unbelievable to be so blessed by a bloggy friend.

When I showed Ruby's wonderful neurosurgeon my ring he said, "How do you know her?"  "She reads my blog," I answerd.  He laughed, "I think I need to start a blog!" 

Later on my birthday as Dw was leaving to take the kids home, a group arrived.  A mom, Rhonda, and her three daughters and a young family friend.  All bloggy friends coming to help me celebrate my birthday!  And they came bearing beautiful gifts!

I was so tickled. 
{They all read my blog!}
Rhonda & her three daughters, and Delaney {in the black plaid}
all bloggy friends who have already volunteered to help us
unpack the truck when we actually move our stuff.

We celebrated my birthday when Karl, Autumn and Savannah arrived.  Dw stayed with Ruby at the hospital.  
Love my family so much!

Now, if people don't believe that God doesn't care about our lives...listen to this.  We have one set of pastors {at the Baptist church in Durango} who have been good friends these years we have pastored in Durango.  They are senior pastors of First Baptist Church of Durango and they certainly "know what it's like". {haha}

  Danica is one of my dearest friends in Durango.  In fact several years ago during one of the times that Danica and I were hanging out, I said, "Do you ever feel such and such senior pastoring?"  Her response made me laugh and laugh.  She is such a treasure to my heart!  Her husband, Jeff, is one of Dw's dearest friends as well. 
{Their kids are from China and Korea, so that makes our friendship even more special.} 

Anyway, while I was hanging out with Ruby in PICU I was talking to the Lord.  I said, "Okay Lord, I know we are moving to Phoenix.  I know Dw has to go and resign and tell the church, but really Lord, I am so wishing I could tell Danica and Jeff in person.  I don't want them to find out from someone else and I don't want to call them to tell them."   I left it at that, although I mentioned it to the Lord a couple of times.

Imagine my utter shock, when I got an email from Danica on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  She said, "Hey, we are in Phoenix, can we come see Ruby and you guys?  We want to pray with you." They had driven to see Ruby and a family friend who just had a baby.  Nine hours.  Told you they were wonderful friends!  

I'm sure my mouth dropped open as I read Danica's email.

Faithful God.

Always ministering to our deepest desires.

We had such a precious time together around Ruby's bed there in the PICU.  So thankful for Jeff and Danica's loving ministry to our hearts and the ability to tell them in person that the Lord was moving us to Phoenix. 

Danica and Hannah {her daughter}

Jeff talking to Ruby Grace...

Lastly, the other day our friends, Jerome and Tiffany and their three girls came from Durango for the Thanksgiving holiday with their family down here in Phoenix.  These folks are sweet friends.  In fact when the house was on fire, the first person I called was Tiffany....she lives around the corner and I had not grabbed diapers for Elijah and Elizabeth as the kids and I ran from our burning home.  I wanted to know if Tiffany could bring some of her girls diapers to our sweet friend Kim's home where the kids would be hanging out as I watched the house burn.  

It was so wonderful to see Jerome and 
Tiff and their girls here in Phoenix.    

Thank you new and old friends for making our days 
so wonderful! 

You all are wonderful blessings to our lives.  

10 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Wow, God has truly blessed your time there :)

    Now, do we get to see a picture of the ring???

  2. BLESSINGS in those times when we need it!!! YEAH!!! ONLY GOD :)

  3. Your family is a huge blessing to all of us. So happy He has surrounded you with love and friendship and even special toys for precious treasures. May the blessings keep flowing...Love L Florida

  4. So thankful!! I was finally able to read your blog again!!! For days I have tried and it kept being "encripted".... I had no idea you were moving to pheonix!! Praying for you all!!!!

  5. Dear Linny,

    all teary eyed here (in germany)
    so thankfull for all these precious people, hands and feet of Christ and showering His love upon you and your loved ones, praying for continuing blessings to make your path smooth!

    Altough i am not commenting often
    please know that you are in my prayers day and night!

    Love Adriana

  6. God is so good. I loved the picture of so many of your kids together at the hospital, including Karl, and I looked at each person and thought about things you've told us that God has done in his or her life. Truly amazing and encouraging!

    My big brother lives in Phoenix and his daughter is getting married in May -- maybe we will get to meet you when we're "down thataway."

  7. wow. I have chills all over my body. This is what this life is about...such a beautiful post!

    Thank you for sharing!

    p.s. I'm doing a fun Kate Spade giveaway I think you might like :-)

  8. You have been such a blessing to so many of us that now it is your turn to be blessed by your cyber-friends. This shows you just a smidgen of the love we all have for you and truth-be-known, each one of us would love to pay you a visit in your new hometown. I pray that all the stuff involved with moving will go smoothly and that you will be settled quickly. I am praying the prayer that never fails...thy will be done and I know that it will be so. I love you sweet Linny and that will have to do until I can make a trip out west. ~Martha

  9. I'm so happy to hear about the outpouring of support and surprise visitors by friends just when you need it most. I love that you got a ruby ring - so fitting and so deserved, truly! I wish I lived closer so I could have been one of the one's to bless you.

    I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post. Wow! What a lot of change that's going to be for you all! You and DW continue to amaze me with your faithfulness. You truly are the real deal Linny - living out the things that you believe to their fullest. What an example you are to me of what it means to truly give your life to God and let him lead you. The more life I lead the more I realize how truly difficul that is to do even when you want to. Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. You continue to bless me every day.

  10. I just finished homework with my first grade son and we just got done reading the sweetest book that had me in tears. I couldn't help but think of your sweet Ruby. You have to read this book and keep a copy for Ruby. It's called "Ruby in her own time" by jonathon Emmett.
    Praying for your sweet Ruby!!!


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.